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One of the most popular gay venues in Tel Aviv Shpagat serves coffee and food during the day transforming into a trendy nightclub in the evenings.



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Noel McGarrell
13:36 04 Oct 23
Good spot for gay travellers and locals. We went two of the nights we were in Tel Aviv. The staff are very attentive and friendly. The pizza was very nice as well. Outdoor seating was welcome to watch the world go by as locals and tourists prepared for a night out. On the Sunday night a local street performer sang some songs to entertain the entire street which was brilliant.
Eduardo Coelho
17:51 10 Aug 23
I would put Three starts for the short lady with the military haircut, she was supposed to be the host, horrible actitud, rude and very I respectfully, she make us waiting around for a table, but she was crushing and being soooo nice with other ladies. I decided to go in the bar by myself, the guys on the bar were very nice and sweet, just for those two guys I will rate three stars.
Monty Council
17:16 09 Jul 23
We partied the night away and had a so much fun.
Jeremy Mammon
09:24 30 Jun 23
Food was good. Wait staff were responsive but did not listen to special instructions and requests regarding food and atmosphere. Not a place for children. Bathrooms are very unclean. They force you to tip and if you tip the standard 10% they look at you and ask why.
Martin Mihaylov
20:13 15 Jun 23
The place to be if you are gay. Fun and very communal. It felt like a nice party in the street.Definitely recommend.Service or the lack of such is not a surprise:D
Moran Gill
18:23 05 May 23
Wednesday nights are my favorite and I was surprise from their delicious menu
17:27 05 May 23
Shpagat gay bar is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking for a fun and lively night out in Tel Aviv. My partner and I felt immediately welcomed by the friendly and cheerful crowd, who made us feel right at home.The bar itself is beautifully designed with its trademark stepped floors, creating a unique and intimate atmosphere that's perfect for a night of dancing and socializing. On Fridays, the bar also serves as a chilled-out café where you can relax and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat with friends.The music at Shpagat is simply amazing, with a range of different styles to suit all tastes, from electronica and hip-hop to mainstream pop music that you can sing along to. The DJs and artists that perform here are top-notch, ensuring that every night is a night to remember.In addition to the great music, Shpagat also hosts a range of special events and art exhibits, making it a true hub of creativity and culture in Tel Aviv. We had the pleasure of attending one such event and were blown away by the talent and passion on display.Overall, we cannot recommend Shpagat gay bar highly enough. Whether you're a local or a tourist, gay or straight, this place has something for everyone. So if you're looking for a great night out in Tel Aviv, head down to Shpagat and get ready to dance the night away!
נופר סלמה
15:58 05 May 23
I recently visited Shpahat and was blown away by the incredible experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff and a friendly crowd. The bar was filled with beautiful people and had a fantastic vibe that kept me coming back for more. The food and drinks were amazing, with a wide variety of options to choose from with the best prices.But what really sets this gay bar apart, are the hot guys and sexy girls who work there. Whether you're looking to meet new people or just enjoy the view, this bar has it all.
Emily Yona
15:34 05 May 23
Summer is about to begin and there’s no place like home than Shpagat! Always the best atmosphere, with the best and sexiest team of workers who make your night that much more fun and make you feel like family! The DJ is always on point with the best music, the new menu is so tasty and goes perfect alongside your cocktail 😉Highly recommended for the perfect night out Tel Aviv! ❤️❤️❤️
Zach Schwarzbaum
14:52 05 May 23
There’s only one gay bar in Tel Aviv to visit. This is it! Great atmosphere, food, and people!
Nannon Russell
08:24 02 May 23
We visited 2x. Once on a Sunday night we're it was quiet but nice. Staff were friendly. Then we visited again on independence day, it was intense. We paid cash which wasn't the best idea cause we didn't get any change. The drinks were very expensive again which is standard for tel aviv but the prices were pumped up on that day.Still can't fault the staff, had a great time.
