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Sidetrack has been welcoming the community and the world for more than 30 years with a unique video mix of pop, rock, comedy, show tunes and retro favorites.

Named the Most Popular Bar in Illinois by, the Most Visited Bar in Chicago by LYFT, the Best Gay Bar in Chicago by TimeOut and one of the 50 Top Gay Bars in the US. Yelp, 2017.



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Jon Perry
18:23 05 Jul 24
Horrible experience here. I've been here a few times and frequent many of the neighboring Boystown bars and I have never ever experienced disrespect and scamming like this. The female bartender on the rooftop, along with Dave, the supposed "manager", were extremely rude and unprofessional. They scammed my friends and I into buying overpriced shots and charged an additional shot to our cards. They then proceeded to gaslight us into thinking we ordered and took a 6th shot that never existed. I've apparently heard that this is the norm at this establishment. Never again. Go to Roscoes/Scarlet/Splash instead and get the same shots and drinks for $5 without the disrespect.
13:27 05 Jul 24
Sidetracks in Chicago is an incredible gay bar that exceeded all my expectations! The atmosphere is electric, with a lively and welcoming vibe that makes everyone feel at home. The themed nights are always a blast, and the drag shows are top-notch, featuring some of the best performers in the city. The drinks are reasonably priced and expertly mixed, and the bartenders are friendly and attentive. Whether you're there to dance the night away or just enjoy a fun evening with friends, Sidetracks is the place to be. Highly recommend for an unforgettable night out in Chicago!
Alyssa Lynee
20:30 01 Jul 24
Good music, crazy vibes- I can’t say enough about the staff. Amanda is like an octopus, serving a million drinks at once while still managing to make you feel special and cared for. She is absolutely the reason I come here.
Katya Papaya
01:27 28 Jun 24
Cool spot, great music, fun crowd - but the bartenders were rude as hell. I know the service industry can be rough and we all have off days, but this was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Literal anxiety every time we had to order a drink.
Michael Vendramin
23:48 20 Jun 24
I used to work here in the begining stages of the bar, soon after the original owners passing and helped his father Stan from the sidelines and am quite pleased that they've kept the vision going over the last 40 or so years! Great job people, be to visit soon!
Tyler Lewis
18:56 19 Jun 24
I recently hosted a Pride Event on the rooftop at Sidetrack for LGBTQ+ physicians and providers and it was a huge success thanks in large part to Brad and the team at Sidetrack! They were not only incredibly responsive, timely, and helpful, but they welcomed working with a nonprofit which isn't always the case. The team at Sidetrack were eager to be available on the day of the event to help us set up and remained available throughout the event to make sure we were happy. At the end of the night when we needed to clean up, they were kind enough to step in and help. I would recommend Sidetrack for any event large or small!
Kaitlyn R.
22:05 15 Jun 24
Rooftop needs louder music. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!More bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you
Audrey Busbee
04:15 26 May 24
Love this bar so much- great music, many different atmospheres to pick from, love that there is a rooftop for some fresh air since it can get really packed, and drinks are yummy and reasonably priced. However the pickpocketing issue is insane. The literal second I took my eyes off my purse, my wallet was stolen out of it. I have never gotten pickpocketed in my whole life and I’ve been to many music festivals, clubs, cities, etc. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the bar- in fact the staff were very friendly and helpful with trying to locate it but it was no where to be found. It’s honestly just become a huge problem in the boystown bars in general, which sucks because it’s such a fun place especially for queer folk. Just spreading this info to whoever is considering coming here- DO COME!! Just do not take ur eyes off ur belongings even for a second
Calleah Jade Harris
01:33 23 May 24
Went on both Friday and Saturday nights with a group of friends. Great atmosphere, music, lots of different areas to explore. The bar staff are friendly and the bar proudly displays its support for the LGBTQ+ community. Defo a place to visit if you’re in Chicago and want to go clubbing in a lively, open, friend and accepting environment.
Christopher F.
14:45 19 May 24
We came in for a night of drinks and dancing. I love all the different parts of the bar from patio to rooftop. The dance floor gets crowded so plan to serve...
Ed U.
12:07 07 May 24
Oh man, this place was wildly popular on an early Friday evening when Jamie W. and I stopped by... so what's new? You simply can't cruise Boystown without...
Hope L.
16:24 27 Apr 24
Went there during the day during Sapphic Saturday and LOVED IT. The drinks were pricey compared to home but SO YUMMY and strong! The staff was kind and gave...
