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Neighborhood gay & lesbian bar dating back to 1987 with a dance floor, pool table & outdoor spaces.



Roscoe's Tavern
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Robby J J.
17:28 11 May 23
Great food. Great Music. Most of the staff is friendly and welcoming. The dance floor is great as well.
J Higgins
14:41 17 Apr 23
I came here in 2003 and it was just as fun then as it was yesterday (April 16th 23). It was pretty packed but not overcrowded to where you couldn't move. We ran into friends we haven't seen in years and everything was just a great vibe. Glad this place is STILL standing strong ✊🏼
Sara R.
14:01 01 Apr 23
Had the best birthday brunch here! Performers were amazing and the food & service were both excellent
Jeffrey O.
14:41 25 Mar 23
Had a great time! Great music and the location is stunning! Lots of different vibes and a great dance floor!
Jelimo Kaitany
12:24 24 Mar 23
I don’t write reviews often, but the door staff was so incompetent and rude that I feel compelled to warn others. Was visiting from out of state with friends and was really excited to go to Roscoe’s. We had been there earlier in the night and had a decent experience, but left because no one was dancing(literally empty dance floor). We were seated and ordered food and alcohol with no issues. Payed and tipped. Returned later the same night and the same bouncer immediately called his manager over who insisted my ID was fake and told me to call the cops if I wanted it back. I called the cops and they then made my group wait outside in the cold for an hour. Manager was arrogant, rude, and never apologized for saying my real ID was the fakest fake he’d ever seen in his 15 years of experience. Would not recommend going here with an out of state ID, especially a Michigan ID. Literally heard him say “If it turns out not to be legit come back and tell me,” to the cop. On the other hand the two officers who assisted me were very polite and helpful. Did not expect as a Black woman to have a better experience with Chicago PD than Roscoe’s. Very disappointing.
Aishah P.
10:31 18 Mar 23
Last night my friend and I visited Roscoes to watch a drag show and here is our experience:The food was great we had some bar snacks which we enjoyed! The...
William Stewart
22:08 15 Mar 23
Marco was a great bartender! Roscoe’s is a relaxed gay bar with good drinks and a welcoming atmosphere. I am excited to return!
Lucille C.
11:47 12 Mar 23
This is the most unsafe and unwelcoming bar in Boystown. The owners/staff don't seam to care about making roscoes a secure and enjoyable place to be. All...
Ian P.
10:07 07 Feb 23
If you're looking for somewhere that's accepting and loves all walks of life . You're at the right spot. If you're looking to meet your favorite icons from...
Susan L.
22:36 28 Jan 23
The horrible ogre of a woman at the front took my friends money and then claimed we didn't have the entry fee. This establishment has really gone downhill....
Sharen F.
00:25 14 Jan 23
Not inclusive, they took one look at us and told us to leave. they took our IDs and the bouncers were extremely rude! They didn't even scan or use a blue...
Lety G.
14:59 11 Nov 22
You have to come to Roscoe's at least once when in Chicago and definitely one of the most popular spots in Boystown. There's always something going on, drag...
Hannah O'Connell
00:09 08 Nov 22
Visited Chicago this past weekend and we had to check out Roscoe's! We had such a fun time Friday night, we had to come back for drag brunch on Saturday. The atmosphere was wonderful and staff was super friendly. The food and drinks were also great! Definitely will be returning in the future.
Adam McGibbon
12:18 31 Oct 22
In Chicago for a week so thought we'd check out Roscoes Tavern in boys town. We only popped in on a Wednesday afternoon, so it wasn't busy. Great selection of alcohol and bar snacks/food. The place is really welcoming with friendly staff. Would definitely recommend. We plan go try over the weekend. So will update:)Popped in several more times since my original review. It's a cool place with great music. Would definitely recommend visiting
Viridiana Zequeida Suastegui
13:03 26 Sep 22
This iconic LBGTQ+ bar is a must stop for anyone visiting Chicago.We arrived early on Friday (around 7pm) for the Rupaul's Drag Race watch party. There were 3 special guests from Canada's Drag Race and it was an intimate chat with the queens while we watched an episode of the Down Under version. I was honestly surprised there weren't more people for this event but they arrived later in the evening for the Drag performances. During the watch party you were able to grab a seat to watch comfortably and there was staff to take your drink and food orders. I wish I would've taken more pictures of the food, the corn bites were my favorite.After the watch party you can stay there until the evening for the Drag performances or you can also leave and come back. If you do leave make sure you get your hand stamped for faster re- entry. When we came back for the Drag performances the venue was PACKED! They have a patio but strict no smoking rules, you will get kick out.Overall this place was amazing, you can get everything from food, drinks, bingo, enterTAINTment, and great service. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of Drag Race to stop by on Friday for the watch party which also streams on YouTube.
