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Sailors Sauna, nestled in London's vibrant East End, stands out as a prominent destination in the gay sauna scene. This venue is particularly known for its extensive facilities and welcoming atmosphere, catering to a diverse clientele, including East End locals and city workers. Its convenient location, just two stops from Fenchurch Street or Canary Wharf, and a mere one-minute walk from the Limehouse DLR station, makes it easily accessible.

The sauna offers a variety of amenities designed to enhance the relaxation and social experience. Key features include a steam room, sauna, large spa pool, and private relaxation cabins, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit. The chill-out TV lounge provides a cozy space for guests to unwind and socialize, while the rooftop garden offers a unique outdoor retreat. Additionally, Sailors Sauna hosts special events and themed nights, such as Latino night, adding a vibrant and dynamic aspect to the sauna experience.

Sailors Sauna is not just about relaxation; it's a social hub. The owner, Richard, emphasizes the importance of saunas in gay culture and community, offering a space where visitors can connect, relax, and have fun in a welcoming environment. The sauna also offers a variety of food and refreshments, making it a full-service destination for those looking to spend a leisurely day.

The venue's commitment to cleanliness and safety is evident in its continuous cleaning protocols and use of high-level disinfectants, ensuring a hygienic environment for its patrons. Additionally, Sailors Sauna operates a loyalty program, rewarding frequent visitors with complimentary visits, adding value to the overall experience.



