Supper club & bar with a chilled-out vibe, plus drink specials, DJs & global fusion dishes.

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The Saloon offers a relaxed atmosphere where people can simply come and have a drink before an event as well as spend their entire evening dining out, making the Saloon their event.



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TZ Snow
01:36 22 Apr 24
Sat at the bar, had great service, great cocktail, and superb food! The salmon tartare was so good!!
03:33 15 Apr 24
Ordered a $13 cocktail this weekend for last call that required ginger beer. I watched the bar tender finish a bottle of an almost empty ginger beer (couple tablespoons left) and then saw him eyeball it, and then proceed to pour in what looked - and tasted - like soda water. Nothing like an overpriced watered down cocktail. I wished he would have just asked me if id take a different cocktail instead. Just a shame, it was a beautiful cocktail that tasted significantly diluted, and it was my first drink of the night so very hard not to notice.3 stars because at least it had the alcohol in it.
Jason Skinner
06:15 17 Mar 24
Such a good place. Tues night martini deal. I will def be back. Bartender was super personable and made us feel welcome. Was a clean place. Great drinks
Nicholus Demers
12:44 06 Mar 24
I come here for the experience of the good edm and house music !The food here is definitely an upgrade from most bar restaurant foods, they have a nice kitchen team that prepares refreshing meals.I’ve tried burger saloon, soup du jour, calamari, house steak bavette, house salad, sweet potato fries, tzatziki bread, butter chicken 👍
thereaperunleashed F
01:23 27 Feb 24
Came from hamilton way and I have to say this is the best bar I've ever been to. Great inhouse made food, amazing service very friendly! Spoke fluent English and were very accommodating! Will definitely be back next time we're up here! Sam, the other bartender didn't catch their name were superhelpful, amazing to talk to and just great service atmosphere and food all around. This place puts any bar/nightclub in ontario to shame! Try the French onion soup! You won't want anything else!
Joseph Tesolin
00:02 18 Feb 24
It is my favorite place to eat in the village ! I come to celebrate Valentine's every year, my wife had the bavette and I had the surf n turf, nothing less than 5 stars !!! Alexis our server was very attentive and courteous. Can’t go wrong with Saloon.
Deedee Hodgins
03:15 30 Oct 23
Saloon offers an absolutely out-of-this-world mac and cheese. I have never tasted anything like it. The addition of goldfish was a unique choice that I wasn't sure about, but it paired perfectly with the dish. The atmosphere is very nice and romantic, making it a perfect spot for a date.
Demetri Karoutsos
13:27 25 Sep 23
A local merchant recommended this place to David, our friends and myself and we are so glad we checked it out. The food, cocktails, atmosphere and service were exceptional. Simon our waiter was charming and only added to our dinning experience. It’s establishments like this that make Montreal’s Gay Village a destination worth visiting still.
14:29 24 Sep 23
Food was tasty, Saloon burger was delicious and fries were well seasoned. The chicken fingers were all right.The waiter was suuuper cute and very friendlyThe music was a bit loud, but this seems to be the norm at restaurants these days
Inder B
21:19 16 Sep 23
This place was a vibe. The Dj had it all , the food and cocktails were on point. Really enjoyed the service and atmosphere was perfect.
Guido Núñez-Mujica
02:45 16 Sep 23
Sigh.We were very excited about this place, since we have had wonderful food on this trip.We ordered an onion soup that was bland and tiny. The nachos were very good, delicious sauces and very good tortillas, but we got the extra chicken and it had literally three small pieces of chicken. Yes, literally, three small bites. Awful.My cocktail was weak.The vibe of the place is great, and their front terrace was very nice. The servers were very friendly and helpful, even if the food was very slow to arrive. Edit: our last course arrived 27 minutes after we finished the appetizers, which also were slow. We complained about their chicken and to their credit, they removed the extra chicken from the nachos on the check.The salmon was bland, very little seasoning, the potatoes were also bland and they were stingy (3 small potatoes, really) with them. The veggies that came with the salmon were very good, tho.It's really sad that a place with such a great potential ended up being such a disappointment. 🙁
Marcelo Juica
18:40 09 Sep 23
great food! very nice restaurant... with music in the background. Great cocktails. It was expensive there! so read menu and charges well.
