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REM Hotel

Community Pub in the heart of Manchester's Gay Village

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With six letting hotel rooms located on the second floor of the building with 24 hour access, The Rem Hotel is positioned centrally for your stay within Manchester’s lively Gay Village and City Centre with easy access by rail, metrolink, airport and motorway network.



REM Hotel
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Allan Whyte
11:11 29 Mar 23
As owners of this business we would like to apologise and respond to the complaints of rudeness from our door staff. We have not ignored these complaints. Each time there has been a bad review we have discussed it with our doorman, it wasn’t acceptable to be rude to anyone, if we continued to receive these reviews there would be consequences.Each time we were assured that our comments were taken on board, that he didn’t think he was rude, even though the rude reviews continued.Some months ago we told him, change your attitude or we will find a replacement, Tony had been with us for many years, rudeness wasn’t the experience of our regulars, only those unfamiliar, which is no excuse. We also said we didn’t think he had the capacity to change and adapt to today’s expectations of customer service. It was his last chance.Unfortunately, the reviews about rudeness continued, we were forced to end our long relationship with Tony regrettably, as it had become crystal clear that the benefit of the doubt had been exhausted.We now have a new company supplying our door services, Core Guard Security, Daniel is an experienced operator who is not only knowledgeable about security, he is also knowledgeable about today’s expectations with customer service.We would like to apologise to those potential customers who have experienced any rudeness in the past, it isn’t acceptable. Had you been allowed to experience inside, I’m sure you would agree that our friendly bar team and regulars are very welcoming to nice people. We will continue to make sure our space is welcoming to nice people, we will also continue to make sure it isn’t welcoming to those that aren’t, although we accept it isn’t always easy to get that judgement right 100% of the time.
09:02 12 Mar 23
I was here in Jan 23, not been back since, I actually avoid going here now.Discrimination and bullying at its finest from the doorman.The reviewes are totally true. I've had the same experience as many of the reviews state. He's a bully!I do wonder why a long standing bar that's a staple of the village community isn't taking into account these reviews about the doorman. There's clearly a much bigger problem. There's bad reviews all over the place about him, everyone saying the same thing? It's clearly an issue and needs investigating properly.
23:33 31 Jan 23
The bartender and the Irish staff were rude and so unhelpful. Location’s great, but terrible facility. Heater and remote control in the room were broken, and the electric shower in the bathroom didn’t work well. They have two shower rooms but one is broken and neither one was clean.
19:04 15 Jan 23
Amazing bar. Great vibes. The location is great. The staff were friendly and helpful. Prices are great. The place is great for a quick drink while bar hopping around Manchester canal Street and the gay village.
Leanne Dawson
15:14 12 Jan 23
Very rude and hostile security guard on the door. Likes to play God and it is very clear this is a common theme having seen all the reviews.Never experienced anything like it! We enjoyed our night in the other bars on canal street instead.
Rebekah Peacock
09:13 22 Nov 22
I took my friend for her first trip to the Village on Sunday night. Been here a few times in the past to be told on Sunday that no women were allowed in as it was a men only bar by the rudeness, must hostile bouncer I have ever come across! Not only is this highly illegal but also there were women in there so a blatant lie. Iwork in hospitality myself and if I ever spoke to anybody the way he was speaking to potential customers I 100% wouldn't have a job! Absolutely vile man, no credit to the bar whatsoever and put my friend off of visiting the Village again! 😒
Shannon Santos
21:01 01 Oct 22
Found this place on short notice, as I was due to get the train down on the announced strike day of October 1st.The hotel is decent enough, with its select rooms. It was easy to find, in the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village and check-in was smooth. To check-in, ask at the bar and they’ll confirm your booking reference. They then had you the keys and give a briefing on which keys are what and how to use them, as there’s at least two safety doors you need to unlock.The room itself was OK, quite small but it’s not like you need a ton of space anyway. There was a double bed, tea/coffee making facilities but no milk (so buy some, if you take milk) - a minor complaint - a mini fridge, and lamp. There was hooks and a shelf on the other side of the room. Bathroom was nice.Wi-Fi was perfect, I must stay. Held a Skype phone call for almost 17 hours until I hung up.So, before I stayed, I checked out the other reviews and I believe this had been revamped/renovated since as you could see some wear/tear but it was nothing to get upset about. The door not fitting 100% into place was a little worrying, but nothing a good shove couldn’t fix.It’s located above a bar and a night club, so it’s very loud, but you should know this when you book. They provide two sets of ear plugs, which is nice. They’re needed as the music continues until 4.My biggest complaint was probably the bed, as I felt every spring. Not exactly Premier Inn, as I’m ironically writing this from one, but you get what you pay for. If I could ask for one thing to be changed, it would be a new mattress OR at least a foam protector.Another minor complaint was that there was no lift, my suitcase was too heavy for me to lift all that way by myself, but it was fine.Other than that, I didn’t mind the stay at all and would stay again knowing what to expect. I have stayed in much, much worse places.
