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The space for leather, lipstick and bears. Downtown’s home base for drag and dancing. Where to have a Gay Ol' Time in Los Angeles... attracts a loyal and eclectic crowd. We’re so down for all of this. The Best of Downtown. Where to Be Gay in L.A.



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Mario C.
20:20 23 Dec 22
Fun gay bar/club with really good events and food. It's a large space with a great airy space and large dance floor. Bar personal could be nicer but the...
Michael G.
21:12 09 Dec 22
Drinks are very well prepared. Worked with a Monito-sweet, followed by a Mojiito-strong and both were as requested.Caught during "happy hour" and it was a...
08:10 02 Nov 22
I enjoyed this nightclub. The staff members were nice for the most part. I enjoyed the dancers a lot. I blew off all my cash on four male dancers, LOL that’s how great they were! One even gave me a hug before he got off stage. I’m from the Bay Area, and I think this is a very nice, large bar. Lots of space to go hang out in if you need some air or place to sit. I would come back.
Tim H.
16:27 31 Aug 22
So I was hesitant to go downtown for a bar. I mean, parking alone scares me. Well, it was not too hard. Valet parking, pay lots, and street options...
Aaron McCann
20:44 27 Aug 22
I love this place,, the drinks, the atmosphere, the bartenders and other employees. It has such a nice vibe compared to pretentious WeHo. I love the djs, music and drag shows, all 5 stars and top shelf! Excellent place for dancing and they have a nice outdoor balcony area overlooking LA, truly magical in my experience.
Adam Bou Hamdan
21:33 06 Aug 22
Definitely my go-to spot on Friday nights. The drinks aren’t overpriced, and the DJs are always on point with the song choices. The bartenders are friendly. People that are drinking tend to like cutting in lines, but I’ve noticed the bartenders knowing exactly who got there first lol
Donald Pedersen
06:05 25 Jul 22
Clearly, this place is more suited for the cliche gays with disposable income. Overpriced cover, overpriced drinks, and overpriced parking. It is surprisingly spacious inside; I’ll give it that.
Tom T.
13:19 24 Jul 22
Twice when in dtla during the day, after going to museums ect, my partner and I decided we would go support the community and check it out. I will never...
Oscar Hurtado
16:36 02 Jul 22
this place is always fun - good crowd, great drag shows and friendly service. The music is good too, especially all the Latino music which you can actually dance to!
Anuraag Verma
06:19 28 Jun 22
Had a terrible time on a Friday night. It was my first time there and I didn't know there was a cover charge for the drag show happening inside (which was a total letdown btw). The front desk person stamping people's arms was rude to me as if I was expected to know all the rules of the place The crowd was okay and the beer was okay too. Bartender was good and the beer was cheap at $5. Don't know how it is on other nights of the week.
Frank Cervantes
17:09 27 Jun 22
I had a great experience 😃😃😃😃 iand enjoy my experience.happy happy happy enjoy pride.also included in this also happy birthday to me too enjoy yourself have fun and been having dinner a review since Mickey's dance company! I'll be going back maybe this weekend again back please and I loved it enjoyed myself downtown LA
Gabriel T.
10:22 20 Jun 22
Such an amazing time!! This was our first drag brunch at the Precinct. We arrived with a reservation and were quickly escorted to our seats. It was a fairly...
Frank P.
06:22 13 Jun 22
I used to love Precinct, but during my last few visits, it's really gone downhill.At Bearracuda on Saturday we ordered two gin and tonics and the...
Brenda R.
20:40 11 Jun 22
Great drinks great atmosphere!! Drag night is awesome, very well drinks and great prices !!
Danny Fenty
02:22 30 May 22
First time here with my friend and we really enjoyed our night here, it was my birthday and I felt so happy with the ambiance, music, people and the dance floor. It was memorial weekend so it did get very packed but over all a fun experience! I hope to be back soon.
Robert Flores
06:45 18 May 22
Went this Saturday for my 1st time. Was crazy busy. Great place lots of Fun. I'll be back this weekend. Awesome shows & Music. Friendly Bartender & staff.
Keneil Beckford
07:44 15 May 22
Friends and I traveled from Florida to come here and see our favorite Drag queens perform. We stood in line for almost two hours. When we got to the door security wouldn’t let us in because my ID was expired. A bit of context; I am not a citizen and if you know the system you know it can take up to 6 months to get an ID back. I tried to present other ID to explain the situation but I was shut down. I understand rules but to every rule there’s an exception. I just think if TSA accepted my ID and I was able to travel from one coast to the next then security could have at least asked a manager if they’d be willing to make an exception. I’d even be happy with a no if there was some proving done.
