Snug,events packed gay bar with contemporary styling, go-go dancers & video mash ups.

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A West Hollywood institution for gays since the 80’s, Revolver Video Bar is a favorite destination where friends can catch up over cocktails while watching one-of-a-kind music videos. Named for its revolving front door where guests funnel in and out of the popular spot, the new Revolver Video Bar is once again putting a new spin on West Hollywood nightlife.

Sticking to its roots of the best music video and iconic movie mash ups, inexpensive drinks, signature nights and even the landmark revolving door, the reincarnated Revolver Video Bar pays homage to its previous self but with an entirely sexy new look.



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Cameron E.
00:41 04 May 23
Revolver is always a fun time, but it does get extremely crowded here on weekends since it's not super large so that may not be everyone's cup of tea....
Yula K.
23:14 17 Feb 23
My favorite bar to go to in weho. Always the best music and very talented dancers. Sometimes an older crowd, and men will pass out dollar bills to random...
Jacob B.
23:43 19 Jan 23
Came here with a few good friends and it happened to be my birthday. Kiki was very outgoing and made sure my group had a nice time and even bought me a...
Nathen Hull
04:32 06 Jan 23
This is a great bar . Very gay friendly environment. Nicky is my favorite bartender very sweet and always go the extra mile when it comes to the drinks and customer service . The pop alternative music is amazing also. The dancers are the best here also . Very fun bar .
Sunrise B.
16:10 22 Dec 22
Revolver is a decent bar (the second incarnation of the original), good drinks, decent music, hot go-gos. But my 2 star rating is for not accepting CASH....
Stella S.
17:57 13 Nov 22
was here last night with a group of friends, shoutout Nova for the wonderful service and for being so down to earth!! as someone in the industry myself ik...
06:34 14 Oct 22
Beware! RUDEST BARTENDERS in all of West Hollywood! Starting with the good, I have visited Revolver frequently throughout the years and have noticed a slow decline in the upbeat, lively energy that initially attracted me. Recently, the last 4 out of 5 visits have been horrible. Four different bartenders on four other dates have given me the worst attitudes I have experienced in West Hollywood. What’s worst than a bad day at work and deciding to have a martini at one of your favorite bars? An arrogant bartender argues with you saying your favorite drink, a lemon drop martini with Tanqueray, is “NOT a martini, and you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Another time I visited, a bartender asked for my order, and I, like always, greeted them with a smile and asked, “Hi, how are ya?”. Many bartenders at other establishments in the past have smiled back and said, “I’m ___; thank you for asking; you’re the first person to ask me how I am doing today”! No, this bartender responds, “Hurry up! You’re wasting my time! What do you want”? The first time I noticed the decline was earlier this year when a few bartenders were chatting behind the bar, seeing me with my card in hand, whispering to each other, and blatantly ignoring me. After about 10 minutes of me patiently waiting, one of them rolls his eyes, huffs, and annoyingly says, “yes?!” as if I am bothering them for my first drink of the evening…It saddens me to see this once great bar fall short of such terrible customer service / nasty bartender attitudes, and I, unfortunately, will never come back. I never leave Revolver feeling great and lively like I used to in the past. In the last 4 out of 5 experiences, I had left that bar feeling worse than when I walked in.
Travis B.
23:35 13 Oct 22
Beware! RUDEST BARTENDERS in all of West Hollywood! Starting with the good, I have visited Revolver frequently throughout the years and have noticed a slow...
Brett Hu
17:01 25 Sep 22
Bouncer needs to be trained to restrain people who are too drunk rather than assault them, push them to the ground, and keep punching them in the head when they're already down. Happened to my friend Sat 9/24/22 about 10:30pm. Thankfully another security guard stepped in to restrain the bouncer. Without doubt one of the worst experiences ever. Plenty of people complain about pickpockets here, but getting roughed up by the staff definitely exceeds that. If I could give negative stars I would!
Iván Riquelme Gómez
11:44 21 Sep 22
I apprecciate that they don't remix every single song. Prices are good too. Unfortunately, a barwoman lost my credit card after I gave it to her. That kind of ruined it all. She didn't apologize and I feel she didn't make the effort I was expecting from her to recover my plastic. Not to mention that I was on a vacation and not having my card made everything cumbersome
John R.
07:24 11 Sep 22
I fucking love this place one of the few remaining truly gay bars in the area. I always have a good time here Mustafa friendly and the drinks are generously...
Alejandro G C
04:12 05 Sep 22
Worst service I’ve ever had, it took a complete stranger to ask for my drink in order for me to get it (a bit over 20 minutes) after standing at the bar with 3 bartenders just socializing with each other and other customers. I stood right at the serving section and they just ignored me
Phonz R.
12:46 30 Aug 22
This place is LIT!! The gogo boys are HOTTT! The place is jam packed and the music is on point. I like that each night I went it was a diverse crowd. All...
