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Best damn lesbian bar in Texas



Pearl Bar
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Amanda Duffy
19:18 03 Jul 24
I don’t know why all of the negative comments of the check in / entrance point to this place! Haven’t you heard of June 12, 2016, the Pulse shooting that had happened. It was the single deadliest mass shooting in US history. I’m not saying any place is safe from violence but Pearl just tries to be one of the SAFEST places. It is a place of hope and community for LGBTQ+ people. They can provide a place to spend time with like-minded people, listen to music, and have a drink. I enjoyed my time there and will return , knowing my time spent there will be a safe place, no matter if I have to have security peep in my purse so that there’s no gun or knives. I love the fact they care for us like that.
Francia Acosta
20:20 23 Jun 24
So much fun, great DJ and really affordable drinks
Lo Wood
23:46 15 Jun 24
Such a great spot! We were there on a Sunday and it was packed full of amazing humans, everyone dancing and enjoying their evening.Cheap drinks, good service, and a great space! Also loved the way they decorate. Would go back!
Isabel B.
16:16 09 Jun 24
I thoroughly enjoyed this place. Great atmosphere, loved being here on a Saturday after 11 when it's busy. Drinks are good and the patio and outdoor area is...
Maureen J.
17:33 28 May 24
If you want to hit up a LGBTQIA bar in Houston, stop by here. It's small but at least people are dancing! There is a wide variety of people that come here....
Chris Buchanan
04:17 21 May 24
Julie is an amazing lady and I can’t wait to come see exactly what is going on here! If it’s like she is then the place is LiT! Let’s Go!
Jared Oliver
03:10 29 Mar 24
Antonio refused entry to an off duty certified peace officer which is a violation of Texas Law Texas Code of Criminal Procedure article 2.1305. Antonio was extremely rude, unprofessional and would interrupt anytime you try to speak. The 3 females in front of us didn’t get asked the weapons question, which is obvious discrimination based on sex. Do not waste your time or money at this place. Highly disappointed.I explained that most establishments want armed police officers, even off duty, because it is an extra layer of protection, and his exact words were “I don’t want anybody protecting this place.” …just wow. Hope you don’t want to go drink somewhere that your safety is not a priority.
George P.
01:33 27 Mar 24
As a gay man, I’ve never been to a Lesbian bar. First time—I’ve never felt so welcomed and so comfortable in an LGBTQ environment. I had fun I danced on the gorgeous host. This was one of the best nights in Houston to be quite honest. Can’t wait to go back.
Lei W
05:34 23 Mar 24
Celebrated my birthday here and had a blast! Drinks were amazing, and I got a photo with Amber from amberscloset. Bathrooms are gender neutral and clean!Update: I'm back at Side Peace, next door, as a vendor this Pride Market Sunday. The process of becoming a vendor was SO easy! All I had to do was text a number from their Instagram, and show up at 2pm with a table and my products. They don't charge to have a spot! I love the community connections I'm making, tips I'm hearing and learning, as well as the atmosphere!Update: I'm back at Pearl and SidePeace celebrating another birthday. The give and take with the community, spreading love and joy has truly made this the Best Birthday EVER!!!
ashley bailey
13:43 06 Mar 24
I was actual going to visit this place because I seen on a show I was watching recently. But I have changed my mind not due to the reviews but due the response on the reviews. The owner reviews are very unprofessional and just don’t seem like genuine or pure. I am really sad about this because I actually wanted to visit but I have definitely changed my mind.
Eric Hu
05:11 03 Mar 24
Security was very professional and nice, they seemed they actually cared about the guests. Bar was well-manned and had really quick service and good prices. Even though I am not part of the intended clientiel crowd, I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe!
Genette 29
09:09 18 Feb 24
THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE. Pearl is my go to after hours, service is top tier and the vibe is great! music is turnt and versatile. The owner Julie is accomadating, such a beautiful spirit. I always feel welcomed, they GETS DOWN . Yaassss baby yaaaass.!
