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Seattle’s most popular gay dive bar is a tribute to the great West Village and Castro bars of the 1970s. One of the very few stand-alone bars on Capitol Hill, Pony occupies a 1930s-vintage gas station building that has been transformed into a beloved hangout.

We have a large west-facing patio that’s open all year around thanks to a retractable roof and a gas fire pit. Check out the calendar for our weekly, monthly, and one-off parties. Depending on the night, you’ll find our featured DJs spinning favorites from the discerning homo’s favorite genres: punk rock, disco, new wave, and indie rock.



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kris gonzalez
20:36 06 Aug 23
Great Queer dive bar. Good HH.
Junior Ruiz
07:57 01 Jul 23
The person that was the bouncer bullied me and made me feel like I was less than my worth.
Cameron Hubbard
00:56 26 Jun 23
Person at the door with sharp eyebrows was rude as hell
Junior Ruiz
05:53 24 Jun 23
The person that was the bouncer bullied me and made me feel like I was less than my worth.
16:01 08 Jun 23
Ugly disgusting bartenders, pathetic crowd, just a spot for straight up losers.
R P.
21:16 31 May 23
Had a run in with bouncer wannabe from "pink flamingoes" as others also noted in reviews. I made a joke about my hairline being my ID when carded at the...
Dennis Caldwell
15:38 28 May 23
This is one of my favorite gay bars in the world! It is unapologetically a queer space!! Every time I go, I always have the best time. Support this iconic institution anytime you can.
carson k
02:55 10 Apr 23
Long, hard, and stiff drinks galore. Smiles as far as you can see. Bang on!
Stephen Zeek
22:54 28 Mar 23
Had a blast here on a random Monday night. Great bartender, fun DJ, and good vibes. Will come back next time I am in town.
Kushraj N.
05:06 29 Jan 23
It's a hit or miss. I would recommend going on the weekends because it might not be the most welcoming environment for POCs during the week. But I love...
Lissette G.
23:01 24 Sep 22
Dj sucked! But decor is dope af and dranks are cheap.Yea that's all I had to say about this place. Working proo hard but not hard enough
Clinton M.
21:15 10 Sep 22
The place is dead and it's almost 10pm on a Saturday night. Not a good place to go for excitement even though they claim to be a very gay bar very gay. I am...
Liz L.
10:47 16 Jul 22
Omg super cool club good drinks and upbeat atmosphere. I'll definitely be back 100 out of 190 stars.
Catherine H.
16:07 08 Jul 22
Such a fun spot! This is a very small bar with an even smaller patio area in the back. The people are super friendly and the staff was fantastic. We came on...
Evan P.
15:00 08 Jul 22
I really like this place. It's where I bring friends to pregame or just take in a relaxed drink on the patio. the staff are always very nice, and in my...
David Ransom
22:55 28 May 22
Liz S.
03:29 02 May 22
Good lord I love this placeIt really warms my little gay heart to have all the weirdos together
Jessica M.
11:39 25 Feb 22
Unnecessarily loud with their music and bass (even some workers wear earplugs to save their ears). The volume is at its worse whenever they throw sets, and...
Pax S.
23:17 21 Dec 21
My friend and I entered after our Vax cards were verified and we had a great time. I visited super early during this standard and we felt super safe and...
Your N.
01:23 19 Dec 21
Stood and waited for nearly 5 minutes. Bartender was just conversing with a "friend". There were literally 6 people in the bar..Never acknowledged, we can...
Jack T.
01:50 19 Nov 21
Yup, I can confirm that this bar is the most inconsiderate bar in Seattle. Absolutely no consideration for the apartments around it when it decides to throw...
Michael J.
17:14 02 Nov 21
Someone needs to give the bouncer who thinks they are from the movie "pink flamingos" a reality check.... Because she's seriously not all that!!!!!!...
Lauren P.
20:31 24 Oct 21
I've been to Pony a couple times in the past, but it was pre-Covid. Came here recently as the last stop on a bar crawl to celebrate my cousin's 21st....
Camryn E.
01:09 20 Oct 21
Incredible. Iconic. Classic. My style. Everything I could have hoped for in a place like this. My bartender was fabulous and conversed with me through the...
Guillermo Rangel
05:57 07 Aug 21
Don't come here for the drinks. It's not their strength. I had the wine, it tasted like very citric feet.
Kevin Nguyen
14:55 02 Aug 21
