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Pleasuredrome in London. This place is basically an all-day, all-night party spot for the guys. Located right near Waterloo Station, it's super easy to get to, and it's got everything you'd expect from a top-notch gay sauna – steam rooms, sauna, a maze that's pretty cool, private rooms, a spa pool, sunbeds, and a café to chill in. It's got this industrial vibe going on and was recently done up, so it's looking sharp​​.

Now, for the fun stuff – Pleasuredrome's got two steam rooms, perfect for unwinding and letting off some steam (literally). There's also a sauna if you're looking to get your sweat on in a more traditional setting. But that's not all – there's a slick maze that adds a bit of adventure to your visit. If privacy is what you're after, they've got private rooms too.

For those looking to relax, they've got a spa pool where you can soak and chill. Sunbeds are on hand for a bit of downtime or if you're aiming for that sun-kissed look. And when you're ready for a break, head over to their café to grab a bite or a drink.

Pleasuredrome is all about celebrating everyone. They're big on diversity, and their campaigns and photo shoots show off guys of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. It's a place where everyone can feel good about themselves. They're even doing this neat thing on Instagram, looking for regular dudes to feature in their ads. Plus, they've got these offers like free flip-flops and tanning bed minutes for their reward members, which is a pretty sweet deal.



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17:25 09 Jun 24
4 stars because the masseur Chris who is here on Fridays and Sundays is absolutely fantastic (legit Massage). So Chris gets five stars, otherwise three. Very well kept up, but got rid of the dark room they used to have so they could add one more paid cubicle, very few public cubicles, and one steam room that is extremely hot but doesn't have any benches at all. The other steam room does, but it's quite small. The whirlpool is big, but no actual jets… just a decent amount of bubbles, so presumably some therapeutic effect.. Decent mix of guys but not a lot of mixing.
Daniel Birch
00:56 08 Jun 24
Do yourself a favour if you're disabled and DON'T GO HERE.I went here on Monday and the Staff on the desk tried to discourage me from entering because I'm blind. All the other patrons also ignored me and acted like I wasn't there. SO all in all, a wasted night and a waste of money. If I could have asked for a refund I would have."We're inclusive of disabilities" they claim, I can tell you 100% they are lying. The locker room is upstairs for a start and as stated above, the Staff on the desk actively try to discourage you from coming in if disabled.
T.J. Kearney
01:45 07 Jun 24
This place was lovely. Quite spacious with a fairly good layout. My biggest issues are that there’s no flip flops or sandals provided with entrance. And 99% of the showers are extremely hot. There’s only one cold water shower and it’s not near any of the hot rooms (dry sauna, steam rooms etc) so it’s very hard to cool down your body core temp. So being able to adjust the water temp at each shower would be extremely helpful especially to avoid any over heating etc. Other than that I had a great time.Went on a Thursday night, arrive around 8 and stayed until 1. The patrons ranged from early 20s up to 70+ and I’d say there was maybe 40ish people there within the first hour and then thinned out to the upper age range the later it got.
Chris Flynn
03:46 14 May 24
So I'm writing a review to share the great appreciation I have for the bar worker I beikve goes as Mike, he was so lovely while helping me out with a selection of drinks you offer, helped me order a drink a couple minutes before his break was due to finish and overall made my experience 10x more enjoyable due to his livelihood, he was an absolute vibe and made me feel so comfortable in a situation I wouldn't normally feel comfortable and would just love to give some praise and a huge thank you to this worker who made my visit worth it and enjoyable.
Ricky Cox
04:56 09 May 24
Clean and well maintained social space, thoroughly enjoy just relaxing in the sauna and jacuzzi areas. Received numerous massages from the resident professional massage service for an additional fee.The staff are friendly from my own personal experience. The bar staff are beautiful especially Andres which influences my return. Also this venue promotes a loyalty scheme, following 10 visits you can get a free entry.
Gary Howe
23:37 05 May 24
I've been trying to find somewhere to go that is accessible for ages, and I finally found this place.I was a little bit reluctant that I would miss out on certain aspects of the property due to it being over multiple levels, however, everything I needed to be able to chill and enjoy myself were on the same level.The accessible toilet is on the entrance level, there's an accessible pod on that level too.The staff were amazing with assisting me to get up and down the ramp as the incline is a little steep to do it on my own.The spa pool is at floor level, for me it was ideal, I was able to get in and out of the spa pool pretty easily.The customers are pretty chilled and it doesn't feel like you're just being stared at, just remember to politely decline if you don't want someone doing something.I definitely will be going back as chilling in the spa pool helped a lot with my aches.
philip priest
06:45 28 Apr 24
Worst sauna on the planet, save your moneyManagements attitude is the reason this place is gradually heading for closure.Came in at 6am only to find juccuzi was closed for cleaning, when quizzed why wern.t we informed at entry?His reply was disgaceful " we do it at the same time so you should know".Place is dirty, you must pay for everything and management expect you to carry your visa card with you at all times for drinks and bar items.Will not be back.Sack management so the poor hardworking staff are left with a fighting chance
01:04 22 Mar 24
Used to go more regularly and after a few months have gone back, it’s still as good as it was. Always clean throughout (such a rarity with a sauna!) and the last couple of times I was there Mike the barman was so welcoming and nice, and very good at making me feel at home and serving my drinks with care. I think im now a loyal customer and it’s because of this, I don’t just feel like a coin in the machine like at SweatBox. Great body positive environment, clean, and the cruising areas are great. Big fan.
Ivan Khoo
21:51 04 Mar 24
Crowd wasn’t the best, but place was decently clean with janitors constantly patrolling and spraying disinfectants.Masseur (Ed) was amazing. Definitely the best massage I’ve ever had. He knows all the pressure points and was perfectly professional.
Scott lucas
15:50 25 Feb 24
I visited this place over 2 years ago when visiting London, it's nice to know nothing has changed since. The place was very unclean, unfriendly staff. And I've not returned since. There are better saunas around up north that are cheaper. And have more to offer. Instead of just caring about Money!
