Roosterfish Bar

Roosterfish Bar

Roosterfish hosts inclusive parties on L.A.'s Westside.

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If you’re a gay in LA (or anywhere for that matter), you need to know your gay bars. Especially the legendary ones!

Knowing your gay culture is important when in the gay community! It’s essential that you understand the struggle of those who’ve come before you to understand better where the community needs to go. And some of the most essential histories to gay history involve bars! From Stonewall to Hamberger Mary’s, you need to know your gay nightlife staples! Roosterfish is no exception! The Roosterfish Bar has been a staple in the gay community since the early ’80s when the gay community took over Abbot Kinney and the greater Venice area.



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Josh T
17:27 23 Aug 23
Great drinks, good ambiance. The moody indoor bar also has a DJ that shows up later in the evening. Decent sized outdoor patios in the back too.Only issue for me is the bartender increased her tip and changed my total after I already signed the receipt. Immaterial amount, but principle out the window...No biggie, just credit card fraud. Something to watch out for.Other than that, great spot.
Josh T.
10:26 23 Aug 23
Great drinks, good ambiance. The moody indoor bar also has a DJ that shows up later in the evening. Decent sized outdoor patios in the back too.Only issue...
Ethan Carlisle
16:13 18 Aug 23
Locked emergency exits and defensive managers that toss you out by force like an abusive father. How progressive and thoughtful of life. This Venice Beach or South America? Disaster waiting to happen.
Yvonne Ferrer
16:00 10 Aug 23
A great place to hang out and have a good cocktail with friends or alone. The bartenders are friendly and it's never too crowded during happy hour. The drink menu changes seasonally, but make sure to try a Watermelon Fresca or Rocking Chair if available.
Andre B.
19:02 13 Jun 23
Decent bar good drinks awesome patio. The crowd can be hit or miss. The house music is good! Some advice when you make it front of the line know what you're...
Hunter F.
18:13 11 Jun 23
Extremely crowded bar that is uncomfortable to even enter/exit. You are constantly pushing between people and "in the way" of others. Also the dance floor...
Ahmad A.
01:45 29 May 23
There is a bar tinder with blonde hair I think he just got his period Rude and awful staff
Annika W.
16:05 24 May 23
The drinks were good and so was the vibe, but once it gets busy they stop making their menu cocktails and only classics which I think is pretty lame...
Jaqueline Stewart
18:07 21 May 23
Horrible club. I’m a trans female and I went to Roosterfish last night with friends. They had let everyone in at the same time and it was packed. A bald man with a beard who was part of the group around the DJ started making transphobic remarks to me and grabbed my arm, and was screaming at me in my face. I got away from him but it was a scary situation. I know Roosterfish used to be a queer friendly space, but it most definitely is not anymore. Please stay away from this establishment if you are queer, BIPOC, or part of any marginalized community. We are not welcome here and that was clear last night.
Sara L.
11:09 10 May 23
Okay, i'm here on a Thursday at 6:30pm, sure... But our bartender sporting the Anthony Bourdain shirt is so knowledgeable, helpful, cool, and generally...
Kelsey F.
13:17 06 May 23
Never going back here again. It was a fun place a few years ago, but now it's awful. Management is rude and aggressive, doesn't surprise me that other...
Erin K.
12:09 06 May 23
Possibly one of the worst bars in West LA. I've been coming here periodically for almost 10 years and this place has really gone down hill. Their drinks...
Tino Mullins
02:50 29 Apr 23
Bouncer is beyond rude and unprofessional. Beard and chubby is on a complete power trip. I’m currently out on a walk and tried getting a glass of water because I forgot my bottle. I showed my REAL ID that and he took it immediately and would refuse to give it back. I even showed a picture of my passport and he still would not believe me. All of this when I only wanted a glass of water. Never coming back.
Bryce Payne
23:25 20 Apr 23
It's so sad coming to this place remembering that it used to be a queer bar. There was not a trace of that spirit to be found when I went.I went in just after midnight on my birthday, just to grab a celebratory drink with my partner: The bouncer and bartender were so rude it felt as if they must have rehearsed thier attitudes to a company standard. There was a table full of seemingly straight White (exclusively so, in LA 👀) patrons singing negro spirituals loudly in jest. Another dude starts openly flirting with my boyfriend (like being touchy feely with him right next to me), which was honestly a bit of a relief until he asserted that he was straight... Ok.The vibes there are a mess.The drinks were good though, so if you just need a cocktail and you happen to be on that block, maybe it's worth stopping in. Otherwise, it was pretty dreadful imho.
Sara S.
23:05 19 Apr 23
Love this bar on the west side! Small cozy vibe, everybody dancing. Not playing booming tech house like most dancing places on the west side. Friendly bar...
