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R3 Sauna

Men-only gay sauna in Ratchada

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If you're hitting up Bangkok and looking for some hot gay sauna action, you've gotta check out R3 Sauna. This place is smack in the middle of Bangkok's buzzing Super CBD, and it's got everything you need for a good time.

First off, it's huge – spread over six floors with a bunch of different vibes on each level. When you walk in, you get this big locker room to stash your stuff, and then it's on. They've got the usual sauna and steam room stuff, but there's also a gym if you want to get a quick workout in.

But let's be real, the fun parts are the dark rooms and the private cabins (wink wink). Plus, they've got internet access (if you need to stay 'connected') and a rooftop terrace, which is pretty sweet if you just want to chill.

The crowd? It's a mixed bag – gay, bi, guys into cruising, you name it. And the music's pretty decent too, everything from dance beats to chill lounge tracks.

Now, the parties – these are the real deal. The White Party and O Party are legendary. Imagine a sauna turning into a nightclub. Yeah, that's the vibe. It's all about good music, great company, and an unforgettable experience.

The place is easy to find, right near the Phra Ram 9 MRT station, and they're open from 3 PM to 2 AM every day. So, whether you're looking to relax or party, R3's got you covered.



Ratchada sauna
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18:09 09 Apr 24
Discriminatory. Lower price for thai people (written with thai figures). Parties in darkness
10:19 04 Apr 24
probably one of the least memorable one out of the bunch in BKK, with too dark areas and somehow less crowd comparing to the likes of sauna mania.But it is convenient if you want to go to Jodd fairs before or after, so good for that.Crowd was okay ish, not too cute hahah.
Railway Cafe
11:10 30 Dec 23
😡Horrible feeling ever.1.160 Bath 🇹🇭 for 2 person. He doesn't tell us why expensive and why double price when we asked to the receptionist, and he answered very rude. We saw a kot of guys shocked too and leaving with the same problem than ours.Never back here 👇😡
Joseph An De Pace
17:31 29 Dec 23
Big deception ….Came to this place but the customer service it’s everything else than customer service but everything about “pay” and “pay”.Paying to access at one place is ok, but didn’t know why paying 1160 BTH without knowing the reason and answered “u pay or not? We have a party, pay pay pay…”What the H….??? A 🇨🇳 party 🎉Calm down little bonhomme !Thk God we are not 🇨🇳Didn’t pay and didn’t stay.Never again!!
Sky Lee
13:29 25 Dec 23
The Saturday Form Party is very crazy and cold! Touched and by touched by many. Worth the trip. Hints: u can visit Jodd Fair Night Market after or before the session.
10:50 26 Nov 23
It was much more fun before Covid-19. O Parties, whether on rooftop or at 2nd floor (foam O Parties ) were in full light. Now in the dark, full dark at Rooftop. Not fun for a Party. You cannot see your partner and what's going on. I tried Twilight party at 5:30 PM thinking ot would take place on rooftop with daylight (:Twilight" they said) but it was not and I left. Higher price for foreigners
07:53 14 Aug 23
O Parties now happen in the dark, so if you like to have sex with guys you cannot see, go there! Only Foam O Party is worth going there now : night club ambiance and a little bit light, probably for safety reasons, but not full light like in 2019. Foam O party on 2nd floor. All other O parties on other floors in the dark. Feb 11th 2023, same boring "Laser party" in the dark. No ambiance, no light."Mirror Party" on Feb 24th 2023 : on 3rd floor in the dark, no mirrors, all people standing, very narrow room : you couldn't escape in case of fire!Discriminatory entrance fee for foreigners everyday and member card 4200 for foreigners and 3200 for thai. (Prices for thai always written in thai)2023 april 14th foam party - overcrowded. People couldn't do anything but standing. At the middle of the party power cut. Many guys left. I wonder what they use to get foam . It makes you cough
Robert Smith
11:16 18 Mar 23
This male sauna used to be more popular before covid, many foreigners and locals any day of the week and timing wasn’t an issue. But now, the crowd doesn’t come in till 8pm, because I was there at 6pm on Friday night and the crowd is pathetic, less than 5 people and more guys arrive around 8pm. The price is expensive 450bht for entry and a free weekday (mon-thur) pass. I tried to reject the pass for a cheaper entry but the guy ignored my request rudely. There are many floors here, basement has a small pool for soaking but the stairs is slippery and very poorly lit not safe. The top floor is open air area with shower, dry and wet sauna and cruising space.
16:34 28 Jan 23
It was much more fun before Covid-19. O Parties, whether on rooftop or at 2nd floor (foam O Parties ) were in full light. Now in the dark, full dark at Rooftop. Not fun for a Party. You cannot see your partner and what's going on.
Ronny Torres Cárdenas
10:10 14 Jan 23
Best gay sauna in Thailand and maybe the world, extremely fun and very welcoming.
Ricky Chan
08:50 31 Dec 22
Came here in the afternoon about 3:30 pm on Sat which is 31st Dec...and it's completely empty! Been waiting about 30 mins but still no new comers. Don't waste your time and money.
Ponsar Carlos
14:02 22 Jul 22
I have been to this place for 7 times, so basically you can call me a fan. Recently, it gets really bad after Covid, the worst one ever. I went there on Friday 8pm, it was so empty. Not to mention, no cuties like before. It is too dark everywhere, barely to see the face which may only lure ugly men. Chakras on the rooftop was easy to see face tho and more crowded. If you wanna keep running the business, post your theme on twitter or Facebook and do it like you mean it. So many staffs m there are just doing nothing.
G Li
09:27 26 May 21
Nice facility, I remember I played here in Songkram 2018, which is an amazing memory and unforgettable experience.The sauna is most popular in Friday and Saturday night?Hope to meet you again after covid.
wf sam
11:40 26 Nov 19
unfriendly,terrible dark place,There is forced consumption and the staff‘s behaver here is rude impolite!nobody here!I really think they thought money was easy to earn.if you are old people,do not come here,the ticket was 1500 per person!crazy!everyone will old!
Sin Soksan
05:13 20 Aug 19
I want to go there but when reading some comments they said something like not good for old people s and paying through olds and foreigners this is true? And if like this may you explain a little bit clear about this
Martin Panes (Mart Vlog)
23:15 02 Jul 19
I visited the place last April 17 and there are few crowds there since its quite early. And by 8PM the place is jump packed and lots of younger boys local and some chinese. The place is really fun with of course unli foods & fruits. tolly culture shock! See you soon
Tan David
03:17 17 Apr 19
They have age discrimation.young ones pay 400 baht .age 50 and above pay 2000 baht.. Korea .singapore malaysia china.taiwan gay please dont support this sauna..crazy pricing and reception poor attitude service and fat ugly old staff not young though too.
Flap Jack
09:54 28 Jan 18
Had a great time at the O party on Saturday night. Sex show started at around 9pm. Plenty of young guys, some of them fit. Free condoms for the party, but still too many guys shy to get in on the action.
Z Nemo
17:31 27 Sep 16
Approx 6 people in Tuesday afternoon and less than 15 evening. Although there are some really well-fit guys in the Gym but it does not help.You have to keep climbing to explorer all.Oil and condom are NOT provided.

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