Based on 75 reviews
Remigijus Volkas
21:20 31 May 24
This sauna is the best in London with the looker room very nice management and very clean.
Kelvin Mayhew
18:36 03 Apr 24
At desk staff member polite but no staff going around cleaning the place this was on a Wednesday no excuse for untidiness condoms left on floor lube and no one going around cleaning and checking if people are OK it should be a safe place and feel very uncomfortable waterloo one lovely staff going around checking on people and cleaning evey 5 mins need to get more staff on all the floors and over priced 24 pounds
Dont Fallasleep
00:02 14 Feb 24
On the door :Closing 23:00Website 3300Guy kicks us out at 20:00My friend arrived 1 hour before closing he said nothing .... when I asked him he said "ju shold acheck de website" ... honestly...
Dani Singer
23:04 09 Jan 24
My first visit last weekend was great, even though it was pretty quiet. Really lovely facilities (five million times better than sweatbox) and faded charm. Will definitely be back at a different time of day as 9pm on Saturday night was only a handful of people in. Still, those people were really nice. Felt very comfortable as a trans person also. Very happy to have this place as my local!
gavino mulas
12:01 25 Dec 23
I love the place.. not so crowded but grate atmosphere always
Mustafa Kutlucan
16:12 03 Dec 23
I have been a customer show this owner for over 20 years. I’ve always rated Sailors to be the best sauna in London. Unfortunately the management of the sauna is not like it used to be. On my last visit, it was absolutely freezing cold in the building, the Jacuzzi water was lukewarm too cold. The steam room and sauna temperature was so low that I could feel the cold on the floor in the steam room and sauna. Every customer inside were complaining as to how cold it was. The customers were even walking around with their long sleeve tops or cardigans on. I appreciate that there is a massive increase in the energy prices, but this is not a good enough Excuse to keep the heating and thermostat on a very low temperature. Especially after charging the entry fee of £22 at the door. Surely you wouldn’t think that the management would notice that their customers were walking around semi clothed in their establishment. The management needs to make serious changes otherwise I’m worried that this sauna will not have a future. It would be a big loss to see this sauna close down as I do genuinely love the place..
Marco Lauder
23:14 30 Nov 23
I visited this place a few months ago to see if it had gotten better. Sad to say it's still deadand Guzm. Don't waste your time or money
christopher baxter
21:25 26 Oct 23
Nice sauna the negative reviews on here are not deserved friendly staff mixture of people young anf old would deffo go again in the future recommend highly
David Law
21:23 20 Sep 23
Just recently visited here , it was 22pounds entry. .. 22 pounds! Let me tell yarl when I say I wasn't ready I mean I was not ready!! After taking my first one rounder around the place all I could think about was my 22pounds.. I wouldn't go again if they paid me 22pounds what a sad, dated, soulless place, it was dead ! Squeaky hollow creaky floors, no life , fercilities wer working but not a very exciting place to be, old fashioned outdated needs a complete refurbishment sorry just my honest opinion please don't waste your money like me
Ron Philpott
10:05 20 Mar 23
Awful place , the Brazilian on the desk is the rudest person I've ever met. Website states they close at 11pm with last entry being 10pm ..why was I asked to leave at.9.45 pm on a Thursday evening and the staff pretending they close at 10pm. Feel sorry for anyone that made the effort to go just before 10pm as you would have had a wasted journey. I wouldnt go back here if you paid me.Looking at the replies from the owner to other comments it seems he is as bad as his boyfriend/husband. So don't expect anything to change as they are two of a kind
Gavan Meehan
22:17 06 Feb 23
Went to Sailor’s today and had a lovely relaxing time. I couldn’t stay for the food but I enjoyed plenty of eye candy earlier with friendly clientele. The staff was obviously attentive to the clientele, without being intrusive. Am definitely coming back , especially for Big and Cuddly Mondays.
17:55 02 Dec 22
This review may seem pointed but it honestly comes from a place of construct. Sailors is actually a hidden Gem in Limehouse. You wouldn’t expect the area to host such a place but here we are standing corrected.Staff are so lovely. Food smells so good. The team a eem to go above and beyond and from what I noticed, love to look after the regulars. Can’t fault service.In regards to the clientele. If you’re a ‘mature person’ that wants some frills out of ages alike or if you’re into mature bears and daddies. sailors seems to be the place to be. There’s not many places that hold home for a specific crowd/age group.First qualm is that the place can be quite cold. Being a place of leisure, you can’t relax In many areas unless it being in the steam room/sauna or jacuzzi. I’m not even sure there is heaters on the terrace smoking area, u risk catching a cold if you take cigarette breaks during your time at sailors.Each time I’ve visited the jacuzzi water has pubes/hair floating around and what looks like food. The filter needs to be looked at.I’ve noticed a lot of hygiene related signage but not much about cruising etiquette. Please add some posters throughout the halls if there is, more visible. Consent is sexy and is so important to promote safe welcoming environment. Or even ensure that people who come to Sailors for the first time sign a notice of understanding (do’s & don’ts)In regards to the floors that are open. “You’re only as strong as you’re weakest player”. The bottom floor is so well sought out in regards to amenities. And as you go up it just gets more and more run down and cold, it’s lacking attention to detailThere is a huge gap in the age group. Variety is so important in spaces such as this one. I would recommend looking into getting a door host who can advertise the venue, who is well known on the queer scene with a younger following, Or even a drag artist for the lounge or roof terrace one night a month. Just to spread the good gospel.In the end though, I would definitely recommend going to Sailors.A large majority can all agree that lgbtq+ venues are closing left right and centre and we must support our little hubs even if they are a little rough and ready. It’s definitely a good starter experience if you haven’t been to a setting similar. I am however struggling to find a space for me within this site to keep returning.
James Lynch
10:01 28 Oct 22
Last wk I asked the angry unpleasant s American man on desk if we cd have the cold sauna a bit hotter. For this I got a tirade of a abuse and told to sling my hook, I said if it’s cold there isn’t any point in it being open. Big mistake. I left last Monday and thanked him and he thanked me and we both said goodbye. Today I enter and he told me I’m barred for complaining and saying the whole place should be shut down, I didn’t say that but it didn’t matter.I been going for years but never again, to whoever pays the bill…he’s a liability
Billy Roy
20:26 03 Oct 22
Had a great time there the staff were friendly i feel that some small parts of the place needs updating and one of the showers is cold but has the red sticker for hot small things in general someone who reviewed before complained about one of the staff not having good English hes English can do with improvement but i was able to communicate with him well enough. Someone also complained on a review about the sauna not being hot enough when i went there that was true but i just found a member of staff and they sorted it out right away. I also had some of there hot chicken wings they were great, im sure with a little bit of work the place will deserve a 5 star rating!
John Willsdon
11:42 25 Aug 22
Sailors is great. Relaxed and easy going, nice variety of guys. Not so many “A gays” and plenty of real men. Deducted a star because it closes so early. Even on the weekends. I’m sure even a couple of hours later and you would draw a bigger crowd.