Alex B.
22:30 12 Apr 23
This bar is genuinely unsafe and unfortunately, I learned this first hand. Not only were the bartenders unapologetically rude and dismissive, consistently...
Emma S.
21:54 12 Apr 23
RUFEED AT ROOSTERFISHMy boyfriend Alex was drugged by one of your bartenders on Friday, April 7th around 1am. After ordering a shirley temple for our...
Ruben S.
10:47 26 Mar 23
Super fun, great music, lots of different spaces to choose from and the bouncer was really nice. I wish I could have stayed longer and it wasn't too...
Dmytri J.
01:59 12 Mar 23
Has gotten worse and worse post-COVID. Service has been extremely slow and the crowd has been pretty bad. If you're looking for an average night out with a...
James Woodard
10:59 21 Feb 23
Bartender was crushing it solo. Great drink. Great service.
Alicia G.
18:46 28 Jan 23
Grossly understaffed. Waited 20 min at the bar and finally just walked out because we hadn't been approached or greeted. On 2 bartenders working on a...
20:40 21 Jan 23
I went here on a Friday night. It's out in the suburbs, so a good walk from my location. It was packed with people. Like, couldn't get to the bar kind of busy. I had one drink and left, not for me.
Madison C.
00:29 08 Jan 23
The guy with the dreads who works in the front should be fired: everyone pays him to cut the line. Wack.
Jay W.
13:09 31 Dec 22
So many issues at this place. I wish it was better. It would be nice to see their employees care, especially security.
August Yadon
22:39 30 Dec 22
This place is alright, the patio is probably the best part, although they close it way too often. It just gets way too packed inside, and I'm usually not that into the music/DJs.One thing I love is "Abbot Kidding" which is a 1~2 hour comedy show that happens every Thursday on the patio at 8p ($20 tickets, look em up). It's walking distance to me, so this is my favorite repeating event in Venice. 90% of the comedians kill me, and the hosts are always some of the funniest ones! Anyway, I love the comedy show and wish that I could chill on the patio more esp with Covid and everything.
Jay W.
06:06 30 Dec 22
Came here for a drink before dinner last night. As we walk in a patron sitting by the door asks us for id. We kept walking in. She asks again and I say are...
Bethany J
04:23 29 Dec 22
Drinks were good, but right when you walk in the bar, you are hit with an odor that smells like a used wet towel was left inside a zip lock bag for weeks.
Bernard C.
14:53 16 Dec 22
Cool bar on Abbot Kinney great ambience and good music selection so you can relax and enjoy you cocktails
Tara Z.
18:03 12 Dec 22
My fav bar in venice beach! Cozy dance floor and usually good DJs/music. Good local vibes
Jamie M.
21:01 05 Dec 22
Great place to meet up with friends for a cheeky drink on Abbott Kinney. They've got incredible staff too.
Amy S.
19:13 10 Nov 22
This historic gay bar was renovated several years ago and has come back beautifully anointed and now serves distinctive signature cocktails such as the...
Nicholas B.
01:59 05 Nov 22
Homophonic establishment.. these guys took my drink away and didn't says anything .I did not have a good time
Joseph K.
20:40 30 Oct 22
Went to visit LA after being away for many years, and living in Venice during the late 90s. It's nice that The Roosterfish is still in existence ... But if...
19:00 19 Oct 22
Great vibe, great service, great drinks. Only 4 stars because I wish there were more variations in their drinks. They had 3 mezcal drinks all with aperol, instead of an alternate. Overall would recommend to someone looking for an easy drink and hangout.
Neda N.
10:42 16 Oct 22
Be careful when you come here, the bar gets so crowded that people are out there pickpocketing. Roommates phone got stolen out of her purse while she was...
Malik U.
22:16 02 Oct 22
The most racist and sexist bar! The guy named Travis, the security guy is the worst employee to have. I was trying to go out and forgot to put the drink...
Alec Stepanian
03:13 11 Sep 22
I liked my drink here and it was reasonably priced. I liked the atmosphere overall, it was fun to listen to the music and chat with friends. I imagine it gets busy on weekends, but it was perfect for my group in the afternoon 🙂
Daniele Severi Bruni
20:00 26 Aug 22
This no longer is the Roosterfish that it use to be. It is no longer a gay dive bar and that era is certainly sorely missed. However the new owners have done an excellent job at bringing the place back to the current era. The bar is very cool, with great music and ambiance.
Ro Rose
04:23 21 Aug 22
This is the hot spot. Turn a chair into a table you’re welcome
Kara T.
09:56 08 Aug 22
Andrew, the manager of the bar refused to serve me because he said I gave him bad vibes?? Like wtf. I did not have an attitude at all, I was actually in a...