pete ward
23:11 24 Sep 22
Discrimination at its finest from the bouncers on the door! 1st time tryed to get in told us to go to Tropicana 2nd time he said it was a private party turned then he let 4 people in it asked him a private party? Then he lets us in! Then he had the cheek to go the bar staff and not serve us. Bouncer should have a word too!
Scott Menzies
21:34 24 Sep 22
Fiver for a drink on a Saturday night, friendly crowd and good music. Great for a chat amongst friends, draught selection needs improvement. A cosy hole.
Andrew Bate
17:22 31 Aug 22
Rooms are OK but no rooms with bathrooms the drinks are very pricey £4.50 for a not so good carlsberg nice out side seating area
ashley dempsey
23:18 30 Aug 22
The rudest door man I’ve ever encountered, i work in hospitality myself and I’d be ashamed if one of our doormen treated guests the way we were treated. Went to the door on a Tuesday night and asked if they were still allowing people in… got ignored. Asked again, TWICE, and again the doorman ignored us as if we weren’t even there, it was weird, go to bar pop instead when it’s open, I’d be embarrassed if i was the owners.
stephen houghton
16:54 17 Aug 22
Nice pub hotel but don't expect a night's sleep at the weekend, £ 40 a night but no breakfast included.
Andrew Gilbert
05:55 15 Aug 22
We Sat out side ,The rude bouncer on the door . Is abrupt and arrogant pushing every body around no people skills ,he just make every body uncomfortable we went next door after one drink much better attitude from friendly polite door staff.The bar is a nice bar though
Gaz Best
11:07 09 Aug 22
Unbelievably clean establishment with friendly staff on hand to help you throughout your stay and great rooms for the the right price, honestly you can't go wrong. Even the customers are friendly and all round good times will have by all. I had amazing time and look forward to my next visit and stay. Honestly it was most relaxing, fun and enjoyable experience and Manchester great friendly city to visit but don't forget Manchester gay Village has other great venues to pop in for a drink or two. Okay and maybe few more. Ha ha! Myself and friends had most amazing and eventful experience of laughter and dance and food and oh yah more booze. Ha!
John Dixon
16:25 08 Aug 22
Great friendly bar, plenty of seats. Good atmosphere, nice staff.
James Lockheed
18:39 06 Aug 22
Reviews are true! Decent venue but horrible security . Especially that bouncer with the dreads. He's arrogant and rude and doesn't fit in a place like the village, where people are meant to be accepting of everyone. Both times I've gone to this venue he's been pushy, abrupt and even discriminated against my disabled friend saying he shouldn't be drinking if he's disabled. Massive contrast to the neighbouring bars who were welcoming and helpful. Please avoid!!
Emma Hill
19:55 25 Jul 22
Absolutely loved our stay, its in a perfect location and has a nightclub / bar downstairs
jimbo p
22:42 30 Jun 22
Great friendly staff, door staff absolutely amazing always feel safe drinking there because of him
08:01 20 Jun 22
stayed in Manchester for a week and every time we went to Rem (every night) we had a great time. staff were great as always.and will be back so see you all soon.
Gurvinder Atwal
07:52 15 Jun 22
I come here now and again and love the atmosphere and crowd and have had great times here at Bear-E-Oke, however last night i have never been tested so poorly by the security staff ever in any venue. They was questioning 2 people in the queue as not seen then before and I said "I know of them" to turn get abuse from the bouncer with some pent up aggression telling me to stay off his conversation (when well I said i knew of them). Bouncer must've lacked some sort of social skills as he stood up in the doorway but not telling me whether i could come in or not. He continued to tell me that i shouldn't tell him how to do his job and was continuing to prod and start something with me. I wasn't drunk at the time and never instigate trouble. I tried to reason and say I've got no trouble here however the bouncer continued to talk negatively about a situation that didn't exist. Disgusting behaviour, felt bullied at a venue i would normally feel safe in. Definitely won't be coming back here.
