Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

London's iconic and Grade II listed LGBTQ entertainment venue

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The Royal Vauxhall Tavern has been known as an LGBTQ+ cabaret venue since the 1980s and since October 2005 has operated exclusively as a performance venue providing cabaret shows, live music, panto, dance performances stand-up comedy, musicals, club nights and more from every area of the LGBTQ+ community as a licensed premises. Licensable activities authorised by the license are defined as plays, live music, recorded music, performance of dance, provision of facilities for making music, provision of facilities for dancing, provision of facilities for similar entertainment, films, late night refreshments and supply of alcohol.

The much loved Royal Vauxhall Tavern is an Iconic London landmark and an award-winning cabaret, performance and club night destination and has built a brand creating an integral venue to the London entertainment and music industry and a catalyst to London’s night time economy.

We are the current 2020 Media and Entertainment Industry Award Winner – Voted by the public:

Best Cabaret Venue
Best LGBTQ+ Cabaret Venue
Best Cabaret Performance
Best Club Night
Best Panto/Christmas Show
Time Out – 50 Most Iconic Places in London
111 London Best Pubs & Bars
Industry Award – Outstanding Business Achievement



Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Based on 867 reviews
Ida Magnusdotter Ganeteg
08:01 12 Oct 23
Had this place recommended and it did not disappoint. Nice fresh venue, good selection of drinks (they had good non alcoholic too for those like me who don’t drink), lovely staff, fun shows, friendly visitors… a good night out
April Arm
02:06 13 May 23
love partying here with all my fab sisters!!! if felt good to be dancing wall to wall with the Brits!! best party EVER! ❤️
Mario Gómez Zepeda
03:50 12 May 23
We went there for the Eurovision 2023 semifinals - parties, and enjoyed a lot. Nice crew, wonderful people and amazing atmosphere.
Shayne Fergusson
21:34 01 May 23
Was coming to see the Bank Holiday Cabaret. Was turned away at 9pm and told the place was closing in 15 minutes. It is now close to 11pm and my friends are still there and show is still going on. Haven’t been to the RVT in a few years. I now remember why… won’t be donating to save that place again.
Richard G
21:55 12 Feb 23
Fantastic night. One of the owners was a bit snappy at the bar which was taken offence to. But redeemed himself by giving a free drink.Entertainment was brilliant, both Suz and Mary mack were hilarious, had great engagement with the audience and were decent singers. Thank you for a lovely evening.
Haz B
23:14 01 Jan 23
Having spoken to one of the owners on the phone (who was absolutely lovely) to confirm we could buy tickets on the door, my friend and I travelled to the RVT from Canada Water, on recommendation from friends. Within minutes of being there, as the only female in the bar, someone threw their entire drink over me and told me that I “brought it on myself” for going there. Another man commented on my cleavage after speaking to his friends about wanting to make me feel uncomfortable, and people looked at me like I was less than the dirt on their shoes. Having paid £15 for entry and quickly downing my pint, I begrudgingly left after 15 minutes after being made to feel less than welcome. The owner I spoke to was lovely, but please visit here with caution unless you are a male - LGBTQI+ women, you have been warned!
Cliff Orpin
20:10 01 Jan 23
We went New Years Eve! Super small venue but very friendly and Lola Lasagne hosting was the best. Older, bear crowd, just so you know
Guillaume David
00:06 31 Dec 22
My boyfriend and I were there on the 30th of december to watch the show. We weren't very kin at first, but in the end we had a very good time. The show was very funny and the atmospher great. I had already spent time there in the garden during the summer and it was cool. As long as you just are yourself and in the mood of enjoying the moment, you've got to go there ! Plus, the place is part of London's identity !
Peter Jarvis
22:45 09 Dec 22
"Private event" on a Friday, it's either true which is ridiculous or a lie which is also ridiculous. Everyone in London knows this place isn't what it once was, I don't know why they even open. Shame, it was historic, now it's a mess.
Themis Von-Blanc
19:01 26 Oct 22
I love it here, not just because of the Freddie/Diana/Kenny Legend. Looking forward to seeing Kim Wilde in December. Not been here for ages but it was always fabulous and I always left with a smile on my face
Kaye Eugene Medcalf
19:38 24 Aug 22
Today The Royal Vauxhall Tavern refused me entry due to having an assistance dog.They claimed that access for assistance dogs isn't covered by the equality act 2010 (untrue).They claimed that it was unsafe for the dog but wouldn't help make it safe (I just needed a space to sit) and said they had to put the dogs needs above that of a disabled person (me) despite Nettle going through lots of training to help her be able to cope in loud environments (and having sunshades to protect against any stobe lighting).John and James (owners) inferred I was being cruel as saying they wouldn't put their two pet dog in that situation - I explained my assistance dog has been yrained to being able to handle noise and flashing lights and I had come there prepared (eye protection etc).Dan the doorman told me I wasn't telling the truth about the law (I had said that an assistance dog is an auxillary aid and the same as a wheelchair) and said he had been on a course so felt he knew more that me.They also lied about never having dogs in the venue ever (despite having seen a friend often having pet dogs in before the show started at bar wot)James Lindsey who I had previously gotten on well with stated that he knew all about me (not sure what thats about other than trying to be threatening)Having been regularly there once a week for years before the pandemic I am so disappointed to be discriminated against at a place that's supposed to be about inclusion, refused entry and instantly talked down to, and spoken to rudely -implying I am cruel to my dog, that I am not able to judge what she can handle or can't handle (if she had been distressed at any point I would have instantly left), that I am not telling the truth and that they know more than do