Kaela Gallagher
22:35 29 Jul 22
The vibe here is really cool and the drinks were good! $17 for a cocktail.
Amy Schwab
22:09 29 Jul 22
They have the best drinks, security, and bartenders! Bri is the best bartender, hands down, very attentive, good vibes, and shakes a good cocktail. They have a DJ who plays house music & top 40 Thurs-Sunday. Celebrated my birthday here recently and it did not disappoint. Make sure to check out the patio when you go. Although it’s not technically a gay bar anymore, there are some fun surprises in one of the bathrooms. Remember to look up 😉 Thanks for the great memories, Roosterfish!
Paolo B.
08:42 27 Jul 22
Visiting the area for a few days, a friend of mine recommended we got to Roosterfish which we ended up here a few times over the weekend, which is safe to...
Dustin B.
16:36 19 Jul 22
Must try the Black Eye. Made with cloudy smoked bourbon and who knows what else. Well balanced and does not knock you out with smokiness. I picked up a note...
Sarah Reid
08:25 11 Jun 22
Bouncer was unprofessional (chubby with beard.) Took my friends REAL ID and would not give it back. Was blowing cigarette smoke into our faces. I understand doing ur deed as a bouncer but when u cross the line and take someone’s real ID that’s when it’s not okay. Never coming back.
Kathryn C.
18:40 05 Jun 22
Fun place to hang with 4 of my gal pals. The vibe is dark and industrial, perfectly retreat from the hot sun. We ordered a watermelon drink off the happy...
Irie N.
13:22 04 Jun 22
Omg I've never been so uncomfortable in my life!!! This was the most crowded place I've ever been inside, it was literally impossible to move. I drank my...
panyaphon phiphatkunarnon
21:49 09 Apr 22
Lot of people. Come early get better spot
16:00 06 Apr 22
Good day drink and connect with locals kind of bar. Nice asthetics. The weekend evening music not my favorite as it seems always playing two beat techno type music which no one has heard before. A Night at the Roxbury type music 😆
Matthew Jacobs
21:49 23 Mar 22
Where the hip and very beautiful go to drink and socialize, at the very least … And as for Julia …. !
Angel Gonzalez
13:15 16 Mar 22
First time in this very boutique area in Venice, sunday vibes, it took a bit to warm up to the bar but I deeply did. The decor and music was on point. The drinks were delicious, Sonia was our bartender although she was busy, she was keeping an eye on us. Great bar, great joint great vibes.
Jv V.
13:42 10 Mar 22
Was looking for a place for a drink in the area and pretty much searched for about an hour and definitely this place was the one it resonated the most to...
Curtis Hudder
00:59 26 Feb 22
Let’s talk about Roosterfish.From Canada. Came here looking for a cold beer and based of some previous reviews thought I’d stop in. Well… this place was way better then I expected. I was served by Silvia - if you listen closely,her comedic sarcasm was on point and acted as my entertainment while I sat alone waiting for a friend to finish work. If you go… she easily convinced me to try a margarita… which turned out to be way better then a beer.Just Sayin.
Justin Hakimi
03:45 25 Feb 22
Great ambiance and great location. The manager is a stand up guy. Will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of.
Guido Walter
06:32 19 Feb 22
I ordered a alc free cocktail for $12. Turns out to be a miniature kombucha bottle of 125 cc that doesn't cost them more than $1. Thank you but no thank you. Never again.
Braden Lay
00:56 12 Feb 22
Oh the Roosterfish. I’m so glad you are still there. I remember you - and my younger days! - fondly
Jacob Rosenfeld
06:43 08 Feb 22
Great drinks and back patio. Make sure to take a look at the bathroom ceiling
Charlotte B
01:12 02 Feb 22
So many ppl and ridiculous line to get in. Vibe is cool, Drinks are ok but take ages to get to front of the bar. Df is ok, it’s fun but not anything special
Allison R
17:03 24 Jan 22
This place is great. The cocktails are delicious and the service is super friendly and fast. I also left a brand new sweater there and the manager reached out to me to return it. Definitely will come back here again!
Debra S.
11:24 16 Jan 22
This place is my jam. Enough said. (I debated posting this because I didn't want to let the cat out of the bag)
Polly Geller
03:43 22 Dec 21
History has reopened its doors thanks to Mario Vollera (owner of SouthEnd Pizza & Wabi-Sabi and Owa!!!). The bar is a floating brass island with art deco lighting and cocktails as sophisticated as they look.Super amiable staff & an upside down Christmas to ogle over!Thank you, Mario&Co.Ci torneró spesso
21:22 15 Dec 21
Good Times. Great place to stop and have a drink.
