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We are a queer crew providing a space for our queer community that is safe, fun, and inclusive!

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Located in the heart of Seattle’s historic gay neighborhood, Capitol Hill, Queer/Bar is a mega inclusive bar, performance space, and home base for the queer community. We currently offer weekly karaoke nights, Ru Paul’s Drag Race viewings, and Sunday Brunch. Queer/Bar celebrates Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ community by providing a safe, fun and inclusive space for all. Check out what’s going on this week and reserve your table below!



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David K.
11:45 19 Mar 24
Just a big shout out to the Werk Wednesday crew at Queer Bar who are creating a fun, enjoyable, and safe place for dancers, musicians, and some...
Jonathan Mathews
03:17 13 Mar 24
Rachel Risley
06:51 10 Mar 24
Eamon.....hope I spelled it right...is a fantastic bartender. Such an asset. I'd go back simply because he's the bomb. What a fun time. Great drag shows. Amazing energy and just a fantastic time.
23:10 31 Jan 24
Maybe I just went on an off night, but for a place called “queer” bar, it sure felt like they did all they could to make it feel like a gay man only space. I didn’t go during a drag show, so hopefully maybe it’s better then. Otherwise, as a queer woman, I’d unfortunately give this place a pass.
Emma Engel
02:12 14 Jan 24
They charged us an extra $76 on a $7 bill. We have emailed several times, and were told the message would get passed to a manager but we haven’t heard back. They don’t have a phone, and we are from out of town so can’t go in. It’s unfortunate that leaving poor reviews is sometimes the only way for a place to acknowledge a situation like this, as we had a great time there. I understand mistakes can happen but it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to get a charge that large reversed.
Edgar R.
18:21 11 Dec 23
Short Bartender guy is very disrespectful, careless. I ordered a drink for me and my friend. Normally they will tell you the price after your drinks z this...
Yajhaira C.
10:29 09 Dec 23
Was extremely disappointed by the service I got from a specific bar tender- didn't catch their name but they were shorter with dark slicked back hair....
Abigail Soriano (Abi)
08:16 12 Nov 23
We went for the s*** talk with Delta, it was fun. One of the best drag shows we've seen. We were going to stay and dance after but man they play the music so so loud. We must be getting old or something... 5 stars because the drag show was fun and the atmosphere is great. Please know the music does not need to be obnoxiously laud to have fun.
Jimmy Huynh
15:18 04 Nov 23
Went to Queer/Bar for a drag show last night! Had a great time with my husband. It’s very rare to go out nowadays because me and him have different work schedules and yesterday was the day where we can actually enjoy some time together. Also, we like live pretty far from there: Issaquah, WA. Otherwise, had an amazing night. Saw some cool performances, very nice bartenders, and saw some of my old acquaintances 🥰. If you want to see some good drag, I highly recommend coming here and support local queens. Last night’s main event was Delta Works comedy show and I laughed so hard!!! Love love love it 😍! Lastly, I want to say my thanks to Jesse the bar supervisor for the free drink I had last night. You’re an amazing individual and I hope good things will come to you. 😘
Mikiah Smith
18:16 19 Oct 23
My friend and I were drugged by the bartender and convinced to finish our drinks then after we left once we felt something was wrong they pushed my friend into a car/Uber and once her boyfriend said he was going to come get her and had her location they yelled at her to get out and charged her over 70 dollars. Stay away from here if you’re a woman or anyone really. This place is the worst.
Connie S.
22:16 28 Sep 23
I saw the Mothership Drag Show. Thurs at 10pm. I stumbled onto this Gay Bar (I'm straight) to ask about live entertainment or if they have a DJ. Luckily...
Ken R.
01:39 15 Sep 23
Got there at 1:30 fresh from the Beyoncé concert... door man looked us up and down then said .... We announced last call you can't come in...Wow welcome to...
Talon Hyatt
16:15 04 Sep 23
Appreciated the security checks at the front, bartenders try to service quickly, staff takes empty drinks quickly for patrons safety. If you do not reserve a table, you cannot get the shareable drinks.
Noel Salaices
05:48 30 Jun 23
"Queer/Bar is an extraordinary LGBTQ+ haven that embraces diversity, inclusion, and unapologetic self-expression. The vibrant atmosphere, pulsating music, and dazzling performances create an electric ambiance that leaves you mesmerized. The friendly staff ensures a safe and welcoming space for all, fostering a sense of community and celebration. The innovative cocktails and flavorful bites add to the overall experience. Whether you're dancing, enjoying drag shows, or simply socializing, Queer/Bar is an essential destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable night of LGBTQ+ empowerment and pure joy."
