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Sauna near to Silom gay bars



Sauna Mania
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18:31 23 Dec 22
They asked for 480 Thai dollars on 12/23 evening so I walked away. The person was very rude. Don’t come to this place. You have many better options accessible by public transportation.
Nguyễn Tiến Quân Offical
18:15 07 Dec 22
I check it was closed at 2 Am but when I came I was asked it still open right?He said yes.But LOL i came up for sauna . They turned off all room for sauna !When i back to reception ask again about why it close already but u still say it open ?He just smile ????
Marco Tullio
06:13 04 Dec 22
Their floor is not too clean. Many foreigners there but their age average above 30s+ 40s+ .You can found a muscle or fit guy there but not too many. The Chinese mainlanders are the most common here which can compare with the locals even.
Jorge Anthony (djMe)
05:55 02 Dec 22
Multilevel sauna near Silom, spa, sauna, steam room, lots of dark rooms and maze. Unfortunately people seemed to only be into locals and the later it got (8pm) the crowd turned older.
03:20 02 Nov 22
Mood lighting doesn't exist here. Not the cleanest but not the dirtiest. Easy to find in Silom staff nice locker compact and unsure why so many keys for one lock. Crowd vetoed but leans towards young and fit and alas sticky rice.
Jimmy Wang
05:24 21 Aug 22
It was dark and spooky in comparison to Babylon but it is functional. Many Chinese patrons that likes to cruise in group which really was not wise. Few foreigner come in but mostly local Thai young men in 20s. Might have to come back during different hours for a different take on the crowd.
joe john
18:01 14 Jul 22
Yesterday I visited this place. I’m visiting from India and my very first sauna experience. Initially, I was reluctant to go in but once I entered it was okay.I had both good and bad experiences, some Thais treated me like an outsider and Don't even come near to me, but it's okay I can understand. I'm just sharing my experience but there were the Philippines, Irish, British and many others who treated me so well.Anyway, it was an a-okay experience for me.
Simon Lang
15:19 09 Jul 22
Had a brilliant time. Huge crowd (Sat night). Special event. Lots of good looking Thai guys. No towels upstairs for the show. Wild time. 💛
Phillip Lim
13:02 16 Apr 22
Dirty and run down but cheap.
jhon abhrim
06:22 28 Dec 21
It's cheap entry fee but Not at all fun ..... mostly full if Asians looking for western mostly.... Hardly anyone in dark room playing... Asians just searing and standing there no fun.
G Li
09:22 26 May 21
Good location in Silom, so many muscle guys! I spent many good time here.Look forward to join the party after covid.
San Sapkotar
07:09 03 Mar 20
DON'T come early . There's no one. Maybe in the evening after 6pm. I was there around 2 PM and the whole sauna is empty.....
Long Wen
02:44 01 Feb 20
mostly Asians, you can get what you want here,but don't expect too much for the environment.
Likas Chai
15:35 23 Jan 20
Basically the price 280 thai baht is just reasonable. I came on Thursday at 630pm and crowd start coming at about 7pm. I think the dim light is just not that bad like what other people comment earlier. And the dark place is enough to cruise and get one. I manage to hook up with few and ended up with athletic built matured japanese (i hope to keep in touch with him but of course we touch and go, he went away after we done for 1 hour session, nice tool he has). I leaving at 845pm and i saw soooo many muscular with nice six packs here and there, knowing the peak hour should be starting at around 830pm to 9pm on weekdays. Overall i will defintely come again. Btw i am smooth asian hehe and alot local thai guys are there. (Always trudt local people where is the best)
Saralo Ha
02:27 25 Oct 19
I had no luck with this place. Visited it once two years ago and this week the same experience repeated. I'm average looking at best but the majority of the clientele are lean to muscular handsome young Asians. And when there are so many top quality people, everyone becomes very picky, like they even stand around and not getting with the other cute ones. I'm not complaining though as I knew how this place is. I really was there mainly to ogle and have eyegasm, which I did. If you're an average who wants good looking guys, sometimes they are not that hard to get in other saunas that cater to a more mixed-crowd.Your IDs will be required to enter. I paid THB200, and saw a THB1,500 for 50+ years old!
Bo Nobo
20:08 03 Mar 19
1500 Bahts on this Saturday if you are older than 50yo !!... So, better to be rich if you are "old". We must believe that the sight of rich old males is bearable for the boss even it is not for his young customers.It would also be nice if this price policy was clearly posted on their website
Z Nemo
02:42 30 Sep 16
Went on a Thursday night, the rule is no underwear which is very good for eyes. Also spot some some cutest guy EVER!The dark zone floor is full with the well-fit people, but there is Chinese group is extremely LOUD which has higher noise than the background music.The roof floor is cool and separated into little zones.In general this one is better than R3, not sure why some people says it's not clean. It looks good to me.

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