Jonathane Ribeiro
17:43 21 Aug 22
Very nice place with drag queen show, close to the tube station, nice ambience, not too crowded
Richard Cox
08:23 12 Aug 22
Recently went to see Crayola at the Tavern , what a show and also so lovely to go back to the tavern after so many years , still one of the best places to see acts and properly highlights what an inclusive and diverse city london is.
World travel
18:21 31 Jul 22
Show is great and also good atmosphere. So pity that management of this pub has such a rude person on the door. Customer service training very desirable!
jasim uddin
19:43 11 Jul 22
Monday I attend Rl Vhxl Tavern quit and nice entertainment overall I enjoyedTnx Vauxhall team that’s Amazing
Hugh Porter
03:52 05 Jul 22
Cabaret stop off on way home! Quite full and lively.
Malachi Regis
15:43 12 Apr 22
Fantastic crowd, drinks aren’t outrageously expensive, and had an absolute blast for their Duckie event
win task
14:29 12 Apr 22
Built in 1863, this iconic and eclectic Grade II listed London pub provides a diverse entertainment. Basically a LGBTQ venue which holding entertainment events such as drag queen for the community. Located is great as it’s beating the heart of Vauxhall.
14:39 16 Mar 22
Good fun night out. The acta we saw on Saturday night were not really great. Not funny, not tragic. Just confusing with people not knowing how to react. Miming to the audio of old commercials/adds has been done millions of times before and way more successfully than what we saw on our last visit.
Sarah Beresford
08:29 04 Feb 22
If I could give more stars I would. We celebrated my daughters 16th at RVH and it was a fantastic night. The owners & the staff were just brilliant, the crowd amazing!! this made my daughters birthday much more special.Thank you again for allowing us to bring her & also showing her what a great community she is going into
Becky Brockwell
19:51 20 Jan 22
Fantastic night! Great atmosphere and lovely team! Can't wait to go back!
17:51 25 Nov 21
Such a great venue! Friendly and safe atmosphere.
Kenny Montgomery
12:59 04 Nov 21
Toilets are FILTHY, rest of the place not much cleaner. Staff unhelpful and lazy. More staff standing about using vulgar language than there is doing any actual work.
21:49 03 Oct 21
Always a good night out. Mixed crowd, great service, nice music. I like the fact that they have a rather generous outdoor area for London's standards.
Róbert Routen
15:51 18 Sep 21
Great venue in a former listed victorian concert hall. Great atmosphere, easy to chat to people, friendly hardworking bar staff. Good selection of drinks. As the venue is very popular sometimes not easy to get in so better to visit early to avoid the queue.
Michael Ryan
11:18 31 Aug 21
Great venue. Had a good time but! Had come to the entrance of the tavern nearly got rugby tackled by a woman bouncer who was busy chatting than doing her job properly than tackling me. 3 of us there same drinks all night but the prices were all different by different bar person. I like to think I go back.
The Savages
06:10 21 Jul 21
🌈🏳️‍🌈 wonderful staff, covid safe measures
Leon Barnfield
09:50 26 Jun 21
What an outstanding venue, the staff are totally amazing, so professional and we felt so at home. Will be going again xx
Kain Christopher Behan
19:58 20 Jun 21
Lovely staff and bouncers, a very welcoming environment with a fantastic atmosphere! Drink prices very reasonable for Zone 1/2 too.
Shaidon Smith
17:19 05 Jun 21
My knight Is shining SIA armour, managed to grab a drink and use the loo on a busy Saturday eve thanks Estelle hope to see you soon
Monsieur Hairy
12:59 10 Dec 20
I recommand Duckie on saturday nights, great music (thanks To Readers' Wives) great cabaret hosted by the greatest Amy Lamé...
John Paul Maytum
09:22 09 Dec 20
An absolute gem of London society and important cornerstone on the city's LGBT+ history. Doing a really good job keeping going given the constraints of Covid. Still fabulous after all these years.
Ashley Humphreys
20:51 05 Dec 20
Saw the Christmas Panto Pricked and it is amazing! Hilarious, talented performers, all the laughs and great venue. Wonderful staff, all social distancing and covid-safe measures followed. Support live theatre and have some holiday joy!
Kathleen Stinson
12:35 04 Dec 20
The staff here are wonderful. Had issues with a date of an event. Speaking with Dave he was able to sort the issue out! So helpful and very appreciated ! Thanks a mill
Aida Explorer
07:27 14 Oct 20
One of my favourite venues in London. Very inclusive, safe and fun. Also their shows are very entertaining, specially Bar Wotever, it can get very political and educational, very recommended.
Rob Sinclair
21:36 05 Oct 20
What a fantastic, historic and famous gay pub. Fantastic cabaret shows. Wonderful lovey crowd. Really great place to celebrate how far the community has come to support eachother
Herbie H.
05:52 16 Dec 18
I love places like Royal Vauxhall Tavern - places loaded with charm, good people, and a lot of relaxed & excited queer energy.During our visit to London,...
Nancy F.
23:09 14 Dec 18
I'm an American and during my London trip I wanted to check out some local drag shows and boy am I glad I did!I saw a show at this historic building and...
Elizabeth H.
00:27 17 Feb 18
THIS VENUE IS OPEN AND OPERATING.Sort of a duh for such an historic and storied place, but since Yelp activity lags in the UK and there's no recent review...
Astir Astir
14:08 19 Aug 16
I was invited by a friend to support this historical venue for the LGBT community. So we went a big group of 11. Didn't know what to expect but I was happily surprised.What a lovely welcoming atmosphere. The place has an old charm and a very well stocked bar.Watched a few acts loved the whole entertainment very different from what I am use to but never the less extremely enjoyable.Overall a very lovely experience.
Alex W.
13:22 26 Jul 16
Stumbled upon this place with my partner after the UK Black Pride event in the Pleasure Gardens nearby. It was JAM-PACKED with guys and there was a drag...

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