Ashlee H.
19:43 18 May 23
We came to a Friday night drag show for our moms birthday and surprised her. She had the best time, we all did. We had the owners table right by the stage....
Noah M.
00:50 06 May 23
They kicked me out for being completely sober after watching an episode of watching a rupauls drag race episode. Completely masking transparency for an in...
Dee Garcia
03:00 24 Apr 23
Went bar hopping on a Saturday night for my friend's 21st and came here for an epic time! This place is lit! This is where the party's at, everyone is living their best life and it was so much fun! We were a gender diverse group but didn't experience any rudeness from bartenders, security, or patrons as others mentioned. The drinks were good and fairly priced, but best of all everyone was so friendly and fun! I didn't see the bathrooms so can't speak on that, everywhere else seemed adequately maintained. The dance floor is relatively small and generally crowded but that's a sign of how poppin' it was! Hope it's this much fun next time we come back
Imani S.
17:45 07 Apr 23
This bar is the perfect place to crowd watch RuPaul's drag race or catch a drag show DAWLING! Often I shamelessly eat chicken fingers and send ones flying...
Angela H.
11:06 26 Mar 23
Great time! Highly recommend! Nothing like being in an inclusive environment where you feel you belong. Burlesque and Gogo entertainment was top tier! Add...
10:11 19 Mar 23
Fun and inclusive space. Reasonably priced drinks, great staff, queens, and overall vibe. Unisex restrooms 💯
Janson Sherman
10:26 17 Mar 23
literally so rude. As I gay man I’ve never felt more uncomfortable by the staff. The bartender was so rude when serving us and then proceeded to tell all the staff that my group looked young and approached us to double check our ID’s because they thought we snuck in just to realize we were all of legal age. What’s the point of having an outside bouncer if you’re just going to second guess his ability of doing his job.
Jessica Walker
22:54 08 Jan 23
Amazing experience. Very sweet staff and great performers!! Felt so welcome and comfortable, drinks are wonderful. Can't wait to go back !
Tiffany Miller
22:04 21 Dec 22
An iconic place. Queer bar puts on the best shows, and they put a lot of work into making sure that their guests are taken care of. The bar tenders are great, and the security team is amazing! Love love love this place! 💕
Julia Moss
02:50 12 Dec 22
Loved coming here for a show. A booth is only $50 (for up to 5 people) during the week. We were able to squeeze in a 6th friend who just payed cover at the door. It was perfect. Beverages were fantastic- the female christ was a favorite. There was also a slew of non-alcoholic beverage options and food. Love dancing here and the staff are so fantastic*definitely loud, bring ear protection if you're sensitive *
Mariah Boutte
15:30 19 Aug 22
Energy is amazing however… we paidFor a VIP table for two of us and had 3 different groups of people keep trying to take our table when we went outside even though it said reserved during the whole show…. Very little BIPOC queer people so keep that in mind, definitely more of a white space. Loved the performances
John P.
00:54 17 Aug 22
Likely one of the worst queer friendly bars not only in all of Seattle, or even in all of Washington, but anyplace I've ever been. A white man who works...
Christine W.
12:53 23 Jul 22
Amazing drag show with local and national talent! Hope to go back soon! Amazing show so much fun.
Angel Perez
10:53 23 Jul 22
We went there on 7/21/22 for the first time and when we walked inside we were shocked by the LOUD sound. I’ve been to so many music festivals and clubs and nothing compares to how loud this place was. It was so uncountable that we left in less than 3 minutes. In fact, one of my ears is hurting right now. Not sure if the DJ was deaf, or the place was trying to intentionally blast everyone’s eardrums. My first experience left such a bad impression.
Alexis Frost
17:10 03 Jul 22
The security wouldn’t let my cousin back in because they said he didn’t pay. I asked if they had the ability to check the cameras to confirm he paid or can I speak with the manager to confirm. They brought out the security manager supposedly who told me no they could not check cameras and then that he had to cut my wrist band because I was being aggressive. I showed no sign of aggression so it had to be something else. I won’t express the conclusion I came to but take your money somewhere else, this place is lame.