Diana Carolina Segura
01:59 06 Sep 22
So much fun! Place is big, music is pretty good, have a dance floor, an indoor room and also a patio. The prices are reasonable. Vibe is really good, and stuffs are so friendly and nice people. I loved it!
Chelsea M
03:07 25 Aug 22
large bar with a lot of space, had a lot of fun. came from out of state and enjoyed my night
Jacob D.
14:43 18 Aug 22
Stopped by for a drink our last day in town. I was not impressed, to say the least. The bar is right in the middle upon entering so you think high top...
Renee R.
13:59 16 Aug 22
Great bar, vibe, and service! The dance floor/DJ are a fun environment and there is an outdoor area as well as the front area are great for those wanting to...
Vanessa Ruiz
06:49 14 Aug 22
Phillips is the best you must get your drinks from him he’s been here 16 years he’s the bost the GOAT the best ever!!!
F M.
21:32 12 Aug 22
Delicious vegetarian options and tasty craft cocktails. We liked the patio punch and the vegetarian buffalo wings. The service was good and it felt pretty...
05:04 08 Aug 22
I'm sure nobody actually reads or cares considering we're limited to options in boys town, and as a content creator that is constantly reading reviews of places I can tell reading these reviews are short and straight to saying "how great this place is" a straight up pool of spam of people that were asked to write a "nice" review. But quite honestly I've never felt so disrespected as I did at this establishment. They have a girl security guard that thinks she can verbally harass people because she works there. As someone that lives in the neighborhood and feels that Roscoes is a safe place, this behavior should be unacceptable and when I brought up that she didn't have to speak to me in any tone, she made the decision to "call for back up" had like 5 men tell me "whatever she says goes" After she stood there yelling at me, arguing like she's not an employee calling me insecure and making fun of my outfit. Not only did I once get charged over $80 dollars here, but they have people working that genuinely don't care about having you feel welcomed, When I showed the receipts of my $12 purchase that was over charged by $80 dollars management made it such a hassle to get my money back. I had to go into the establishment on my down time, ask for the manager, had to get an email, then two weeks later I got my money back. Its one thing after another with this place. Really Really unfortunate that they have people working that honestly don't care. I get that we're limited to options so people will come here no matter what, but wow.
Rose M.
13:42 23 Jul 22
Fantastic show and fantastic food. The service was top notch. You must do the brunch! $45 gets you 1 bloody Mary, 1 entree, and bottomless mimosa x 2 hours....
Journey M.
13:21 19 Jul 22
fun place in Boystown with multiple bars, a patio, and a dancefloor! the DJ played remixes of top 40 songs that were fun to dance along to. The fog machine...
William H
16:05 15 Jul 22
Great customer service, Friendly atmosphere. I definitely would recommend this place. Also the Food Is awesome
William G Moore IV
16:39 29 Jun 22
My first time there was great, I caught the tail end of 'Roscoe's Drag Race' and was sad I didn't get there earlier. Like a TARDIS, it's bigger on the inside with some fun and spacious back areas and a patio.
Chrisi Gr
12:34 22 Jun 22
I made the worst experience ever at this place. The person at the entrance told me that they couldn't serve me because I was too drunk although I had not drunk ANYTHING at all, really nothing! I am a normal person, was dressed completely normally, behaved in a normal way, so I literally have NO IDEA at all how he could think that I was drunk. I asked him several times if he was serious and told him several times that I had not drunk anything, but he kept saying the same thing and treated me as if I was crazy or as if something was wrong with me. This has never ever happened to me before, it is absolutely insulting and humiliating, he really made me feel as if something was wrong with me as a person. I still have no explanation whatsoever for this incident. However, one thing that came to my mind is that the reason might have been racism because I'm not from the States. Anyways, I really hope that this will have consequences for the employee. It happened on June 21 around 7:30 pm and the guy I'm talking about was the employee at the entrance.
