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Welcome to Shogun, the Home of the Great. Aiming to provide comfortable and stylish space for men to relax, meet friends and have fun. We provide great Asian hospitality friendly environment which is a great social spot to all the men.

Unlike most of the saunas in Singapore, Shoguns welcomes you 24 hours everyday to cater to all your sensual and relaxation needs. Make your fantasies come through and discover your sensual senses as you join a world of men in our tastefully designed and imaginative play spaces.



Shogun Sauna
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Fourth Seven
17:50 08 Jun 24
The customer service people are polite. The place to me is relaxing. Especially if I need to take break from life. My first time last Thursday and I come back on Friday. Crowds are friendly and great great great
22:03 29 May 24
This place from bad to worse. Every time when I visited this place I always ended up regret from coming.
05:49 03 May 24
This place from bad to worse. Every time when I visited this place I always ended up regret from coming.
lee nicco
18:13 03 Apr 24
New design, but at night time lots foreign worker sleep here and not fun at all. People there just sleep all night and watch TV. Not really for fun at all.
R Llgue
16:47 09 Mar 24
The place is too small, the facility is not pleasant which is very scarryyyy. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this bath house at all. I only stayer there for about 2 mins after I paid. Lol.
G Laroque
04:46 26 Feb 24
DO NOT GO! Absolutely disgusting experience. Was hoping for a little bit of fun in Saturday night. Read reviews and expected a mixed crowd at Shogun. What I didn't expect was that Shogun is a boarding house for 50- and 60-year-old migrant workers overnight. A hundred men are sleeping all over the facilities. Most naked, but some in towels. There's nowhere to play. They're EVERYWHERE! The facilities are terrible to start with, but I can imagine you could have some fun if you could at least use the dark rooms, play beds, outdoor areas, etc. Keybox is kinda the same problem with overnight boarders, but at least kept them to a few areas
Loh Hong Jie
16:20 12 Feb 24
Hi 👋 bosses there, kindly feedback the darkroom it’s so dark and so dirty the room also the steam room the ground was very slippery and I fell down with one guy there just now and hit my head.. Another person hit his chin and his legs too.. Hope fortunately, nothing happened to both of us God bless!! Please take note for the elderly there thank you..🙏 (I only like one of the stuff there wearing red colour shirt the younger one he is kind and friendly..👍🏻)
Shaun Leow
20:55 30 Dec 23
Slam ice inside and get bred
Chang Yong Xing Bram
18:14 05 Dec 23
Place too small. Nothing beats keybox
Bear Jin
02:29 01 Dec 23
Shogun has reopened after renovations. Visitors please be gentle with the showers, it has broken many times after repairs.
Santi Guinto
14:48 23 Oct 23
Not recommended. Too dark and dirty upstairs also in restrooms.
Bear Jin
09:31 09 Sep 23
Shogun is currently closed for renovation. It will reopen once its completed
Weng Fho
13:27 21 Jan 23
Went to shogun 21/02 the place old n a bit messy n dirty n dark room is ready dark do bring touchlight n the crowd r mostly uncles n older man + lot of foreign or local indian origin customersBasically dont wasre yr 12$ infact tenman much much better but keybox still the top choices with young hunk to older man all in one location n lot of choices
Tom Biondi
22:09 15 Nov 22
Ok, the upstairs was SO dark it's actually dangerous. You can't even see where you are walking. It's that dark, like having your eyes closed and I have great vision. There might have been ten of the hottest guys up there but I don't even know what the size of the room or layout was. You need to add some background lighting. I'm all for dim but this is just stupid.
Joe tan
02:54 30 Jun 22
Not much better than Tenmen.
Wong Francis
17:39 17 Jun 22
Updated review for 2022, under the new normal. Shogun survived the pandemic. During down times, they updated the place little bit to make it more easy to have fun. If you don't like the dark too much, this may be not suit you. It is still Singapore's only gay sauna that is open 24 hours. It's reasonably clean and 2 floors of play area, small gym, open air area etc. They have steam sauna but no dry sauna. The crowd are varied from the young to the old. Mostly middle aged uncles and their admirers. Some good actions can be expected and people here are mostly friendly. Entry price has been 12 dollars for many years. No membership required. Majority of the clients are Chinese with a few Indians and Malays too.
04:33 17 May 22
Shogun Club not crowded
Kabir Khan
08:13 02 May 22
Everything ok but during rain roof can't seat leaking water
Richard shearer Tan
00:34 21 Feb 21
A place for guys to relax.. 24 hours... Reasonable price at the heart of the china town
Mijon John
09:04 16 Jan 21
Good for making friends.I had good massage from a friend.87923896
Alan Leonard
07:11 08 Jan 21
Great place for relaxation, watching movies/ TV, very friendly young staff.
Jasmer Tan
00:12 28 Dec 20
The whole place with air- cond is too cold, especially the area with air-cond plus the fans blowing.Customers smoke in all toilets. Unable to use the toilet for non-smokers.
Nicholas Benjamin
10:50 01 Dec 20
Getting bad to worst. Not much people go there now a day. Keybox is so much better than them
zo co
09:43 23 Nov 20
the palce so boring not really good
Thomas Tan
02:45 08 Sep 19
For guys only. Who need a place to relax n get cool under hot sun can go in for a nice bath. Dont need to rush back to the hotel. Not expensive just $10 to get in n it open 24hr.
David B.
21:15 23 May 19
Had more fun here than at the other Clubs in Singapore. Very Basic club but guys seem more willing to play than at the other places where they walk and walk around forever. Will go there again when I am in town. Mixed ages but younger later at night.
Saralo Ha
10:27 14 Mar 19
I've always met nice uncles here. Some are not seeking fun but rather hanging out here like it's their social club. Anyway, if you're hot and get to be picky, you're better off in other venues.
alexkoh joo keng
08:11 04 Nov 17
Friendly boss and economical rates. A fun place to hand out. Drinkers after passed midnight needs only to pay S$12 per entry and you can spend the whole night there with free blanket too, why not try it out.

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