Binormal “BiNormaL”
18:00 12 Apr 24
such a fun free spirited club the drag show was really fun. They had Beyoncé night. Everybody was having a great time. They have really good drinks and strong only nine dollar shots ir mixed drinks of bourbon. $10 fuzzy . I will definitely come back we had a great time . everyone was friendly & smiling. lots if good looking people Free entry the service was immaculate. The ambience is very pretty. Don’t forget to bring your ones and some cash.
Sandy L.
17:33 12 Apr 24
Came here for a bachorlette party of 12 girls on Saturday night in March. It is a lot bigger than it seemed but when we got it, they scanned our kicense...
Priscilia R.
00:27 03 Mar 24
The service is phenomenal here, bar tender's skilled and friendly and the music is great! You do not feel excluded by staff here even if you're one of the...
Ralph W.
15:00 28 Feb 24
Quick service, although the place was extremely crowded! There are numerous bars offering a variety of drink choices. The rooftop area shuts down around...
Daniel Moreno
07:35 03 Feb 24
My very first time experiencing gay culture and I have to say I was very relaxed the moment I walked into the doors. It was super loud but that’s expected lol. After a few drinks I busted a few moves on the dance floor. Also I liked how many different areas they guys had in the club, very diverse. 10/10 would recommend. Servers and staff are great. Tip them appropriately. Slay
Chris D'Angelo
23:43 27 Jan 24
Visiting Chicago, and everyone I spoke to said I had to check this place out. So I did. And they were all right; this place was a fun night. Good mix of people, good mix of music, relatively fast service and reasonable prices.The one caution I would give to people is to avoid their pre-made and frozen drinks. They are so saccharine, the ones I got I had to struggle to finish. Don't get me wrong, the first couple sips are amazing, but the whole drink is just too sweet in general.With that said, other basic drinks I got from here were just as good as anyplace! And despite the unwelcome sugar-rush, still a good time!
Sydney X.
07:59 14 Jan 24
Sidetrack is, without a doubt, a shining star among Chicago's gay bars. This dynamic establishment offers an exceptional experience that caters to a diverse...
Mr. Vinicius
13:51 08 Jan 24
This long hair Bartender has an extreme personality, he’s very nice and sweet, something difficult to find today’s day in many establishments in this industry.Congratulations buddy, you do an amazing job!
Jeffrey Giles
15:35 07 Jan 24
There is never a dull moment at this band show tunes sing along on Sundays. His epic best place shall ever go for the LGBTQIA+ community and all others.
Michael G.
08:54 28 Dec 23
Very cool place. Friendly service. Cheap drinks. The video bars are very cool. The crowd is also very diverse.
Nick Colosimo
23:49 23 Dec 23
I have visited Sidetrack for years without any issues. I attended Gaga night this past Wednesday. The female barback with the long orange curly hair was extremely rude. She had an issue because we left our belongings on one of the tables ( literally for no more than three minutes) to grab a drink from the other room. I completely understand that theft is a common issue no matter where you go. That's exactly why we took everything important with us. I left my bag which only had hand sanitizer and a few makeup products in it. She pretty much threatened to take our belongings from us. There were people who literally left their items for over 15 mins in the same room with no issues. I don't know what her problem was but she needs to learn proper customer service. Her attitude completely ruined my entire experience.
Lacie C
03:20 05 Dec 23
Such a cool place to visit. A must for visiting Chicago! We loved it here and had a great time. So many different rooms with different bars and vibes in each room. There were a lot of safety measures in place and it felt comfortable there.
Payton Dow
19:50 03 Nov 23
Sidetrack has been my favorite bar since moving to Chicago. Me and my friend group frequent here often due to the amazing staff, drinks and overall atmosphere. Definitely recommend if you are partying in boystown
Anthony Middleton
20:07 31 Oct 23
I hosted a birthday gathering at Sidetrack, and the staff was very accommodating to me and my guests. We were given the Wooden Bar for the evening during Musical Monday, my favorite themed night at their bar. It was a perfect evening! I look forward to celebrating more events at Sidetrack in the future.
Anthony M.
13:09 31 Oct 23
I hosted a birthday gathering at Sidetrack, and the staff was very accommodating to me and my guests. We were given the Wooden Bar for the evening during...
