Rupert Street

Rupert Street

A gay bar in the heart of soho

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Rupert Street is Soho's most popular bar, ideally located right in the heart of all the action. Open 7 days a week, by day it is a relaxing & calm space, But by night the venue really comes alive with the most metrosexual crowd you will find anywhere, plenty of eye candy & that's not just the sexiest looking bar team around!! At weekends the bar showcases the best of London's D.J. talent, with Alessandro Londra, resident every Sunday and a massive list of D.J.'s on rotation every Saturday night, Gonzalo, Paul Heron, Oliver M,Brent Nicholls, Alessandro Londra,DJ Saki, Doug Silva, Sharon O Love ,Leonardo Golvibes, Steven Artis, Sevrino, Minx, Rich B.



Rupert Street
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Alex Colombo
21:46 12 Apr 23
Just went there, great atmosphere, friendly staff and amusing show with a drag queen, hard to find a better place!!Only minus, cocktails very light (Dutch mule), better go for a good beer instead.
Joseph Flude
16:43 06 Apr 23
Beautiful bar, beautiful people , beautiful vibes. however the one bartender that really creates the best atmosphere to drink in is Armaney ! Really sweet girl
Ronnie Malyon
18:51 17 Mar 23
As always an amazing place with the best staff! A regular here and no sign of ever leaving. Zak is a dream and always makes us feel welcome
Carlos O.
16:41 14 Mar 23
Just got back from a long weekend visit to London and it was great to enjoy some my nights at the iconic Village Bar in SoHo. My friend and I went every...
Terry Chisholm
10:03 01 Mar 23
This place is where gay men go to brag about their job, income, preppy style and/or bank balance. Also where 'wanna be toy boys' go to meet sugar daddies... only to find out they are too tight & cheap to pay the drinks tab for two. Not my vibe at all. But if you can see past it's posers and passive aggressive snobbery, it does offer some good drink specials, cheap bottles of champagne, nice dance music, good seating and lighting that makes people of all ages look good. The bar staff are adorable and friendly. They alone can make a visit worthwhile.
Francesca Alessio
15:44 29 Nov 22
Friendly staff, really nice cocktails and the Dj's makes your day😍, if you are in central London and you looking for something cool, I definitely suggest to stop by Rupert Street Bar ✨✨✨
Terry Chisholm
15:34 14 Nov 22
Thr place where gay men go to brag about their job, income, preppy style and/or bank balance. Also where wanna be toy boys go to meet sugar daddies... only to find out they are too tight & cheap to pay the drinks tab for two. Not my vibe at all. But if you can see past it's posers and passive aggressive snobbery, it does offer some good drink specials, cheap bottles of champagne, nice dance music, good seating and lighting that makes people of all ages look good. The bar staff are adorable and friendly. They alone can make a visit worthwhile.
Dewald Meiring
13:14 16 Oct 22
So as the barman start taking my order he notice a girl standing next to me, stopped my order and moved over to her. The guy was quite flirty with the girl he served ahead of me and again with the one after. I just thought it was quite poor service to stop taking a order half way through and switch to another customer.
Tom Umbac
23:08 24 Sep 22
It's been on the same spot since the ; begging of the time and probably will be there to the end of time.They've renovated the place and it looks more sleek and more 2022 rather the old interior. The one thing that you'll notice immediately is that the prices of the drinks.I think I paif more than £5 for just ginger ale. Not impressed.Staff was nice and friendly. Great to met up for a drink before going to soho, or the bar to have one for the road.
Katriona Clucas
12:55 15 Aug 22
Not sure if this place is discriminatory towards straight people but my friend and I were made to feel VERY unwelcome by the hostile bar staff who took eons to serve us, so much so that after one drink (a strangely very weak vodka and tonic in my case) we left and went across the road to The Yard, which I would totally recommend. When we asked if we could talk to the manager about the service we were told "He isn't available" and then, much quieter "And he won't care". Not sure if we were meant to here this snide comment or not but we both did.Do yourself a favour: skip this place and go somewhere friendlier.EDIT: wow, what a horrible reply from an unrepentant little manager who clearly doesn't give a toss about customer service, especially from two straight women. Misogynistic? Irrefutably. Short? Probably.EDIT 2: suggest whatever you want, you arrogant little wretch. Unless you have a tiny IQ you will already have noted that I'd rather eat razor blades in a dirty sock than visit your tawdry little pit again. Anywhere where the manager talks to customers the way you do is definitely somewhere to avoid.Oh, and a little tip for you, if you want someone to email you, perhaps you should, you know, include your email address? LOL.
