Sauna Paraíso

Sauna Paraíso

The young guys sauna

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The young guys sauna. 1,400 square meters set for you to escape and relax, Finnish Sauna, Turkish Baths, heated pool, jacuzzi, 30 private rooms, three dark rooms, cinema, and bondage area with cell bars, rack and swing.



Sauna Principe
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12:30 28 Feb 24
Loved the place! I went on a monday and there’s not much crowd but still managed to meet few guys, just a shame that I don’t speak spanish so it was pretty difficult to communicate. Nice and big pool! Staffs kept the areas clean as well.
D. G.
15:05 05 Feb 24
If you are used to European sauna standards, you will definitely be disappointed here on many criteria. Overall, the place is actually frequented by a younger audience. The young madrileños don't seem to care about the cleanliness of the sauna because they don't maintain it. Very dirty at rush hours. I'm giving two stars because there are still handsome guys in the sauna. But in general, the experience is quite far from what it would be like in a normal European sauna. The owner who manages all three saunas in Madrid keeps the quality very low.
Hadrian James
12:09 17 Dec 23
This is a pretty good sauna, some areas busier than others, probably due to the layout. Lots of guys on a Saturday night with a real mix of men. The only main negative was the guy on the front counter. I agree with some of the other comments about him, very unfriendly, you should get someone with a better personality as your front man. Overall a good place to go.
Etienne Sunde
21:59 26 Nov 23
Hot sauna with hot and playful guys, mostly youngs but some hot daddys as well. If you Are a bottom i recommend to bring your own lube because its not available there
Niko DiArezzo
21:55 11 Nov 23
Was there on a Friday night after 1a.m. and it was rather full and busy. Very youngish crowd, good size and labyrinth style layout. I loved the whirlpools and the stone walls which give the place an "antique" Roman bath feeling! Got really busy around 4 a.m.😛
Yerevan Yana
14:00 01 Nov 23
They charged me 19.00 EURO today, without mentioning there was construction going on inside (multiple construction workers in there) the place was absolutely filthy and freezing cold. When I asked why they didn't mention it on entry, they did not give a damn. Horrible people. Rotten place. Notice the child like way they respond to reviews/customer feedback. It tells you everything you need to know about their standards.
Robin Bromage
16:34 31 Oct 23
I visited this sauna on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was very quiet. Very few customers. I get that isn't the venue's fault, but what is, is charging full price (€19) when half the facilities weren't working. This wasn't mentioned before I paid my entry fee. The hot tub was basically a building site and the steam room wasn't even working. €19 I'll never see again - it just felt like I was scammed.
Barış İmren
16:07 08 Oct 23
It is the most dirtiest place I have ever seen in my life. Not maintained at all. It smells so bad everywhere.
Nolan Clough
19:28 27 Sep 23
Visiting from the US. I had a nice relaxing time and would gladly come back.
07:48 05 Sep 23
Never experienced such a dirty place. Used towels and slippers laying everywhere in locker room. Used drink cups and towels everywhere including walls and floors around long pool. No one attempting to clean them up at all. People were kicking the cups out of the way just to take slippers off. I was actually shocked and I have been to saunas around the world. The steam room smelled like toilet area. I saw one cleaner in the three hours I was there but not where they needed it especially on pride weekend. And no - it was not that busy around 830pm so they cannot use the excuse that it was an unusually busy day. They should have more people working if expecting big crowds. I like the fact that management only replies to positive reviews but a thing that is negative they either deny or don’t comment. They know it is a big messy dirty place
11:00 17 Aug 23
It's a complete waste of time (theirs and mine though$16 euro is 16 but i don't see how that would help them). Why did they bother to open when it's under major renovation with workers moving around with moving debris and banging noise. I was here before covid and had a good time. Today (admittedly early but I've here early before) only 3 of us poor souls with the only attendant who couldn't speak a word of English.
13:40 02 Jul 23
Never experienced such a dirty place. Used towels and slippers laying everywhere in locker room. Used drink cups and towels everywhere including walls and floors around long pool. No one attempting to clean them up at all. People were kicking the cups out of the way just to take slippers off. I was actually shocked and I have been to saunas around the world. The steam room smelled like toilet area. I saw one cleaner in the three hours I was there but not where they needed it especially on pride weekend. And no - it was not that busy around 830pm so they cannot use the excuse that it was an unusually busy day. They should have more people working if expecting big crowds.
Daniel Chaviano
14:44 29 May 23