Kate L
20:01 27 Oct 23
My friend wanted to go out to boystown for his 21st, and we were excited to try out sidetrack, but the vibes were OFF!! I’m confused why we were treated weird, but an employee kept coming up to me with a confrontational tone accusing me of having pepper spray when they had already checked my bag and I didn’t have any. They came up multiple times accusing me or my group… it was uncomfortable. I found out someone in our group did actually have pepper spray in her purse but she’s a woman who carries it around the city for safety, and they also checked her bag and let her in? I didn’t know that was bad. Didn’t feel welcome here which sucks because it seemed like such a fun spot 🙁
23:27 16 Oct 23
Very large club that's super clean with friendly staff. Beautiful patio. Loved the Halloween decorations. If you're in boys town, this is a must stop!
Glen Morris
18:25 04 Oct 23
Fast service, but very very busy! Lots of bars and different drink options. The rooftop closes around 11:30, but they have a couple other places to go. The dancefloor was shoulder to shoulder, but still fun to dance when it's not so busy. Cute Halloween decorations too!
Mr. Vinicius
21:34 03 Oct 23
This long hair Bartender has an extreme personality, he’s very nice and sweet, something difficult to find today’s day in many establishments in this industry.Congratulations buddy, you do an amazing job!
Carley W.
20:06 30 Sep 23
Sidetrack is one of my favorite places in boystown! The music will forever be top notch - especially because the music videos are going at the same time....
Thomas DiGrazia
13:31 19 Sep 23
What's not to like about this place. With good strong locks on the bathroom doors I can usually find some action quickly and enjoy the rest of the evening. Batboy and Adam, you guys are too much!
Omar Rmz
01:48 14 Sep 23
Great bar! Excellent atmosphere, great music and drinks
Xiang Liu
20:30 26 Aug 23
Ok I like sidetrack most of time until they charged me 16 dollar for a regular rum with coke on market day. Like girl I’m not even drunk and why do you do that? I asked them and they just gave me another rum shot? Like I don’t need those drinks I just don’t like how you trick customersUpdates: I appreciate their super quick response and their effort to make things good on my side and their future actions. I believe this is just a random busy week error and we still support and love sidetrack!
gigi hadid
05:47 24 Aug 23
I love the drinks here. The margaritas never disappoint! Great selection of music and I like how big and spacious it is. Good place to come with friends.
Justin Lee
18:21 22 Aug 23
Sidetrack is one my favorites! I’ve been here multiple times and it’s been great each time. Drinks are good, reasonably priced and the bartenders have always been nice. I enjoy coming here when I visit Chicago. Also no cover fee is nice
Lacee E.
14:28 03 Aug 23
Straight friendly Super kind and cute bartender! Willing to accommodate your drink request! Great music selection. Gay bars are known for their music!...
Hubert Hill
02:17 31 Jul 23
I do not recommend. Caesar was horrible. Kepted walking around, ignoring certain people while playing on his phone. When he did finally collect an order, he wouldn't listen to what was being ordered and made the wrong drink and then used flimsy excuses why the drink was wrong. There are better gay bars in this city, find them.
Alicia L.
02:28 22 Jul 23
I absolutely love coming here when I'm in Chicago. Picture a sports bar filled with tvs that play musicals instead. I'm in heaven. The bartenders are...
Sean O.
14:06 09 Jul 23
Was my absolute FAVORITE club for a while, and still like it! Just don't get out as much. Sometimes in the winter the coat line takes forever and the line...
arielle Goldman
14:37 07 Jul 23
This place is marvelous! Besides the fantastic everyday themes and service, they go above and beyond for special events. I helped plan my friends's 50th birthday there and they truly made it special and made magic happen. The staff was friendly, timely, responsive, helpful and of course fun! All the things! Whether you stop in for a drink or an event you are bound to have a good time and get lovely service!
Ray K.
23:06 04 Jul 23
I loved this place. We probably arrived a bit early so it was more « quiet », but we really enjoyed the different sections available. The drinks were great, the service of the bartenders was on point. The rooftop is really nice. I came from out of town so couldn’t visit it more than on a Sunday but it is definitely worth it!
Davone M.
19:30 03 Jul 23
Great time with friends. It was Monday so it was musical Monday. All Broadway music. We didn't mind we came for the vibes and the drinks.
Michel Tawil
15:26 02 Jul 23
It was my first time there and my experience was very cool! Its so spacious and the drinks are reasonably priced! Good time to spend with friends and also to meet new friends. Well done!
06:17 26 Jun 23
⚠️WARNING ⚠️❌THEFT ALLOWED HERE❌This place is normally a fun time but recently multiple people have had things stolen from them and Sidetrack has done NOTHING about this. Multiple people in one night have had things taken from them. Nothing is done about this and the establishment does not care that your phone and other belongings will be taken from you.If you are going here make sure to have all of your valuables CLOSE AND SECURE!❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
Chris Z
05:18 11 Jun 23
It’s criminal the average isn’t over 4.5. This is one of the best gay bars in the world. Huge, fast service (never understaffed), cheap drinks, and there’s no cover. Good every night, even weekdays.
