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Largest gay sauna in Mexico. 3 floors, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, lockers, cabins, cold room, bar, pool, massage and much more. Man only 18+



Club-Sauna Spartacus
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15:19 14 Mar 23
Very fun place . Lots of hot guys and different rooms to play , the pool is cool and top deck , I have 2 complains. The guy in charge in the front is got mayor attitude, and 550 pesos for a room with broken mirrors and no sheets is too much
Timothy Skaggs
22:57 11 Mar 23
I’ve been here more than a time or two over a few years. I love Spartacus! I’m not a twenty something twink or a buff gym rat but I’ve always been treated with respect and a smile by the staff. All the bitter queens need to STFU! Seriously. I have never been overcharged and I think the place is extremely clean given what goes on. Again, nothing I would change. 500 pesos for a locker may be a bit steep but if you can’t afford it then don’t go. Seems simple enough.
John McCormick
09:28 05 Feb 23
I actually liked this place, but not the way they treat the bear community. They love our money tho. Almost doubled the usual weekend price to 500 pesos JUST because it was bear weekend. You’d think they’d at least spring for large towels… but the worst was just closing at 3am on a Saturday night and throwing everyone out just for a separate Bear party. For a business that is just recovering from a fire and Covid, I expected we would ALL be welcomed ALL weekend. Disappointing money grab. No other gay business in PV does this. It was pathetic.
Matt Worth
08:12 03 Feb 23
When I left and checked out in the morning, person(s) tried to charge me over 300 pesos. I explained I only had a water for 40 pesos. Typically, I spend up to up to $100 on a visit on admission, lube, and poppers. I asked what was charged, but no response. Are the employees charging erroneous fees for themselves? Bill was corrected immediately with no dispute, Watch what they are charging you and dispute if necessary. I don’t mind paying more that Chicago steamworks,, but let’s ensure the staff is charging the proper amount in exit.
Lino Pastrana
02:44 05 Jan 23
I was at this sauna January 2, 2023. This place is over priced and aimed to robbed the tourist. I pay $29 dollars to get in. They don’t accept credit cards “efectivo “ cash only. I was charge $10 for an extra towel and I was charged 30 pesos for using the wall-electric-outlet to charge my phone!!!.The facility not worth the $29 dollars. I travelled all over the world and I never seen or heard a business charging for charging a cell phone.Doesn’t look to be a clean place either.
Marc Hamilton
22:39 13 Dec 22
Phenomenal place!!! I would’ve visited more when in town if the hours had been longer. I will ABSOLUTELY go back! An incredible experience!!!
Rio Jimenez
05:22 11 Dec 22
Unless if you look like a rich, old, white, man, you don't matter. I went in on my bday for some fun, I guess I'm hideous there. Whatever, I know my worth. They can read, I guess like I said, I guess I'm hated because I can spell.
ಫ್ಲಾಯ್ನ್ ರೆಬೆಲ್ಲೊ
02:32 06 Dec 22
I was here on a Friday evening around 7. So many men. I wasn't expecting this many people in a small tourist city. I have been to many saunas around the world, this place was definitely something.
Brett Rowe
08:34 29 Nov 22
No warning of lights going completely off on the 2nd floor at 1:30am for a 2am closing. Manager was unfriendly. Closing time should be listed as 1:30am and not 2am because 2nd floor is unusable when lights are completely off.
David C.
09:23 14 Nov 22
Pleasantly surprised, they accept both cash and card. We went on a Sunday night, around 11 pm, and were not disappointed, throughout the night there was a...
Danny G.
10:18 06 Nov 22
Great mens spa in heart of ZR in PV. Upon entry a body check is done for Monkey pox (I don't know what happens if you do have monkeypox) then you get towels...
Kyle Brown
03:47 05 Nov 22
Great spa for men. Lots of amenities in the club and clean.Only negative was it seemed like they were shutting everything down about 2 hrs before they actually closed
21:49 25 Oct 22
Best bathouse I have ever been to. Rooftop pool with bar, plus a fairly big jacuzzi. Can't wait to return!!
03:53 16 Oct 22
This place could make so much more money, considering it's a getaway for rich gay men... it's so huge, that even if theres 1000 people inside, maybe they wont meet each other? Gay guys love the dark places, but its useless when you hace 1000 dark places to explore inside. And yes, you have to pay extra to have a cabin... but wait, will u go back if u paid extra and in the end you didnt meet anyone? Such a waste of good business.
Jonas Schmitt
07:30 18 Sep 22
I find it so so.+ staff was nice+ gets nicely crowded+ large enough- the crowd really isn’t that great- the actual action space is a little too separated / odd space to get people together.- the largest part of the darkroom is so dark that you can’t even tell if you’re about to run into someone, yet alone seeing whether you’re attracted to them.
Alan H.
18:53 11 Sep 22
Spartacus is your typical gay sauna. The entrance fee was reasonable. The fee includes a towel and sandals and locker. The towels are smaller than...
Rome G.
16:29 17 Jul 22
I love visiting gay sauna when I travel. This is a good one. Large, clean, good mix of friendly guests. Lots of tourists but also a good number of locals.