Dominik Soukup
11:36 20 Feb 24
We arrived and the jacuzzi was closed. We paid full price upon arrival where nobody informed us about the jacuzzi being closed. Apart from this the receptionist wasn't very welcoming. I understand jacuzzi was closed due to cleaning. In that case you should inform your customers that one of your MAIN facilities is closed for next two hours. The staff did not have any kind of interest in sorting out the problem. No sorry no, apologies, instead they were just rude. Stop advertising that your facilities are open 24/7 because that's obviously a lie. Refund was refused due to - "we just don't do refunds" by Marek. After this customer experience I won't be back. You don't care about customers only about their credit cards being charged. Good luck.
Pancho Mulongeni
19:54 08 Feb 24
Greeted with a smile and quick processing. The person behind me desperately needed to use the toilet, and so the attendant quickly let him in; I did not mind and I even wanted to follow through the side door, but I found out it was best to go through the main door. I obliged. I asked what accent he had, Greek or Spanish, turned out the latter, which I do speak. Service was superb from them and all other attendants. Customer service will make or break a venue.
Richard Benjamin Fletcher
22:18 02 Feb 24
Great experience. The mixture of guys is great and different ages. The sauna itself is very clean and well looked after. I would thoroughly recommend this place to anyone else who is staying in London or living in London
Anders H
10:50 16 Jan 24
Been going for years and the venue has always been clean and staff have been approachable with zero attitude and always happy to help customers.The only negative is the lack of a proper cruise space. There are 2 dry saunas and in my opinion the one by the cinema could be removed to make space for an open play area. But that might have to wait until I rule the world :).Besides that small negative it is a great sauna and not deserving of many of the ridiculously negative reviews here.Go and check it out and make your own opinion 🙂
01:51 04 Jan 24
Smell is absolutey unbearable down in the showers, dirty and moldy and then on the first floor all the rooms are only for sale, you can not even relax there, it has around 7 chairs and during weekends there are so many people around... just take a look the size of that locker. I could not fill my things inside, almost broke my glasses.
John Miller
09:23 17 Dec 23
Is my first time visiting. There is a lot of bad reviews, But I can say- it’s not true. My experience was amazing. Bartender Sev was great, very polite and helpful. Great staff and clean sauna
Riccardo Sessa
23:51 02 Dec 23
The place is clean, so I have to give credits for that.Although today I have noticed 2 people using their phones (potentially filming) inside the actual saunas/steam rooms and private areas.I have asked the staff and they all confirmed me that this is okay and normal because they have CCTV.I honestly felt weirdly unsafe and decided to leave the venue for good. Will not come back if this policy doesn't change.In other venues (not only in London or UK) the use of the phones is completely banned and so it should be.
Mark Clemente
00:41 19 Nov 23
I don't know why all of the negative reviews. Check-in was perfect. The place was constantly being cleaned by the crew. The clients were plentiful with any taste of guy you may like. Plenty of scenes to watch throughout the entire place. Sadly the jacuzzi was under maintenance, so that was negative sadly. But everything else was awesome.
Artūras Kilikevičius
01:55 16 Nov 23
What a beautiful place to chill and have some fun!Amazing establishment, very well thought out, clean and friendly environment.Huge advantage - cocktail bar. I was served by Donatas and he was incredible. Very helpful guy, perfect customer service, superb bartending skills.All negative reviews seem fabricated. Guys go and try it yourself - I bet you’ll have a great time!
Shahab Ashley
18:32 27 Oct 23
I had some amazing cocktails and a fab time here at the PleasuredromeAnd Donatas has served me tonight. Fab place to be in!
Mat Black
05:26 21 Oct 23
Plenty fake 5 stars review. I absolutely agree with the 1 star rating comments about the low cleaning standards. As I went nearly 5 tiles per months I need to say that the staff is not motivated at all due to the low pay and HIGH turnover.. Like other comments say, there are better Man Spas in London.
Davide Finot
10:34 08 Oct 23
Dirty, facilities are often not working, lack of management and I got harassed MULTIPLE times by many older customers unexepectly touching me while I was only relaxing in the sauna. I didn't complain formally but I suggest them to put some signs to reminds customers that insisting touching people without consent is not allowed even in this venue but they didn't do anything.Owners (managers) are invisible and it's just impossible to speak with them. Unacceptable.
G p
20:44 27 Sep 23
Venue is too small. Nowhere to properly cruise. No proper cabins available to play. You have to lay on the floor if you do rent one. Bad smell everywhere. No party atmosphere. Badly laid out. London seriously needs a proper large gay sauna similar to those in USA or Germany. Don't waste your money going to Pleasuredrome. Boring.
anneko enihc
10:10 19 Sep 23
Like the place, for discreet gay couples I'd recommend it with their private spaces(doesn't come free with entry), however the closest to a "bed" there is their hard mats.There was one time when their Jacuzzi wasn't working and I don't think it was even mentioned on the website.In terms of help finding lost items, I sent an Email asking to see if they found any headphones that I lost with the charging case, they never replied and calling them doesn't help either if you don't have an extension code.It took me coming back to the place the next day to confirm that even though they do keep lost and found items, my headphones weren't included.Basically interacting with them for issues like lost items can be difficult.
Jefferson Tavares
18:27 12 Sep 23
I recently had the pleasure of visiting this spa, and I must say it was an outstanding experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a serene and clean environment that instantly put me at ease. The staff here are not only professional but also incredibly welcoming and attentive to every detail.
Luis Almeida
17:53 12 Sep 23
I had an incredible experience at Pleasuredrome! The atmosphere was serene and spotlessly clean. The staff were not only welcoming but also very knowledgeable about their services. I felt truly pampered and relaxed during my visit.
Ricardo García
16:33 28 Aug 23
A pretty nice sauna, friendly staff, and the bartender stopped serving me when I was a little too tipsy, kudos for that. From the guard to the receptionist, everyone was friendly. I got unlucky because the jacuzzi was under maintenance but I was warned beforehand. Would definitely recommend!
mort d
21:40 04 Aug 23
so, I read mixed reviews, and i was there some years ago , and figured I'd go again. could read in recent reviews that they now want £20 plus £3 (newish extra charge of u want an hour of privacy) ,, I show up and it's £23 plus £5 (they don't tell u about the 5 unless you ask). I think it was the lack of visual/written info of what you're paying for that provoke me the most, he just said "have you been here before? £23"if it's anything like how it was last time, which it seems from reading, it's not worth it- buy a month of grindrplus. risking not to have good chemistry with anyone and/or getting some multiresistant londonbug from a regular, where you have to stress about the time, for close to £30 ..!? it's among europes tiniest saunas with homeless people camping next to the entrance ..geez. I'd rather save up for a vacation and experience twice the fun for half the priceedit: I can actually get a year of Grindrplus for that price .. sold. Although I respect the people that are wealthy enough to keep the place running, and you are free to raise the price as often as you like, the least you can do is write "entrance:23 two hours of cabin: 5" on the desk or something, so it doesn't feel like a punch in the gut.