Stacey Doyle
03:51 06 Aug 22
Absolutely fabulous!!!Best bar in soho. Great staff especially Connor.Staff are exceptional. Great cocktails and atmosphere is awesome.By far the best.Thanks for a fabulous night. X
Maria Manidaki
06:40 31 Jul 22
I love this place! It's always fun to visit. Great music and nice environment. Plus, Sebastian is the most positive and cute barman ON EARTH!! STUNNING DRINKS!!
Pavla Zelená
21:25 30 Jul 22
What’s better for weekend then cocktail? We came early afternoon for outing and it was great. Sabina was we’re friendly and the the choice of cocktails was pretty good. We will come again
Nikola Potesilova
18:46 30 Jul 22
Great Bar! We were served amazing cocktails and our bartender Sabina was very accommodating and fun. We will come back for sure❤️
Armaney Everett
18:31 15 Jul 22
Loveliest bar i’ve been to. The music is always on point and the cocktails are delicious ( and i can’t forget the full 5hrs of 2 for £12.00 cocktails). The staff are really fun and caring, always interacting with customers. The air conditioning is great for inside and the outside has a good amount of seats & tables for customers. I would highly recommend going to this bar, I am certain you won’t be disappointed!
Sachin Abeykoon
16:25 09 Jul 22
5 stars? NO!!! MORE THAN THAT!!!!!UNFORTUNATELY MAXIMUM IS 5.A MUST VISIT - IN LONDONIn our 2 weeks stay in London, I was practically there all the weekends and after work on weekdays!Well thanks to SEBASTIAN who made our London stay much more memorable, we came to Rupert st. Over and over!!!SEBASTIAN is the best barman in town, or even whole of England? I mean I have tried countless places all over the world but no one has ever made me a ' Stunning Drink' than SEBASTIAN!So Rupert st. Bar is a must visit and only be extra special if Your drink is made by SEBASTIAN!Such a stunning cocktail performance that you must see!!!Even my girl friends were head over their heels seeing his performance!QUEER OR NOT YOU HAVENT HAD A PROPER DRINK IF NOT MADE BY SEBASTIAN AT RUPERT'S!
Robbie K
10:28 02 Jul 22
Fabulous. Great night out! Iconic SOHO, been coming here since 1998. Love it. Always gets better. ❤️🥳👌👏🏼
Rhal hyuell
16:25 19 Jun 22
Stunning venue, great staff and music. I believe I was served by James and Connor at the bar and both were really friendly and professional. 10/10 vibes and the prosecco is a sure party starter.
Tomáš Dymák
08:18 19 Jun 22
Amazing bar with a great atmosphere. The staff is very nice and friendly. Especially Sabina is so sweet. I'll be happy to come back here.
Paul Muston
07:31 30 May 22
Went after dinner last Thursday evening for a couple of drinks. Got treated to the drag show that night. Great atmosphere, good service, good music. Highly recommend.
Ryan Farndale
19:31 16 May 22
Friendly staff, lovely looking venue! In the heart of Soho! 100% recommend going!
Paul Saunders
11:41 16 May 22
Great friendly staff, good vibe and atmosphere. A real Sunday fun day with energetic staff and a Dj.
04:45 27 Apr 22
Love this bar, nice outdoor seating area with heaters great cocktails great music great atmosphere and staff are genuinely the happiest friendly guys you'll come across in Soho! ❤
Lee Bailey
00:23 24 Apr 22
Rude/Inhospitable-- AVOID.Two friends and I walked into this bar and a cheery bartender happily served us a round of drinks. But within five minutes the music stopped and harsh lights came on. Although it was suddenly quite insalubrious, we were only a fraction of the way through our drinks and attempted to continue our conversation. In short order two different staff members told us to leave, saying the bar was closing. Then someone we assumed was an overserved patron parroting or mocking the staff swept through the room barking “Could you all please f**king leave.” When a third staff member instructed us to leave I suggested that they ought not to sell drinks to unsuspecting customers and then immediately boot them out. I was told to take it up with the manager…who it turns out was actually the “drunk customer” we had seen yelling moments prior. Many of the staff at this bar are unprofessional and the place is completely inhospitable. Door and/or bar staff should have advised us that the venue was closing imminently; instead they greedily took our money. It is due to experiences like this that as a Londoner I usually avoid Soho like the plague, especially on weekends. I would advise others to do the same.I rarely write negative reviews but this entire experience was absurd and galling.