David Toth
03:01 14 Aug 23
The best place on St-Catherine for Mac’cheese and for good music with Dj his Instagram: @jmledj ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The food is fantastic for my taste and i need to mention the Outstanding service of Nick really amazing friendly guy! Highly recommend
Jacob Robertson
00:07 01 Aug 23
Very nice! Food was good. The margaritas were surprisingly some super good margaritas!! Of course we had the happy hour doubles... And the servers were very nice, friendly, handsome, attentive, did I mention handsome? I recommend.
Alexander Conrad
19:18 04 Jul 23
I went to Saloon with two friends. My friends ordered appetizers and main food to eat after. I ordered just a main food. The appetizer for my friends came quickly. So far everything is good. After an hour, literally, we called the waitress and asked for the main food. She said the kitchen was very busy but it was coming soon. Another 15 minutes, no food and no news. We called the waitress again to find out the status of our food. This time she said she was waiting for us to finish the appetizer before she sent the main food order in the kitchen. That was a new story because when she took the order she confirmed with us that we wanted the main food as soon as possible and no need to wait. She apologized and said she would go ask the kitchen how long it would take and come let us know. Again it took about 15 minutes, she didn't come back but I saw her serving other tables. We decided to leave as it was obvious we would not have our food after about an hour and half of waiting. Some other tables next to us also cancelled their food orders and left.We called the waitress to ask the bill. She came and did not even say anything about the food but I asked about it and this time she said they didn't have any bread in the kitchen to make a hamburger. It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? We paid and left.I was starving. I walked just 50 meters and ordered the same food at Notre-Boeuf-De-Grâce. It took 15 minutes, cheaper and it was super delicious with excellent service.
Gabriel Serrano
02:06 29 May 23
Really good service. The server knew his job and was able to suggest among the variety of dishes the one that we enjoyed. Nice ambiance, and we're offered a table in the Terrace.
Gabrielle B. Gagné
00:15 22 May 23
I got the calamari entry, it was really tasty but on the smaller size. Also got the half ribs and it was tender, juicy and honestly one of the best ribs I had. All the people I was with were more than satisfied with their meals. Service was also superb!! They were friendly, accommodating and attentive. Would recommend again and again!! ❤️
Mattijs Peters
00:31 25 Mar 23
Came in for a quick diner....all was ok..service good and friendly. Diner served promptly.
Madame S
20:16 13 Jan 23
Great atmosphere, quick and friendly service and the owner is fantastic.The food was delicious, the best tacos that I’ve ever had in my life. Truly an explosion of flavours in your mouth, topped off with fresh cilantro. So colourful and appetizing.The surf and turf rivals that of the best steakhouses at 1/2 the price.Crispy chicken very moist and juicy.The drinks “The SALOON CEASAR rimmed with steak spice was a sip by sip deliciousness, the yummy olives, the basilic, balsamique, and a generous just right amount of vodka.The hot shots, the music was all great. Amazing experience.Thank you Le Saloon!!!Merci à toute votre équipe!
Shelley Porcheron McGill
23:40 26 Dec 22
Went for a friend's birthday. Staff was super accomadating and friendly. Atmosphere, food and staff were fantastic. If you're looking for a good restaurant in Montréal, this is the one.
Madame S
16:13 24 Dec 22
Great atmosphere, quick and friendly service and the owner is fantastic.The food was delicious, the best tacos that I’ve ever had in my life. Truly an explosion of flavours in your mouth, topped off with fresh cilantro. So colourful and appetizing.The surf and turf rivals that of the best steakhouses at 1/2 the price.Crispy chicken very moist and juicy.The drinks “The SALOON CEASAR rimmed with steak spice was a sip by sip deliciousness, the yummy olives, the basilic, balsamique, and a generous just right amount of vodka.The hot shots, the music was all great. Amazing experience.Thank you Le Saloon!!!Merci à toute votre équipe!