Simon Rudkins
22:43 25 Jul 23
First visit here and thought it was a really nice modern place. Place was clean and well cared for, staff friendly and also decided to have a massage which was excellent. 2 saunas and 2 steam rooms and a jacuzzi and all were decent. Also a very friendly crowd generally which made it a very pleasant and enjoyable evening. Will certainly be back.
Nick Cannon
17:00 23 Jul 23
My first visit after several years and we were met at the door by an aggressive security guy who rudely demanded I empty my pockets without any attempt to be polite or show respect to a customer. Not a welcoming experience and one I don't intend to repeat.
Jordan Entrees
00:18 11 Jul 23
This place really needs to do more to improve its offering and attract a mixed clientele. I’ve been going occasionally since 2015. I visited today and the crowd was very, very old. I prefer older men myself but a more mixed crowd would be better for all concerned (and would make this place a little more lively and not resemble a day centre). Annoyingly, they’ve also closed all of the free cabin rooms meaning that even if you wanted to have fun in private with someone it’s almost impossible without paying more. Given the £18+ entrance fee that feels a little cheeky. There are few good saunas in London now but I think Sweatbox is substantially better - and Vault is more fun for a far lower entrance fee. The staff are friendly but I don’t think I’ll be returning soon.
Mark Wilcox
19:27 09 Jul 23
I'm surprised by some of the negative comments on here. I've visited twice (last summer) and expect to go again soon when in London. On my first visit the front desk guy was pleasant and helpful when I told him it was my first time there. My initial impression was very good and found everywhere looking clean. I certainly saw staff cleaning the floors regularly during both visits. The bar staff were efficient and friendly and it was a friendly crowd. I don't know about the private rooms upstairs but I wasn't intending to use one....there was plenty going on everywhere else!Considering the cost of heating the place 24/7 (I imagine) I thought the entry price fair. I was, generally, favourably impressed and have no hesitation in going again.
Hector Vargas
18:09 03 Jul 23
Great sauna. Check in is fast and a little complicated when you get a room and have to go back and forth from locker to room. Sauna was clean, great bar, room is clean, good atmosphere. Crowd is very average so don’t expect to see too many good looking guys. Although I didn’t have much fun there I’m glad I went. Staff is nice and helpful.
00:01 22 May 23
My mobile got stoles there and the stuff were very defensive and rude, not supportive at all when I asked to have a look at the cameras. Lots of thives there.It has happened to a couple of friends too and I did not beleive them.DO NOT visit this place. The worst thing is the staff's attitude towards those situations.
Jerry M
01:20 13 May 23
This place has really deteriorated. I last visited in January 2023. The price has gone up. I was there for four hours on a Friday night and did not see one person clean any open room upstairs. Most of these rooms had empty condom wrappers on the floor. The soap dispensers in the main shower area were either empty or missing. Don’t think I’ll visit again.
David Bohm
14:37 29 Apr 23
The welcome at the door was... how do I phrase it... a bit cold. The guy explained the basics when he heard that I had never been there but it felt like he had done the whole spiel a million times and was pretty much bored by it. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it but he came about not that friendly. Well, I'm a grown up guy and can live with not everybody being the superhappy guy all the time but there is definitely room to improve here.Having been to quite a few saunas in Germany and in The Netherlands the place felt pretty small. Reading about the facilities on the website I really looked forward to two finnish and two steam saunas. Well yes, there were two of each but they were supersmall.The first finnish sauna had place for two or three guys, the second one for a couple more but I think topped out at six.The steam saunas were a bit of a disappointment as well. The first one had two stone benches and a total capacity of maybe six people. No place outside to hang your towel so you had to take it inside which meant that it was basically soaked after a couple of minutes. The second steam sauna didn't have any place to sit but was a bit more spacious than the first one with room for maybe 15 people. Both felt pretty hot so any kind of action (at least for me) would have been short lived as not to collapse from all the heat.A highlight for me was the jacuzzi. Also not really huge but space for maybe 10 people. Temperature was okay and the water quality felt okay as well. Next to the jacuzzi were a couple of relaxation chairs.A real disappointment for me was the lack of free cabins. There was a whole floor of cabins but you had to pay extra to use them. Yes, I've been to other places where they offered cabins for an additional fee but usually they had at least some cabins that were free. It just feels like a rip-off. In the end I don't know if I end up with somebody so apart from the feeling that they want to cash in a second time I'm not even sure I'll actually need it.Something that I was used to from other saunas was some sort of labyrinth or classical cruising area, dark room - whatever you want to call it. That's missing completely in Pleasuredrome.A big plus was the cleanliness of the whole place. I always some a staff member making the rounds cleaning up after everyone.I went on a Monday evening but luckily the place wasn't empty. It was far from being busy but a couple of guys were present. The age distribution was pretty wide, from Master Yoda to a youngling so I'm pretty sure you could call that "something for everyone".Overall the experience was okay-ish. Nothing really fancy but also not the run-down place that some Google reviews make it sound like. My expectation that a huge city like London would have a huge gay sauna definitely did not match the reality that I found at Pleasuredrome. If you happen to be in London and have nothing to do in the evening it's worth a visit - but I wouldn't make any big travel plans just to visit the place.
Divs R
10:11 11 Apr 23
Visited here couple of months ago, during a weekend late night on Feb. After entering, I asked for guidance to move around the place and the staff were helpful.The place is the same as mentioned on their website with shower, steam, sauna, video room, etc. I saw people of all colors, sizes, and age. Some were having group fun too.I tried approaching a few, but they politely declined. Got into a good conversation with another but both of us belonged to the "same type". The rooms are available upon payment. Some people had paid for the rooms and were waiting for their matches.Though I could not have fun, I felt it was an overall safe place with non-pushy polite people.I forgot to ask for flip-flops. When you visit please wear flip-flops. I saw one person falling off the stairs. It was too slippery to walk with bare foot.