01:56 17 Jun 22
Best Bar have been going since 2008 🌈🍺🎉🤩Happy Pride ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Matthew S.
22:53 10 Jun 22
11:00pm on a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and the place was dead. I was the only one in there. Unfriendly staff. Expensive beer. A Big MEH.
Jason K.
19:19 08 Jun 22
Good drinks, typical bar food, burgers sandwiches, etc. There's Disney bingo on Wednesdays
Nice20 Freedom
17:00 05 Jun 22
Love it here, the staff are friendly!The brothers at the front always smiling. They are hearty and got abundant!I am amazing person and Amazing people loves me! what is cosmic frequency!
Sara Chappell-Dick
17:07 31 May 22
I wanted to leave a quick review bc I've had a great time at Roscoe's every time I've gone, but when I was there last wednesday I lost my phone and every staff member was SO nice helping me look for it. Then, later in the night, I was walking by Roscoe's again and the host ran outside with my phone! They had found it and recognized me as I walked past. I wish I got their name so I could thank them personally, but yall really are the best!!
Rachel Woods
20:38 05 May 22
I am love coming to Roscoe’s for Disney bingo on Wednesdays, but since starting work very very early, I haven’t been able to go in a while. However, I went to their Saturday drag brunch for the first time last weekend and it was AMAZING. The performers and emcee were awesome, music was fun (although a little too loud for my delicate ears), and brunch was delicious. Thanks so much ladies and gents and enby pals! I had a great time!
Sam W.
14:49 28 Apr 22
fun time for drinks and dancing. didn't get any food but enjoyed the lights and music
Tim Bone
16:50 27 Apr 22
Excellent place for small bites and happy hour. My Manhattan was one of the best I've had in the city. They also have a full menu, but we were there before dinner at a nearby restaurant. Very good and extra points for presentation!
Arsalaan H.
11:53 15 Apr 22
UNSAFE, RACIST, AND DANGEROUS.I was here a couple weeks ago and was attacked in the bathroom by 2 racist. They were calling me the n word and making fun of...
Princess Williams
12:08 08 Apr 22
my favorite place in boystown. great employees and viewing parties! the food is also 🔥
Ian Pierce (Moose)
06:17 06 Apr 22
Came here for 31st birthday over the weekend and really enjoyed the atmosphere. My fiancé and I are huge ru Paul fans so we always love seeing them support local businesses. Hopefully we’ll make it out soon on a Friday for viewing party. Good music to vibe with as well.
Junior V
18:03 03 Apr 22
Cool bar.. Food wise isn't a good place to come and have a bite of chicken wrap when the least you gonna found in Chicken
truest repairman
00:23 26 Mar 22
Came here for a packed night to watch drag race live. We couldn't get a table or even standing room near the stage--fine. We didn't make reservations so we understood. Part way through, my partner was starting to feel sick so he needed to get air. We stepped out for a few seconds and then tried to go back in, but the bouncer wouldn't let us back in. After we had spent a lot of money on food and drink and saved our spot along the wall for an HOUR. Extremely disappointed and upset. What a waste of time and money.
Valerie T.
17:25 25 Mar 22
Came here for a packed night to watch drag race live. We couldn't get a table or even standing room near the stage--fine. We didn't make reservations so we...
Josie Gomez
17:56 08 Mar 22
Wonderful experience. Would definitely go there again 😊
Alyssa Bell
03:39 09 Feb 22
I've gone to this bar for many years, and they have obviously had different staffing throughout. I've generally never had a problem there myself till now, but know other people who have had issues with rascist bouncers. It's 2022 and this is an issue in a queer space of all places. I was told I couldn't sit at a table to eat cuz I ordered an appitizer/drink from the bar. People grab drinks from the bar and move to tables all the time, it's as if I wasn't a paying costumer cause of zero problems. It was odd because they made it seem like it was NO way I could get a table at all even though it was more than enough. I tipped everyone that served me and that's how they treat people?This bar is rascist and it shows in the music they play and the crowd they cater to.It's is some really nice bartenders tho I will say that.
Some Guy
20:32 03 Feb 22
Been here with friends (and family) enough times to make a decision. I haven't tried the food extensively, and only been early enough to try the cocktails once BUT... Roscoe's has contributed to many great nights every time I have gone. $6 for a well drink is not too bad considering I have paid $6 for just a beer in more bars than I care to count. Atmosphere is always fun, drag shows are a blast to catch, and their are several bars all around so I have never caught myself waiting around for a drink. I would definitely reccomend this for a fun night out.