Henrik B. Rasmussen
05:58 28 Apr 23
Dont go there. Bad service. Bad cocktails. High prices. Very Dirty.
Joe Holder
09:53 09 Mar 23
I used to frequent here with a good friend, we recently returned after a while that we hadn't been and the not only were the prices just insane (35 shekel for a bottle of beer) the service was just shocking... I've never received such a negative attitude from a waiter before.. shame, but I won't be coming back
Jack Chang
17:24 02 Mar 23
Nice, cute sidewalk tables and friendly chill out bar we went on Sat. Night. I think it's LGBTQ2S+ bar?! And it was a bit dead at 12 am, maybe it was because of a cold night..?! You should still check it out to support local hangout bars.
Harvest Perfumes
22:20 26 Jan 23
The host could have been nicer and not make people move to a different table after they ordered and sited.
Dov Nachshon
13:49 13 Dec 22
My favorite bar around, not pretentious yet nice alcohol selection and great service
Никита Галкин
00:53 11 Nov 22
Waiting for cocktails more than a half an hour.And they was bad. Ingredients was different from the menu. Btw they apologized and deleted this cocktail from the ending bill
Павел Хижняк
19:33 07 Oct 22
We came at the opening of the bar with our 3 years old kid, there were no people and very quite music. However, the staff didn’t allow us to seat there because of our child! When we asked if we could seat at the other side of the street, the waiter pointed out the place behind a crossroad saying that we could seat there. Insane!
Daniel kvåle
16:49 27 Sep 22
Lively place with a good vibe. Coctails isn’t their strength so maybe just order something that does not require them to mix the drink…
antonio gamero
22:32 27 Aug 22
It is hard to give this place even one star! The whole experience was bad. To start… even in a Saturday night is not busy… that’s a sign. I got to the bar, the bar tender saw me but she was too busy talking to another person for a while that she would not come to ask me what I would drink, finally she did.Prices are extremely high, I don’t know if they have different prices for tourists but $16 UD Dls for a kettle One vodka soda in this kind of Bar is way too high.I decided to had the drink and go somewhere else, after having my drink I went to the bathroom to pee before leaving… the bathrooms where disgustingly gross, they have few so I went to the next and to the next and all of them were really duty and I mean duty w/s..tIt had been my first bad experience like this in Tel Aviv. I will not be back.
Yael Bensh
21:28 27 Aug 22
Queer friendly & beautiful bar in the heart of Tel Aviv. There is also food.
Bill Chen
17:18 29 Jul 22
Cool bar. Great vibes and the bartenders were so fun.. every drink you buy, they'll take 4 themselves haha
Sitara Love
20:06 25 Jul 22
My experience was great. Came on a Monday evening, there was nice crowd sitting outside. Good music. Good 🌈 vibes. Service was great, my margarita was made perfectly and received it super quickly.
Pt Drg Tete
20:34 15 Jul 22
Ordered some food with our drinks THAT NEVER ARRIVED, the waiter apparently forgot to add the food, it happens that also the waiter left as his shift finished throughout our stay, so when we left after an hour there was no food still, we also tried to call 2 waiters during that hour snd they boty said they were coming now and never came, it was a horrible experience, 2 stars because at least i liked the music
21:08 28 Jun 22
McGay Bar that could be anywhere. Staff seems to forget they are supposed to be serving customers as they socialize with each other, pose and look at their phones. Luckily While staff chatted with each other and ignored the customers, it gave me time to realize that it was a sad, empty, unsociable bar and I left. All the other bars on the street are full and lively, but Shpagat is not. I ended up going to the straight bar next door and got excellent service and a much friendlier crowd!
22:45 08 Jun 22
The worst service I‘ve ever seen in a bar. I don‘t know if they get paid or work for free, I‘ve never seen such an unmotivated bunch. After waiting 5 minutes to order at an empty bar I ordered and was waiting for another 15 minutes to get my drinks. And you know what? After 20 minutes I left. The waitress still hadn‘t found the motivation to move a finger.