Great bathhouse. Loved the huge jacuzzis and Turkish bath. The rooms are all open, free and keep going forever. Had a great massage as well and hot guys at all hours. Highly recommend!
17:14 20 May 23
I went there last night and I’m coming back tonight, this place is well run and the people that goes there are just fun. So if you are picky and pretentious don’t go you won’t find what your delusional mind wants 😂
Andrew Forte
05:36 18 Feb 23
It was just coming through main door and the smell from inside was pretty disgusting. Workers looking like predators of the middle age. Don’t recommend to go. Doesn’t catch any attention.
Jean Dujardin
09:33 27 Dec 22
The sauna as such is what it is. No comment. But i was surprised to see lots of people smoking inside (tobaco or more). So if you don't smoke, go Somewhere else or Take paracetamol against headache. And shame on Paraiso.
Kirill Sergeev
20:19 13 Dec 22
I have to say that I’ve been reading reviews today around 1 hour before going inside. Entrance 16€, stuff acting like i owed him something. The smell…omg..SMELL starts from the fitting rooms and if you go deeper inside THE SMELL is getting strong. Smell of idk pee probably, I don’t have another explanation. Definitely need to renovate this place, first burn, then renovate. Because I don’t know how many months you need to skip the washing day. It’s up to you, but I prefer something clean.
Seán Murphy
15:48 24 Nov 22
Wow just wowVery nice saunaCatacomb like vibe
Koen Vanbiervliet
17:14 14 Nov 22
I can coraborate the review of José Ruiz from yesterday. I was there to at the sauna and the jacuzzi water really was filthy. I didn't get in it. The locals didn't seem to mind though. Overall it was the dirtiest sauna I've ever been. Thakfully place gives out slippers, because that floor is a hazard.It's also big, has a nice crowd and atmosphere, specialized facilities, ... It could have easily gotten four stars with proper maintenance.Staff only speaks Spanish and all the information notices etc are also only in Spanish.
Mark Angelucci
16:13 06 Nov 22
Nice layout and facilities, rude staff (pre-requisite at gay saunas across the world). Had fun, hot guys. Used to the chill and party scene but shocked at how twatted 80% of the clients were and surprised they were taking G and snorting coke in full view of all in the locker-room. Fun but be aware at weekends, it's a place for chill parties and the management can say all they like on here but they completely condone it!!!
09:39 17 Oct 22
The venue is unique with good facilities. The main problem is the very dangerous behaviour of many customers. Many are very wired behaving in a way that puts others at risk. Bodies passed out on sofas, others vomiting from excessive drug or alcohol consumption. People drinking and smoking everywhere including the spa.Staff seem amused by this behaviour rather than concerned for the well being of all. It's a shame that this behaviour is acceptable as if staff were GENUINELY concerned about ensuring a safe and enjoyable place for all, this venue would be a great place. Please don't respond with a disingenuous generic response as you would just be embarrassing yourself. This is not a safe place. Staff are unprofessional to allow this behaviour to continue
Randolf van Vugt
18:56 12 Oct 22
What to say which has not been said already? The sauna is big, following it is not easy to find your way. Everything you expect is offered and in function. Jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna, movie area, bar, cabins, playgrounds. It takes time to explore the whole area. The mix of men is highly interesting. Not the typical "belly, hairy, older men" but quite a number of younger men, some of them really handsome and nicely muscled. As they are aware of their appearance, they play the "hard to get me"- game, until it is getting late, then you find them in the darkest corners being quite submissive. Disturbing are the behaviours of some visitors by ignoring the no- smoking signs ans bringing their drinks at every place they go. Groups of friends block the jacuzzi or the cabins, just chatting, laughing, smoking and drinking. Yes, beer flows, and assumingly some other smokeable stuff too. The employees made not the most friendliest impression today and seemed to be quite stressed. At entrance, the cashier forgot to give me a towel and at the bar, they waved back my attempt to give them the number of my locker. At the end, my drinks were not booked and thus not paid at the end. Cleaning whilst being there was done, quick and effective. Overall a fun and interesting experience.
R Strasser
18:18 29 Sep 22
I was here last thursday and enjoyed myself. It was busier than I expected as google said" not that busy" There was a steady stream of men from 5-8pm and it started to slow down after9pm when they started cleaning and closing off areas. There were about 15 to 20 guys there at any given time and aged from mid 20s to mid 40s.It was a very clean sauna so that negates others comments on here. I find many guys blame a sauna and leave bad reviews when they dont score. Its not the saunas fault they cant pick up a guy when everyone there is eager to steam and dry sauna were busy and warm with a window between them. The only real negative was the hot tub wasnt hot, but it was 32 degrees outside so not a problem. Many guys use the pool to meet others. I didnt see anyone using or under the influence but it was a weeknight. Plenty of cabins and theme areas.Give it a try, worth the visit. Inexpensive.