John P.
23:50 12 May 23
We went on a Friday night around 11pm. There was a long line, but moved pretty quickly. We were def in after 15 mins. The coat check is in the front. We...
Seth Long
20:31 01 Apr 23
I wrote a bad review last month because the bartender never looked at me to get me a drink. However, the owner wrote such a nice response that I deleted it. I understand that it was fairly busy & I overreacted. Just goes to show you how a positive response from the owner goes a long way towards making a difference in a customer’s opinion! Plus the people at the door are so nice, especially the lady who is the officer!
Kiernan McGeehan
15:17 26 Mar 23
Love this place. However, last night's experience was exceptional. I somehow injured my hand as soon as I got into the bar and Michael, a staff member noticed and had bandages and a wrap ready to help. Was able to carry on with my night like nothing happened!
Maddi V.
17:29 25 Mar 23
We went with a couple of friends for their dog day on the first Saturday of the month, with our four legged friends of course! I didn't do much research in...
Philippe C.
16:55 15 Mar 23
Been coming since 2003 but gave it a "covid" hiatus for 2 years and back for the first time, only to be greeted by a police-state type security at the...
Philippe C.
19:29 13 Mar 23
Been coming since 2003 but gave it a "covid" hiatus for 2 years and back for the first time, only to be greeted by a police-state type security at the...
C N.
16:10 05 Mar 23
Frisking customers for weapons. Sidetrack used to be a fun place to meet for a drink or some people watching. Now it has fallen down to a level where you...
Carson A.
14:14 04 Mar 23
The bartending staff I encountered was not friendly or inviting. Plus, they were blaring some drag show which is definitely not my thing.
CV Dix
19:20 01 Mar 23
I've been a long time fan of Sidetrack and try to attend as many of their events as possible. One of those events includes the Ru-Paul watch parties. Sidetrack started advertising a Ru-Paul fantasy league with prizes for those that place in the top positions each week. I signed up for the league with friends. Each week, we made sure to select our picks and then watch the show at the bar. I was highly disappointed last week when the bar didn't even acknowledge the fantasy league or the winners. I asked the drag queen hosts and they said "So what? We don't do that anymore." I know they're just the hosts and not in control of the contests but my friends and I were highly disappointed that the bar would start a contest and then completely sweep it under the rug. It was a very unique concept when all bars are competing for the same crowd of watchers and I just wish they had acknowledged that it was only to get people in the door for the first several weeks instead of having people designate time to a league that was just a gimmick. I'll still Sidetrack because love the bar and the awesome staff but not waste my time with this event.UPDATE: Sidetrack acknowledged the oversight and said they will continue the fantasy league until season's end.
aiman b
00:20 18 Feb 23
I rarely if ever go to a bar and have only visited this place twice to meet a friend. I am beyond impressed with the level of service and friendliness of the entire staff. Appreciate the welcoming vibe.
Brianna Smith
03:56 30 Dec 22
Me and my girlfriend of 6 years came here the other night traveling from STL, and we’ve never been more disrespected at a bar EVER. Esp. one that should’ve been a safe space for us being a gay couple. Were being shoved and threatened for dancing minding our own business. Then got kicked out for shoving someone off me who had been threatening me all night. Bouncer didn't want to hear us out and we left crying. Also we asked if it was only a safe place for gay men, not women, and they said yes. 0/10 worst experience I've ever had. Bartender wouldn't even serve us. I also had video evidence of me asking the people assaulting us to just dance with us of leave us alone and one of them threatened to “fuck me up” . Really disappointed because it was a beautiful place, but very mean and cruel staff. our hearts hurt that the lgbt community has turned into this.
Amber P.
10:37 01 Dec 22
Awesome bar located on Halsted!! Been a couple times and will continue to come. LGBTQA+ friendly. Cheapest drinks in Chicago! They play great music and...
Drew Carson
01:45 07 Sep 22
Usually always a good time here. Good-priced drinks and pretty good vibes.... Only complaint I have is with 1 of the extremely rude workers there that was rather verbally aggressive towards me about my dog on dog day (and for not a valid reason).... But, I won't hold it against the bar. Definitely 1 of the best bars in Boystown.
Joseph S.