Catherine Blouin
00:49 19 Dec 22
Amazing placeStaff is incredible so is the owner5 stars and more
Cynthia Drummond
03:48 10 Oct 22
I got the chicken fillet along with the pillow princess and the purple rain. I got 3 fillets and they were almost like nuggets so for $10 I didn't think they were worth it even if they were just an appetizer. Both drinks were delicious tho and I would recommend. The pillow princess reminded me of a raspberry long island iced tea and the purple rain was originally too tart for me but after a moment of the ice melting, it was fantastic. A friend got the poutine and that was a large serving so I would recommend that.
J.A. J.
15:25 29 Aug 22
Had a fun experience here. Great atmosphere, friendly service, quick. ate dinner before a show. French onion soup and penne was decent and plenty of food. friend had the cheeseburger and said it was one of the best on our trip. made a reservation but didn't need to on a Sunday.
Jay Narey
17:58 21 Aug 22
Great restaurant in the Village.Had the Butter Chicken that was super delicious.
Simon Cousineau
05:58 20 Aug 22
Super fun place! Music is good, cocktails are amazing and food is great. You should definitely try the Purple Rain cocktail! 10/10
Richard Fortner
21:05 14 Aug 22
if you love watered down cocktails, this is your place! I had 3 mojitos at $20 per drink. Im usually a lightweight but kept trying to get a nice buzz going. It never happened. The nachos with added chicken (which was about 1/8 of a breast) was terrible as well.
Jose Alberto Botero Fuentes
18:37 01 Aug 22
It was good, although I asked for French fries and they were soaked on oil. Not a good presentation and looking. They looked old and disgusting. Service was great.
James Lord Edwards
00:31 15 Jul 22
I was here earlier in the week with my friend and our waiter Marco was AMAZING. Fast forward to tonight. Service to order was long, the staff did not know the wifi, my beer was sent to the wrong table, my waiter should have know the catch of the day fully rather than some salmon dish on rice and lastly I ordered the NY steak only to find out they were out. I sure hope what I about to eat is decent.
Joel Diotte
14:00 14 Jun 22
I enjoyed my time here, however staff were a tad poor at seating as I originally asked to sit inside (just to enjoy the energy) and after saying they'd bring me to a table, they realized they had none empty and just said sit at the bar. Instead I opted to walk out and sit on the patio.Very attentive service when I did sit on the patio; never needed to wait for the gentleman to take my order or get another drink. Minor issue when ordering the drinks, but I blame that on my own language barrier and not the staff.
Charlotte Mikkelson
00:46 14 Jun 22
Loved my food. I had the grilled chicken burger with fries and it was super tasty.
Guy Claeys
22:59 12 Jun 22
Nice terrace. Good choice of drinks at reasonable prices. No menu available, only by scanning a QR code. No effort is made to bring you a hard copy, so make sure you come with a charged smartphone
fabrice messi
04:36 10 May 22
The service was fast and the servers were very good at their job. It's gay friendly 😂. Well it's inside the village so yeah😂
Samantha Newman
17:54 22 Mar 22
Went out to this place Sunday March 13th and had an amazing time! The drinks were great, the vibe was great, loved Simon and his music! He recommended a purple drink that for the life of me I cannot remember, and it was absolutely delish! Will definitely be going back!
Paco Bordeleau
22:16 16 Mar 22
Good vegetarian selection. I didn't expect much and I ended up finding something up to my picky taste at fair price.
Rachel Green
12:57 17 Feb 22
this is a noisy and comfortable restaurant with a somewhat upscale pub menu (loads of burgers!) and very friendly service. my dining partner and I both had salmon tartare, of two different varieties. although I had requested spicy, it was not spicy at all and in fact I found it under flavored despite all of the additions to the salmon. it was also very salty. the presentation was great, and it came with a nice salad. the salad, however, was served in a two small bowl, so I used my tartare plate for the salad, after I had finished the tartare. we were still hungry so we ordered an entree of calamari which was competent, but nothing special. all in all, I would rate this a three and a half stars.