Antho SH
15:37 21 May 22
Great monkeypox ! Nice place
Spike Mclarrity
20:34 02 May 22
I haven't been to a sauna for over two years, so had some anxiety as the UK ones closed down.Quite a surprising experience...though nice to feel human again!
Dave Gvn
11:28 02 May 22
Nice thing to try, but not my type of people 🙂 little messy and high
Carsten Bjerg
09:30 01 May 22
The place is dirty and the staff is NOT polite! It was my first time there, and didn’t know how to check in etc. the guy in the reception was so root instead of helping me…Good bye 👋
Aleixo A O
15:06 19 Mar 22
I had an ok experience. There’s plenty of people so you will normally have plenty of options, but it was just personally not really for me.+ points: Lots of people, a jacuzzi & and a pool, a dry sauna, a steam room. The place accepts card payments. This is equally the first sauna I went to where I saw trans women and I appreciated the inclusiveness.- points: Gets a bit too crowded for my taste, many people on drugs (no judgment as I’m used to it, but seeing someone high as a kite passing out on a bench in the dry sauna was not super fun). Jacuzzi water kept getting cold. There were a couple people walking around with their phones and waving it in my face which I did not appreciate. I felt there were not enough amenities and also that almost everybody had the same body type.I was a bit overwhelmed by the place but to be objective, I think for Madrid this is quite a good sauna.
Roberto P.
20:59 06 Jan 22
Do not follow the schedule and hours of operation on Google and their official website because they do not update the info as often Dutch call them and ask...
Anthony T.
04:20 05 Dec 21
Went and literally stayed 2min if that. Place is full of tweaked out twinks exchanging drugs in locker room. Some escorts and just overall not my scene. If...
Hüseyin Ali KUDRET
00:38 14 Oct 21
First of all, I would like to say that the sauna is a large and very beautiful environment. Compared to the place I went to in Barcelona, ​​it was a much nicer place. The only problem was that the staff did not speak English. But I solved it by using translate 🙂 Apart from that, there were many young people in gay saunas, unlike the elderly. There was also a “Turkish bath” section and I was very surprised. There were two jacuzzi spots. It was nice too. It had a lot of rooms, but the rooms were stuffy :/ So in conclusion, it's a place I can recommend, but these inconsistencies should be eliminated.
martin maucec
18:21 20 Sep 21
Interesting sauna, great masage. 😁😊
Steven Fototrotter
17:49 27 Aug 21
True, the entrance could use a touch-up and the whole place breathes lack of maintenance and missed opportunity, but the boys come ready, willing and loaded. So step over your design-anxiety and have fun!
Karl bugeja
05:06 01 Aug 21
You can go how many times you want ... you will see different people every single day. The place is huge and the swimming pool is big aswell. Alot of dark rooms, dark Turkish and Swedish sauna. The best action is always starts either in the dark corridor or in the pool. They even provide a massage service ( didn't tried it up ) Single guys or open couples you have to go it's worth of visiting.Sunday is the most crowded but becarefull where are some youngsters that you will find them smoke or worse and they ask even for money.
Christopher Tyler
22:31 30 May 21
Best sauna in Madrid
Alejandro Toledo
14:45 15 May 21
Maik Wasosky
11:50 21 Jan 21
The staff is friendly and serious at the same time. Although the environment is different now with the measurements, it is just as good as ever. I will be back!
Eryk Kosarewicz
17:37 15 Aug 20
The place seemed a bit dirty but with nice customers
Kriso Krumov
04:53 17 Jan 20
That's the place 😍 Love the swimming pool - Perfect place where to get relaxed after the sauna. The Turkish bath was very nice as well . A lot of nice people visiting there all the time . Will definately come back when visiting Madrid . 👌👌👌
Troy Adams
07:28 07 Jul 19
Took over an hr to get in. But it is pride wknd. Boys of all races, ages and body type. Lines still outside and it's morning. I'm sure it's not like that on regular days. A bit too hot inside bring extra condoms they only give you one.
Scott Lafferty
17:52 18 Nov 18
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.Clean, friendly, reasonably priced and absolutely chock full of beautiful men who for some inexplicable reason seemed to find me as of much interest as I found them. The facilities are great (in all senses) and even if I hadn’t seen anyone I liked the look of, I’d still have been glad to have come.They have one of those machines to pay for everything and it’s fairly straight forward to use. Just check before you pay for a massage whether or not they actually have a masseur available.
Ken C.
20:26 11 Aug 17
Not many boys when I went on a Friday night at 11pm, but the facilities are great and the staff was nice. It was a huge place with lots of cabins and space....
Dan E.
14:17 21 Jan 15
I went on a cold Sunday morning to discover a huge party! Clearly in Madrid, why go to brunch when you can gather with your friends in a nice sauna with...

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