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Sauna Babylonia

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Babylonia was opened in 1998 and completely renovated in the spring of 2013. Very popular sauna on a total area of 500m2 including a dry sauna, 2 steam baths with a maze and several relax rooms with video and cabins. The large bar offers a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as well as the sale of accessories. Internet connection free of charge, including WIFI.

The Sauna is situated in the very centre of Prague in the Old Town. The closest metro station is Mustek, serving lines B and A. St.Martin in the Wall Church is our exceptional next door neighbour as well as the department store TESCO MY just around the corner.



Babylonia Sauna
Based on 132 reviews
15:45 04 Nov 23
I visited this place for a foam party on Friday. And I've been there from 22:00 to almost 2:00. I had read some bad reviews, so I was cautious, but it turned out to be a great night.There were around 40 people, diverse in terms of age and physique, mostly ranging from their late 20s to late 40s. People here were generally less playful compared to other places I've been to, but if you received a signal, they didn't hesitate in my opinion.I found myself with limited places to chill upstairs, like the couches. The receptionist didn't seem very welcoming, but nothing out of the ordinary.I had a few hookups, and one of them was amazing. The steam room was a bit darker than I would prefer, but it was acceptable. The Finnish sauna was way too hot for me; I could barely survive for 3 minutes. However, the foam room and adjacent labyrinth were good and made mingling easier.
18:56 24 Oct 23
This is one of the worst saunas I've visited. When we arrived, we asked if it was crowded, and the rude guy behind the counter said yes. However, when we entered, there were about 6 people, and it felt like a retirement home. I understand they need to maintain their business, but it's very disappointing to deceive customers. They could have easily said it wasn't crowded. I definitely don't recommend it. Don’t go there unless you want to waste your money or you’re into oldies. Doesn’t even deserve one star!
10:51 03 Sep 23
Cash only!It depends what you wish for. Regarding the sauna itself, it is huge and clean. There is a regular sauna, hot steam sauna, not-so-hot steam sauna with a maze, and a place for foam party. There is no jacuzzi. There is a large U-shaped bar, but no draft beer, only bottled or canned. Large area for private play downstairs.Crowd tends to be younger and handsomer, but not very talkative and playful. Lots of foreigners.
16:17 20 Aug 23
I have seen negative reviews. So.. usual story.Visited that place twice during my trip to Prague.need to understand:-Thats not 5 star hotel with Spa. Thats gay sauna where we have a s..x and rest activity. It cannot be clean and tidy even bcs we are playing there.- Entrance cost is ok. Lets keep in mind Germany /Austria/Spain..entrance prices to saunas. Cheaper is handj.. only- Staff. Regular friendly staff. Just doing their about 50
Radek Em
07:09 15 Aug 23
Busy on friday evening (foam party), also nice on sunday afternoon. Friendly staff, big sauna with a lot of places to play 🙂 Cash payment only.
marco c
17:58 11 Aug 23
old fashioned sauna as well as the customers are all old. It's not worth throwing 450+50 (for slippers) ckr . Too expensive. Employer unfriendly. Waste of money
Radek Em
10:18 09 Aug 23
Busy on friday evening (foam party), friendly staff, big sauna with a lot of places to play 🙂
Allosh Shah
18:25 18 Jun 23
Unfortunately.. it was almost dead..Sunday afternoon and its called naked party.. but i saw its just wasting time and money..Good staff, clean.. but the visitors were not really nice.Maybe just a bad personal experience
Radek Em
21:52 16 Jun 23
Busy on friday evening (foam party), friendly staff, big sauna with a lot of places to play 🙂
Duck Montréal
16:53 29 May 23
I've been there on a Sunday afternoon, for the "naked party". Arrived around 3:30 and left aound 7:00. No towel this day, so you have to stay naked all the time. It was quiet, besides, some guys just walked around to watch what the others were doing. The saunas and relaxing spots were okay. Cabins available for privacy downstairs with no extra fees. I haven't tried the bar because it was my last day and I didn't have enough cash. Yes, they don't accept credit or debit cards there, only cash. I would give them 4 stars if credit cards were accepted. I suggest they rise the entry fee and accept cards, it is a very turistic area. Anyways, Prague is a nice and beautiful city, but gay life there seems to be almost dead.
Christian Hahn
13:35 20 May 23
Really enjoyed my time there. Went on a Friday around 6 PM and the place was already packed. Around 7 PM the foam party started and even more guys arrived. All ages and types were present and I had lots of fun.The staff was friendly and the place clean. The sauna is also quite big.You can only pay in cash so bring some CZK.
Ivan Banus
17:05 28 Apr 23
Totally agree with negative feedbacks above. Everything is said before. I only want to say that usually places like this don't survive, but because of the location this one attracts new tourists who naively expect to see guys from belami studio.
Aaron M
22:38 01 Apr 23
Been there on a Friday night. Was busy with guys of all ages. Sauna pretty clean Missing indeed a jacuzzi. But overall a very nice experience.
Maks Travel
19:58 31 Jan 23