Liam S.
08:04 01 Feb 22
Had a fantastic time. The staff are very friendly and efficient. They were very thorough with Covid safety precautions. Would highly recommend.
Scott S.
13:36 27 Jan 22
The food is surprisingly good here although i'd say pretty overpriced for what it is. Gay bars used to have good deals on drinks! The peeps are very nice...
Jay Arr
10:00 19 Jan 22
Ive been a patron on roscoe tavern for close to 20 years now. It's clear after this past market days, they no longer have any standards. It's also clear that younger generations have no sense for the value of the u s dollar. The stand outside of roscoe served me melted frozen drinks. And while the bartender delivered them, AFTER paying over $60 for 4 drinks said "they're a little melted but that's ok". I thought in my head, ok, we'll see...I am never going out I the north side ever again. No one has standards anymore!I really dont care about the money but with the antics of most places these days; this place is garbage now too. Sad.
06:19 04 Dec 21
Very much a cornerstone bar of Boystown. They have been around for quite some time. It’s a big location, consisting of 2-4 bars operating on any given night. Their dance floor has great lighting and music. It can get kinda crowded and rowdy but if that’s the night your looking for then it’s perfect on the weekends. They have great Britney nights on the last Sunday of each month, as well as many other great rotating events. If you’re looking to see some of the biggest drag queens from Drag Race you’ll probably see them here. Most of the staff is really nice but sometimes you get a stinker who is a little stuck up, such is the case on most of Halsted. Always worth a drop in if you’re in Boystown for a night!
Timothy Andrew
09:01 08 Oct 21
Far too expensive. And I waited in line after being shoo'd away from a particular service area. Still waiting 10 minutes later, that bartender saw me waiting, but commenced serving others, who clearly had just showed up. They do not have a good process for serving customers. The music and video mixing was excellent, but I would not return here unless insisted upon by friends.
Mikey Kroeger
20:24 30 Sep 21
Great food and drinks. Fun spaces, though a bit of a small dance floor if you are after that.
Audra Kolker
02:10 13 Sep 21
We made a reservation at 2 PM on Saturday for Drag Brunch. Our server Korra was friendly and made sure we were taken care of. I had the bottomless mimosas and the Hangover Bruschetta. We also had the loaded fries which were delicious but a bit ambitious. I could not finish my bruschetta because I was already so full. One thing I would do differently is choose to sit inside. We missed out on much of the show sitting outside unfortunately.
N Villa
21:25 23 Aug 21
I got the crunchy chicken wrap and it was sooo good that I'll definitely be bringing a guest with me next time I visit. I ate out on the patio where the atmosphere was pretty nice. My server was also attentive and checked in on me frequently.I showed my ID and that I was fully vaxxed in order to be seated, which I think is a good move.Unfortunately didn't take pictures, but maybe next time.
Joseph Nistor
15:37 21 Aug 21
After showing vaccine passport and ID, I was immediately told there was a $20 cover by the same bouncer that let in about 6 of his buddies before me without charging them anything.After kindly declining, as I was walking away, the same bouncer said, “and what’s with that shirt”... guess this is the level of service to be expected when you have Regina George as a bouncer. The irony is that he looked like he picked his outfit from GAP Kids.It seems as though if you’re a local you get top service. If you’re out of town, you’ll be penalized.Go to Sidetrack instead.
Ashley S.
15:24 21 Aug 21
We had the most wonderful waiter here, and tipped the amazing drag queens well! Out of nowhere a manager? At Roscoes and hour and a half into our...
Mick Shanahan
03:44 21 Aug 21
Don’t waste your time. 0 stars if I could
17:56 11 Aug 21
best drag race viewing parties!! the food is also surprisingly good! I had the chicken tenders and they were lovely
Todd B.
02:43 26 Jul 21
Went for an event the other night - the staff is always great! However, the management should figure out some way of making events a better experience before the actual event. I stood the in the same place for 65 minutes before a show while watching people push their way to the front under the guise of "my friend is over there" or carrying arm-loads of drinks that were being spilled on me and others as they tried to navigate the tightly packed dance floor. This happened several times. Who could blame the honest ones though? If you left to get a refill, your space was gone. For the dishonest kids, well... teaching human decency isn't the establishment's responsibility, but I do think they can do a better job of preventing situations like those that I and other incurred.