19:40 29 Aug 22
As a person of color this is not a place I'd choose. The musics is clearly directed at a specific demographic, which works for the client. As a person of...
Kyle U.
14:45 25 Aug 22
Sidetrack is a staple in the Chicago LGBT nightlife scene as it provides a great atmosphere to be social in some areas of the bar, while also providing...
Alix Mendoza
21:49 21 Aug 22
Bartender girl reacted very rude when I told her my cocktail was not strong at all after I made my friends try it too. She throws the cocktail away and made a new one out of anger!. Is this the type of love you share in this place?? Just wondering
Matthew Nutter
01:48 22 Jul 22
This is my favorite place on the planet. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. If you HAVE been, you know the vibe. Friendly bartenders, fairly priced drinks, SLUSHIES, theme nights, great music, and an incredible, well-maintained venue.
EAE espinosa
02:44 21 Jul 22
I am visiting Chicago as a tourist and this happened to me, bad service.I went in and asked if they had a show today, he said yes. I asked what time and he said I don't know. quickly he makes me a sign to move that there is a line. The cashier or hostess was NO GOOD.
Cassidy B.
19:17 08 Jul 22
Although I'm admittedly a Scarlet girl to my core, Sidetrack has recently been my go-to spot! Why, you ask? Several things make it my first suggestion when...
Bobby Wilson Jr
17:21 27 Jun 22
BE AWARE. This place is FUN but a HOTSPOT for pick pocketing. I wish I would have read the reviews from others about this before visiting. Had my iphone stolen the second (literally) my hand was out of my pocket. I wish they would have given me a warning when I entered. Love the place, it is a shame this happened here.
Sarah G.
07:19 27 May 22
Sidetrack is exactly the kind of place that comes to mind when I envision a gay bar. It's colorful, vibrant, filled with the best pop hits from across the...
Kate M.
08:39 25 May 22
My sincere apologies to Sidetrack for not leaving a review until now. I've been here many, many times in my six years in Chicago, and it continues to be my...
Matt C.
08:32 20 May 22
Holy hell, this place is fun. Probably one of the best gay bars I've ever been to. Service was outstanding, the music was loud, the crowd was happy and the...
Trina Grogan
18:37 18 May 22
i came here with two friends with fully legal IDs that are well above legal drinking age and we were denied despite the IDs being legal and us asking them to call the cops to prove legality. i watched them “submit” the photos to some agency on their computer. we were then shoved out by security who was extremely rude to us and unwilling to hear us out. we were regulars but this was a terrible experience and their ID checking machine does not work and their employees are rude.After posting this review I’m changing to be 5 stars as management called and completely investigated the incident and was extremely understanding and agreed that this was not in their policies. Thank you to management for hearing me out and I will continue supporting Sidetrack!
Jordan Hillis
22:08 16 May 22
Visited this past weekend while I was in Chicago. Thoroughly enjoyed Eurovision 2022. Offered a great atmosphere and the staff was more than exceptional, Zach was amazing!!!
WisconsinBoy 1982
16:08 14 May 22
Fantastic club. Great bars everywhere. Upstairs best. Super lighting. Awesome music. Fun fun fun. Can’t wait to be back. And I’m a “straight” guy. These people really know how to enjoy themselves.
Heather P.
19:19 01 May 22
Place is usually has a line which goes pretty quick. Big space but always packed. Bar is small and took ~25 minutes to get drinks. Got the frozen drinks and...
Audrey T.
15:46 29 Apr 22
I visited Chicago last weekend and my hosts took me here. Super cute and a lot bigger than I thought. The music was excellent. Totally up my alley and I...
Sam W.
14:50 28 Apr 22
drinks are good, lots of different areas and vibes and lots of fun. never had a bad time here
Xiang Liu
16:50 24 Apr 22
Hands down my favorite gay bar. Love the diversity of drinks, decorations, music is ok. Social media can be superficial by posting hot guys or same popular gays only
Cris Rodriguez
18:03 23 Apr 22
I have always had an amazing experience here. Everything from the music to the people and atmosphere are great. It’s a place where people of all walks of life can come together, be who they are, and feel accepted while everyone has a good time. The bar is always staffed well and everyone is super kind. Huge shout out to the owner because you’ve created a wonderful environment that brings people back and we can all be our true authentic selfs. Drinks are priced well, music is always fire, and the staff is always kind. Will definitely be back
Cat L.
19:02 18 Apr 22
This bartender at the upstairs bar is the rudest bartender I have ever dealt with. I was here on a trip with my friend who decided to celebrate his bday in...