10:06 03 Apr 23
I visited this place after a few months away, and nothing has improved. the wet areas smell of human waste and they are still charging an extra £5 on top of the usual £20 entry charge. There are better value and cleaner places in London too go, vote with your wallet.
Scott Otterwell
01:31 28 Mar 23
Absolutely disgusting experience here as a former employee they don’t bother replying back to emails or explain why they stop your shifts and totally ignore you. As a customer the steam room stinks of raw sewage, floors are always wet and public areas are filthy. At least with sweatbox is more friendly staff, bigger, free cabins and better sauna/steam area. Is worth the £20 and pass for the whole day !
Gui Rego
14:50 12 Feb 23
Pleasuredrome is a gay sauna located in London, UK. It offers a variety of facilities, including private rooms, a steam room, a hot tub, and a lounge/bar area.Considering previous experience in other saunas, this was one of the best we've been!It was clean and well maintained, with friendly staff who help to create a safe and relaxed environment. It was not that busy, but it would only add to the lively atmosphere.Just be aware that it is a sex-positive environment, so you should only visit if you're comfortable with that kind of atmosphere.Also, the massage was divine! Nawfal as masseuse!
andrew saville
13:11 09 Jan 23
I visited today first time in a sauna. Staff very polite. The changing room was very clean just like a gym changing room.The facility’s clean and looked fresh. Good mix of people using the place.Will return again
01:26 16 Nov 22
The water in the pool is just stinking. Overall the floor was pretty clean but it looks just spontaneous and without any love or care. It’s literally just a room with a small pool, a mini sauna, some „cruising area“ with 2 rooms and the majority (upstairs) are rooms that you have to pay extra to use and be inside.
Enrique S.
03:27 09 Nov 22
Small sauna in LONDON. It is kind of hidden I would recommend a taxi for the first time to get there. Or If you are so inclined you can walk from VICTORIA...
Gez Saunders
23:02 04 Nov 22
I've been getting into the Pleasuredrome experience and we'll where do I start as someone who is new to this sort of thing I can tell you first hand that Pleasuredrome is the place to go.It's a safe and pleasant environment full of the nicest of guys and maintained by the best of staff who do a super job keeping it clean and tidy and they are very professional and can help you with any query you may have.I'm very grateful to the guys at Pleasuredrome and the team who have made it a treat to go and meet some really decent guys and just a decent place to spend my time.Thank you
06:42 20 Oct 22
Security is taken very seriously, cameras everywhere so people keep underwear even when in jacuzzi and that defeats the purpose of going there to have fun as saunas are very hot (as they should be) and rooms are available only if you pay extra on top of 20 GBP.Positive side compare to other saunas in London: it's not smelly and is relatively well maintained. Mixed crowd (more mature than Sweatbox).
12:20 12 Oct 22
Sorry. I won't be going back. Went once since the refurbishment. Couldn't relax anywhere. Certainly not paying extra for a cabin when there's no guarantee it'll be 'used'. Looks good in the photographs though
Maamoun Marwan
14:31 26 Sep 22
The Good:- The front desk man was so kind he has a beard( I think).-The staff were cleaning regularly.-If you're there for a long visit and you fall asleep, nobody minds.The Bad-The bar man from India (I think), was very rude and unprofessional. He ignored my coffee and drink requests a few times.
Any Body
15:27 07 Sep 22
Disappointed with the cleaning staff and the friendliness of some.Clientele over the years has changed too.I don’t think I’m coming back any time soon.Pity.
Calvin Attl
23:48 18 Aug 22
If you’re used to certain privacy rights, do not go here. Upon entry you are not notified, nor does the establishment attempt to gain written or verbal consent in regards to the fact, they are filming you. In every space. The changing locker rooms, hot tub etc. This is incredibly illegal in the United States.Most egregious, however, is the WiFi router for the cameras is easily accessible by any patron in the locker room. Anyone with mediocre software skills knows how simple it would be to gain access to the network and this footage could easily be in the hands of one, or many, outside parties.It’s simply not worth the risk. I wish I knew before visiting.
Xeno S.
12:34 13 Jul 22
A lot of recent one star reviews here, so I was a little apprehensive coming here at first. I checked out another sauna beforehand which was totally depressing, like stepping back in time. Hoping to relieve such a terrible experience since my first and last time at one 7 years ago, I decided to head over to Pleasuredrome.I can confidently say it was such a pleasant experience for my re-reintroduction to saunas from the moment I walked in. The guy at reception with glasses and a sleeve tattoo on his right arm was welcoming and informative, and we had a nice brief chat. It was £12 entry (bargain!) as long as you show a valid proof of ID that you are under 30, as stated on the website. You get temp checked on the way in. Changing rooms were clean and lockers contained 2 towels. General area smelt luxurious, with attractive mood lighting and a modern design. I’ve never seen this place before refurbishment, but cleaners were visibly maintaining and cleaning the site which is good to see.Most of the latest negative reviews here seem to refer to paying for private cabins, which wasn’t typically the case. There are rooms available for free but they had barred windows and likely won’t be as comfortable as the paid ones. Especially for a Tuesday evening, there was quite the mix of attractive men! Steam rooms were in fact quite small but that didn’t stop fun things happening. There were decent showers, and several other rooms. The steamy dark room smelt a bit funny, but I guess that’s to be expected! Apart from the bar, and a brief lie down on the chairs by the jacuzzi there wasn’t really anywhere else comfortable to chill out. Though, the atmosphere totally makes up for this, and the clientele seemed respectful and nice. Not gonna lie though, the workers checking certain areas with their flashlights especially whilst getting steamy in the steam room can be a bit of a turn off to some but I chose to ignore it - they are doing their jobs after all! Compared to the place I checked out before, it was nice to see the option of adult entertainment in large HD (4K?) quality. The bar area had condoms and lube available and appeared to be a good area to socialise.In summary, a pleasant experience with satisfactory cleanliness and a variety of rooms to visit. It was a nice reintroduction to visiting a sauna, and practicing on my expressive body language. However, more comfort would’ve been desirable. I found what I was looking for, and it definitely made up for the awful sauna I went beforehand. Worth at least a visit if you’re thinking about checking it out, especially as a first-timer!