Nicholas Konecny
07:11 12 Dec 21
The djs were hot. I had a great time dancing
Myla M.
20:35 07 Dec 21
Found this gem quite by surprise. Fell in love with the spot so much that we are going to have a company party here. We were at a different bar and did...
Nick Bongiovanni
17:26 05 Dec 21
The theme here is very cool, drinks were solid and knew I wouldn't regret ordering a Manhattan and then an old fashioned. There's also an outdoor patio with seats and heaters. Decor was awesome. Beware there's only 2 single bathrooms for this place which is fairly large and gets crowded so definitely don't wait last minute to go. Nothing against the DJ last night but I wasn't feeling the music.
Daniel S.
07:11 28 Nov 21
Don't be loud or else a patron will close the window on you . This place is not gay anymore . Stick to the Abbey lol . Friend go into it with a guy over...
The Ortiz Project
15:31 04 Nov 21
I went on a lively, crowded, Saturday night. No tables or seating were left when I got there; but the music was good, women were dancing, I had a nice time. Personally, I didn't get harassed by staff as other did, nor did the bouncer treat us bad. The service was indeed lacking though, I had to go around to a particular bartender that paid attention to me, as oppose to the nearest one. Pricing is a little high, tbh on top of the fact the beer selection is also lacking.
Austin Edwards
09:20 31 Oct 21
I had a good friend of mine, who had gotten their id’s stolen, try to come into the bar with their literal birth certificate and because the bouncer was on a power trip, and didn’t even bother to look at it, they were denied entry.It didn’t stop there… the bouncer went so far to call the other bars in the vicinity to tell them to deny entry anyone showing their birth certificate. I remember when this place was a really good time but until they establish genuine beneficial business practices instead of relying on egocentric opinionated individuals, We wouldn’t recommend coming here.
Saida Hussain
23:08 25 Oct 21
Nothing but bad vibes. The employees physically and verbally assault customers. STAY AWAY
Marcos Cannabrava
05:20 11 Aug 21
Sylvia makes one of the best cocktails I've had! Really cool patio on the back
Ron D.
23:08 09 Aug 21
Overpriced drinks were horrible. Couldn't make a bloody mary. Couldn't make malibu pineapple. No music on patio. Great location. Won't be returning for $17...
Lenora Poole
18:33 19 Jul 21
Miss the old version of the bar BBQ in the back all locals everyone was friendly, pool table. Too stuffy square bear vibe now. BEER WAS EXPENSIVE!Not an awesomeplace to meet people so much anymore.
John D.
15:21 16 Jul 21
Some friends and I were hanging out here on a slow night. A few of us were by the wall next to the bar and the owner tells us that we need to order drinks...
Ronan McCoy
06:50 09 Jul 21
One of the last legitimately cool spots on Abbot Kinney. Good cocktail menu. But not a wide enough beer selection.
Nick W.
14:22 03 Jul 21
Love this spot!! Travis is the man.. best drinks in LA. Never had a better margarita, my guy does it right.I'll be here often.
Katie B.
11:24 02 Jul 21
Came here last night wanting a good time with my friends and had to encounter a bartender named Ellie. A male bartender got our drinks wrong and when we...
Fred Mariscal
01:27 22 Jun 21
I love this place! Great drinks fun atmosphere friendly staff... wish I'd live in Venice I'd be there every night!
Carlos Reynosa
16:35 20 Jun 21
Great drinks. Nice place inside. But there's nothing gay about this place.
Cameron Williams
08:08 06 Jun 21
Unfortunately very poor service, which seems out of character for this fun bar.Such a shame that the hiring policy has included disrespectful people.Table of 6 people have lost confidence in this bars ability to deliver a good time for its customers.
Anonymous K.
14:45 05 Jun 21
If you're approaching this bar and you think it's a good idea to enter, think again. Actually, you should run in the other direction. Unless it's your thing...
Candace Whitman
08:40 05 Jun 21
In line for roughly 20 min. Line mates where hilarious. Got inside sat at 4 top big table with space. Travis was who took care of us, made us all feel very welcome as we are out of town. Brought my friend a NA IPA made sure I got a toki old fashion and took care of our 2 other friends at the table. Such an amazing experience. I'd catch a flight just for this place. Pay it forward.
Rachel Evans
06:26 23 May 21
Atmosphere was nice but not what I was looking for. Fancy drinks and that's all.
Richie D.
09:45 22 May 21
I grew up in LA almost all my life but never went to Venice to enjoy a day out drinking but I did this time during covid when restrictions are relaxing due...
Giovanni S.
15:39 25 Apr 21
For those of you who remember the old Roosterfish, coming here will be so different. The newer Roosterfish is cute lounge bar with crafted cocktails, wine...



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