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Regulation Store in London is like the cool kid on the block for the gay crowd into kink and fetish stuff. It's tucked away in Soho, which is basically the heart of London's buzzing gay scene. This place isn't just any store – it's a treasure trove for folks who are into leather, rubber, and all that fun stuff.

Originally from Islington, Regulation decided to amp up the vibe by moving to Soho. It's like walking into a wonderland of fetish gear – they've got everything from custom-made leather and latex to an array of toys that'll make your visit more than just a shopping trip. Think of it as a one-stop shop for exploring your wild side.

Regulation isn't just about selling stuff; it's about embracing the whole lifestyle. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro in the fetish scene, this place is welcoming and super chill. Plus, it's super easy to get to, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Angel Tube Station.

So, if you're in London and looking to explore the kinkier side of things, Regulation is definitely worth checking out. It's got the gear, the vibe, and the location – what more could you ask for?



REGULATION - London Store
Based on 129 reviews
Phil Marsden
20:19 23 Feb 24
Always helpful, always friendly, and there is always something new to see and explore. A treasure trove of kink! I still slightly miss the Islington store, but only because it was very near my office - now it gives me an excuse to go into Soho at the same time.
Richard Wilson
15:10 17 Jan 24
Exceptionally friendly staff. No pressure relaxed atmosphere. Good range of goods
Julian Linathan
21:20 14 Jan 24
Great friendly service. Enjoyed being measured up! Let's see how the new leather shirt turns out!
Labinot Lutolli
22:52 30 Nov 23
Friendly staff, helpful, and of course the items are top quality. I’m definitely gonna buy rubber & other fetish gear only here as long as they keep up this way.
22:29 26 Nov 23
Great shop, good prices and decent quality. Staff are always friendly and welcoming, Donald especially always goes the extra mile to make me feel welcome!
Marian Pawlak
17:31 15 Oct 23
Great store with a nice selection of gear, and the staff were nothing short of amazing!
Jennifer Wong
03:34 29 Sep 23
I’ve been to this shop many times and found that the staff has always been excellent and helpful. Good product and selection.
Adam Dawson
16:47 13 Sep 23
Nice store with a decent choice of gear and friendly welcoming staff
steve morris
15:55 08 Sep 23
Really excellent. Large range of sex toys and fetish clothing. Lots to choose from and prices were really good. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Would defiantly recommend.
Konstantin Ozhiganov
14:33 17 Aug 23
That was my firt experience in a shop of such type. All staff was very friendly and understanding. Big variety of clothes allowed me to design a costume of my dream. Additionally, the shop has many BDSM items and probably I will buy a couple in the future.
Ed Cameron
07:06 01 Aug 23
Regulation is the UK’s fetish supermarket. The best staff with the best advice. We have a lot of gear and 90% of it comes from Regulation.
William Henwood
13:30 15 Jul 23
Good quality, well priced gear and as always very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Thomas Lauria
12:04 14 Jul 23
Friendly, conversational staff and a well laid out space. Very cool fitting rooms downstairs.
Ms Servalan
21:45 28 May 23
Fantastic rubber bondage hoods and super friendly and knowledgeable staff - thank you so much!
Ellen Kris
17:21 28 Mar 23
The best place to shopping. It’s all about quality, good service and have a good time shopping. Also Ago, the lovely staff is always there for you. I super recommend this place.
21:33 18 Feb 23
It was my first time at this shop but it was a super nice experience. Staff is super friendly and helpful, especially Ago, and me and my partner managed to do quite a few purchases. Will be back for sure 🙂
Danny Houghton
01:18 25 Jan 23
Lovely friendly helpful staff and a great shop with quality products would thoroughly recommend and will be visiting again very soon
00:19 23 Jan 23
Fantastic store! Love the variety of leather, rubber clothes. Hope you all considering moving to oxford street main road. Favorite store for latex and leather ps:from an usual online shopper
Christopher Ballis
09:31 10 Jan 23
Great store, you'll find the real fun stuff downstairs. The range leans towards the masculine but females will find something interesting here, too. Approachable staff showed interest and pride in their stock, a range of leather, silicone, steel and timber from Pakistan, China and local makers. The uncluttered layout makes your preferences easy to find.
Dali Pavon
19:32 02 Jan 23
The shop is well located easy to get there either from Oxford Street or Piccadilly. The staff is helpful and friendly. Good customer services.
Dilwyn Jones
17:47 29 Nov 22
