Sauna Paraíso

Sauna Paraíso

The young guys sauna

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The young guys sauna. 1,400 square meters set for you to escape and relax, Finnish Sauna, Turkish Baths, heated pool, jacuzzi, 30 private rooms, three dark rooms, cinema, and bondage area with cell bars, rack and swing.



Sauna Principe
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Antho SH
15:37 21 May 22
Great monkeypox ! Nice place
Spike Mclarrity
20:34 02 May 22
I haven't been to a sauna for over two years, so had some anxiety as the UK ones closed down.Quite a surprising experience...though nice to feel human again!
Dave Gvn
11:28 02 May 22
Nice thing to try, but not my type of people 🙂 little messy and high
Carsten Bjerg
09:30 01 May 22
The place is dirty and the staff is NOT polite! It was my first time there, and didn’t know how to check in etc. the guy in the reception was so root instead of helping me…Good bye 👋
Aleixo A O
15:06 19 Mar 22
I had an ok experience. There’s plenty of people so you will normally have plenty of options, but it was just personally not really for me.+ points: Lots of people, a jacuzzi & and a pool, a dry sauna, a steam room. The place accepts card payments. This is equally the first sauna I went to where I saw trans women and I appreciated the inclusiveness.- points: Gets a bit too crowded for my taste, many people on drugs (no judgment as I’m used to it, but seeing someone high as a kite passing out on a bench in the dry sauna was not super fun). Jacuzzi water kept getting cold. There were a couple people walking around with their phones and waving it in my face which I did not appreciate. I felt there were not enough amenities and also that almost everybody had the same body type.I was a bit overwhelmed by the place but to be objective, I think for Madrid this is quite a good sauna.
Roberto P.
20:59 06 Jan 22
Do not follow the schedule and hours of operation on Google and their official website because they do not update the info as often Dutch call them and ask...
Anthony T.
04:20 05 Dec 21
Went and literally stayed 2min if that. Place is full of tweaked out twinks exchanging drugs in locker room. Some escorts and just overall not my scene. If...
Hüseyin Ali KUDRET
00:38 14 Oct 21
First of all, I would like to say that the sauna is a large and very beautiful environment. Compared to the place I went to in Barcelona, ​​it was a much nicer place. The only problem was that the staff did not speak English. But I solved it by using translate 🙂 Apart from that, there were many young people in gay saunas, unlike the elderly. There was also a “Turkish bath” section and I was very surprised. There were two jacuzzi spots. It was nice too. It had a lot of rooms, but the rooms were stuffy :/ So in conclusion, it's a place I can recommend, but these inconsistencies should be eliminated.
martin maucec
18:21 20 Sep 21
Interesting sauna, great masage. 😁😊
Steven Fototrotter
17:49 27 Aug 21
True, the entrance could use a touch-up and the whole place breathes lack of maintenance and missed opportunity, but the boys come ready, willing and loaded. So step over your design-anxiety and have fun!
Karl bugeja
05:06 01 Aug 21
You can go how many times you want ... you will see different people every single day. The place is huge and the swimming pool is big aswell. Alot of dark rooms, dark Turkish and Swedish sauna. The best action is always starts either in the dark corridor or in the pool. They even provide a massage service ( didn't tried it up ) Single guys or open couples you have to go it's worth of visiting.Sunday is the most crowded but becarefull where are some youngsters that you will find them smoke or worse and they ask even for money.
Christopher Tyler
22:31 30 May 21
Best sauna in Madrid
Alejandro Toledo
14:45 15 May 21
Maik Wasosky
11:50 21 Jan 21
The staff is friendly and serious at the same time. Although the environment is different now with the measurements, it is just as good as ever. I will be back!
Eryk Kosarewicz
17:37 15 Aug 20
The place seemed a bit dirty but with nice customers
Kriso Krumov
04:53 17 Jan 20
That's the place 😍 Love the swimming pool - Perfect place where to get relaxed after the sauna. The Turkish bath was very nice as well . A lot of nice people visiting there all the time . Will definately come back when visiting Madrid . 👌👌👌
Troy Adams
07:28 07 Jul 19
Took over an hr to get in. But it is pride wknd. Boys of all races, ages and body type. Lines still outside and it's morning. I'm sure it's not like that on regular days. A bit too hot inside bring extra condoms they only give you one.
Scott Lafferty
17:52 18 Nov 18
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.Clean, friendly, reasonably priced and absolutely chock full of beautiful men who for some inexplicable reason seemed to find me as of much interest as I found them. The facilities are great (in all senses) and even if I hadn’t seen anyone I liked the look of, I’d still have been glad to have come.They have one of those machines to pay for everything and it’s fairly straight forward to use. Just check before you pay for a massage whether or not they actually have a masseur available.
Ken C.
20:26 11 Aug 17
Not many boys when I went on a Friday night at 11pm, but the facilities are great and the staff was nice. It was a huge place with lots of cabins and space....
Dan E.
14:17 21 Jan 15
I went on a cold Sunday morning to discover a huge party! Clearly in Madrid, why go to brunch when you can gather with your friends in a nice sauna with...

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