Sauna Nieuwezijds

Sauna Nieuwezijds

Best Gay Sauna in The Netherlands

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Also known as Sauna NZ it opened December 2013 in Amsterdam's historic city center voted Best Gay Sauna in The Netherlands in 2014!

Special events include Mellow Monday, No Towel Tuesday, Welness Wednesday and Bears at NZ every last Saturday of the month and Gender Fluids every 2nd Saturday of the month. (During special events NZ remains open to everyone). Check out our website for all the information!

Sauna Nieuwezijds is open 365 days a year. Coming from the team that created the fabulous Club Church in Amsterdam.



Sauna Nieuwezijds
Based on 459 reviews
Andy McSkimming
17:31 27 May 23
Massage therapy EXCELLENCE from Harald. If you're thinking of making a booking with him, then don't hesitate to make an appointment with him as you will not be disappointed!! I had an hour with him today - and not for the first time - and his skill and technique were absolutely phenomenal. I left feeling completely energised but thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated too, from head to toe. I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. Now floating home in total bliss.
Boris Snow
08:07 20 Apr 23
I visited on Sunday 16/04 at around 5pm and the place was rammed. I had a fantastic time - there was a great mix of guys in terms of age, build and sausage size. I’ve been to several saunas in London and one in Bilbao and this was by far the best I’ve ever been to. Really well run and great guys visiting. If I lived here, I’d definitely be a regular. Was pretty impressed by the number of huge sausages as well. There were some of the biggest I’ve ever come across.Highly recommended.
09:04 30 Mar 23
I visited yesterday night and I have to say the location is very nice, not too big, but big enough if you are a first-timer like me. It is also fairly clean. People working there are really really nice too.I went there on a Wednesday evening as it is branded as a gender fluid night, and I was expecting more diversity and action. I would say it still looked like it was 95% gay men, so I couldn't quite get into it as I wanted to (as a man who appreciates women and trans women).Will give it another go on a different Wednesday to see whether it may be different. For the moment it's 3 stars (location is great but the gender fluid concept might be improved). Would love to raise the rating to 4 or 5 stars!
Jacek Kowal
09:46 12 Mar 23
I was there recently, the sauna is still good but it seems worse than it used to be, everything is worn and a bit damaged, the mattresses in the cabins are worn out and should be replaced, the sauna is small and cramped, lack of space, the owners should think about a bigger place. on the plus friendly service, and good facilities
Snauwflake Acteur
15:54 17 Feb 23
The only gay sauna in Amsterdam, could have been a bit cleaner but for the rest it was fun to visit that place and to meet a lot of guys
Jeylon Blake
13:36 02 Jan 23
I enjoyed my time there. First time I didn’t get any luck went during the day time. Went later in the night around 4:30 am and was lucky enough to just have to pay 5 euro entry free . It was quite fun stayed until 7 am. Alot of fun can be had just have to loosen up and expand your horizons.
13:31 20 Dec 22
A drink included is nice but the facility doesn’t feel like it’s at it’s fullest potential yet.. coming from der boiler in berlin always, the floors here were very cold in most hallways to walk on and there is no music playing to keep a vibe if so it’s very very quiet in only certain areas, so it’s kind of awkward silence until someone makes it obvious that they’re playing. no audio in cinema room, and the hot water showers do not get hot. a very lukewarm. warmest one is in steam room but still can’t enjoy the showers as they don’t get hot. overall a 2/5 experience, has potential.
Oriental Myth
18:26 24 Nov 22
I have been to so many saunas in so many cities/countries. NZ is by far THE best gay sauna! it is easy to reach (located near the central train station), has always nice and diverse crowds (it doesn't matter if it's Sat 2 am or Sunday at 3 pm), has delicious food, and it is regularly cleaned. there was not a single time I left disappointed. Everyone who works there is super lovely. The only down side is that you can't smoke inside anymore but it's for the best for everyone.
Myke Spezzano
17:40 18 Oct 22
Interesting place.... all depends on the time of day you go... it was nice and a bit quiet when I arrived. I will say there are some pretty handsome men there when it's crowded.
John Doe
22:36 13 Oct 22
Very fun environment with lots of space to cruise. Crowd is mixed but you can always find someone who’s your type. Area is mostly clean but I don’t expect everywhere to be spotless at a bathhouse. Bring shoes to be safe.
One Day on Earth
22:00 27 Sep 22