Audrey Taylor
14:33 03 Jul 22
Went out late on a Friday night, queer bar was poppin! The energy was so fun, everyone was dancing and the DJ was playing good music. Our bartender Austin took the best care of us and made us amazing drinks. I asked for a surprise drink and was not disappointed, queer bar is the best! And I felt super safe while there:)
Daniel N.
19:13 12 Jun 22
Such amazing music. Definitely come here if you want booty bumping songs and a great night!
Alex R.
18:44 01 Jun 22
Weird layout and super gritty. I didn't mind the grittiness but I felt anxious for most of my time being there. The lights were super bright and the dance...
Danielle H.
04:58 30 May 22
Balancing out the negative reviews I'm seeing by saying I have *never* felt anything but welcomed at queer bar. The djs are always on point, the online...
Kiera H.
15:59 24 May 22
Okay I live in Portland and I love coming here because they often get big names of performers (Ru girls for example) which Portland doesn't get a lot of,...
Joseph Scielzi
08:45 22 May 22
Desperate for money? Poor little bar! Bar is empty. No wonder why? The doorman just asked tried to get a $10 cover at 1:40 am and they close at 2am. I won't be back. Go to Union Bar. No cover at 1 am.
Sage S.
10:58 17 May 22
Such a fun bar!! Great vibes all around. Super inclusive. The security is great, bartenders are amazing, Gogos are talented, hot & friendly, drag queens...
Daniel Bartleson
22:51 14 May 22
I went with my boyfriend on a Friday night and it was dominated by straights, with parties of them reserving half of the seating. It felt more like a gay themed bar than a gay bar. Three stars for great food and service, but it’s not what I was expecting from a gay bar.
Jack Daniels
07:46 25 Apr 22
I have never had a problem with queer bar. On Saturday At the door I was with my friend and a really rude security guard accused me of having a fake military ID. I chose to walk away since arguing with him would've been pointless. I enjoyed my night later at some of the other bars. I went to 5 different bars and no one had a problem with my military ID. If your a soldier just bring your drivers license as well. Queer bar is great when you're in and the atmosphere is amazing and most of the security at most of the bars are ex vets. You may run into the occasional random, but unlikely since I've been here for about 5 years now and that's the first time ever. Good luck and enjoy yourselves.
K. A.
12:23 06 Apr 22
Don't bother coming to any drag shows here. There is almost no seating unless you're able to pay $300+ for a booth. No matter where you stand (unless in an...
Jay S.
01:39 19 Feb 22
i just left this bar on the morning of 2/19--and told the doorwoman that the ATM wasn't working. She said "really" and thought it was funny. Fire her!! She...
Ariel R.
20:39 18 Feb 22
I was so excited to come here for a viewing of RuPaul with my friends, but my experience turned out to be really disappointing. My friend has a rare medical...
Rana Doe
04:51 18 Feb 22
Where the straights go to see drag queens. Masc energy
Charley Rose
18:58 22 Jan 22
Last night seeing bosco was amazing but we paid for a table where the website said “table service “ we did not get table service and we’re told it was because of omicron. Please change your website if we are still using covid as an excuse when the bar was jam packed with people. If you can deliver food and pick up glasses your servers can definitely take orders.
Trish C.
01:11 14 Jan 22
This place gets everything right! Sweet staff, great drinks, delish food and the drag shows are next level. Definitely one of the hottest spots in Seattle.
Jose M.
18:05 05 Jan 22
My partner and I were visiting from Los Angeles and decided to catch the MX drag show on New Year's Day. All the employees from the security guards to the...
Kristen B.
21:58 31 Dec 21
Oh boy, where do I even start with this review. For a long story short- I've never felt so unwelcome at a bar in my life, and quite frankly I think this...
Edwin T.
16:57 14 Nov 21
My partner and I love coming to Queer/Bar! The drag shows are incredible and feature a wide variety of queens. Inside, it is very clean and has great vibes....
Camryn E.
02:43 20 Oct 21
Drink? Fantastic. Staff? Incredible. Atmospher? Iconic. What more do you want? Just a hop, skip, and jump away from Pony, this place is a queer bar just as...
Jerry Jansen
05:55 14 Oct 21
Pretty venue but not extremely exciting if I’m being honest. Used to be great a few years ago!
Oleksandr M.
22:10 03 Sep 21
Paired cover fee to see drag show ... to find out that all the view area is reserved by other people . Tried 2 times . Same people . Bar for people with...