Louie T.K
10:13 07 Jun 22
The place is fun.Drinks are good.But the staff are horrible. It takes them ages to come and get your order. Or bring you back the money after you pay the check .
Yoav Glidai
00:43 24 Apr 22
Great cocktail variety and some food options. Always packed on weekends. Best and only gay bar in TLV.
Ayelet Mey-Tal
15:48 12 Mar 22
Great place, great location, cool population, and regular prices for TLV
Ayelet Bitan
16:36 25 Dec 21
Best happy hour! Great staff, not that great service, but they are so kind, so I don't care.
Mahmud Mas (Worldwide tourist)
11:59 08 Nov 21
Nice bar. Good prices compared to other bars in the city. Great place for drinking and hanging out with friends for a chill evening.
Simon Moshiashvili
17:12 19 Oct 21
Gay friendly bar. Nice place to have a drink
Ethan Bergerson
08:58 29 Sep 21
Great Coffee & food. Super fun to work with the laptop in the mornings. Staff is super friendly! 🙂
Ron Shavit
08:52 11 Aug 21
Amazing place, great food
10:46 17 Jul 21
At night it's the best gay bar in TelAviv and during day it's a very cute place to get some good healthy food and amazing desserts, staff is very fun and cool, all in all a very good spot for gay visitors in TelAviv
Rachel Ginsberg
06:45 14 Jul 21
My favorite gay bar in the city! Also nice for a brunch in the afternoon
elad shay
07:32 06 Jun 21
Very nice. Need more of that.
Omri Stier
05:20 05 May 21
Every time we come here we get a really good vibe. The cocktails are great and the happy hour keeps us just as tipsy as we need!Could have more food options and faster waiters but this doesn't stop me from coming here week after week.Fun music, fun people and a fun place overall.
Nussy Penny
21:10 17 Apr 21
So nice proper bargain
Gilad Levy
14:59 18 Mar 21
Good vibes, fast and friendly service
Matan Rachamim
13:47 11 Mar 21
U can find better place in TLV
Sefy Cnaany
10:58 27 Aug 20
Fun place. Cool young atmosphere.
karin eckerling
09:48 26 Aug 20
lovely gay bar! loved cafe pensia!
Eli Barenboim
21:16 20 Aug 20
Tasty but overpriced.I expected better service from a place at this class.
גיא Guy בן-גד
17:19 16 Aug 20
Perfect LGBTQ food and bar
Yoav Suesskind
02:24 12 Jun 20
Do not keep social distancing do not care about their customers and the citizens of Israel.
hagar bu
21:18 10 Feb 20
Greattttttt place always feels homey.Best for locals I think but I can see why tourists love it there.Staff is really nice and cool and the music is fun. Also rumor has it that the food served at noon is awesome.
17:49 15 Nov 19
I had high expectations coming into this bar. It was so highly rated. When I got there, it wasn't dive or anything, it was actually pretty nice. To be honest though, I didn't feel like everyone around was super friendly. And oh my goodness, these drinks are way overpriced. I didn't expect to pay such high prices in Tel Aviv. I mean the bar is nice, but we aren't talking about a roof top view of the city to justify the prices. I was a little disappointed, but I did like the amphitheater-like seating. It got a little crowded, which I expected seeing as it seemed to be such a popular place. I went to say I went and got it off my bucket list. But I think if I ever visit Tel Aviv again, I probably won't go back unless there's an event.
13:06 16 Mar 18
WOW Shpagat is now doing a whole new food menu and it’s delicious!Also you must check out the cakes and cookies 🍪🍪🍪 by Ilana! Only on Saturdays :-)This place is my favorite in TLV night life bar.Always getting here at the best Israele type service, friendly and happy!Best bar for gay life Tel Aviv!And the cutest bartenders!Definitely my first option to spend the night.

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