Michał Knap
18:17 31 Jul 22
I went to the sauna today to relax and have fun, it turned out to be a terrible sauna, very small people, very narrow shower, the basement is dangerous because you can hit your forehead and it's dark. I generally didn't have a good time, it's a waste time I do not recommend it is not worth going there better go to the waterlooso wasteful money
Steve Gray
10:36 28 May 22
Possibly the worst sauna you will find in the entire world, with the worst customer service included. Abandon hope all who enter🙈😱
Steve Gray
19:13 27 May 22
Possibly the dirtiest, smelliest sauna you will find in the entire world, customer service included. Abandon hope all who enter🙈😱
Andy Nicholls
13:32 10 May 22
Whilst it is a bit pricey, you have to remember all businesses suffered badly over the last 2 yrs.Often a wide range of ages and diversity, I personally love the jacuzzi and stay in it for ages..have had fun in here and guys and staff always friendly..only downside is not as many guys here as pre covid
El Othmani Lavandou
09:39 05 May 22
I have been going to sailors , for many years always had FUN great staff & great teamAnd fantastic facilities.Keep up the good work & I’ll be deft coming back 👍👍👍
Kulvinder Hayre
20:02 01 May 22
This was my first visit at the sauna. The lockers was good. But the showers downstairs were freezing cold and rest of the building was extremely cold. I was not happy at all. The sauna was really small and I nearly got burnt by the hot charcoal which was right near the doorway also I hit my head on the roof as I was about to sit on the second row bench. The steam room was also small. The rest room and private rooms were really nice n big for privacy. They can do with more heating and showers. The second floor had also showers but they weren’t working. The sailors closed on the 26th April this year for maintenance but nothing seemed to change. I was extremely disappointed when I visited the place. It was really quite and not many customers there. I met a few guys they were unhappy with the place and they were expressing their feelings about the place.
Stan Devon
14:58 08 Dec 21
A little dated in its decor but good size multi level sauna. Not busy but the guys that were there all had a good playful attitude. A little over priced for what it offers.
David Wensley
20:57 10 Nov 21
I visited sailors on the 10th of November 2021 which was my second time first time was about 3 years ago or more I went with my mate we both enjoyed the time there we went around midday they have done the place up since the last time I went which looks alot better staff really friendly mad us feel comfortable would recommend a visit to this establishment definitely will be back again
22:25 29 Oct 21
tried again 2 months ago.Didnt even make it past the door.As I entered the Italian/Brazilian guy on the door just stood there,no greeting nothing.Asked if it was alright to come in.Still nothing a vague mumbling under his breath so annoyed was i at his arrogance and rudeness I said do you want my money or not? Then he got really rude so I left.I'm suprised that sailors can afford to turn customers away.Awful
Lee Hanson
10:17 14 Oct 21
I stopped here with my good friend BAT21, we had a delightful time! The towel boys were great! They even went and got us some Whoppers from Burger King!
verde andino
11:38 25 Sep 21
The receptionist usually is very rude don’t even say hello to the customers that’s appalling!!
easy lay
06:14 25 Aug 21
Hacing been to this sauna in the past I decided to look at the latest review to see if during the lockdown thy have updated this sauna. Size wise its great & location is accessible given I travel from central on london when visiting.I was disappointed to read that sadly the same tired sauna exists, whilst I don't mean to put the hard working guys running it down it could do with a bit of an uplift, some promoting & events to get guys into it on the quieter days like Weds. All other Central saunas I've been to are buzzing on most weekdays & Sailors could be to. Please owner don't turn against my comments & suggest I come at the weekend-some people have to be elsewhere to work & I love to give everyone a chance . I genuinely feel if they were to have a naked day weds all day or a bears only or some themed day guys would flock bringing in more revenue & make it a more popular place. This is a genuine review not a put down or meant as an insult to the hard working guys-i want this sauna to listen & perhaps learn from its patrons.
09:55 08 Jul 21
Love this place & have visited many times always have fun a very mixed bag of people young & old just how it should be & shall be visiting again this Friday 9th July around 2pm if anyone's up for some fun ....
Nico Green
06:12 27 Jun 21
Great Space - clean and friendly with lots of hot guys of all ages. Lots of effort has been made to make the place comfortable and safe well worth a visit.
Michael Johnson
07:53 03 Jun 21
To all at sailors.Its been a hugely challenging time this last year and it brings me great pleasure to see you have weathered the storm. I look forward to visiting as soon as all restrictions are lifted...I'll be the person with a bag on my head lolTake care all and realise that your place in the community is greatly appreciated.Xxx.
sim tim
21:19 17 Jan 21
I cannot wait for this place to reopen. I always have such a good time there. Its been so long i miss it very much. I dont know what people are complaining about its a good place thats been running for years. It would be cool if it had a small pool or another hot tub but I live near by and cannot complain.
Dario De Stefano
03:53 09 Nov 19
Such a good place! Staff is really nice and helpful.There is a lot of place, several floors and it doesn't feel claustrophobic like other saunas! The private cabin are very spacious as well.The jacuzzi is deep and you can stand inside and have water up to your neck.I've heard that they recently started to open 24hrs during weekends.Very impressed!I went very late on a Friday and still managed to find good fun 😉
Carlos Dunga
18:29 20 Oct 19
This sauna is small, the staff is very nice. There is a nice snack on Fridays: fries, sausages, unfortunately you can't buy beer there. The place is quite clean. There are very few men, and the average age of men much over 45 years, this place should not be called Sailors, but a senior club. I think that these 18 pounds for admission can be better invested in other similar places, which are larger and have more customers and younger cruisers. This is not a place I will come back to.
20:49 25 Mar 19
I haven't visited this sauna for a couple of years. Not much has changed although it seems to be becoming even more dowdy (as can be seen by the gay flag on the roof). They are attempting to smarten the place up as when I was there the basement area was closed for painting.It still has the same facilities, namely a small steam room, sauna and a rather uncomfortable Jacuzzi. The reception and lounge area is quite nice and comfortable and the staff are also very pleasant. Whilst I was there lots of cleaning was taking place.The clients are of mixed ages although the majority are over 40 but there is also a nice ethnic mix. There were about 30 there during the couple of hours I was visiting on a Saturday afternoon.The first floor is divided into various private rooms and there used to be an access to the external roof-garden/smoking area which is now locked. The top floor is divided into small cubicles as well as a large darkroom and the video can also be viewed on this floor, although the seating is very uncomfortable.At £18 I consider that this is an overpriced venue bearing in mind its locality and how difficult it is to travel to the place unless you live in Central, East or South East London. They do still give concessions for the unemployed, under 25's and those with a Freedom Pass which may make it a little less expensive for those fortunates.Probably isn't worth the visit unless you live close by.

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