Itzel Ibarra
23:57 17 Feb 24
Hands down, the best bar in houston! The staff is extremely sweet, drinks are amazing, and you can definitely tell the owner cares about the community and her customers❤️ Pearl is a safe space for my friends and I, who come from all walks of life. 10/10 recommend 👌
Illiana khan
22:08 17 Feb 24
a friend of mine and her little sister was racially profiled, then jumped by the employees and owner of this bar. then they were illegally banned. You would think minorities could feel safe in a gay bar and have a good time but apparently not. i would avoid here at all cost.UPDATE: this is not a harassing review this is an honest review of your establishment and my experience here. it’s crazy that i leave a honest review and get threatened. i’m glad you have video evidence or whatever you saying because it’ll show that my friends sister was jumped. so your saying because according to you, allegedly , she “lunged” at someone… it’s okay to JUMP her???? multiple of YOUR EMPLOYEES assaulting a 21 year old 90 pound FEMALE is okay with you? just so you know everything your replying back is also being documented and reported. *also* if you go down your reviews i am not the first and bet on anything that will not be your last review about being racially profiled here at this establishment.
Daphne Ibarra
23:42 16 Feb 24
One of these comments stood out to me I was their that night and witnessed the owner and her workers jump one of their customers as they are walking out and accusing her of having a weapon when it was obvious she did not have. It was just shocking seeing an establishment allow there works and owner to act in such low manner. For this reason I don’t recommend and would rate lower if possible, haven’t been back since. 👎🏽
Nina Martinez
11:27 12 Feb 24
This WOMAN WHO IS ACCUSING SOMEONE OF HAVING A GUN AND RUNNING THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND PUTTING HER HANDS ON WOMEN OF COLOR. She’s disgusting and super vile. If she has time to reply to these comments that just says a lot. This is a HONEST REVIEW
Joshua Selvidge
05:07 04 Feb 24
There's a cover and they only take Venmo or Cash like a drug dealer. It's 2024, we moved on from cash. Cover = LESS MONEY WE SPEND ON ALCOHOL. Go to Bagby, there's like 6 bars with free entry and better crowds. There's no reason to pay cover at Pearl. Kinda bummed out the girls but we move on!
Lexi Red
17:16 19 Jan 24
Thank you Pearl Bar for showing a couple of Okie girls a good time! Such a great space and vibe, if a *little* challenging to get in 😘. Julie, keep up the good work!
Lei W
22:46 14 Jan 24
Celebrated my birthday here and had a blast! Drinks were amazing, and I got a photo with Amber from amberscloset. Bathrooms are gender neutral and clean!Update: I'm back at Side Peace, next door, as a vendor this Pride Market Sunday. The process of becoming a vendor was SO easy! All I had to do was text a number from their Instagram, and show up at 2pm with a table and my products. They don't charge to have a spot! I love the community connections I'm making, tips I'm hearing and learning, as well as the atmosphere!
eLj Anderson
18:17 29 Oct 23
Very cool atmosphere, lots of places to take a selfie - loved the outside setup, drink menu had a Halloween theme, met some cool people and overall a good Lez bar. The music was on point too. Was free to get in and drinks were like $7.50 each. Parking was $25.
Michelle Sanchez
20:14 18 Oct 23
The atmosphere is great and there's a good amount of drink specials. Music is pretty mid though with little variety (even with guest DJs) so go somewhere else for dancing.
Kristal Ariel
04:06 09 Oct 23
Good vibes, drinks are pretty good. Wish they had more fans cause it gets super hot in there. I like the outdoor deck and decor, it’s nice when the weather is.
Silvana Rodriguez
21:02 04 Oct 23
Amazing vibe! Music and beautiful people on point! Went alone still had a great time!! 😁 will definitely be going back! Highly recommend 🥂
Angela K.
15:16 27 Sep 23
Not welcoming and discriminates. Avoid yourself a bad time and go somewhere else. Also bad drinks
Cheyney N.
21:29 07 Sep 23
No bitches here at all super boring why even bother coming here it's a waste of time
23:32 27 Aug 23
Someone smashed my window and took my bag. They went through the glove compartment as well. My car was parked on the street across from the apartment complex. It’s a fun bar just be safe out there
Nyne V
19:41 27 Aug 23
This bar is not a safe space for black queers and its very intentional yet they proudly call themselves allies. I performed here as a black performer for almost two years and I was treated horrendously especially towards the end when I brought up serious issues and was met with nothing but anti blackness and hate if you're a black lesbian steer clear. Julie and Ian harassed me and my partner for weeks they are not the angels everyone claims they are.