Mario Uleri
19:08 03 Jul 22
Terrible place with bad staff attitude, especially at the bar (Indian looking supervisor). Overall poor and smelly. They charge 20 pounds to get in and then you must pay an additional 4 pounds for a small cabin……everywhere in the world relaxing cabins are free……this place is a waste of money and time. Stay away!!’
Tim Tom
22:50 18 Jun 22
The place was very clean, cleanest than what I normally see in other saunas, the interior design is of superior grade with tiles, heated stylish lounges I suppose made of brass, glass tiles, a colder shower, the shower room is very clean and with mood lighting, it's a small boutique SPA, in the past I also booked a professional sport massage and that was good too. I believe they still have the Ozone water cleaner in the Jacuzzi as the water was very clear.The staff was super friendly as I spoke with George and two other nice guys, it was very refreshing experience as the average on the gay scene in London is between mediocre and rude, while they were going up and down the place cleaning and hovering it caught my attention that they were wearing stylish and tidy uniforms that really stood out, it is an exceptional presentation.I've been there on a very late Friday night, got very lucky despite the place was very quiet. I would visit more often if they had the handheld bidet sprayer (as they used to, but people used to make a mess so they took it away, hence not a 5 star review) or anything even basic yet sturdy that could help to pass water. Doing it beforehand is not an option as you need to do it more than once during the whole night, not all is lost though, they said another option is to bring my own stuff from home but that needs forethought and carrying lolThe private cabins are pristine since I've seen them carefully manually cleaning them after each single use, some also have a mirror which is the cheery on the cake, it makes sense that they charge for them but they really have to streamline the booking system, they need something like an automated vending machine where you choose room, duration and you tap your debit card or Apple Watch (or similar) to pay and then the room will open and you'll have a printed temporary code to go back in it.The current process to book a room takes too much time, after you found your guest you have to:1. go to reception2. queue up and wait3. when it's your turn you have to give back your wrist key, they give you a temporary new one4. you have to pay (those without an Apple Watch with Apple Pay or similar add extra steps..) on the handheld machine5. come back after using the room to swap again the temporary wrist key with your original wrist keyAll this happens while the staff is multitasking welcoming new customers, communicating with each other and running after other chores.No matter how efficient is the staff in multitasking, in the context of a gay sauna where all the interactions with other guests tend to be fast paced it seemed like it was never ending.I didn't really like that some people physically took over the whole cinema room and used it as a dormitory so the remaining customers who were still awake couldn't use it, I flagged it to the staff who said they can't ask them to move but I believe they need to find a solution to this otherwise the few other guests can't really use that room until someone wakes up and moves. If they can pester people in order not to play in the Jacuzzi then they should be able to pester people not to sleep in the cinema room. It's also not safe to sleep there, they're vulnerable or they may have passed away etc.Overall a very good experience compared to what I remember of that place in the past so looking forward to return.
George Michael
09:14 29 May 22
I like the place...modern and clean BUT paying for cubicles on top of the entrance fee and using the extra charge as an excuse to keep the rooms clean? Unacceptable! And worse of all place to douche? This is London in 2022 ??! It's a pipe with clean water! That's all..get it already!
Kyle Cunningham
01:52 29 May 22
I liked it much more on our first visit in December than in May. There was someone there shouting and arguing with the front desk clerk quite loudly for 10-15 minutes. So that was not a good vibe. Putting that aside, the clerks were nice to me. I did not have any issues with them. Others seem to have. We witnessed not one, but two arguments with customers. Just odd.Anyway, I really like the interior layout. I do wish that there was a real dark room there. It badly needs it. It's sort of steam room or bust there for fun. It gets very crowded on weekends but not necessarily a lot of fun to be had. That's why I think a dark room would be the obvious solution. But it's certainly kept very clean and organized.The "bartender" was very incompetent. And you can only pay with cash or card there which is so so dumb. Who walks around a sauna with their wallet? Most places just have you pay at the end. Makes a lot more sense. Keep in mind I've probably visited bath houses/saunas in 5 or 6 different countries. So I try to put these places in perspective. They're not ever going to be gold stars of customer service. I'd still put Pleasuredome in the top tier of bath houses you're likely to find. If only because it's clean. Which, unfortunately, is not a given. lol
Roger Osborne
22:33 20 May 22
Cubicles are now all pay to use, nearly all of them are empty. Really disappointing. This was the best sauna in London, could not recommend it now. A great pity, it's very clean and been recently decorated.
Neven Z
02:15 08 Apr 22
Place is generally small, cruising areas are tiny, steam rooms smell like swamp, payment system is ridiculous (they don't charge your bracelet number so you can pay everything when leaving, instead they give you a second key for a smaller locker inside where you can keep your cash), no dark rooms, swings, cages or anything interesting. No douching areas, prep yourselves at home. Crowd is mixed and diverse. 2 stars only because staff was nice and friendly, place itself deserves 1.
Viktor Reti
08:52 31 Mar 22
I have been visiting Pleasuredrome for quite a while it's still my favourite place in London. Unfortunately all the rooms have to be paid for but at least you can always get a clean room when you need one 😉. Quite interesting crowds on the afternoons I have visited, always clean, staff seems friendly. One star deducted for the lounges by the jacuzzi. They aren't most comfortable things to lay on, but hey, I don't go there to sleep.
Dimitar Tsonev
08:39 19 Mar 22
First time when I was there they didn’t ask me for an ID , second time today they asked me for it.I didn’t pay £20 as I’m 30 years old and I don’t think it’s fear.However I can’t proof it but they should had told me the first time when I visit it that I need an ID.I would have appreciated if they made an exception and let me know that I need to bring my ID for next time.It’s quite rude that they think I am older and I need to pay extra.Don’t mean to be disrespectful but the staff need a better customer service training.I’m not going there again.