the best gay sauna in Amsterdam. very nice decoration,lots of surprising corners . friendly staff, jacuzzi, dry sauna and steam rooms complete graciously the cozy atmosphere in the bar and the restaurant. mixed crowds of locals and tourists. age from 25 to 65. some really good looking, some super friendly and that's the recipe of a good time. i have spotted a few pay boys, but they didn't bother me. come with flip flops as the floor gets quite slippery later in the evening 😉
15:49 24 Sep 22
I liked it here just go in relax and unwind and I visited on a Tuesday not knowing it was naked sauna day but thought oh well as in Rome.We all born that way was actually nice to just unwind in the steam roomBeen about 10 times now when I visit Amsterdam
Eddie Douglas
07:24 17 Sep 22
Nice and clean sauna.Friendly staff. Free drink ( JD Whiskey is available yummy!)I loved my visit and enjoyed pleasing the dads! I wish I live nearby I would be a regular visitor. It is worth the trip from England.See you soon
Aben shan
22:28 15 Sep 22
This is the best gay sauna in Amsterdam, even the best of all the European cities I've been to, friendly staff and good facilities...hope here can be expanded, bigger and more luxurious in the future, that would be perfect …
Alex Amsterdam
22:06 06 Sep 22
My 🍒 favorite Hot Steamy Massage anf Fun 🍉 place ♨️good restaurant 🍴 Instagram 👉🏽 Queen of Amsterdam Romeo and chil Queen-Alex 💦
Green Leaf
16:11 04 Sep 22
+++ A New and fresh review from me im coming here since the opening. And NZ created some wonderfull changes in the last years. And the staff is friendly and dont forget the cleaning staff. Its hard word sometimes to make it clean again but sometimes i report some things i see or People not feeling good.+++ For me is NZ the best gay sauna in the netherlands and it stays populair and from me it 40min to drive so what else😜☺️+++ And dont forget the security is verry good and social andfriendly.And remember guys its not allowed to bring drugs inside!.- The only thing is that the smoking area got away. But if u give the staff your key and some personal stuff you can smoke outside at the intrance. But mostly im the only one to do that.- Only when you have poppers with you, you must buy everytime New ones(€15p.piece) that i dont like so thats my second minus pointIf u have some questions Just ask me.
21:47 23 Aug 22
I had a wonderful night on last Sunday, friendly staff and amazing environment.But I got a problem of drinks when I was checking out.The system showed that I ordered 2 drinks but the truth is my friend and I ordered 1 drink each at the same time. I guess the staff at bar thought I treated my friend a drink. So he added 2 drinks on my number. I think people always pay their own drink in Netherlands. It's not common someone treats others a drink especially in the sauna.So I suggest that always add drinks to someone who ordered it.I'll absolutely recommend.
Steeve Lewis
10:10 07 Aug 22
Very good time spent in here , the staff was really nice , the place clean and clean up so many time , I recommend it !! Much more than some sauna in Paris !
Juan Fergá
14:11 07 Jul 22
Very helpful and friendly stuff, nice design and service.
Benjamin Butcher
14:55 05 Jul 22
Honestly a really great experience! Would reccomend going on a Friday or Saturday night!
Mark Mark
16:58 26 Jun 22
I love it but please make more cleaning,
14:14 23 May 22
People of all ages and nice facilities. Definitely coming back again.
11:03 06 May 22
Ive been here twice and never got disappointed. Will be back again and again.Staff friendlyPlace cleanCustomers all are nice and respectfulGood lightingGreat cozy lounge areaStream sauna and jacuzzi cleanOverall clean!
15:01 04 May 22
Ive been here twice and never got disappointed. Will be back again and again.Staff friendlyPlace cleanCustomers all are nice and respectfulGood lightingGreat cozy lounge areaStream sauna and jacuzzi cleanOverall clean!
04:03 30 Apr 22
I am from Canada and I was there just before the pandemic started. I really enjoyed the sauna and have great memories. Very clean and warm people all around.Will be visiting soon again.Question: What are the Covid restrictions? Since I am from Canada and our QR code don't work in Europe. What are our options to enter the sauna? We have paper copy of our full vaccinations. Do you except that? or we need to get something in Amsterdam when we arrive?
Selena Matar
09:57 17 Apr 22
The place and the workers there are very nice but the clients are mostly elderly and average looking even on friday and saturday peak time
André Marques
06:32 14 Apr 22
The best sauna I’ve seen in my life. Clean, friendly staff, comfortable.
Mathijs Meester
14:50 26 Mar 22
Love this place and super friendly staff 😍
Samen Loop
17:55 22 Mar 22
Been visiting last Saturday evening (19/03) after a long absence. New style, clean and well maintained. Only issue I had was with one of the employees there who was very nosy and loud. Better if someone tells him to mind his own business and remarks to himself when he comes to "pick up" glasses from the dark area...
K Adel
18:55 07 Mar 22