Ian Townsley
19:14 17 Aug 23
It’s rare and special for AFAB and trans people to have such an amazing place to call home, and Pearl is exactly that. Thank you, Pearl and Julie, for being there for every part of the community and creating such a fun and beautiful place for us!
Candyce Diamond
23:10 13 Aug 23
I love this bar! Happy Hour prices are phenomenal, drinks are great, security is very vigilant, and the vibes are immaculate.Not to mention the ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!Come out to Pearl if you ever want to feel safe and welcome and have a great time!!!
07:50 09 Aug 23
I do love coming here it has good vibes and is chill. I really wish hetero couples were not allowed to walk in because I am tired of people looking for a unicorn, and this goes for any queer bar.
Nyne V
00:44 04 Aug 23
This bar is not a safe space for black queers and its very intentional yet they proudly call themselves allies. I performed here as a black performers for almost two years and I was treated horrendously especially towards the end when I brought up serious issues and was met with nothing but anti blackness and hate if you're a black lesbian steer clear. Julie and Ian harassed me and my partner for weeks they are not the angels everyone claims they are.
Chelsea Dehoyos
12:25 02 Aug 23
The owner of the bar Julie Mabry is the best human I've met in a long while. Houston's only lesbian bar , female ran and operated, a safe haven for all peoples. highly recommend the bar Wednesday is a great night to go if you've never been to a drag show. Tuesday night they have drag karaoke, the weekend dress up and get down!!!
02:18 15 Jul 23
I was hanging out by the bar and enjoying my time peacefully. The owner came out of nowhere visibly drunk saying “I own the place”. Didn’t mind her to much until she bumped into me and accused me of pushing her. I was kicked out along with another group of Hispanics. Stop being arrogant it’s going to lose you business.
z z
20:35 11 Jul 23
My wife and I were visiting from another state and decided to go to the local bar Pearl. Upon arriving I noticed they had security which I felt safe knowing they were checking purses and scanning for metal objects. We ordered 2 margaritas came out 13.50. 20 min later we ordered 2 more which the total was 16.00. NO BIGGIE! Not only the price increased I dont think they added any liquor. Next I ordered a Corona and a coke 12.00. I paid and exited out this place. Julie please train your bartenders.
Tiffany Penton
12:31 13 Jun 23
I used to love coming here weekly and now it’s once every few months. The bartenders are super sketchy. I had multiple tabs under my name and was giving multiple charges and they all seemed to have ridiculous tips added to them. Second time this has happened to me at this location. Probably won’t ever be returning or if so I’d advise people to use cash.
Aliyah Lorrane
19:59 10 Jun 23
I usually have a good time when I’m here, however last night I was physically assaulted by this bodyguard who’s photo is below. Last night around 2a when the club was closing, I was asked by a girl who works there to finish my drink as it was time to start heading out. I told her that my friend just walked into the restroom and that the drink (which was a big shot) was for us, but will be finished before we walk out. The girl said no, and insisted I need to finish the drink right now. I said the same thing, thinking maybe she didn’t hear me because of how loud & packed the club was. She said OK, and walked away, thinking she was going to tell others the same thing. Instead, I guess she told the bodyguard who came out of nowhere with no verbal warning, but instead physically put his hands on me so aggressively that my hand still hurts. He squeezed the cup so hard out of my hand that the cup squashed and the shot spilled all over me (so now I’ve also wasted money). He proceeded to chest bump me, telling me to get out of the club because I didn’t listen to her. I was asking him why he approached me by physical force instead of approaching me verbally? I was also telling him to stop chest bumping me out the club, which is why I took photos.I have would have told him the same thing I told her, so I don’t understand why I’m being physically forced out the club. It was so packed still, that he was pushing me into people. So why couldn’t I wait for my friend so that we could take the drink together??? I was not hostile, and I was not aggressive, so I do not feel his physical force was deserved or acceptable. I asked him to speak to management once out the club, which ofc he did not grant my wishes. So I’m hoping by writing this review my complaint will be taken more seriously. Thank you
Kyle H.
20:56 17 May 23
amazing bar awesome people!!!!! you need to try this place!!!!