Jocelynn Garcia
16:18 17 Apr 22
This place was amazing! It’s gets very crowded on weekends but it made for great company! I wish the drinks where a little cheaper but it’s a club so what else can you expect? Definitely recommend.
Christina Alagna
17:00 09 Apr 22
I explained how I changed my purse and I had pictures of all my documents (passport, ID, and certificate) and they still denied me. I also tried explaining I had my passport but they wouldn’t even let me talk they just kicked me out. I get that they need to scan it but the bouncers LITERALLY told me to wait in the snow storm. It was my first time going out to a club since I turned 21 and they wouldn’t even let me stand with my friends. I had to stand in the snow and basically wait for an Uber to go home to get my documents (which I couldn’t even return because of the snow and the traffic). Unfortunate but most of all so unprofessional. Like I get you have to do your job but at least be compassionate and throw a woman out in a snow storm. Not to mention it did not look the best because I was the only one kicked out from my friends and I was the only Latina in that group. Whether that was the intention or not it was so uncalled for and the bouncers didn’t even seem to care.
Mackenzie C.
08:47 09 Apr 22
If I could give this place zero or even negative stars I would!! My friends & I used to go here all the time, somewhat disregarding how many women said that...
Christina Alagna
06:16 09 Apr 22
I explained how I changed my purse and I had pictures of all my documents (passport, ID, and certificate) and they still denied me. I get that they need to scan it but the bouncers LITERALLY told me to wait in the snow storm. It was my first time going out to a club since I turned 21 and they wouldn’t even let me stand with my friends. I had to stand in the store and basically wait for 31 minutes for an Uber to go home to get my documents. Unfortunate but most of all so unprofessional. Like I get you have to do your job but at least be compassionate and throw a woman out in a snow storm.
Dikota David
15:37 07 Apr 22
Loved this place big time! They even welcomed this goth boy with the strongest drinks they got because of my high tolerance with Everclear. Staff where on point and the other guests where very nice. Even with my black and white makeup on, guys flirting with me which is a good sign! Not much drama from this place it seems. Will sure be coming back!
Edith “Jetset Jezebel” Giles
06:17 26 Mar 22
I love the staff and the live drag. And the drinks are good and reasonably priced.
Virginia M.
18:32 22 Mar 22
One of the most epic nights I've had! What a great place, so fun! The crowd is awesome the venue is super cool. Fun dance environment and great music. An...
Michael I.
22:12 25 Feb 22
This place needs to fix their horrible ID scanning system. Me and my friend from out of state had our IDs rejected at the door because their stupid scanner...
Ellie D.
16:03 21 Feb 22
Love love LOVE coming here for Little Mix Monday's!! I literally travel all the way from Detroit for it like twice a month. Thank you Adrian for bringing us...
Anthony J.
15:32 11 Jan 22
No memory. Scott Deatherage the best bDebate coach ever and I used to go. Scott died an untimely death. Now a terrible security guard who should be fired...
Donna Derek
14:04 30 Dec 21
Warning Please watch your credit card any card to use before handle at the bartender information gets stolen because couple days ago they charge me $642 from my card. cart was stolen information please be careful about your card the best decision to do pay with cash they are scammer bar when I called my bank capital one they see a statement someone charge me $642 and they say your card was the my girlfriend she’s start refusing about the situation because my girlfriend she bank accounting specially the white guy you need to be careful from him suspicious he did it OK thank you
Marcus Wade '93
17:36 24 Dec 21
Friendly staff, large space with two levels for dancing and bar access. Amazing music selection. Highly recommend!!!
08:50 21 Dec 21
Reko is the best bartender in Chicago, the best Long Islands I have ever had. Thank you so much. You are amazing! ❤️
Mike R.
11:37 16 Dec 21
I debated a lot whether I should post this- since i love this bar so much but I couldn't get over it last night so here it is. Last night - late-ish I...
07:28 16 Dec 21
He is the best bartender in Chicago, Reko, the best Longs Islands I have ever had. Thank you so much. You are amazing! ❤️
Matt H.
22:51 20 Nov 21
My friend and I visited this bar in early November, my friend unfortunately drank too much and ended up falling. Guests were able to help me get him up, but...
Trevor Harris
15:11 13 Nov 21
Yesterday was the first time ever that I was told I couldn’t come into a bar and it was here. The bias staff told me, that I was too drunk to come despite coherently communicating with them and trying to get a legitimate answer as to why. None of their reasons made sense or were correct. I came to celebrate my birthday and wound up being treated like a second class citizen. Changes need to happen so stuff like this doesn’t happen again.
