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Renovated this year, the new installations of this popular "party" sauna will help you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Open 24 hours.



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Stefanos Cunning
10:34 07 Apr 23
We’ve been to many saunas throughout Europe and must say that we’ve had a great time here. The staff are friendly and the patrons are absolutely hot. The facilities are fantastic. The best nights are definitely after the clubs on Friday and Saturday. It’s like Barcelona’s afters for men.
Paulo Tavares
18:26 05 Mar 23
Google suggested times are quite accurate. Clean and plenty of staff around. The bar staff could be friendlier but you aren’t there to judge the service. Lol.Good overran and very well frequented.
Oliver Oliveria
19:39 17 Feb 23
It seems like everyone is out of step except the owner of the establishment and its rude employees. Mr. Owner you may have a policy of cleaning the sauna every day, but seems like once a day is not enough so make it three times a day. Do you also have a policy of checking on the cleanliness of the sauna yourself and monitoring your employees? I find it fascinating that you have an excuse for every comment except the rudeness of your front receptionist. Not once you apologized for your team's rude behavior. It is us who subsidize their paycheck. Inform them of this fact. Take responsibility and correct the problem. If I could have rated te place in negative, my rating would be a negative 10 stars and not one star. Thank you. Oliver.
Greyson Tim (Greyson周)
18:09 27 Jan 23
No people. So boring. At 7pm Friday. Horrible experience. Nobody in the sauna speak English as well. Not welcoming
Gui Rego
16:45 16 Jan 23
This is described as a 24-hour sauna, we did go late and didn't have problems finding the site. We wanted to try out this experience in a different city. However, the arrival was disturbed at the showers next to the changing rooms; they were dirty and smelled bad, not to mention the appearance of it, mouldy walls on the corners and around the ventilators. The upper bar needs special attention to make it a more chilled and social area, especially the type and number of seats; in my opinion, I don't think that garden-like furniture is appropriate for the space; the bar next to the jacuzzi was closed. The cabins were just pure dark, with no dimmed or dark lights to add more ambience, except for one big sort of group room with red lights. They do provide massages on-site, but this was closed at the time we went. Overall, it was a "mehh" experience in comparison to previous sites we've been to. We were put off from the beginning, and that made us more critical regarding the rest of the place.
09:29 16 Jan 23
Love the sauna, and the clients are TOP NOTCH. The staff however is very bitter and unwelcoming. They are very badly mannered and are very rude to people who don’t speak Spanish IN A METROPOLITAN CITY WITH A LOT OF TOURISTS WHO COME BY!!!! Hire people who are young, more open minded and who actually smile to their clients when they enter and are at the bar. These old farts need to go. Other than that, loved the sauna and really enjoyed my time there.
13:28 12 Nov 22
it remain always the best sauna of barcelona, many nice people, and these days they were doing renovations...during the week was very clean and i saw someone cleaning all the time...unfortunatly now there are no more showers on the top floor i hope they made them new..the staff was always friendly
Robert Smith
06:04 31 Oct 22
Place is quite easy to find as it is centrally located. The interior is spacious, with maze and individual chargeable rooms. Cleanliness could be better as some places are slippery and furniture that is not well maintained.
John Ruigrok
10:45 24 Oct 22
This place has nothing to do with a sauna, it’s just a big cruising area without any atmosphere.The dry sauna was cold, the wet sauna was dirty and the showers were cold and dirty too.The guy at the entrance was certainly not a welcoming person !!!!!
Tj soares
13:18 04 Oct 22
Maybe one day it deserved to be named as "the best sauna in Barcelona". The jacuzzi is too cold to relax and both steams sauna is not that warm enough. Nothing works, toilets durty does not even smells like sauna or spa. The health authorities should make a visit there. The lockers is not that safe so it seems to be very easy to get stolen there. I don't recommend, but if you are courious and your money, time and well being and mental health is not that important for you just go there.
Alex crowson
11:34 22 Sep 22
My reg jaunt when I come to to warm Jacuzzi. Very nice...standard gay sauna....not the one for going out at 1am metro...not as busy as it was last time I was in the city in 2019...prob due to inflation, and cost of living....Shame massages are not erotic...
DEXI voli
05:36 10 Sep 22
Dirty, ,smel horrible one day I was two times... second time I was miss one euro and they didn't want you give me inside..and I don't wanted to use card..for one euro . ..just to check how friendly they will be...bcs. 3 days ago I was two times per day pay it full price.... Thanks anyway ..hope u will close soon .