Shamel J.
12:52 16 Jul 21
"Roscoe's" Chicago, Illinois Cover Charge: $15(Cash) / $16(Card)Music: Pop, Mega-Dance Mix, EDMRatchet Level: LOW Now this is what I'm talking about!...
18:28 03 Jul 21
Wow, this place doesn’t know what they are trying to do. Seating inside at tables, strange, and then allowing people to stand and get drinks at the bar.Never in my life have I been yelled at for going to a service station to get a drink, but here I was. Was told we needed to get a table and have a server.Had way to many people working, no one knew what was going on.Drinks are poured exactly to the drop with some automatic bird system. And for crazy prices.Place has gone down hill. Not the same place it was 10 years ago. Sad.I guess the out of towners keep this place going.SIDETRACK FOR THE WIN.
Peter Loesch
22:52 27 Jun 21
Great vibe in North Hallstead! Awesome staff! Good drinks. Pricey cover charge!
Rocky Lehman
14:56 15 Jun 21
Visited last night with a few of my friends. Marq was our server and was very friendly and attentive. The drinks and food were delicious. I would recommend getting a wrap. Food service was slow and could likely be improved. Marq did a great job and we would likely be back
Jennifer E.
21:11 13 Jun 21
My friends and I went her to have brunch and support the Drag March for Change.Our food was really good. I had the chicken and waffles which is more like...
Bartek K.
18:25 08 Jun 21
Food Music Drinks Entertainment Service Ambiance Overall a really fun place to go out with friends ! Great drinks and a decent price :)...
J Y.
14:49 07 Jun 21
Great staff. Cool atmosphere. As a foodie snobs, not really, would not have ordered food in a bar like this, but we were here last night for drinks and it...
ericka arreola
13:45 07 Jun 21
We made a reservation at 2 PM on Saturday for Drag Brunch. Our server Korra was friendly and made sure we were taken care of. I had the bottomless mimosas and the Hangover Bruschetta. We also had the loaded fries which were delicious but a bit ambitious. I could not finish my bruschetta because I was already so full. One thing I would do differently is choose to sit inside. We missed out on much of the show sitting outside unfortunately.
Alex P.
17:44 06 Jun 21
Employees like Bryce shouldnt be allowed to wear t-shirts depicting Mexican icons doing poppers. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Paulo I.
18:41 23 May 21
Came here on a Sunday evening. The wait time was only 10 minutes so we got in pretty quickly. I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad without parmesan cheese and...
Daniel Zapata
02:06 28 Apr 21
I was very very disappointed with the service i have experienced today. We waited 20 minutes for a table for two which was not a problem. However once we got inside nobody was approaching our table to serve us. I had to get up off the table and go tell someone that we had been sitting for 20 minutes waiting for someone to come and take our order. After that someone was finally was sent to our table to take our order. We ordered appetizers drinks and what food we wanted for after the appetizers. It took 25 minutes to just get our drinks and our appetizers came another 28 minutes after getting our drinks. I asked the server what was taking so long and he said that they were busy. We can clearly see a whole bunch of empty tables. Roscos maybe you should get more employees in the kitchen and on the floor. The amount of time we waited for everything is unacceptable.
Brooke Snow
14:36 02 Apr 21
This is such a fun little spot. The servers definitely know what's good on the menu. We were put in the back, but didn't feel like we were forgotten about. The bathrooms were clean and spacious. The tables are really distanced for plenty of area to walk without getting close to others. It was fun to have the music videos playing on all the tvs throughout the night. Highly recommend checking this place out.
Steven Schechter
22:04 30 Mar 21
While they had run out of the cider that I love, we had gone through a few different drinks that were enjoyable. Sadly, they were also out of R-Rods! So 2 of my faves and still 5-stars... because the service, food, and Wednesday night Disney Bingo are amazing!
Philip H.
14:44 28 Mar 21
This review is purely based on the food. Made a reservation for brunch today 3/28. Menu is pretty extensive considering they were not exclusively a...
Gina Melillo
16:33 19 Feb 21
So much fun for a night out even during quarantine. They've really done a great job in the past year ensuring the property is safe and clean while also fun and entertaining. The wait staff is always the best and the drinks are so good. So much fun to sit back and watch drag race on a Friday night. A bar that truly lives up to its name.

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