Chrisón Dhill
12:27 17 May 23
Was looking for bars to enjoy with my cousins as I was visiting from London. Someone on TikTok recommended pearl bar but honestly I wish we didn’t go. They made us feel unwelcome and asked us to leave because my cousins was dancing and having fun. They apologised to her the next day but honestly I think this should be a learning lesson. People will take shots and dance (however they want, even if it’s with a girl that one of the bartenders like). ALSO don’t serve drinks if you want a boring bar. None of us were drunk or causing a scene. We left and I will never return.
Krystin Sames
12:05 07 Mar 23
One of the best bars in Houston. The music and vibe is awesome, drinks are affordable, security is great and they have an awesome patio
Amanda Felber
04:53 13 Feb 23
A fun place with a friendly staff! Good seating on the inside, great seating on the outside (and plenty of it). I can't wait to spend time out there in the summer when it's a bit warmer.Seating is comfortable for bigger butts, but the couches are low, so depending on mobility, you may need a hand up.This was one of the most accessible places I've visited in Houston so far. Ramps, spacious bathrooms, and plenty of room for wheelchairs.
Peace J.
01:18 27 Jan 23
Julie and her staff rock! Thank you so much for a safe place for humans to come together and be themselves.
Danielle White
04:49 21 Dec 22
Pearl Bar is fantastic. Note that it is wheelchair accessible despite what Google may say and the owner is very responsive to access needs.
blake dykes
16:46 18 Dec 22
This is absolutely my favorite bar in Houston! The bartenders are amazing, I love the djs and the music. The door guys, especially Antonio, make you feel so safe. The people that work here are such amazing people. I’ve brought so many friends here and they always leave saying how much fun they had. They also have a cute patio in the back that is a great place to be at to enjoy nice weather.
07:37 27 Nov 22
This is an amazing place to go for anyone in the community! It always feels safe and you can expect to have the good time. There’s lots of events like drag shows and art markets, all with amazing people.This venue is very disability friendly and the owner helped me get to the bathroom quickly when I need to. There’s ramps and everyone can get around safely. Pearl is a Houston treasure.
Britt Kitchens
22:19 22 Nov 22
I have lived in a lot of states and been to a lot of bars and as a queer and trans person, have never felt the safety and intentional love that Julie (bar owner) creates in this space. I am so thankful to the work she pours into our community 24/7, it's truly a saving grace. I'm emotional just talking about it. If you're LGBTQ+ and trying to find your people, to find a space you can be yourself, come here and bring your friends. I like coming on Sundays because it's a bit less loud, for mimosas with my wife and our dogs on the patio. Also, the staff is phenomenal and silly goofy but good at their jobs, the door guy/bouncer is amazing too.
Justine H.
10:30 08 Nov 22
Pearl bar used to be where lesbians were safe and welcome now Aton of straight men work there and have other sis straight men walking in tryna pick up woman...
14:44 22 Oct 22
Met my wife there. Reasonably priced drinks, great time, and Julie's steaks are immaculate. Also the only bar in town I feel safe at being a trans woman, I encourage my sisters to check it out.
Ted Diaz
12:12 28 Sep 22
I like how this place is decorated, nice atmosphere with a great patio. I’ve only been here twice (invited by girl friends) but both times I was deliberately ignored and skipped over for a while at the bar. I felt the reason might be because I’m a man. I didn’t like that, but I get it.
Jocie J
16:31 21 Sep 22
Just amazing! Can't say enough good things about this place! The music, the vibe, everything. Will 100% be coming back next time I'm in Houston.
Dayana C.
18:38 20 Sep 22
This place is either popping or just plain boring. Needs better parking. Has nice patio and the vibe is chill.
Christopher Heilman
15:27 20 Sep 22
A Fun, eccentric, and lively bar. Lots of nightly activities and specials. Enjoyable for LGBTQ+ and allies alike. Plenty of loud action or quiet photo-op spots for an intimate chat.
Denise W
00:22 18 Sep 22
Very good bar. Just need a lil more black music
Peace Johnson-Kissinger
01:59 15 Sep 22
I moved here in January 2020 from California and didn’t know anyone. Pearl has become my oasis. I am always guaranteed laughter, dancing & amazing 🤩 entertainment. I even come by in the comfortable part of the evening to read and enjoy the outdoor open paradise theme patio. It is hard being away from my Peeps, but I am never forlorn. Pearl Bar makes me feel close to home, Thank you 🙏 Pearl Bar Staff and Management.