Ben Smets
18:48 28 Aug 22
I visited the sauna already a few times when I was in Barcelona. It is on older sauna not to compare like the sauna’s in France or Germany for example but the staff is cleaning regularly. I always had a lot of fun but last time I visit during circuit festival in August, I can imagine in this period and after covid they increase the entrance price but 40€ entrance is just too much and feels like a ripoff…
Daniel Levin
09:51 21 Aug 22
Staf was friendly, the sauna is big for cruising, we enjoyed wet and dry saunas, but facilities are quite old and definitely require renovation. Couldn't find any room with double mattres for fun, so that was a grim experience.
Grant Sarkisyan
20:12 19 Aug 22
Visited two times in one week 🙂 Nice and super clean, lots of rooms. Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Friendly staff.
18:37 01 Aug 22
A bit of a mediocre sauna with very worn out facilities, but by far the most popular and the only sauna in town that features men under age 60. All the other saunas in town are pretty terrible. If you want a good sauna experience, skip BCN altogether and go to the ones in Madrid, Sevilla, Sitges or Torremolinos.
Todor Boychev
18:19 26 Jul 22
The sauna was interesting. My first experience in fact. It was clean, well designed. The entrance fee was thought out. They give you flip flops and a towl. Prices for beer were alright. I visited right on the weekend in the high season. There were lots of men around all from 1am through 5am.
scott bickel
20:00 22 Jun 22
was clean and well center of gay area but was dead in the week, unlike London uk sweatbox so it's not great for the day, but I can imagine in the night very busy after the club or on a Sunday afternoon. I met a guy and we went together, music was horrible here like a spa and puts you off doing it. so this isn't great as the music needs to be more a fast beat and darker areas but other than that it's a great spa to relax here.
Chris Fisher
18:20 18 Jun 22
DO NOT GO HERE!!! I love saunas. I live in Berlin and go to the boiler sauna and in Paris I go to sun city and to dragon sauna in Hamburg. We went to this place on 17 June 2022 and it was disgusting. Mould from the ceiling at the entrance, a cockroach in the steam room and filthy and disgusting and dirty cabins. I left after 20 minutes and showered at home (which I usually don’t do after a sauna visit) because I felt dirty and disgusted. I must admit, this was the worst experience I ever had and I am happy if I can save some of you 20€ entrance fee. Also, whereas other saunas smell of spa and herbal oils, it smelled of sewage and I didn’t even want to sit anywhere. This place needs a full on renovation and is a health hazard. The owners should be ashamed to leave it open. Maybe Covid took its toll and the sauna has no budget to repair anything. But it is simply irresponsible and disgusting to leave a place open that smells of sewage and has no cleaning concept or is half way decently clean. There was also no soap in the toilets and the hand sanitisers were empty. I should have taken pictures of the mouldy ceiling and everything else. Do not go to this place.
Sergio-Andres Rojas
18:17 18 Jun 22
Unfortunately disappointing. Saw a cockroach in the sauna room. Strong smells. I was too much concerned about hygiene to be able to relax and left quite quickly.
Uesler Guagnini
01:36 05 Jun 22
This place is very badly maintained, saunas smell horribly, jacuzzi is not working, people smoke at the cabins area (risk of fire) and it is not customer oriented.After asking to change the locker for my friend, because his key was not working properly (btw 3 people tried to open without success), instead of just giving the new locker, they came to "show us how it worked" like we were idiots... giving the new key only after that. Note: we had no issues with the other 2 keys, so it was not because we were doing wrong.I complained about it when leaving and the manager was very reactive and arrogant, not even listening to my explanation. They just dont care about a customer feedback.
Scot Henshaw
15:25 02 May 22
Good atmosphere and strong drinks at the bar.
Ala Ayyoub
16:56 16 Apr 22
The employees came up to me and searched my locker for no reason at all.Ask around and you will see they have a bad reputation in Barcelona.
Ala Ayyoub
05:11 13 Apr 22
They have spies in the sauna listening and watching your every move.The employees came up to me and searched my locker for no reason at all.Ask around and you will see they have a bad reputation in Barcelona.
Aleixo A O
15:12 19 Mar 22
The first time I went was 30 mins before they closed and within 5-10 minutes of being there I was already having lots of fun. I only went twice and I’ve had a great time.One of the only negative points I remember (and this is subjective) is that the entrance is not very discreet and for those of us who like to keep these parts of our lives undercover, getting in & out of the venue was a bit tricky.