Scott Lane
23:06 22 May 22
Great bar, open tell late. Lots to offer Saturday & Sunday night entertainment wise
Phoebe Rozee
09:26 25 Apr 22
Very friendly, the rooms where comfortable and clean. Good location as it is close enough to walk to a lot of things
Carolyn Brumbley
19:36 09 Apr 22
Also the bed when I showed the barman he just shrugged unfortunately I can't upload the picture of the broken slats I sat on the mattress and it collapsed to the floor so had to climb into bed from the bottom and sleep by the wall and not move incase the mattress collapsed again no offer of a refund for the 2nd night just a shoulder shrug
Eilish O keefe
10:57 01 Apr 22
Lovely gay friendly too.. very relax drink 😉😊
Sean Kivi
12:25 16 Mar 22
Ambience is nice, patrons provide good chat. Most of the staff are friendly but the guy with the pornstache can’t seem to disassociate his emotions from his job making him seem arrogant. If that’s his personality it’s hard to change, but a worker should be able to leave their ideas and opinions outside of the workplace and not reflect them on customers.
Kay C
23:20 12 Mar 22
Turned away for drinks as a couple because 'we don't accept hen parties'. I am a 49 year old with my male partner who was dressed in glamorous women's clothes. First time drinking in canal Street and completely discriminated against.
Lucas Garcia
17:57 06 Mar 22
IF I COULD RATE IT ZERO I WOULD! Horrible pub. The bouncer is very disrespectful! I see many other reviewers complaining about the same thing. Fire him already or I'm not coming back ever again!!! What a horrible person!
Christopher Hollinshead
20:05 09 Feb 22
If I could rate it zero I would. The way the bouncer treated me was ridiculous. I wasn't drunk. Wasn't loud or rowdy. Had never been to the bar before so no way was I banned. Went to go in for the first time. Formal casual wear. And straight no from the bouncer. With attitude. If you don't want my money. You won't be getting it. Plenty other bars in the village
James Ferran
12:37 31 Jan 22
Proper friendly local pub. One of my usuals.
Robert Collinge
23:26 07 Jan 22
Been going to this bar on a regular basis for over 31 years, most often on a Sunday. After the way I was spoken to by the bouncer on Sunday 2nd January I will probably never go again. He is so rude with absolutely no reason. I will take the time to call and explain to a manager the circumstances. I have to say it's such a shame as the staff are amazing.
Chris M
00:46 18 Dec 21
I had an awful experience with the door man.He’s a vile, volatile, bully. Useless at his job.
Tom Williams
07:48 16 Nov 21
Update: Friendly place Helpful friendly Barr staff. I only use the bar and not the hotel so can't comment on that area. Always made to feel welcome.
Lynne Gaskell
11:49 18 Oct 21
Cramped and too crowded for my liking. Thought the San Miguel on draft was flat and watered down.Plus side - the lady with Audrey 2 on meet and greet was lovely and was the reason we went in at all (both stars are for her).Unfortunately we will not be going back.
chris pilgrim
07:52 10 Oct 21
Great place to have a pint or three. Friendly staff and brilliant DJ.
harry heaney
19:59 25 Sep 21
One of the best causal bars in the village. Staff attentive tapas are DELIOUS but u may have to book early well worth a visit or better still overnight if yr lucky to get a room
Scott Lane
15:38 22 Sep 21
Great bar, open tell late. Lots to offer Saturday & Sunday night entertainment wise
17:18 22 Jun 21
Good bar in the heart of the village. We sat outside with it being nice and enjoyed ourselves. Apart from getting shouted at like a little kid on my way back from the toilets all because I seen two friends who were sat down and I was stood up chatting to them. I was only making them aware that we was outside if they wanted to join us. Seriously people need to take a chill pill in this covid madness!
Mel Smith
15:35 07 Jun 21
A great place to visit on Canal Street with seating inside and out. Good atmosphere and very friendly staff member. Clean and modern looking inside. This bar has been here as long as I can remember and deserves your support in this competitive area for gay bars.

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