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A modern space for women, non binary folk and their guests

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She Soho, a cozy spot in London's Old Compton Street, is where the queer women and non-binary peeps hang. It's not just a bar; it’s like the cool kid of London’s queer scene. Think about stepping into this basement bar and getting hit with those good, friendly vibes. It’s small, but hey, that just adds to the charm.

What’s going on at She Soho? Well, they've got everything from dancehall beats on Thursdays with DJ Malika, to those nights when you can just let loose with their resident DJs. Want to unleash your inner star? They’ve got karaoke nights with Drag King hosts. And for those into drag king shows, this place is a gem.

People who've been there can't stop talking about how welcoming and chill the staff are. It's like hanging out at a friend’s place but with better music and drinks that won't break the bank. You might walk in early on a Thursday and find it's quiet, but that's cool. It gives you time to chat with the staff, who are super chill.

Bottom line: She Soho is more than just a bar. It’s a spot where you can feel at home, meet some awesome people, and just have a good time, whether it's a full-on party night or a laid-back evening. It's the kind of place you'll want to visit again and again.



She Soho
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Danielle Vanier
14:59 26 May 24
Still really upset a few days on of my experience at She. I’ve never been before but I’ve been out for a few years now so wanted to take my best friend to a few queer bars. Turned up to She at about 8pm and was denied entry because I had sandals on. My friend was in DM boots. The person on the door was really rude and abrupt. I feel SO embarrassed. They said it was company policy which would be fine if that was the case but I have seen pictures of my friends and people I follow online in She wearing heels, mules, open toe shoes. There should be a written policy on the door and their dress code should be online no? It’s nowhere on their Insta or their website. Leaving this review because I don’t want anyone else to goall the way there to be turned away for wearing open toe shoes. In my heart, if I’m honest I feel like there was another reason but I don’t want to make any assumptions.
Sinead Leader
02:02 03 Mar 24
Great place and alright music the vibe is great. Recommend making the most of the cloakroom because it gets STEAMY! Not in the way you’d like 😂. Music is okay drinks are London priced and the queue was around a hour at 11 we came from Manchester so not used to the long queues but worth a visit. Love that the staff on the door were active on protecting this queer space! Made for a great vibe once inside!
05:35 03 Feb 24
Had only one night in London while on holiday and happened upon this cute "underground" hole in the wall bar/club. The bartender recommended me a lovely drink that was low carb (I'm diabetic and don't drink much), much appreciated. Met some lovely people. The music was good and not played so loud that people had to yell at one another to have a decent convo, which was great. Good mix of young and old crowd, and the staff was friendly and non-pretentious, very "down to earth." Clean place. I had dinner plans elsewhere so I had to bolt just as things were perking up. Should I ever be so blessed to visit UK again I'm def stopping by again! Cheers from the States!
_.N A B._
23:16 29 Jan 24
Favourite place in the world. Go very frequently and the entire staff and security are incredible. Have never felt safer at any bar or club. Constantly recommending to bring everyone I know here
Lei H
16:56 29 Jan 24
The security guard seemed to exhibit severe racial bias and a tendency towards violence. I am sad that my favourite place is rude by this security. I will never come back again or recommend this place to any non-white peopleMy friend and I, both Asians, joined a queue to enter a dance floor, observing everyone else doing the same. A blonde security guard approached from the bottom of the stairs, bypassing all the white people in line ahead of us, and singled us out, instructing us to leave. When I questioned why she didn't speak to the white people, she reluctantly told them to leave, but upon their loud refusal, she turned and forcefully pushed us away. My friend, caught off guard, fell to the ground.Safety Concern: The security guard's action of pushing people on the stairs to the floor is extremely dangerous. A fall in such a place could lead to serious injury.Racial Discrimination: The fact that the guard only used force against Asian women, ignoring the white women in a predominantly white queue, is a clear instance of racial discrimination.
Nicole Gomez
17:04 24 Jul 23
Cool staff, good drinks, cute vibes. We went early in the night on a Thursday so there was not many people but it’s always nice to be in a lesbian setting. The staff was super chill to talk to. Would definitely like to visit for a full night out. Drinks were decently priced, not too high.
Sabrina Chang
06:31 23 Apr 23
This is the best lesbian bar I’ve ever been. Even though the place is not spacious, it gives you a sense of warmth and comfort. On Wednesday, they have a karaoke night, and you can order whatever songs you want to sing. The staff here are friendly and welcoming. It’s definitely a place I will visit again and again every time I return to the city.
CJ Blessing
19:31 03 Feb 23
My very first bar I HAD to stop at when I was in London. So damn cute. I wish I could have stayed longer or returned during my trip. Maybe next time. Thanks for having NA beer options!
Estelle Mailhou
08:34 16 Jan 23
Great experience!I liked the vibe and the fact that it’s only people who identify as female or non binary inside (men are allowed when they come with women apparently and I saw few of them)The dj (who is very pretty) plays very good music! Too bad the place is like sooo small :(No menu for drinks… I don’t really like that because you don’t have prices nor choice, you have to know what you want to drink and trust them for the price. I payed 7,5£ a gin tonic which I think is alright, I would pay a bit more in Paris so no surprise for me.Also entrance is 10£! And there is a cloakroom for 2£ per item I thinkOtherwise the atmosphere is cool and even when you come by yourself you’ll not stay alone for long
Ava S.
05:14 14 Jul 22
I loved She Soho! This is a bar specifically for LGBTQ women and the people they bring with them. I felt very safe in this bar, and the music in the dancing...
Anne K.
23:15 24 Apr 19
Underground bar for LGBTQ+ women (and allies) with good music & cheap drinks. Cover charge is always low and door policy is good.
Ki N.
18:14 11 Jan 18
Awesome little place with a cheap cover charge. Fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weekend

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