Larry B
18:10 14 Jul 22
I found the staff helpful and courteous for a first-time visitor. The facility is clean, camera free as far as I could tell, and with an interesting mix of people.
Rome G
21:17 10 Jul 22
“Young man, there's a place you can goI said, young man, when you're short on your dough. You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find… Many ways to have a good time…”it’s not YMCA but it’s an equally fun place fun place to visit. 😉
Rick Telfer
17:55 23 May 22
If I could give this place 6 stars out of 5, I would. Huge, beautiful, modern, clean facility with comprehensive amenities, including a bar and a beautiful rooftop patio/pool. Unquestionably the nicest men's sauna I've ever enjoyed. Friendly service and an endless parade of gorgeous guys.
Juan Bonilla
15:00 23 May 22
Great place to get away. My only concern is the number of cameras filming throughout the property. I'm talking locker room showers etc... At one point while grabbing a water i got a peek of staff gathering around the screen to watch footage from a shower stall. I hope there's no leaks from this place. Other than that, friendly staff and a good time.
Bradley Scalio
03:15 22 Apr 22
Despite the shady iron gate and narrow stairs up, the reception area and staff greet you with friendly and judgement free customer service that puts you to rest if nervous or discrete. Quick 400 pesos for non locals, you get a sarong, towel, and slippers for that price as well as a locker with key and key band.The facilities smell and appear clean.It's a bit cavernous, which is good, and alot of space is given to the private rooms, but as someone who's not a sauna guy I was impressed and surprised.
Tony A.
07:25 18 Apr 22
Great layout. Lots of spaces to cruise. Crowded with lots of hot guys. Clean. Definitely recommend it.
Zadod Romero
06:29 30 Nov 21
No pics to share but great place for meeting people and fun fun fun
Andreas Beez
23:50 07 Nov 21
At the weekend you pay 300 pesos. The location is nice and big, international standard. At the sunset starts action. More a bit older man but also cute Mex body. Good place for fun. 2 times I enjoy
Guillermo T.
23:24 01 Aug 21
Watch out - when you check out - they wanted add some beers that I didn't ordered- fuck for heaven sake get bigger towels - overall experience ok
Eric H.
07:08 16 Jul 21
First bathhouse experience and it was super accommodating and comfortable. I loved the steam room, roof top pool and the hot tub.
John Anderson
01:09 28 Feb 21
This place is not your average "bathhouse". First of all - it's very clean and doesn't have the sort of sketchy feel you have when you go to other similar places.The hot tub area is very nice and relaxing with ample room to keep your distance from others if you wish. They have a waterfall feature which is a nice touch.They have two wet saunas - when I went one had a nice pore opening essential oil that may have been eucalyptus. The other didn't seem to have that and that one had several guests more focused on socializing. It was good to have two options. They have your standard dry sauna as well.The "dark room" was a scaled down version of your typical gay bathhouse maze with the expected appointments. When I went this area was not very busy but I can imagine it would be at different hours.One thing I found unique about this place is that it has a bar on its rooftop where you can socialize and enjoy cocktails. Some people come here just for that.Price wise this place is extremely inexpensive and this means you don't feel like if you pay to get in that you have to stay for hours. You can pop in check it out relax for a short time and go if you wish.All in all this is one of the best bathhouses I have been to and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are visiting Puerto Vallarta. Will definitely return again!
chris Ohalloran
14:30 05 Dec 20
Generally, i have enjoyed it in the past. Can't tell this year, because apparently I'm too old. Maybe that should be featured prominently on the website, or at least at the entrance, before going through the health protocol (where my numbers were fine). I get it, but let's not waste each other's time. And get front desk clerks who can read ID. I had to tell him my DOB. Had I known...
J O Brandy Fanatic!
04:27 25 Oct 20
Loved the place. I visited it yesterday. However it turned out to be a bad experience. Left my sunglasses in the locker and when i went back to request staff to check the locker, he wanted to charge me 100 pesos to get in. After I insisted, he allowed me to check it and of course the sunglasses were not there. The staff said they did not find anything in the locker. I went back after talking to the manager over the phone. He said there were 2 sunglasses in their lost and found. I went back to check them and sadly they weren't my sunglasses. So just a warning if you are going in here, make sure you don't forget anything because you most likely will not get it back.
Brian H.
17:44 23 Oct 20
I enjoyed myself. I always do. Its attitude. Nice place. Clean. Friendly.I like the Roof Top Bar. Easy to find. Good place to buy Poppers too.I look...
John Cox
20:02 03 Jul 20
Love Spartacus! Neat clean and friendly. The video room is where much of the action is...the guys sure did like my plus size . I really like the rooftop; with naked tanning, pool, showers and a bar.I usually have a beer and stroke until someone wants to suck me!😃
Alan H.
19:26 03 Nov 19
Spartacus is your typical gay sauna. The entrance fee was reasonable, but they add a service fee if you pay with credit card. The fee includes a towel and...
Leo S Saves
11:13 14 Jan 18
This place was extremely friendly everybody was nice and the place was clean there is a bar and the fourth floor and or tender is very handsome and nice. They give you Sandos tomorrow for the night if you buy a locker or in a room rooms usually cost 300 pesos and August 200. The peak time is after the park closes which is at 2 AM.

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