Oscar P.
23:43 16 Apr 22
FYI the stamp they give you does not allow you back in. Pay ten dollars and went to get food to re enter and was denied. They're at full capacity and when...
Javier Pacheco
21:21 16 Apr 22
I had a fun time going solo last night, cheap cover $9 and beer was $6, for example in SFO last week cover was $15 and beer $8 while the show was meh.The crowd was welcoming and I didn’t felt out of place, felt very secure inside too.
Cøurtney S.
22:45 09 Apr 22
Drag Brunch at Precinct was an excellent experience. The staff were welcoming, quick, and super attentive the entirety of brunch- bottomless drinks were...
Walt Tramontana
17:59 08 Apr 22
It's a good time, but after just becoming a weekly regular I had to stop going 4 weeks ago because they're no longer requiring proof of vaccination at the door. I work in healthcare with people going into surgery, so it'd be immoral for me to attend.The place was becoming a weekly favorite, so I'm pretty disappointed. I guess it's back to the crawl and I'll eventually find somewhere else.
Alejandro David Dumas
06:47 17 Feb 22
I put 3 stars because i never knew this place existed. I have walked by here many times and never noticed it. Saturday i saw a security guard sitting outside and took the time to say hi. I asked what is upstairs he said gay bar i asked whats the name he said precinct i said oh and kept walking... I might stop by Saturday or Sunday for a drink or 2 or 3 or 4 🕺💃😛❤️ btw I'm single and looking for a cute boyfriend 😉 my social media is the same Alejandro David Dumas 💋
Angel M.
02:23 12 Feb 22
We went with friends tonight. All sober.had fun up until the security? Bouncer? Idk what this man was. But he literally chased my friend. Harassed her to to...
David G
01:03 30 Jan 22
Boom Bada boom clik clak clikity clack clack vogue the house down boots yas mama snap that wig that's the tea sis
Joseph E.
09:32 26 Jan 22
I have been coming to Precinct for several years now, it's become one of my favorite spots in all of Los Angeles. They host a plethora of weekly events,...
Barbara V.
17:03 23 Jan 22
Great place I really enjoy my time there the vibe was really good and the workers along with the people there were over all very nice. Mike a worker gave me...
Travis Johnson
03:38 10 Jan 22
Favorite bar in LA. Only thing that bothers me is that, they're okay with cigarettes on their balcony but not marijuana even though marijuana is way less deadly for you and legal in California.. dj is always great and the bartenders are amazing. They make great drinks and you should definitely take whatever recommendation they offer you if they offer one.
Christian Sanchez
18:57 09 Jan 22
Always a great time at Precinct! From generous drink pours to exceptionally welcoming crowd to vibrant shows, Precinct is the place to be. Highly recommend if you’re not sure what type of night you’re looking for as they have different sections with varying vibes. Definitely my favorite spot in LA.
Resa S.
20:17 03 Jan 22
I went on Latino night and honestly loved the playlist, service wasn't bad they were all very friendly.
Isaac Arriaga
22:02 30 Dec 21
Nice big kool place, very spacious to seat anywhere you want.
Joseph E.
11:05 28 Dec 21
Since I've written my review, I've seen this place make some necessary updates. Even though this year, my boyfriend and I moved further north, we still make...
Rick Yeh
04:55 06 Dec 21
Absolutely love this bar in downtown, and always recommend checking this place out for newcomers and visitors to LA. Great bartenders, fair prices, awesome events and entertainment, and a gem for queer nightlife outside of WeHo. The drag events that get thrown here are top notice.I wish the music on the dance floor was a bit lower though, as a few times I've forgotten my sound dampeners, I've left with ringing ears for several days. Definite hearing damage for everyone 🙁
Austin Hwang
10:16 05 Dec 21
Staff is rude and slow. Waited 20 mins in line. Then waited 30 mins in line with a slow bartender to get drinks, then they told everyone to leave at 1:45 and didn't let anyone use the bathroom. They close at 2 am and I had ample time to use the bathroom and leave by then. Take your business elsewhere
Austin H.
02:17 05 Dec 21
Staff is rude and slow. Waited 20 mins in line. Then waited 30 mins in line with a slow bartender to get drinks, then they told everyone to leave at 1:45...
David C.
01:08 30 Oct 21
My favorite bar and first review.... As a gay man on Halloween weekend I complemented a straight girl who was so very willing to grope me. After returning...