Ellie D.
23:53 08 Nov 21
God bless Adrian for starting Little Mix Monday's!! I literally extended my trip to Chicago for this and it did not disappoint!
Giovanny Hernandez
00:59 02 Nov 21
First time visiting this place from San Diego and it was hella fun. The show was lit 🔥🔥🔥
Heather F.
15:31 01 Nov 21
Side track is one of my favorite bars in boys town. However I'm deducting a couple of stars because of my experience last night for the first time ever at...
Will P.
16:49 24 Oct 21
Sidetrack, awesome gay video bar in Boystown Chicago. I went to this place twice, had a few weirdos hit on me beside that its a nice place. Good drinks,...
Orlando Rodriguez
18:48 23 Oct 21
A month ago I had done a 5 star review for Sidetrack but I edited it and gave a 1 star. Why? When 3 bartenders are attending bar and 1 completely blows you off but then serves the person behind you I find that disrespectful. Another one attended the people around me and it took 40 minutes for him to ask if something was wrong only because I took my glass and slammed it down. If you don't have a nice body or in with the bartenders they start calling you weird and look at you like you were something from another planet. I served this nation during war and I did not pick and choose who I wanted to help but obviously Sidetrack is doesn't really care about that.
Justin Trinidad Quelix
11:55 29 Sep 21
Best spot in Chicago, hands down. Friendly staff, good music, good shows, constantly innovating, but most importantly, honest staff and culture. I lost my wallet, called the next day, I wasn’t there. Bradley reached out to me through Facebook to let me know that my wallet was found… who does that? World-class individuals. Thanks, Sidetrack and Bradley, you made a Customer forever.
Travis W.
19:56 25 Sep 21
Sidetrack always, and I mean ALWAYS, takes care of its patrons. Best place in Chicago.
George K.
18:06 25 Sep 21
I've just recently started going back out to bars after nearly a four year absence and I must say that this bar is simply fantastic. I've been going to it...
Mike S.
13:19 20 Sep 21
Fun bar. Love their frozen drinks and the showtunes on Sunday is something I have to attend whenever I'm in the windy city.They are strict about showing...
Audra Kolker
02:10 13 Sep 21
Great music, friendly staff and the roof deck is a perfect summer spot. It's a huge bar with different rooms with unique character. The crowd really get's into the music and show tunes!!
Justin Horlyk
04:22 08 Sep 21
Sunday show tunes sing-a-long is fun! And the drinks are tasty
T Mamola
16:41 14 Aug 21
Very nice staff, the management and servers are kind and quick. The Dj’s play all the boystown hits. During market days the have a great booth too.
Alicia Lynch
10:37 03 Aug 21
I love sidetrack. I’m from Orlando and I always make sure to visit if I’m in Chicago on a a Sunday. The crowd is welcoming and who doesn’t love a great Broadway show tune.
Alina Z.
05:16 03 Aug 21
We had a BLAST HERE! Loved the drag queens and contests with the customers. Music was great, I wish it hadn't rained so we could've seen the rooftop bar....
Taryn C.
08:14 01 Aug 21
I recently moved to Boystown and have been going to this bar almost every weekend. The bartenders are great and super friendly. This past Saturday, the guy...
Chelsea Carver
00:53 27 Jul 21
Fantastic bar. The rooftop area is one of the best I’ve been too. A perfect place.
12:10 26 Jul 21
Sidetrack is a contagious alternative discothèque experience. Extremely diversified and nonintrusive. Cheap booze and good music. Polite doorman, bartender with access to several rooms. Sunday had a highly mixed ratio of men and women of all genders, beliefs and cultures. I strongly recommend this location for a night of dancing. On the whole, the crowd was friendly, funny and fabulous. A perfect spot to break the ice.
Mike Rafferty
03:22 14 Jul 21
Great music, friendly staff and the roof deck is a perfect summer spot. It's a huge bar with different rooms with unique character. The crowd really get's into the music and show tunes!!
Rocko R.
12:03 13 Jul 21
Had the best time there for Sunday Funday Show Tunes. The bartender Adrian was super friendly, nice to look at, and knew all the words to the songs. Look...
05:15 27 Jun 21
Josh gave the BEST service eveer! He's so friendly and makes this a place a will absolutely come to again. Amazingly personable bartender.
Dune U
21:26 24 Jun 21
Loved the energy ambience and various indoor outdoor options / levels .Didn’t care for the music. Wanted covid vax proof - well done!
Elena B.