Irena Savchenko
10:46 21 Apr 22
Friendly & welcoming staff. Excellent selection of drinks. Shame they don't do any food in the evenings. Great vibe & good music.
John S.
09:57 17 Apr 22
Strong cheap drinks and sexy Brits. What more could you want?! Would definitely come here again next time I'm in London.
Emanuella Nogueira
15:35 08 Apr 22
Had an amazing time with my girls, staff was so polite and made sure we were having a great time. Will definitely be back!
Adam Walsh
20:54 28 Mar 22
Really fun place. Very nice atmosphere with great staff and better drinks. Ideal location, guaranteed to have a great night!!!
Nick Ash
19:42 28 Mar 22
great vibes! love the Thursday drag/cabaret nights
Zach Burns
19:59 24 Mar 22
Have been coming to Rupert Street for years and love it's vibe, staff and clientele. Have the pleasure of DJ'ing here once a month and is always a great fun time
21:08 18 Feb 22
Amazing service and a great vibe on a Friday post-work; so nice to see peoples’ faces without masks too! Thanks so much team at Rupert St!
David Willis
21:16 21 Jan 22
Went here to celebrate my 40th birthday after being double booked at my previous venue. The manager Sam went out of his way to create a space for me and my guests at 5 minutes notice. Great cocktails, amazing bar staff and top music. My mum absolutely hates bars but is begging me to take her again. Truly a night to remember. Thank you Sam @ the bar team
Lucas Rambourg
10:55 09 Jan 22
Great bar, and great staff.I booked the place for my friend's birthday and I can say that I've had such a lovely experience.Truly recommend and I also must mention Louis the staff behind everything, he was super lovely and attentive to everyone showing such a kindness for the clients.The Dj is also something to highlight, such an amazing mix of disco, funky and house very well played.
Tim C
23:12 18 Dec 21
We always visit this bar a number of times whenever we're in London. A fantastic ambiance and equally fantastic staff. A great place in the centre of London to sit in the late afternoon, enjoy a drink and watch the world go by outside.
lewis french-simon
19:23 17 Dec 21
Fantastic LGBT bar in the centre of Soho. Come in any time 7 days a week and it's always fun and games. The bar is super close to Piccadilly circus so easy to get to and home 🙂
Sarah Lewis
12:16 13 Dec 21
What a great bar! The drag cabaret on a Thursday is a great addition to this soho favourite.We always come here for cocktails before the theatre as it perfectly located in the west end
David Fitch
22:37 08 Dec 21
Gotta love paying £10 for a "drink" that was literally water. Both my husband and I took a few drinks, and couldn't taste anything. It was overpriced, underwhelming, and the bartender looked incredibly lost. There are far superior bars just around the corner.Don't waste your time (or your money) at this place.
John James D.
18:03 07 Nov 21
November 2021I should start by saying that I hadn't been out in London for a couple of years after the passing of my partner & my mum both within eight...
Gail G
16:11 11 Oct 21
This is a wonderful spot in Soho, we came in on a Thursday for the drag cabaret and we can honestly say it didn't disappoint.fabulous drag queens performing and delicious cocktails flowing from the bar, what more could you ask for?We will be back next Thursday for sure.
Junior B (Junior)
16:15 29 Sep 21
I don’t go out often but when I do I always find myself at this gorgeous bar. It has such a great atmosphere as well as friendly staff, most recently I had the pleasure of being served by young Lewis who ensured that I was served efficiently and with great customer care. You are guaranteed to have a laugh here and meet new people & be surrounded by friendly faces.
Christian Sprenger
18:07 22 Sep 21
Only commercial beers on tap. The only interesting was out.Cocktails only with Prosecco or Mojitos. Boring.
John Taylor Smith
12:10 16 Sep 21
I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the bar. I was served by a short Mediterranean/latino older man initially who was more concerned about the speed he was serving me rather than any customer service; however my experience was turned around when the younger member of the team named Lewis served me. He was very polite, engaging and his cocktails were spot on!! It wasn’t busy and I really appreciated Lewis taking the time to ask me about my day and my plans that evening. Excellent service and I look forward to coming back.
