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Posh Club Lisbon is a nightclub, located in Lisbon, created by businessman Stéfan Matarazzo, who has worked in this segment for over ten years. Innovation, creativity, irreverence, joy, professionalism and lots of fun are the fundamental ingredients for the success of this space which is increasingly conquering Portuguese and foreign audiences from all over the world.



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Alexandru Macovei
04:52 05 May 23
THE BEST CLUB IN LISBON. PERIOD. I m in love with the club, the bartenders, the djs, the dancers and all the other people. Also, everyone speaks English and it s really friendly ♥️
Gui R
10:09 14 Mar 23
Long story short.Aggression happening inside, staff and manager didn’t do anything, had to call the police.
Eran Keidar
01:48 17 Sep 22
Seems to work at weekend. entree cost 15 euro and you get 2 drinks. average age was 18-22 I think (maybe less?), or that how it felt. and around half were ladies. was playing pop music when i was there.
Ionut Calin
10:01 29 Aug 22
The music was great, the place it’s not too bad ,i like it but there’s one thing that makes me rate this place 1 star , the worst bartenders and the worst service. As a LGBTQ+ tourist visiting this club i did not felt welcomed by the bar staff , i tried to order and they guys said to me that they don’t speak English ( this is not the problem) the real problem is that they were avoiding me and avoiding to take my order, they were serving other people even though i was waiting next to the bar for long time. Lucky there was 2 amazing girls one DJ which took my first order and another one most likely the dancer team. You should consider hiring new bar staff which are not that rude and unprofessional.
Bibiana Farinha
00:48 03 Aug 22
best gay club in lisbon, the music is great, the staff is great, the club in itself is great, i could go on forever really.
Al Ten
09:27 04 Jun 22
What a dump!1. If you are after an underaged crowd, this is your place. I seriously question the legality of the crowd in there, 90% looked like they were under 18 or will turn 18 tomorrow…2. Smoking room is a joke, the smoke goes EVERYWHERE in the club. It was so smoky, i had to get close to the entrance for some fresh air. ironically I wasn’t allowed out of the club to get some fresh air. And that’s while Covid still prevalent🤯 (no masks were worn except for the doormen), they pack you like sardines, let the teenagers go wild in the “smoke room” and don’t let you out for fresh air… Where have I see that before hmmm3. The event I went for was a drag race party. Club opens 11-06. The doors were not even open at 11. We queued for about an HOUR not because there was such a dream demand, but because the doors were closed. Once we were in, I’m not even sure what time the show started, we waited until 2:30 and left. By then it was insanely overcrowded, ridiculously smoky (they banned indoor smoking for a reason 15 years ago, you know!) and who the hell starts a show after 2:30 am??Complete and utter dizasta. If you have any respect for yourself, go somewhere else.I should have known, a club that feels the need to call itself Posh, definitely won’t be that 😅
asdfasfas fgsdagxczcsdaf
16:32 13 Mar 22
Digital id's are authorized and legal, was blocked this time but it's okay next time I'll ask for the complaint book or do it online and call manager or cops
asdfasfas fgsdagxczcsdaf
02:36 27 Feb 22
Digital id's are authorized and legal, was blocked this time but it's okay next time I'll call manager or cops
Randi Yan
23:41 08 Jan 22
The vibes are incredible
Shai Cohen
19:18 02 Dec 21
Cool club, had a great night with friends 🕺
Dri Souza
18:57 07 Nov 21
Fernando Abreu
22:54 17 Oct 21
Over the top!
Arkaitz Izaguirre Zarragoitia
10:02 14 Sep 20
Amazing experience !!! Safe & hilarious, with the anti covid-19 security measures to perfection. The food very good and at a more than reasonable price! Super recommended!!!The best option for the night in Lisbon as the situation is due to the pandemic.
17:23 06 Feb 20
Impossible to breathe people are smoking everywhere. It's a nice club overall
Martha Rizzo
05:11 01 Feb 20
They are thiefs. They told us they would close at 6, but they closed at 4,20... 10€ for 10 minutes, just be honest
Paul Schäfer
05:07 12 Jan 20
The club itself and music was pretty good but the bouncers were unnecessarily rough and unfriendly. The bar tenders were nice. We paid the full price to get in (10€ each) and had to leave the club after about half an hour because they were closing. Kind of felt like a ripoff...

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