Excellent service and products. And amazing when a lovely stranger at the counter insists on paying for my items even though I protested. He said ‘Merry Christmas’ and walked away.
Chris Huntly
07:16 11 Nov 22
I’m a frequent online shopper with Regularion but finally got to visit and spent way to much on gear that I just had to have! Which much more now in my wish list. Fairly well stocked at the time I visited with helpful staff. If this is your thing you must stop by this place and it’s one of the best stores around. Not to be missed.
15:00 21 Oct 22
Found this shop by accident and when we had almost given up on finding something quite specific, this shop had it available. The service was perfect making sure it was the right size. 10/10
Lee Halkett
19:34 13 Sep 22
Excellent ! the staff wer so helpful and honest, gave guidance and not just thinking about sales. they cared that you were happy and were very freindly. shop is super clean and tidy and made it easy to shop.
06:33 11 Sep 22
I usually shop online but for a change decided to visit the store and have a look around.Friendly & helpful team - not pushy sales people, they really want to help you find what you want. Great choice of top quality gear & toys.
Hairy Beast
15:33 20 Aug 22
I will try to write a review that is as as honest and professional as possible. I start by saying that the shop had an incredible potential, remarkable is the quality and the varied quantity of stock. Unfortunately, the weak point is the customer care. As I entered the shop I was barely greeted (only after my greeting was reciprocated by theirs - 3 guys chatting at the till). When I asked one of them if the size I was looking for was available, I was told that it would surely be reordered sooner or later, without even seeing if the one I was looking for was among the harnesses displayed, without looking in other stores or online and without even checking when the next delivery was due. Anyway I ask if I was allowed to try on a bigger size, I am told yes but of course I was not shown where the fitting room was located, I had to ask where it was, being my first time in the shop. One of the guy told me it was downstairs. Going down the stairs I am amazed at the huge room with a myriad of other items I had not been told about. I finished trying on the harness and decided to buy it but first I asked if another style I had seen on line was available. I was told that if it wasn't on the shop floor it meant that they didn't have it, and I asked if they had it on the shop floor since I didn't check and the guy told that he didn't have a clue. Honestly, a bit bored, I asked him if he could check or if he wanted me to check. Let me point out that the amount of harnesses in the shop is huge but no one showed me around for any alternatives to what I was looking for. I paid for my purchase and left a shop that, in my humble opinion, should rely on a team that has knowledge of the stock, the shop floor, is passionate and WORKS. Nobody was unpleasant or rude but absolutely absent from a professional point of view. I probably won't go back there again soon because I prefer to shop online rather than being a burden to them.
Rob Rance
19:39 14 Aug 22
Both employees were friendly and approachable, could answer questions on gear. Priced well and absolutely something for everyone.
Alex Bigot
08:22 29 Jul 22
Always fun to go there and the staff are very helpful and so nice
Forest Gump
09:38 13 Jul 22
This store seems to constantly improve. They have an amazing selection of products. The staff are also really friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended.
14:26 09 Jul 22
Great visit today. For the next 2 weeks there is a pre-loved section which I added too. As always very helpful and friendly.
Klaus Gross
19:54 06 Jul 22
Thank you so much to the entire Regulation Team (in store & online) for the excellent customer service - everyone in store is very friendly & helpful in all regards. Many thanks as well to the Store Manager Pete, Aryn, Ago for the great shopping experience - I’ll definitely buy again at Regulation from their top-quality amazing product-range and would highly recommend Regulation for all your fetish needs. Cheers
Klaus Gross
11:27 04 Jul 22
Thank you so much to the entire Regulation Team (in store & online) for the excellent customer service - everyone in store is very friendly & helpful in all regards. Many thanks as well to the Store Manager and Aryn for the great shopping experience - I’ll definitely buy again at Regulation from their top-quality amazing product-range and would highly recommend Regulation for all your fetish needs. Cheers
Edward Roozeboom
20:10 08 May 22
Great experience and lots of products! Helpful staff. Definitely worth a visit! Special thanks to Ceca!
Grant Morris
12:26 19 Apr 22
The guys at Regulation are always so helpful and they know what they are talking about.They take the time to make sure that I was completely happy with what I bought.Definitely recommend them 👌
16:34 11 Apr 22