Elzzie Esther
21:13 17 Aug 22
I loved this bar! I had such a fun time last Sunday. I came during Happy Hour. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, the music was diverse and pretty good, the DJ does a TERRIFIC JOB!! I loved the drinks. The patio area is huge and spacious, which I admire. Very good food too. I enjoyed my time and will be coming back. 🙂
Jesse B.
08:58 11 Aug 22
Love Pearl Bar ‍‍‍‍‍Drinks are good and it gets really packed during busy hours so perfect for dancing! The bouncer is cool and doesn't let creeps in, so...
Jessica L.
06:54 05 Aug 22
Let me start by saying this place is the real deal.We started at Axelrad for drinks, and one of our Houstonite friends recommended me move on to the Pearl....
Maria Kessler
20:17 03 Aug 22
The BEST patio in Houston. We love this place!
David B.
22:09 23 Jul 22
Everyone understands what kind of bar it is. But when your trying to help your partner and they accuse you of lying because your not a female seems odd....
Charlotte Ellis
19:21 14 Jul 22
Absolutely love Pearl Bar! The vibe, drinks, staff and everything is just perfect. I never walk away from Pearl unsatisfied!
Sara Weaver
02:13 28 May 22
Always a good time here!! Have met some awesome people here too! Patio is great with a good atmosphere
Kiera Wilson
00:36 20 Mar 22
Need to play a lil bit of more black music but it was lit
Kim Eisenberg
16:07 05 Mar 22
Women owned bar (frequented by the LBQTB+ community & allies) with the most adorable patio + badass sayings (don’t forget the patio)!! Best dance tunes, seriously affordable mixed drinks 🍹 & can’t help but notice the women bartenders are all wearing sweatshirts (way to be you!) which is absolutely phenomenal to see!! About time!!
Katie Black
05:33 05 Mar 22
Great inclusive, lgtbq friendly bar. This is a lesbian bar and they have dancing at night. There was a $5 cover when we came, but the vibe more than justified this price. Great music, cool patio and amazing drinks!
Joycelyn Parker
09:53 12 Feb 22
The best and most welcoming place for anyone. No matter your preference, you’re going to have a good time.
TheOfficial S
19:48 14 Jan 22
shantedra Hill
15:11 11 Jan 22
My girl and I came to Houston from Atlanta to celebrate my girlfriend birthday. We decided to party at pearl bar and I'm so happy we did. There was no cover. $15 parking in a close well lit parking lot. We loved everything about this bar. Especially the dj she was awesome. I've never seen a dj read the crowd so well. She played music for everyone and I absolutely loved it. I met so really cool people. This is definitely a go to spot in Houston.
Vickie Balestrine
02:35 08 Jan 22
Good Drinks. Staff is really nice.
Sara Weaver
13:34 16 Nov 21
Always a good time here!! Have met some awesome people here too! Patio is great with a good atmosphere
Elizabeth Weirdo
16:53 31 Oct 21
Went there Halloween weekend, decent priced drinks but the vibe was off. Everyone was in a corner being shy and no one wanted to dance. A very over hyped place, the DJ played mostly songs to vibe to- not to dance to.(MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE VIBE OF PLACES BEFORE PAYING A $15-18 PARKING FEE 😭😒)
Sarah W.
18:04 03 Oct 21
The vibes here are so good! Pearl is such a safe space where queer people can just be themselves. Drinks aren't super strong but they're tasty as hell! I...
Alaina S.
14:13 14 Jun 21
Pearl is a hidden gem in Houston. The bartenders are friendly and unpretentious, and the inside is loaded with vintage couches and cool art to look at. The...
Deidra B.
13:39 10 Apr 21
Julie is running a great business, legit one of the last remaining lesbian bars! We were there recently after a very long time of not going anywhere and...
Shan H.
09:14 29 Dec 19
Visiting from Dallas. I enjoyed the sounds of DJ Von Kiss. Great atmosphere with reasonably priced drinks. It was a mixed crowd of couples and singles. If...
Olivia Maynard
16:37 02 Sep 19
Had a fabulous time. They have vegan events often, and I got this nifty T-SHIRT. Also, puppies and kittens to rescue today. This is the best bar ever.

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