I made a mistake choosing an apartment next to this bar, because this bar is POPPING. They got a rager to happen on a Tuesday night (booming music and screaming past 12am) while people in apartments around the bar are trying to get a good night's rest. Nice!
Victor Howard
00:06 30 Jul 21
Best bar on the hill! Great community, fantastic staff and owners that care!
Michelle Chartrand
02:53 18 Jul 21
this place is so great theres
Kevin Nguyen
13:37 14 Jul 21
I made a mistake choosing an apartment next to this bar, because this bar is POPPING. They got a rager to happen on a Tuesday night (booming music and screaming past 12am) while people in apartments around the bar are trying to get a good night's rest. Nice!
Joseph A.
19:04 26 Jun 21
Too many queens claiming seats and they're not there. Also drinks are strong enough. Call me whatever it's just my opinion.
Jeff Rosenblum
07:39 24 Sep 20
This is my favorite bar in Seattle. I like to go for happy hour drinks. It’s pretty small inside too and can get loud. I’m looking forward to going again post Covid-19
Percy Floyd
13:49 08 Aug 20
I adore this place. No matter what day you go this place is always having a good time.
Steen M.
13:10 31 Mar 20
Had the tastiest drinks, so so much fun! Great ambience and decor, fantastic staff! Plenty of seating for a huge group of us, too.
Chris A.
01:37 31 Jan 20
While it might be the "dive" appeal to hang around this bar, you'll quickly pick up on inferior attitude by the staff, particularly Ben and Anouk...I've...
Alexander Hernandez
20:32 16 Oct 19
It’s a fun dingy fun space full of fabulous art and props. Brings back memories of old San Francisco before the techies took over
Alex Garcia
00:42 29 Jul 19
Capitol Hill's diviest gay bar. It's like they transported a gay dive bar from the 70's and put it on capitol hill and that's a good thing. The bar is an escape from all things amazon and tech bros. It's also the home to seattle's tiniest tea dance on Sundays. If you are planning on going on the weekends show up early because the bar gets super packed by 10 or 11
Tammy E.
00:39 18 Feb 19
This place pins the "dive bar" description of a tail on the pony *ahem donkey. What you see is what you get folks - don't expect a fancy bar or 5-star...
Javier Alejandro
13:31 18 Sep 18
I loved Pony. It is a very unique place and carries beer that's about as alcohol loaded as a cocktail. The patio is a great place to spend some time, especially around the firepit. I hope this place stays open for a really really long time. Would definitely visit again. Hopefully I'll find another $100 bill on the floor outside the bar like I did last time!
Richard Priest
03:05 20 Jul 18
This bar is easily in my top three bars in the entire world. The music is always on point, especially if you have good taste. The bartenders pour amazing drinks, and are always incredibly welcoming to queer and queer allies. The balcony is the best place to spend an evening or an afternoon. This place is for all of you out there who have an edge, whatever that may be. No top 40!
Fabio Lopes
20:50 07 Feb 18
Super friendly queer crowd, I definitely felt at home and safe there. The drinks are cheap and they have Karaoke on Tuesdays! Prepare yourself for some obscure taste in music (which I absolutely love!) and have fun singing along. Definitely my favourite bar!
Michael de Lange
23:47 30 Sep 17
Pony has a really mixed queer crowd in a warm friendly atmosphere. The location is cool too. It's on a traffic island in a former gas station. The bar is small but weird and fun and the outdoor area is pleasant. It's my favorite bar in Seattle.
Brandon L
16:16 19 Mar 17
I just wanted to write to you about our experience at Pony on 3/14. Two of us visiting from out of state and heard Pony was an interesting bar - which we both liked the atmosphere. However, the bartenders that night were not the nicest group of guys and seemed to have cared less if we were there while leaving us waiting during their personal conversation. I’m not writing about your atmosphere or the drinks - it was the lack of caring by the bartenders that night. I wouldn't waste my time visiting again.
Robin D
03:54 10 Jan 17
Came with a group of friends, gay and straight. The one straight couple in the mix was asked to leave because their "heterosexuality was not welcome." This is not what my lgbtq community stands for. The rest of the crowd there is never friendly, doesn't matter how pretty or friendly you are. Bartenders are rarely friendly, and the go go dancers keep getting grosser. Used to go all the time so I know it isn't just a "bad night," won't be back.

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