05:15 22 Jun 21
This is literally the rudest bar in North Halsted. If you're Hispanic or a person of color, good luck trying to feel included. I had the worst service ever....
Eric K.
07:54 15 Jun 21
I mean, who doesn't love Sidetrack? I'm so glad Musical Mondays are back -- playing songs from musicals on video monitors around the bar (complete with...
Akis A.
15:06 14 Jun 21
Best gay bar in boystown. Management is always very nice and they always do everything to go above and beyond for their customers. Bartenders and door staff...
19:14 09 Jun 21
It's a nice place. But my concern is with the parking woes. I'm not from the city and drove there from the burbs last Friday night. After driving around a few times, found a parking spot on the street and the payment box said it was free till midnight. I come out at 12.15 and there was a ticket ($100) on my window placed at 12.04!!!! And I saw it on all the cars parked on the street and there were a lot. Though I'm not justifying my action and I did pay the fine, this is a city problem and I wish the bars and night clubs should together work with the city to address it. In an entertainment area that's popular on weekend nights, allowing parking earlier on and restricting it after midnight and issuing tickets within a few minutes seems like planned robbery to me.
Ellybeth Castaneda
15:17 07 Jun 21
This past weekend was a mess. Went to celebrate a birthday and didn't know this was an ALL VACCINATED bar ONLY. The security said MY KIND was not allowed and they would accept me at 2 other bars down the street. I'm sorry but all of a sudden you feel entitled to discriminate and talk like that. This used to be the bar to go but not after that type of encounter. Please don't blame that its all still knew bc I understand but doesn't give you the right to say that to people. You know exactly what you said.
Gabe C.
21:55 06 May 21
I'm sympathetic to the struggle of trying to make money 1) in Chicago; and, 2) during a pandemic, but $15 for a 12 ounce (8 ounce?) solo cup with some...
Paul Koch
17:17 10 Apr 21
Always enjoy going to Sidetracks for a drink when we go to Chicago for the day. Adrian our bartender/server was awesome. #biggestlittlemixfan
kenji Bergeron
03:35 04 Apr 21
Worst bar ever will never go backStand outside party of three first in lineThe outside staff wasn’t friendly had allThere usuals and friends parties of fourGo ahead of us and was completely ignoredI was told this was a nice spot and I totally seenThe opposite......worst night ever.
Kyle Fennigan
14:53 23 Mar 21
Ever Sanchez HN
05:13 22 Mar 21
Great place, good service, good drinks and very good music 🎶 I loved the attention of the security staff 👌 excelente job.
Christopher A.
12:20 15 Mar 21
I want to start off this review by saying, if you live in Chicago and you haven't been to Sidetrack, you need to make a visit. Ordinarily, Sidetrack is an...
Sam Baner
00:37 14 Dec 20
Honestly, since the shut down the service has declined tremendously. I think they aren’t trained in the art of serving but instead, taking orders. Which unfortunate. Honestly, if you’re not a usual you won’t be served the same way. It’s unfortunate.
elliot velez
03:55 10 Dec 20
Great drinks. Amazing music. SHOW TUNES is a PLUS!!!!! The staff is super nice and friendly. The rooftop is super cool.If you are a visitor this is the place to go!!!!
Verne Scazzero
01:32 13 Nov 20
Waited for over 10 minutes before the server decided to acknowledge us which never happened......and there were only 2 other tables. We saw him around. He saw us. He just decided we weren't worth his bother. Terrible service. Terrible. The bouncers efficient. What a shame. Used to love that place for its service. Went down the street and were served immediately with a smile.
David Davila
17:18 06 Nov 20
Love this bar. The staff is amazing and the entertainment is exceptional. We love it so much we were married on their deck. Highly recommended to visit whenever in Chicago!!
Ginka Jasovic
22:00 08 Oct 20
It is nice to go to a bar and not be hit on or harassed by the men everyone is always nice and polite I just wish I didn’t have to come pick Boris up here at such late hours of the night
Greg Caporale
21:38 09 Aug 20
Good music. Decent crowd. Needs more seating in the main room. Bartenders are fairly friendly. They did charge $2 for a club soda and lime which was kind of annoying.
Steve S
17:11 21 Jul 19
By far the best club experience of our lives! The bar has some fantastic staff and drinks that could end your night fast and for cheap. There are so many spaces to explore that you are always moving. We loved all the videos to sing and dance to. Not much of a dance floor but the main bar does turn into the place to dance.

Reviews from Google Maps, Yelp and WhereIs.Gay



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