Dimitar Tsonev
02:24 19 Mar 22
First time when I was there they didn’t ask me for a ID , second time today they asked me for it.I didn’t pay £20 as I’m 30 years old and I don’t think it’s fear.However I can’t proof it but they should had told me the first time when I visit it that I need an ID.Also I am a model, good looking fit guy, they should appreciate people like me there.It’s quite rude that they think I am older and I need to pay extra.Don’t mean to be disrespectful but the staff need a better customer service training.I’m not going there again.
B. M.r.x
22:25 13 Mar 22
staff spends all the time with a flashlight in the cruise areas completely breaking the mood… the sauna and the two steam rooms have an unbearable smell. few cabins are available for use… nothing fun
Nadim H
18:57 27 Feb 22
UPDATEFebruary 2022I have removed two stars from my original review as the venue has decided to REMOVE douching facilities for guests! How are people supposed to enjoy themselves without such a basic facility. PUT THEM BACK!June 2021Firstly, let me say this place is now great. The refurb was much needed and a significant improvement, the staff were also lovely. It's a big venue and has attracted a great crowd since reopening, there's lots of sexy guys attending throughout the weekend, good music and a nice atmosphere. They also have bidet/douche stations which is a fantastic idea and much appreciated. Unfortunately I couldn't give 5* as you've removed all the free private rooms and these now cost extra (on top of the £20 entry) which is expensive.
Marcelo Da silva
01:28 22 Feb 22
I went for the first time. I really liked the good ones plus one of the big hair and the ugly face was really bad for me. If you pay 💰 for something. Much be nice 👌. Have one guy working the him give me all the time candy. So nice to me.
Tasharn Douglin
18:21 12 Feb 22
I enjoy this place so much. Josh and the rest of the staff are all so friendly and helpful. During its peak times you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for
Cj Frost
15:26 05 Feb 22
I have visited twice since the refurbishment, and have left feeling disappointed on both occasions!Although the decor has been refurbished, the lack of open dark play space, and the locked cabins have totally changed the dynamic.The whole place is too harshly lit, and the obvious CCTV all over is discouraging.In comparison to other venues around London the premium price is not justified.I can’t find a reason to return.
Lee Hanson
21:09 01 Feb 22
My partner Da'jew and I had such a great time here, the towel boys were great, the atmosphere was out of this world and we finally got to spend some quality time together! Spending time with my man, sweating in the sauna, getting back to the basics is exactly what we needed. I was recharged and exhausted at the same time!LGBTQ is who we are!
Billy Carey
08:41 15 Jan 22
I visited recently and had a great time. I thought the place was clean and well attended. I had a drink at the bar and met some really nice guys and we sat and talked for ages.If I had to make one or two suggestions it would be that some more areas for sitting/lying in the cruising area and also less of the torches from the staff - it's a little off putting and kills me mood just a tad 🤣
Erik Nielsen
23:45 07 Jan 22
A great sauna and understandably famous for a reason. Have been many times over the years and I always have a good time when I’m in London. The hours seem to fly by while you’re here. I love the jacuzzi next to the bar. Has reasonable rates and great looking patrons. The locations not as good as Sweatbox but not bad either. It’s not a very discrete place though as far as baths go. They take a photo of you every time you enter the spa, and there are staff and cameras virtually everywhere so you’re being constantly watched by people that aren’t participating in the activities going on in there so it can be a little awkward when staff walk in on you in the middle of a group of guys having a go at you… but theyre typically really very sweet and work hard to keep the place as clean as possible so it’s a double-edge sword.
Jay Man
23:52 01 Jan 22
I'll be honest I'm probably not the kind of guy that visits these places normally so my review is probably biased to some extent. So take it with a pinch of salt. But if you've not been somewhere like this before, have a read...There are a couple of things that mean I would never go back here ever again.The first thing, is there is CCTV *EVERYWHERE* and I mean everywhere. I'm the kind of guy that likes to be quite discrete and I was shocked at the extent of the cameras everywhere. Some guy in an office at Pleasuredrome basically has a hard drive full of videos of guys doing who knows what. The cameras were in the corridors, the dark areas, changing rooms, etc. Mostly they are not noticeable in the dark but they've all got those led lights that work in the dark, so it's actually a bit concerning how much they probably pick up. It didn't seem proportionate and I must admit I've come away feeling really uncomfortable about that. If the venue sees this then I hope they'll reply and explain their retention policy in that regard.The other bizarre thing is that the staff come around with torches every 10 minutes or so, which really does kill any sort of mood that might exist. I guess they're doing it for a hygiene/safety perspective, but it's still weird.The place generally seems to attract a lot of older unfit guys, which I guess is probably to be expected and so I'm probably guilty of naivety there. But I've heard other places attract a younger crowd. This place didn't and I was definitely one of the youngest guys there.Finally, hygiene wise, the place didn't smell great in certain rooms. But then I guess that's to be expected. They did seem to be quite proactively cleaning but I expect you can only do so much.Overall, I would definitely not recommend this place just because of the lack of privacy, which is my biggest concern. I'm sure the venue will try and justify this for security etc., but I really just don't think it's appropriate, you wouldn't find CCTV cameras in toilets and gym changing rooms, so the fact you have it in saunas just blows my mind.
Karl Singh
15:21 15 Nov 21
It is a completely different place after the incredible refurbishment. They´ve done a brilliant job with making it look really cosy and calm. It is a really safe & clean environment. The choice of men is wide and varied, all depends on what you´re after and how open you are to exploring. Everyone is really respectful and decent. The staff are great, extremely friendly, and make everyone feel so relaxed and welcome.
P Rogerson
22:39 23 Oct 21
This is a good sauna. I recently visited.Good points:- clean- friendly staff- good location- modern facilities- 24 hour bar- good mix of ages. Something for everyone.What could be better:- need to pay for cabins now. Used to be free.If cabins were free I would give 5 stars.In my experience it is busiest in the evenings and at weekends. You get a good mix of guys. Enjoy!
Donatas Kalvaitis
11:24 18 Oct 21
Hey all!I visited Pleasuredrome few times now and can tell this is the best place to go in London!The place is incredibly clean with very interesting layout, almost like a maze in places. As you can imagine - it ads some special charm to the experience.They have a bar as well which is working 24/7. It’s an amazing one, especially having in mind them prices - they are very low knowing Pleasuredrome is in the central area.The staff is keeping place clean and supervised all the time and you feel really safe and taken care of.And all the staff members are very polite, always smiling and ready to help you at any time.Honestly - I couldn’t ask for a better experience and will definitely come back!You guys are doing a great job!