K. A.
00:00 28 Aug 21
Always packed with rich cis gays and straight women. There are only about 10 seats there that you don't have to pay extra for. No matter where you sit or...
Bridgette G.
20:23 23 Aug 21
I came for the first time to see Kyile Sonique Love preform and had an amazing time! Staff was all very organized getting us in the door, all the performers...
Joshua S.
02:13 25 Jul 21
The bouncer was very racist and only kept the one black man of our group out of the bar, saying the ID was fake despite it being absolutely real. He accused...
Jarid A.
23:26 24 Jul 21
Would not recommend to anyone, not friendly employees and terrible service. Drag queens are so rude and start fights.
Beverly J.
19:12 21 Jul 21
Love the bar, and I had an amazing time at the drag show. I just have one bit of feedback, just to give the bar something to ponder. While it was great to...
Seth Blue
01:10 19 Jul 21
Enjoyed brunch drag. Was too loud for my taste
Perry Low
02:00 14 Jul 21
We were late on Saturday night and didn’t want to wait in line. So we were back for cold beers Tuesday evening, good selection of cocktails & eats on the menu.Clean, well-kept, fresh decore, comfy environment with a variety of seating areas: booths, small tables & chairs, bench seating, and the bar. Great ambient music.Small well-lit dance floor and if the dance music is as good as the background sounds, this will be a great place to dance on the weekend
L S.
12:08 12 Jul 21
They aren't taking any precautions, packing the venue to the point of being unable to move and the are not requiring proof of vax records (some other bars...
L Sloan
23:08 11 Jul 21
They aren't taking any precautions, packing the venue to the point of being unable to move and the are not requiring proof of vax records (some other bars are). The honor system is not a good system for community safety. Other bars are requiring proof of vaccinations records. Tell me you want to alienate disabled people and not create a safe space for everyone without telling me you want to alienate disabled people not create a safe space everyone.
Adri Polyak
19:37 08 Jul 21
This place is amazing! I love the atmosphere and the vibe that is created. It is a nice modern twist on your typical bar setting. I feel very high class coming here as everything is clean and nicely decorated. I typically order bar food and regret it because its just average or mediocre, however that is not the case here. I got the chicken wings and DANG that was bussin. I also appreciate how friendly the staff was!
Adri P.
12:07 08 Jul 21
An ICONIC bar to say the absolute least. The setting of this bar is pristine- clean, modern, and all around great vibes here. Usually bar food is below...
Lucas Batista
07:59 03 Jul 21
Worst place ever. Guy said that I was too drunk when I didn’t even drinking so I couldn’t get in
Sita O.
01:46 14 Jun 21
We had the most wonderful, brilliant server- Jay Chavez. I felt well attended to, comfortable in the environment, and would recommend this spot to friends....
Shayna S.
12:53 17 May 21
I came to visit Seattle, from LA. It was recommended that I go to the queer bar, one of the nights that I was there. My friends and I went on a Friday...
Alejandro “Alex” Mendieta
20:58 18 Apr 21
Love coming here! I’m glad that you guys finally reopened!
Hannah P.
11:39 29 Nov 20
They took away our IDs and the bouncer told us to call the police to get it back. We called the police and waited an hour without them showing up. The...
Tyler M.
17:43 10 Mar 20
It's a spacious joint in Cap Hill. Next to many businesses.We arrived early to save a table before the Season 12 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race and...
Drew Conway
22:39 30 Dec 19
I met my sweetie pie, Glenn, at this wonderful establishment. It's clean, nice and the people who work here are devine!
Alexander Hernandez
20:37 16 Oct 19
Fun cute bar with a nice front seating. The stage is bit odd as it’s in the far back and only viewable by the vip sears or a narrow passage way. Still fun and full of characters
Daniel Greathouse
22:45 09 Oct 19
Great bar to have a fun and interactive night! Great shows regularly, friendly staff, and great game/trivia nights. Also has some great food if you start your night early..you have to try the jalapeño corn fritters. And don’t forget the tiny bar upstairs.
K Lynn
01:02 07 Oct 19
I booked reservations at this venue for my sister's 50th birthday party. My party was not disappointed! The show was awesome ! Even though the menu was simple, the food was delicious. The event coordinator was very passionate about making the night perfect and the staff did not disappoint. I will definitely come back!
Britneh J.
12:59 20 Sep 19
What a place this is. Good vibe, great food. They make sure there is enough room for the clib night life. Came on a Saturday around 9 PM; cover charge 5.00....

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