Stephen B.
21:10 28 Feb 22
Staff/Patrons STEAL here and I will leave that at that. Do not go..and if you extra vigilant with your belongings and even if you are you may get got. I wouldn't risk it though. Don't say I never told y'all nothing. Aside..the spa itself is mediocre anyway and the customer service is piss poor. The staffs working level of English is severely lacking and that creates problems when you have questions/concerns or need to raise an issue because they don't have the framework to approach the issue. Just don't do it. Plenty of beautiful men in this city to meet out and about.El personal / los clientes ROBAN aquí y lo dejaré así. No vayas... y si debes... estar más atento. Aunque yo no me arriesgaría
20:42 26 Jan 22
I dont understand rude comments 🙄 This place is excellent if u want to have a lot of fun. I was not really checking the dust around the corners 😂 Except Sunday, good days are also Friday and Saturday!
Denni Olesh
09:53 25 Jan 22
Not agree with the mark given here. Its a nice place with a lot of facilities. The life is almost around jaccussi and top cruising floor. For pity only popular on Sundays afternoons after 6 pm. Young guys are also there. Jakussi is not clean from the corners in 💧 that can be well felt. But jakussi itself is great. I had spend there a lot of time. Price of 19,50 euro with sleepers and towels seems reasonable
Luis Alvarez
20:56 01 Jan 22
It was actually dirty, not like I remembered it a couple of years back. There was a hot tub upstairs that wasn't working.
Ray Pitt
04:48 10 Oct 21
What a great time! I was expecting a broken sauna without steam and heat. As it turns out, the steam room was working, and so were the dry saunas. The jacuzzi in the second floor was shutdown, but the one in the basement was working just fine.The men, hot and local, found out that due to covid the place closes at midnight but stop new people from entering at 11pm. The benefit, everyone is rounded up at 11ish, gets all the hotties naked in the shower on the way out, instead of scattered across the building.The place is pretty extensive, there are 3 floors, including a bar inside. My favorite is the basement with the opportunity to relax, see and be seen.Only giving it 4 stars because some areas could be renovated, but let's be honest, no one here is for the Four Seasons amenities 😉
18:14 04 Oct 21
sauna has improved now more clean and nice boys
Rani Sneh
19:23 20 Sep 21
Went on Sunday eve; the place got more crowded at about 8-9, the crowd was definitely decent - especially considering Covid times.Wet sauna didn't work, and also there's no place to smoke.The biggest flaw is the fact that there's no any kind of paper in the cabins, which can be between just unpleasant to embracing. This must be changed immediately.Besides that, the other facilities were nice, it is definitely clean, many cabins and as mentioned decent crowd.
Edy Medy
11:18 13 Sep 21
This sauna is useless!- the atmosphere in the sauna is strange and bad.Lots of people and everyone is running like horses on a racetrack. Everyone is looking for someone but can not find what they are looking for.The atmosphere was not relaxed and natural.- in cabins there is no paper that you can dry yourself. You do not have to shower every time, but you have to dry.- several times a day owners play soundmessage via loudspeaker and you have the feeling that you are at the airport or train station. Quite annoying and unpleasant. It is enough to say once at the entrance that it is mandatory to wear a mask, it is not necessary in high volume to talk through speakers and repeat several times a day. Idiots!- it was not bad with the cleaning- in the steam room broken door.This sauna is useless.I do not recommend this sauna.
Dominic Quesnel
18:34 22 Aug 21
The only popular sauna in Barcelona. More quiet than usual because of Covid ,mostly older guys, busy or in the evenings after 6 PM.
Alexander Alexander
18:47 11 Jul 21
Good place but not perfect
Chris M.
21:45 02 Feb 21
Fond memories here of pre-Covid. I visited in Oct 2019, and I'm so glad I took the last minute trip from LA to Barcelona, not knowing the world would be...
Eric Barrioluengo
21:14 27 Sep 20
Both of steam rooms are unusable as they stink of mold (and that's if they even work). Everyone was getting high on hard drugs, smoking and screaming around. Jacuzzi/pool was dirty af, and there was only one "working" shower in the area. That was a Sunday evening. Unbelievable; worst sauna I've ever been.
11:29 11 Jul 12
I always spent my night at casanova, a night sauna where, between others, you can find nice guys, horny and young. strongly recommended

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