Thean Beckerling
01:19 23 Dec 21
So far I'm only greeted by French arrogance. No sign of Service. Watching the Server drinks shots with customers. I don't have a drink yet. Classy!
Francie Addae
04:44 14 Nov 21
Bartender was awesome! Great drinks and great service
Adam Levy
00:27 14 Nov 21
Not very accommodating. Just didn't want to seat us. Didn't want to put us on the waitlist. 7:30 and the restaurant was almost empty. Two of us only. Very very strange.
Chloe L
14:00 05 Nov 21
The various cocktails are really tasty, but the food used to be better a couple of years ago. I loved the burgers but now they're limiting toppings, so it doesn't taste like much other than the patty.The vibe is great and the service is excellent.
Firas El-Dali
22:59 10 Oct 21
This placed used to be good. Not anymore . 1/2 portions compared to before , and the quality of food is very disappointing. We brought our mother in law her to treat her.. that was a mistake . It’s unfortunate.
Anne Desautels
15:32 15 Aug 21
Thank god for the bartenders who were practically running the whole place! The manager was so rude and arrogant. As I was paying my $200 bill, he told me he gave me 2 minutes to leave! Not sure if he was power tripping or jealous that people were having fun at the bar but he ruined our experience. They lost a bunch of us as clients.
12:08 07 Aug 21
Nothing too crazy, But the Mediterranean Pastas are delicious. The Calamari were delicious, the chicken mac and cheese also.The atmosphere was nice, I like the music. You can book for a big group. They have 2 bathrooms.The waiting time for your plates is kind of long.You can spot favoritism in the way some waiters are moving which is why I am giving it 2 stars.The waiters are a reflection of the business and if the waiters are adopting a pattern of behavior, it shows a lot about the Identity of the Brand that the restaurant has.
Zach Salib
20:38 28 Jul 21
Love the Vibe and their burgers are delicious
6ix_Papi Trap
18:04 27 Jun 21
horrible service the servers are always rude and try to upsell you
Ray Kyle
18:55 06 Jun 21
This place is gone downhill a little bit.The staff is a little bit less friendly.And definitely less value for money.It definitely doesn't have the same appeal as it did back in the day. This place does not have English menus not recommended for English clients.
Reese De Luca
13:11 01 May 21
A great resto with nice ambience and setting right in the heart of the village. They have a yummy selection of burgers that won’t disappoint.
Pierre F Salomon Du Mont
10:51 04 Sep 20
This restaurant is one of my favorites in Montréal. Always good service, a splendid cocktail menu and the food is great. Also I like that there is always a friendly atmosphere
salar Taba
18:21 03 Jul 20
Amazing staff and great food. I went there for lunch while I was visiting Montreal. The food quality was fantastic. Drinks are awesome. Sebastian Was the waiter and he was very friendly and provided great service. Thank you Saloon bar and thank you Sebastian for making my experience great! I will definitely ba back!
The House Of Brand
15:33 09 Mar 20
Just went to this Restaurant this weekend, The Owner Is Quite rude ! Had the Chicken Breast for Dinner and I was food poisoned the chicken was cooked on the outside and frozen in the inside
James Nunez
22:11 16 May 19
Saloon is our first stop when we get into town. We love stopping in for lunch and a cocktail or two before checking in to our Airbnb. It's right on St Catherine's. The food is always consistently good. I have noticed the menu changes often. This time I had their salmon tartar with salad. It was delicious. It's served on stone slate with a side of bread chips. The salmon was fresh and very nicely seasoned and prepared. The salad was good with slightly too much dressing. I'll ask for it on the side next time. It came with a very good vegetable soup. The quesadilla was good as well. Nice size and well prepared. The service is always welcoming and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. They have a full bar. During the spring and summer months they have plenty of outdoor seating to people watch. Saloon is never a miss.

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