Rob H
22:06 13 Oct 21
An enjoyable visit yesterday. I'll be saving up to try the Swedish massage the next time I come down and really relax.Only issue was with a small incident in the sauna where another patron smashed a thermometer and glass ended up on the floor - couldn't be helped. Staff did ok however they seemed to be making it up as they went along and someone did manage to cut their foot.Maybe it's worth exploring some standard incident responses to clear that area of the property when barefooted access is less than safe?
A Gun
06:36 08 Oct 21
Visited last Sunday & Tuesday.Really impressed with how clean everything was, staff very attentive to cleaning & safety of clients.Can’t wait to get in the steam room again!Great selection of food and drink also.Definitely recommend!
Paul Borer (PBMCMLXXI)
11:31 16 Sep 21
Overall, my first visit was really nice.The venue was clean and well maintained.Positive aspects:The free water was cold and refreshing, and much welcome after time in the sauna/steam room.The shower gel in the showers was also good to have available, and brings it in line with other UK saunas I've visited.The loungers by the Jacuzzi were a good thought out idea, however hard and not practical if you want to lay on your front.Less positive aspects, although points 1&2 they are going to look into.1. Nowhere to hang to towel by the steam room, meaning regardless if you wish to be naked in the steam room or not, your towel has to go in with you, getting it all wet!2. No areas to place your glasses near the sauna and stream room. If you require glasses the signs are hard to read without.3. Although I read about the rooms being extra - this is the first Sauna, be it the UK or otherwise, that I've seen this charged! There is no other free area to have fun. If you were to hook up with someone, the spontaneity of the moment is lost when you have to go get your money and pay.I don't see the need to charge for such, and believe like many other reviewers here, they should be free.I think there should be free rooms/dark room where people can freely have fun. Other saunas that I visit all maintain good cleaning of private rooms, which they offer for free - I see no reason why covid/extra cleaning should be used as an excuse to charge from £4 for a room here.Overall, a clean sauna, well maintained.Would I visit again - yes, when in London.Currently 3 of 5 * When towel hooks, glasses areas addressed then +1* and if the rooms made free, then +1*
stuart DUFF
14:02 11 Sep 21
Hadn't been for a while but the place is now fabulous.Spotlessly clean and really nice staff
Sam Waite
16:13 10 Sep 21
Extremely clean and well set out since they have done the refurbishment. With friendly helpful staff. The fact you have the option for paid rooms is fine. They have designed it so that you can have fun for free in different spaces just the same.
Giampiero Rigari
14:25 01 Sep 21
I am sorry to say that the “improvements” which have been done recently in my opinion are not effective on neither a health and safety point of you, nor on some conveniences.I would have used a anti-slip floor as it’s still very dangerous walking up and down the place and there are several situation where i was almost falling on the wet floor.The old transparent by the Jacuzzi was great and it used to make the space bigger giving some flow to the lounge area so why rise a wall making the place so enclose? Were those sort of modern “dentist” deckchairs necessary? They look so cynical.I didn’t feel any chlorine in the water and i didn’t like the smell was coming out from the tub.Not many hangers for towels as most of them seems to be disappeared specially near the cold water showers.Some of the hot showers were not working and some were shooting against the tiled wall. Also the pressure seemed to be less than before the refurbishment.And then, really?? Still the old system of needed to carry money if you want to use the bar? Isn’t a bit obsolete? It doesn’t make you wanting to consume a lot as most people can’t be bothered to carry a card around. I would have put a system which would allow you to pay at the exit charging every time you use it for drinks and snacks. Just a chip in the key bracelet would do the job.Sorry guys but i wasn’t impressed at all and because now you have to pay even for “wanking yourself” I decided to don’t come any longer here.Giampiero
15:29 31 Aug 21
Visited recently, clean and tidy and the staff are nice. Very disappointed when I realised I had to pay extra for tiny room. Free and fun rooms should be available for everyone, and please don’t tell me you keep cleaning them after each use. That’s part of the sauna’s services and most guys go there for fun and every saunas I have been they get cleaned regularly. That was just one off visit, never go again.
Coua Kan
06:05 30 Aug 21
OMG I paid £20 to get in, yet there is no place for fun unless I pay extra. Seriously.I visited the place over the August Bank Holiday weekend and I soon as I got in, a cute guy was after me for fun. But there were no FREE cruising area. I left immediately. I will never go back if it remains like that.
Filip Nyczaj
15:14 06 Aug 21
All in all a great place and I've had a really good time - strong four stars with some improvement suggestions.What I liked:- Big venue with clear signage, generally well planned with things being where you need them- Clean, brand new facilities and sauna and steam rooms that actually work- There's a bar!- Friendly and present staffWhat I didn't like:- Paying for your drinks at the bar - this is an inconvenience as it requires going back and forth to get your phone or cards from the locker. All the other saunas I've been to charge you on exit.- Plastic cups at the bar for water - save the sea turtles!- There's just one cold shower and gets busy when people want to cool down - all others are hot which feels unusual for a sauna- I sent an email asking about the details of what facilities are available as it's unclear due to lockdown restrictions - no one responded.
jat jat
15:12 29 Jul 21
They just didn't describe that I'll have to pay for storing my baggages, actually they charged me for that.The venue is nice, I like the jacuzzi and showers.But some places are very cold and couldn't just sit in and spend time for a while.Sauna and steams are a bit hotter than should be.The worst part is cruising area which is literally nothing but narrow lanes to walk around.I could safely store my things in th locker and charging boxes.Not that exciting and fun overall. Most dudes got attitude and that killed the fun.
Jason Leo
03:53 18 Jul 21
£20 unless your under 30? . Main showers are rain type so you're getting your head drenched. Rooms upstairs are now all paid so nowhere to chill for free. Ground floor laying area is now separate heated hard benches and no screen for movies. used to be able to go there and chill now Everything is now get as much money as possible and hope you leave as soon as possible. If someone make another it will corner the market. Chariots was much better. would rather go eureka in swanley
Steve Marriott
13:44 07 Jul 21
Having been restricted by Covid lockdown and now easing out of it I'm just glad such places like here are open. Good refurb as well. Attracts a selection of men, different shapes and 'sizes' so all 'tastes' catered for.