No smoking made many stop coming so negative. Do not tell me that the law of the Netherlands should be applied. The sauna is not a bar so you can go out to the street to smoke without clothes. There must be a smoking room
John Keldoulis
00:29 25 Feb 22
Best sauna ever! Compact but great facilities, large steam room, spacious lounge and big dry sauna. Thanks to the friendly staff, I’ll definitely be back!
Reason Restored
17:16 06 Feb 22
A lot of money went into the original development and the facilities are good.Recent removal of the smoking room (legislative changes) are not the saunas fault, but it now feels too open and bright, like a school canteen, so not as relaxing. They need to lower the lighting or put a colour in it, and maybe petition the now huge sitting area so it doesn’t feel like a waiting room at central station. The place needs to pay attention to the physical experience because staff have been generally uninterested or downright rude for many years. I would recommend it despite the stafff. It’s always clean, often very busy and entrance and drinks are fair processie etc.
Maze Point
21:08 30 Aug 21
I have been to this sauna and is one of best in Europe my favorite hangout when I am in AmsterdamI would be coming to Amsterdam on 17 I wonder if you guys can allow non eu person having fully vacation certificate on app with qr code
Bruno Sagna
11:27 26 Aug 21
They don t accept official europeana corona sans, they cannot read them the truth is rhey don t want black customers
Saul Ulreich
12:49 20 Jul 21
They do not recognize international (paper) covid vaccination certificates. I have been to 4 European countries, and my Yellow Vaccine booklet & Dutch (paper) vaccine certificates have been accepted everywhere. Even on the airlines. Don't bother. Pathetic.EDIT: to owner's response. The "CoronaCheck app" is still not working for over 3 million Dutch residents, and many more foreigners. Until the technical issues are resolved, all venues have been requested to be reasonable in the application of proof of vaccine/test/recovery. Your company has decided not to be.WARNING TO AMERICANS: Your CDC vaccine certificate (on paper) is valid in Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece (and probably many more countries). It is NOT valid in the Netherlands. I'm traveling with an American friend of mine. We are welcome in venues everywhere, except in the Netherlands.
O.A.K Xovbinek
08:13 12 Jul 21
Hello.I have to pay twice for re-enter card.And if you can't prove of your payment its powerless.In this place (general) you never get any recipe for any consumption.Water temperature for the sauna facilities not adjusted well to feel comfortable.Smells urine and feces in the darkroom areas.Injoy🙂.
Piotr Wrobel
14:57 05 Jul 21
I went to NZ sauna twice in last 3 weeks. First time when i went with my friend we needed to make a reservation and it was 50 people max allowed inside and this time it was amazing. Mix guys like young, middle age guys and a few old guys and all was ok. But when NZ sauna change rules for QR-code ( i did QR cause i went for party but before party i went to sauna) i went once and i can say it was terrieble. I went when it was raining and it was really really a lot of guys 60+ not mixed age guys. I know that sauna want more people but still a lot of guys has one vacc and need every time make a test but atm i don't recommend a NZ sauna (without QR but woth reservation was really beter.)
Mehdi Oud
09:40 13 Aug 20
Well i didn't really like the experience ! it was CLEAN that's a good point but SO EMPTY and expensive for what it offers, vert small bath, small cruising and not that much rooms :/ i prefer Paris saunas for GAYS.
Ricardo Soler
21:27 03 Aug 20
Excellent location, clean and friendly atmosphere!!! Staff is super friendly, chill and courteous 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
02:30 28 Feb 20
Loved the experience,but one night the bodyguard wont let me in because he thought i looked stoned.I told him i could get tested to prove i did not had any drugs..but they wouldn't let mebut this experience won't let me forget all the awesome time i had at this sauna
22:35 18 Dec 19
Wheelchair accessible and wheelchair friendly! The staff, the clientele, and atmosphere was chill, comfortable and friendly. The staff made sure that I was comfortable and was attentive and helpful.
Kitt Yoshimura
02:26 17 Oct 19
I went on a towel only night and it was quite busy, all types of guys. Lots of areas to play in private and public, dark rooms were fun. Ample showers and bathroom kept clean, lounge area with a separate smoking room was quite comfortable as well. Bartenders were very nice and very cute.
Travis E.
14:40 19 Sep 19
Great place. Usually very clean and tidy unless it’s super busy. They all do a great job there. All the responses about the horrible staff make me laugh. All or most of the guys are great and very friendly. Some have even become good friends.My partner and I always feel welcomed and have a great time. Wish I had a sauna like this at home.Thanks for the fun time guys.

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