Anthony Richards
21:02 01 Sep 21
Really lovely bar in the middle of theatre-land. Welcoming, friendly, accessible to all; well worth a visit.
Mark West
20:24 11 Jul 21
What a lovely bar. The staff are just great especially Amelia who was friendly, attentive and really good fun. If you want a good night out in London, make sure you stop by.
Alex Eugenio
17:32 08 Jul 21
Always great selection of wines and service (especially if you are carefully looked after by Patrick). Upbeat vibe and mixed clientele. Highly recommended.
Catherine Gray
11:50 28 Jun 21
Amazing drinks and the team were awesome! Really made the night memorable. Definitely going back next time I’m in London!
Bethany Avis-Riordan
18:24 27 Jun 21
Brilliant bar, been here a few times for cocktails after work. Love the place.
Sham C
19:21 21 Jun 21
Great bar and great cocktails! Patrick is so sweet to us every time we come and always serves us really quickly and is so warm and welcome. He also makes the best drinks! He’s an asset to the bar so look out for him during your visit!
Stephen Tonks
16:35 14 Jun 21
Covid measures in place make it feel very safe and the staff are always vigilant to stop others mixing and breaking the rules. Great service from all bar staff, friendly service with a smile during these unprecedented times
Gianluca Minozzo
16:08 14 Jun 21
The venue of course, central Soho.But the staff is simply amazing!!!Friendly, welcoming and kind.Keep up the good work guys!Thank you for making it a pleasant experience every time I get to visit your bar 🙂
G G - Fitter By Fifty
23:39 13 Jun 21
Rupert Street Bar has been a firm favourite of mine for the last couple of years. During my most recent visit I was impressed with how safe, clean and ‘COVID Secure’ it felt. My friends and I were seated promptly by Sam, the Bar Manager, and we received excellent and attentive customer service at our table by Patrick throughout the evening. It felt good to be able to go out-out again; my friends and I would definitely recommend Rupert Street Bar as a great place to chill out and unwind and watch the world go by. Looking forward to my next visit already. Thanks for having us!
Paul Carroll
21:06 10 Jun 21
The staff and management were extremely friendly and helpful when it came to new covid measures. I haven't been to Rupert Street for years but we'll definitely be coming back after tonight's experience. Well done Rupert Street. Xx
Wallace Thomas
09:01 16 Mar 21
20-some thing body of workers member who hates his task....I order a 75£ bottle of champagne and he acts so inconvenienced. I blame the supervisor for now not having a pulse on his workforce. (Oct 30 Saturday night time shift at eight pm, operating the outside tables) thanks men for the splendid enjoy!
20:22 30 Oct 20
20-something staff member who hates his job....I order a 75£ bottle of champagne and he acts so inconvenienced. I blame the manager for not having a pulse on his staff. (Oct 30 Saturday night shift at 8 pm, working the outdoor tables) thanks guys for the great experience!
Patrick Davis
19:59 18 Aug 20
Very quick service, polite staff and very clean. The security guard was amazing this evening as he was even cleaning tables after use!!! Keep it up! And thank you
Jan Nirmal
12:26 20 Feb 20
Enjoyed my birthday party over the weekend which I booked online. Had a nice open space to accommodate everyone (20 guests) and drinks, especially the cocktails are really reasonably priced. Take one star off as one staff member tending to our table could have been nicer instead of scowling at me when I ordered through him, but we also had a new member work our table too who was lovely. Thanks so much for a great experience.
Adrian D.
15:06 13 Dec 19
Most unfriendly staff i've come across in a long time! They won't see me in a long long long time!
Danny S.
19:02 12 Oct 19
Husband and I got there and it was weird that the bouncer with the ear walkie talkie was behind the bar so we stood clear of him, come to find out he was...
17:49 14 Mar 18
Came here to celebrate my recent engagement and couldn't believe the lack of care from the staff. My fiancé and I were so excited to celebrate and it seemed...
Brendan C.
17:46 28 Feb 17
Yasss! Hooray for Soho! FABULOUS happy hour here! I met many Spanish people here so I thought I would leave a Spanish joke:Doctor, doctor? qué me ha...
Rachael Z.
18:50 03 Feb 14
I would say we were about 70% sure of the establishment we were entering before we walked in, but the bouncer was sure to point it out.Bouncer: "Are you...

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