Bought rubber belt, leather jeans look nice but way too tight sizes.Staff friendly but quiet welcome.
Marios K.
20:26 31 Mar 22
I'm a regular at Regulation.It's the place to be looking for kinky gear.Donald, in particular, has been very helpful with choosing the most suitable rubber outfit for myself!Thanks!
17:25 26 Mar 22
I entered the place with a friend and I was ask not to laugh as soon as I entered. Never heard anything like this before in my life. We were shocked and didn't even stay to look at one item. Shocking.
Phil G
16:06 26 Mar 22
I usually shop online but for a change decided to visit the store and have a look around.Friendly & helpful team - not pushy sales people, they really want to help you find what you want. Great choice of top quality gear & toys.
Gareth Morris
21:35 23 Mar 22
Great, friendly customer service with helpful suggestions and ideas but never pushy.
15:39 20 Mar 22
Always great customer service with knowledgeable staff. Good range of products.
Luke Girelli
10:43 20 Feb 22
I am a regular at Regulation and they are just impeccable and ever so helpful !
Daryl Richards
13:24 30 Jan 22
First time visiting this store. Staff were incredibly friendly and were always there and happy to lend a helping a hand with regards to fitting. Will definitely be returning on my next trip!
Adam Marley
18:11 08 Jan 22
Staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable and are happy to make recommendations and take time to help you choose
15:48 18 Dec 21
It was such an excellent shopping experience. Genie really knew her stuff and was very patient and insightful. Excellent customer service all the way around.
Jonas Haefele
19:21 05 Dec 21
Amazing crew that really knows their stuff. Super friendly always, don't be intimidated. And they got a huge selection of top quality gear.
Cain Hands
11:52 30 Nov 21
Absolutely beautiful products and the range of them is fantastic too! Really friendly and welcoming staff who in my experience has been incredibly helpful. Hits the old credit card a little hard but it’s worth it!!
Анастасия Бондаренко
20:49 10 Sep 21
The absolute best selection of products in London, lovely, helpful and friendly staff. I was advised by the store manager Sean, he was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me find the products that suited all of my needs. Would highly recommend.
Gledison Lopez Martins
21:26 23 Jul 21
Quick stop at regulation this Fridays massive variety of toys outfits and boots. Sometime ago i got #solovair model very nice designer with ziper. Not very lucky and bit ruff i got to break. They will help me to change with fabric. Great customer service in store advising how to do. Lovely regulation crew. #london #fetishmania
Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja
15:34 15 May 21
I am far too familiar with bad customer service but today’s visit to Regulation was on another level. Honestly I have no idea what’s wrong with the people who work in this store: the customer service is not just non existent but hostile and aggressive. I’ve tried four times since it opened a few years ago and each time I have received a very aggressive reaction, the kind as a person of color I receive only in the American South (which definitely makes me wonder). Today I wanted to take a look for new leather trousers as I lost some weight but as soon as I came in, the bleached blonde sales person could not give a f, instead drawing on a yellow notepad. When I asked if there is more downstairs, he eye rolled. Ok that’s fine but when I asked if I could leave my bag at the front desk, he shouted at me with such disgust I have never experienced ever in London. It was so I bizarre, rude and out of place. I have worked in retail for decades and understand off days, but I have never shouted at a customer for something as simple as if they could leave their bag at the counter. It’s such a shame as I live around the corner and try to support small businesses as much as I can, such as Algeria for coffee etc. Sadly this is not one of those businesses.
Antony Pearce
15:35 30 Oct 20
Absolutely awful. Was discriminated as soon as I walked in and then was asked to provide proof of my disability. Vile
Nils R
09:43 18 Aug 20
Very friendly customer service, nice products. Would recommend!
Christopher Costigan
17:14 15 Jul 20
I popped into this shop a few days ago with the intention of buying some leather clothing. When I asked to try on some trousers, I was informed that would not be possible due to covid regulations. I thought fair enough, but then trying to get any more information about the product, fitting, bespoke services etc was like trying to get blood out of a stone. Neither staff member seemed remotely interested in customer service, nor were they interested in not knowledgeable about the products in the shop. All in all, appalling customer service. I cannot see how this shop will survive if it's employees cannot grasp the meaning of "retail".

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