Jefferey M.
23:26 29 Aug 22
Great music! Bar tender remembered our order every time we came back to the bar! Dancers were hot and hyping up the bar! Highly recommend, especially if...
Robert Atilano
06:39 26 Jun 22
Great place if you’re shy. You can just watch the all the TVs. LOL
Brian S.
20:54 19 Jun 22
Currently at the bar. Love the Sunday Fun day. But what is it with the smell lately. Seriously like a sewer. This bar needs a good douching. Please fix it....
starry eyes
11:06 30 May 22
Came here back on April 15th. I was one of the many people that got their phone stolen. Called the place to inquire about their lost & found and nobody answers. Typical. The last location that FindMyIPhone detected was in a place a block away where I never was at the night it got stolen. Go elsewhere. This place is packed shoulder to shoulder which makes it easy for thugs to pickpocket you especially while you’re drinking, so beware.
Tony T.
20:48 29 May 22
Pretty active place. Lots of people during the week nights and weekends. Also pretty active during Sunday Fun Day. Music seemed to be played every second...
Dr. Arden
01:37 28 May 22
I went to watch Drag Race All Stars and a drunk Drag Queen was hosting. She would not shut up and her running commentary was not even funny just lots of yaaaaas queen! And she screamed on mic! Gay guys were covering their ears to block it out. Basic microphone etiquette - DO NOT SCREAM ON MICROPHONE!
Ashley M.
23:43 13 May 22
Best gay bars for dancing seemed to be revolvers, hi tops, and the abbey food and bar. Revolvers was playing good music, Beyoncé and top hits. Had multiple...
Jose M.
20:52 11 May 22
Horrible bartenders in all of West Hollywood!! Sooooo rude and no customer service skills what so ever! I asked for a vodka soda and instead I got a tequila...
Aaron Molnar
17:16 27 Apr 22
Walked in off the street just to sing a quick little diddy. The host had an amazing voice, wish I would of got her name. Fun and festive. Some really good singers. Danced out on the patio. Grabbed 2 beers. Line was quick for karaoke.
Kim Cristler
01:07 11 Apr 22
Came here last night, and my boyfriend's wallet got stolen. The security guard let us back in to check for it, but the place was packed, and we couldn't see anything on the ground while we looked. The security guard then asked us to call later, to see if it gets turned in to the lost&found. We've tried calling a couple times, and one phone line is disconnect, and the other line rings 3 times and then stops. Reading other reviews, it's pretty insane how often pickpocketing happens here and management doesn't seem to do anything to change that. We went to a couple other bars before this one, and this was the only one that they had packed to the brim, with customers shoulder to shoulder-perfect for thieves. Trying to leave was a hassle; we were honestly probably only in there for 15 because our friend saw someone he wanted to say hi to. And in that short time span, my boyfriend got his wallet stolen. Almost seems like the whole place is in on it. They have a sign on the outside saying they aren't responsible for theft or lost items, and after reading reviews, that just seems like a red flag to me.
Indie Boi
23:49 10 Apr 22
Place is so overcrowded that you can easily be pickpocketed. My wallet was stolen last night. Good luck with your valuables if you come here. Never going to this area again.
Shawn Paine (BlendedTraveler)
05:25 19 Mar 22
So I have mixed feelings about this place. It’s usually our first stop on a night out. Good vibe but watch out for pick pocketers!!! My phones been stolen right out of my pocket at the urinal and I know 2 others who had their phone stolen at this place. Keep an eye on your sh*t! Also tonight in particular the bathrooms smell rancid! Yuck
Tokyo Diablo
22:21 17 Mar 22
I enjoyed myself the last time I went. There was a handsome clientele, good music and the drinks were strong.
Keith Smith
06:52 05 Mar 22
Overly crowded, ok music, weak drinks, expected clientele, and standard go-go boys. Enough said
Dale Graham
20:13 27 Feb 22
PHONE THEFT ALERT: STAY AWAY! Countless phone thefts occur every weekend. Management does nothing. There is a sign outside "not liable for stolen property" They could easily put an end to this with finding the ring of thieves they allow in. SECURITY CAMERAS ANYONE? Maybe they get a cut.
Cotie Goozee
09:32 21 Feb 22
Bartenders and dancers were great, but DJ was very rude to us when we tried to request a song. Won’t be back 🙁
Dani Z
04:45 07 Feb 22
This place is super crowded which may be fun for many but 3 of us had our phones pick pocketed and turned off so there was no way to retrieve. The management was helpful in trying to assist but no return of devices. I learned there are gangs now in weho of people who do this. It is so rude and illegal and a hassle to get things replaced even with Insurance.I think WEHO THE CITY AND POLICE NEED TO STEP UP. It always used to be fun and friendly and it’s full of criminals now. No Thanks
Lily Q.