the sauna is certainly the best in Prague. we really liked this sauna. good sauna and clean. I don't understand. why there are some bad reviews. probably a competitor from other saunas. we were there ourselves, really enjoyed it. I recommend paying money in crowns. a big difference in the exchange rate in euros, almost 2 times. we can withdraw kronn from ATM and pay anyway
Miroslav Ivanov
05:49 31 Dec 22
The sauna is not good! Sometimes there are many people, the only unpleasant. The sauna is small, no jacuzzi, and when it's full of only old and ugly people it's just awful. It wasn't like that before. You can neither relax nor have fun. There are very few cabins and they are not regularly cleaned and it gets nasty very quickly...
LaGer2002 Laik
19:39 23 Oct 22
Clean, modern, good service. But the massage therapist surprises - every day between sessions he goes to cruise places, he treats guests very arrogantly. Although usually personnel are not supposed to roam the booths and dark rooms.It's strange that owners couldn't explain it to him.
Glenn Cascon
01:01 28 Sep 22
The largest and most centrally located sauna in Prague. Staff was friendly even with limited English. We went twice, once on a Thursday when it was quiet but still a few guys with fun to be had. It can feel empty because of its size (especially the cabins downstairs). Apparently saunas in Prague are busiest after work to early evening (5pm-8pm). The front desk guy/bartender told us to come earlier on Friday before the foam party started and he was right. Lots of guys around 7pm-9pm with lots of fun to be had. Foam is limited to one room but it gets everywhere lol. If you've never been to one of these before, it can get slippery and when the foam machine kicks in it can reach 8 feet. Several guys including myself almost suffocated on the foam. It's scary and funny at the same time. Just leave the foam room for a bit until it lowers again. My only complaints would be that the steam room does get very hot so it gets hard to stay inside, slippers should be included with cover (especially foam night), and locals seem to only stick to other locals, while the tourists are more open-minded and adventurous.
MrTorstai “MrTorstai”
18:33 26 Sep 22
Full points for nice service, clean facilities and sexy customers. Was there before, always very satisfying, will come again.
Petr Musil
10:02 23 Aug 22
A very cozy sauna nearby the historic centre of Prague. I went there several times during the Pride week. Quite busy during all the days especially on Friday and Saturday. Guys mostly between 20-50 y/o. I particularly liked the steamroom, which was optimally dark, promoting relaxation and imagination to higher levels. I also enjoyed the cinema room and the relaxation cabins downstairs. The staff was very friendly. Highly recommend!
Jet Guerra
14:15 20 Aug 22
One of the worst Sauna’s I have been to. You can’t actually see in the steam rooms. They are that dark. I have never felt scared in a sauna before coming to this one. A couple of times I ran scared someone was behind me like a scary movie. Other than that no jacuzzi. I went on a Thursday evening and it was dead with 5 guys. I left shortly after and I overhead the staff try to make it better by telling the guest in front of me “sorry. It gets better Friday”. Which I don’t believe. But they could have told us that at the entrance when I originally asked when it was a good time to come. He said “I don’t know” before taking my cash. Also, cash only which doesn’t help the situation.Add some lights to the saunas, accept card and you may be fine Babylonia.
Erik Nielsen
23:31 07 Jan 22
Certainly a favorite sauna of mine anywhere in the world. Have been countless times and any time I go to Prague I go to Babylonia nearly every night. The staff is very professional and discrete, it’s in a good location, and I love the complete layout of the place, entering through the locker room, then passing through the bar, then descending down a dark, steamy labyrinth full of great looking guys. It really is a fabulous sauna and you’ll have a lot of fun. The only thing that could possibly make Babylonia better is having a jacuzzi.
Elekes Attila
11:09 18 Aug 21
+Friendly staff, clean areas.+big cruising area.- you can't borrow any slips, so if you are a tourist you will be walking barefoot.- there is a steam room, and a sauna. And thats all. After an hour it starts to get boring.
Shoda Swer
15:34 02 Aug 21
Not very good
Przemysław Urban
13:16 18 Jul 21
Nice and clean. Nice staff. Little to dark. Minus for not having jacuzzi and cash only.
Christos Logaras
08:20 02 Jul 21
Guy at the door fooled me with payment . It was 350czk and he said I had to pay 17 euros. Coming out I checked and the equivalent was less that less than 14 euros. Also the whole attitude was very snobbish . The facilities were ok, but not like major saunas in other cities. Will not go again.
08:30 06 Dec 19
Super clean, nice people, the steam rooms could use a bit more light but overall great place. Can't figure out the negative reviews as there was nothing wrong with this place.
Jason K
13:58 14 Jul 19
14th July 2019 - Sunday afternoon 2-4pm. 6 people here in that whole time. The place is nice and modern, and really clean. Staff are friendly enough. Just wish there were more guys in their 30s & 20s coming. 🙁
felix wilson
16:56 04 May 19
I just left that place and I would say, “Better ignore some of the negative comments that some people wrote”. It’s a big place where you can relax while having a drink at the bar, watching a film or whenever you want to have a break at both steam rooms or dry sauna. There are some cabins too for a nap during your holidays in the capital or to have fun. Moreover you will meet local and international people, so enjoy your visit at that place.

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