J R.
21:54 04 Oct 21
Omg. I would have never thought to order food at a gay bar but this place has the most amazing chicken tenders I have ever enjoyed. Highly recommend them...
Ma il
05:35 03 Oct 21
U need vaccine card to get in thanks for wasting my time. Sheep
Ramon I
03:02 20 Sep 21
Love going to the place once in awhile when I find time to, the bartenders are a good time very social group of guys Damous was one of the guys I met sweet guy and welcoming. I tend to do things alone but having somebody be open to chat and.introduce you to his group of friends is refreshing. Thanks guys I will definitely be returning
Quintin E.
22:55 19 Sep 21
Precinct is back full swing!Stopped in on an amazing Saturday Night in my Precinct best (an anniversary shirt courtesy Starrf*cker to support the bar...
Wade Martin
23:26 16 Sep 21
Good service. Friendly staff.
Anthony Amadeo
23:12 10 Sep 21
Always a fun time and great music
Cheyne A.
10:07 29 Aug 21
The line was ridiculous last night and after waiting in it reluctantly, we got to the front, my friend stepped 3 feet away to look at the hot dogs the...
Kourosh S.
18:54 19 Aug 21
Always find someone unique to dance with and sometimes shoot some hoops 😉 - love the variety of guys that visit this place!
Cameron E.
04:28 02 Aug 21
Had an enjoyable first time at Precinct for a Drag Race viewing party. The drinks were strong and I liked that the wait for a drink wasn't long at all...
Paul D.
19:33 23 Jul 21
It is absolutely *disgusting* how they are requiring proof of vaccination for entry. Do they seriously want another Club Pulse-like incident to happen???...
Mr R.
21:22 22 Jul 21
It's not just a's a gay bar. If you're young. Or if you're with someone young have them order. Give them yourself c.c.. if you're old or a little...
Jacob N.
08:01 07 May 21
I really hope this place made it through the pandemic ‍‍ i really had some amazing times here. I've even got star struck meeting legendary drag Queens like...
Carolyn Young
08:00 16 Oct 20
The appetizers might be the best part of this place. Make sure to try the french fries.
Elvira Frazier
07:03 15 Oct 20
A fun experience, and good flavors, although the Tilapia dish I ordered was EXTREMELY overcooked. Great atmosphere in the main restaurant, although we were seated in the "hut" in the back, and it was cold and quiet, so if you go, get seated in the main room. Un-intimidating menu which is nice for a first time Senegalese restaurant eater.
Bennett Ullrich
10:26 14 Oct 20
Talk about a wealth of culture! My homeboy's sis was having an event here I believe to support women's rights... It's like stepping into another country! The staff members were so cultured and authentic, the music and crowd were all so loud and fun it was like being at an indoor festival! It was packed but packed in a good way like packed full of LIFE! The drinks and food were amazing. Go here if you want to experience some culture and rare atmosphere.
Isaac Arriaga
20:59 22 Sep 20
Nice big place kool, to seat anywhere you want.
Macel Windy
07:24 21 Aug 20
I ordered a mojito and it was delicious with a heavy-handed pour of booze, just the way I like it. I had a Pimm's Cup too which had a great over-all gingery taste and was garnished with a crispy cucumber slice. The bartender chick making the tasty drinks was adorable and engaging. The dudes working with her were appropriately clad in hipster ensemble -- blue and red plaid button downs with straight black ties -- and I couldn't help remarking on the matching coincidence.
Lela Wolfe
06:31 27 Jul 20
Broke my heels here and asked for duct tape... was instead led backstage where several initially intimidating-looking but really sweet staff tried to fix my shoes. My shoes were goners so they gave me a pair of cute comfy sandals and a drink ticket! Later on in the night when I bumped into them again they asked how my shoes were holding up.
Elisa Rodriguez
11:09 18 Feb 20
One of the best pints of Guinness in the city (though that's not saying much, as I've found it hard to get one poured right in the States). The upstairs is cool too, with its pool tables and darts. Crowd consists mostly of locals, and the bartenders are pretty cool. Good conversation bar before the crowds on the weekend.
Sean B.
13:47 19 Jan 20
If you would have asked me how I felt about Precinct maybe two years ago I would have said it's a low key fun divey bar/club you can go to and always have a...
Quintin E.
12:34 15 Jul 19
The DTLA queer, bi and gay way to slay!First time here and I had a blast at this very all inclusive lgbtq+ bar / nightclub. Though Precinct is a...

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