Jason Leo
00:14 29 Jun 21
£20 unless your under 30? . Main showers are rain type so you're getting your head drenched. Rooms upstairs are now all paid so nowhere to chill for free. Ground floor laying area is now separate heated hard benches and no screen for movies. used to be able to go there and chill now Everything is now get as much money as possible and hope you leave as soon as possible. If someone make another it will corner the market. Chariots was much better.
Walter Coady
14:23 23 Jun 21
i went recently for a sauna and jacuzzi etc and i enjoyed it, the place is emaculate and i will go again, hopefully i will get a bit more if i am lucky wink wink
Nadim H
13:14 22 Jun 21
Firstly, let me say this place is now great. The refurb was much needed and a significant improvement, the staff were also lovely. It's a big venue and has attracted a great crowd since reopening, there's lots of sexy guys attending throughout the weekend, good music and a nice atmosphere. They also have bidet/douche stations which is a fantastic idea and much appreciated. Unfortunately I couldn't give 5* as you've removed all the free private rooms and these now cost extra (on top of the £20 entry) which is expensive.
jack hughes
21:05 10 Jun 21
It was fine, recent renovation was just a bit of a touch up here and there, doesn’t warrant a increasing there standard entry to £30 when it was £20 (still have old price signs up)Minor but I stepped on a bit of glass whilst I was there.
Filip Nyczaj
13:56 10 Jun 21
All in all a great place and I've had a really good time - strong four stars with some improvement suggestions.What I liked:- Big venue with clear signage, generally well planned with things being where you need them- Clean, brand new facilities and sauna and steam rooms that actually work- There's a bar!- Friendly and present staffWhat I didn't like:- Paying for your drinks at the bar - this is an inconvenience as it requires going back and forth to get your phone or cards from the locker. All other saunas I've been to charge you on exit.- Plastic cups at the bar for water - save the sea turtles!- There's just one cold shower and gets busy when people want to cool down - all others are hot which feels unusual for a sauna- I sent an email asking about the details of what facilities are available as it's unclear due to lockdown restrictions - no one responded.
12:41 04 Jun 21
The makeover has just been replacing of tiles a bit of remodelling in bar and reception and new wooden benches in saunas. No new layout. But it does feel cleaner and I do love the heated stone loungers.Unfortunately you now have to pay extra for private cabins and with a time limit for use. There are a few free to use closets which are tiny, you can only stand up in them and they aren't that private because most have cutouts in the walls so u can see into the adjacent closet. So there are hardly any options for private space. It's a bit insulting to be only offered these as options tbh.Also for £2m makeover the door of the big sauna still does not shut so it is cold, and the other sauna is tiny and not that hot either.Lots of missed opportunities, but the sauna scene in London is diminishing so they don't have much to compete with really. Shame.Still, good crowd of nice guys there and you can relax somewhat and staff are friendly.
Harry Hughes
23:33 22 Feb 21
Friendly and welcoming staff....what more could a petrified gay want?
Jan Van der Merwe
11:53 23 Jul 20
The facilities aren’t great when compared to saunas in continental Europe. Nothing particularly wrong with it - I wouldn’t go again, however.
Lewis Brooks
05:31 16 Jul 20
Both times that I have visited Pleasuredrome, I have had a good time. It's fairly large and was fairly busy with clients there for the fun and good times. I was planning to go again at the beginning of August 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic put an end to my trip, and evidently the Pleasuredrome is closed too out of health concerns.
Robert Eccles
21:55 05 Jan 20
First impressions - the place is spotlessly clean, the four or five guys looking after the place were doing a good job. There were lots of guys using the place on Thursday lunchtime.The layout is complex but well planned with unexpected rooms and entrances, you feel like exploring. . Had a chat with the barman who was genuinely happy and contented with his pay and conditions. I liked the 2 steam rooms, hot and tepid, the pool and the chill out areas. Best of all the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.
Povilas Dumliauskas
12:50 05 Jan 20
It was very disappointing .1. The cabins was like little basement rooms without a locks with mattress on the floor.For the cabins with a lock u need to pay extra and for normal cabin u need pay even more 🤯2. Saunas was very tiny just for 2-3 people in.3. Locker room and bar system really a lot husle.4. For the people safety shouldn't use glasses.5. Many stuff don't do anything just scraping one chewy gum from the floors.6. Whole place I will describe like a dump and dingy.7. 99% of guys there was skinny smooth.8. It was like semi-naked social club.It's a horrible plays for bears and they admirers.Won't recommend
Grisha Yakovitch
06:46 24 Dec 19
The facilities were clean (though parts were closed for renovation and apparently have been for some time) and the staff were very attentive. I didn’t have any problems with the staff that some people have described here, although one attendant did spend a lot of time just hanging out in the cruising area and that was a bit off-putting because it felt like we were being monitored. But the guy working the bar was really friendly and chatted during breaks.The atmosphere was relaxed and respectful and there was a fair mix of guys. It was pretty quiet but that’s always a risk on a weeknight and during holidays and I understand that the management can’t guarantee a crowd at all times. Some regulars said it’s still the best sauna in town.A couple of minor criticisms: in general it was all a bit too warm (the pool was almost too warm for comfort) - most European saunas give you a bigger difference in temperature between the relaxation areas and the pool/saunas/steam rooms. It’s also inconvenient that you can’t charge drinks etc to your locker number and pay on the way out. Finally, I did have a bit of a panic when I accidentally spilled poppers on myself; I asked the staff for advice and they were a bit clueless. I guess they’re not trained to answer medical questions but it would be good if they had some basic knowledge of what to do in such situations, which can’t be that uncommon.
The Snow Dog
10:37 04 Nov 19
I've been many times, and I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience. The staff at reception are lovely (they're not over the top and overly nice which is what I always look for). The bar tenders are always nice. It's a place you can go to disappear, become anonymous, and a place where you're the same as everyone else. Would recommend it 👍👍
Richard K.
04:13 23 Feb 14
Admission is £17 (£12 if you are lucky to be under 25) You will probably find easy sex here easily,especially at weekends. The faciltues are shabby & the...

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