21:42 20 Dec 21
was out with visiting friends in weho and jumped into the line for this place because it was relatively short and moving fast, compared to others. what a...
Adriana L.
01:11 14 Dec 21
This place needs to be shutdown. I was there with my friends dancing and security just came pushing my friends. He follow my friends like we were criminals...
R F.
13:35 05 Dec 21
It pains me to write this. Revolver used to be my favorite bar. It's gone downhill since its post-lockdown reopening. The bar used to have a couple...
Kyle Strodtbeck
10:19 28 Nov 21
This place is the BEST. Come for the throwback songs and watch your divas on the big screen! The music is AMAZING and the bartenders are so friendly. Don’t mind the bad reviews below: most places are cashless now due to the pandemic (duh!) and pickpockets are everywhere - I’ve gone for years and never had a problem.
Jarrett H.
20:22 01 Nov 21
Phone stolen. Theft ring going on. DO NOT COME HERE. flaming saddles that used to be across the street next door, got shut down same stuff was happening...
Hector Godinez
05:15 13 Oct 21
Beware of pick pockets. My phone was stolen within the span of minutes. If you go just be extremely cautious as phone theft is very common.
Mike C.
16:30 07 Sep 21
It's been a decade since my last review of Revolver so it's time for an update.Right now Revolver along with Trunks is the only true gay bar on the strip...
Christopher S.
23:22 04 Sep 21
The times I've gone, extremely sloshed, irresponsible and belligerent packed crowds with loads of thieves all over. No authentic security. This...
Richard L.
12:28 28 Aug 21
Fun bar, good drinks and very good service. This place has been around but feels new. Great Patio. Good music. Extra streetside/ non covid patio. Thankfully...
Samuel Cullen
04:09 16 Aug 21
BEWARE OF SCAMS + THIEVES! I went to this bar last Friday night and ordered 4 Moscow mules in total over 3 seperate transactions. On Sunday, I see one of transactions has cleared for $115 instead of $15. I tried calling and the bar's number is out of service. I've disputed the transaction with my card provider, but be very careful. The Yelp reviews give fair warning of sketchy business practices and phone thieves here, and Id wish I had seen them beforehand!
Lucia Z.
22:50 15 Aug 21
My phone was stolen here on July 17th . it seems like common practice in this establishment .
Keaton W.
13:02 11 Jul 21
My phone and about 5 other phones were stolen here two nights ago (Friday night around 11:45pm) Mine was stolen out of my pocket by a shorter girl with...
Hector Pacheco
17:52 04 Jul 21
Couldn't pay for my drinks with cash. I lost my card and the bar tender pull out this tiny sign that says cashless. At least put a sign outside that says NO CASH. I just walked my happy self to the Abby. Cash is Legal tender for public debts and private btw.
Khali N.
08:11 03 Jul 21
My girlfriends phone was stolen out of her pocket last night. We saw the girl who did it and told security they didnt do anything. We waited outside the bar...
Tahtsenee V.
03:30 19 Jun 21
My phone was stolen here tonight. Terribly crowded. I told security that someone stole my phone out of my purse and they did nothing about it. They...
Josh B.
18:13 18 Aug 20
Revolver is where I noticed a lot of strung out people. However if you like a dark bar that's not made out of wood and musk then this is the place for you....
21:23 01 Mar 20
Super bar! Super music and some of the most handsome bartenders in the area!!! Will go back! Greeting to all from San Antonio 😊
Sakura Grundy
17:07 23 Dec 19
One of the sercurity or management Snatched a water cup out of my hand Definitely could have ask for the cup back no need to be rude
Carol M. Proctor
13:02 06 Nov 19
Like the place and food. Very cozy for couples groups or functions.
Oliver Davies
16:30 07 Oct 19
Nice, cozy and interesting bar. Caring staff and interesting visitors. I am delighted with this place. An action takes place here, you can get a separate room for 2 hours and any cocktail for free. To do this, you need to register on the site 909gay,com take a screenshot of the profile and show it to the bartender. It should work now, we took advantage
Brandon Stutson
23:40 27 Jul 19
Probably the better place to go for music. And if the main bar at the front is packed, they always have their bar in the back area open and it's great to get away from the riff Raff. Bathrooms are nice and roomie. My only concern is how small the places and how packed it gets
Charles C.
20:18 21 Jun 19
Fun place! Drinks are decent and bartenders are cool. Watch out for pickpockets, as they frequent this place and the entire area. My phone was stolen...
Alain V Berrebi
09:22 30 Jul 16
Back in the early eighties revolver was one of the first video bars I've ever been to. It's a legend and one of the gay hot spots you need to visit if you're in Los Angeles. The pictures are from Bros for Hillary party on the night that Hillary made her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Great looking guys at this bar hand ateres where you can watch guys walking by coming home from the gym. You have to come the revolver if you visit Los Angeles.

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