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SoFo Tap, located in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood, stands out as a vibrant and welcoming spot in the LGBTQIA+ community. This neighborhood bar, renowned for its bear-friendly atmosphere, offers a unique blend of events and specials that cater to a diverse crowd.

One of the most enticing features of SoFo Tap is its array of themed events and specials. For instance, Bear Beer Blast Sundays are popular, featuring discounted Miller Lite drafts and house shots, coupled with free Chicago-style hot dogs. It's a lively environment where patrons can enjoy drinks at great prices and partake in the fun atmosphere.

The bar also hosts BEARAOKE every Sunday night, providing a stage for guests to unleash their inner star. This event, along with NerdBear Trivia on Wednesdays, adds a fun and interactive element to the bar's offerings. Additionally, their signature margaritas and Lost Coast Tangerine Drafts are a hit, especially during their happy hours.

Another unique aspect of SoFo Tap is its dog-friendly policy. Doggy Days on Saturdays offer a wonderful opportunity for patrons to bring their furry friends along, enjoying half-priced drafts and treats for their pets.

SoFo Tap's commitment to a no-cover, no-attitude policy, especially on events like GRRR: Chicago's Favorite Bear Night, creates an inclusive and relaxed environment. This policy, coupled with their daily specials like New Amsterdam Cocktails and BIG BEAR Miller Lite Drafts, ensures that there's something for everyone.



The SoFo Tap
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Kurt Parker
17:43 23 Mar 24
Really nice bar.. prices aren't bad atmosphere is awesome... Gets busy at night.. and bus stop close too
Pete Glass
00:14 20 Mar 24
Haven't been for a bit and thought we'd come back since we live in the neighborhood. The bartender more interested in her phone than greeting any customers, much less offering insights or engaging until one particular came in. Totally different person sure became, getting him with a hug, buying him a shot and explaining specials. I even had to ask for a towel to wipe the dirt sticky bar where I sat. Not worth the to we left busy being in the industry we're not like that.
Daniel Holland
18:25 03 Jan 24
My experience was most dismal. It was 6pm and just a handful of customers. I got a can of beer and just observed the bar. I noticed both bartenders engrossed on their phones never looking up for long periods of time. One guy walked in and stood in the service area trying to get one of the bartenders attention. After about a minute or so the bar back looked at me and I motioned to tap one of bartenders and he finally looked up from his precious phone. I noticed a DJ/performer type guy come in and head to a folding table for some kind of event. The first thing he did was correct the horrible bright lighting that was killing the mood here. The bartenders were obviously phoning it in and unaware of the of the unpleasant surroundings.I asked for a glass for my beer and the rim was dirty and tasted like a nasty glass matt that I'm sure hasn't been cleaned in ages. Bar Rescue is needed here. I had an hour to kill and ordered one more beer. After realizing I paid 16.00 (including tip) for 2 cans of beer, poor service and unappealing atmosphere I wondered why anyone would come here. I like other reviews had been here twice before and like them I was unable to get a drink and walked out. I thought since there was only a handful of people in the bar I could get a drink. I finally got a drink at So Fo, but it was so not worth it. If my friend had joined me we would have paid 32.00 for two cans of beers a piece. I believe location is the only thing that keeps this bar afloat. So Fo is a bad value, no early specials or deals to attract customers. Pass this bar by.
John Wiersma
04:22 20 Nov 23
This used to be our Sunday funday destination but things have taken a turn for the worse. Takes forever to get a drink. Your bar staff is over worked and under staffed to the detriment of your patrons. The staff are hard working but drowning in mismanagement.
David W.
20:13 19 Nov 23
This used to be our Sunday funday destination but things have taken a turn for the worse. Takes forever to get a drink. Your bar staff is over worked and...
Gil S.
19:47 16 Nov 23
I decided to come here after dinner for drinks and I'm glad that I did. The bar wasn't too crowded, someone was having a birthday celebration. I had Tito...
Arron B.
21:57 01 Nov 23
Trivia was fun, but many places do trivia and still know how to operate a bar. I ordered one drink and the bartender didn't make it right. Asked to have...
Isaac Espino
00:42 31 Oct 23
I’m completely new to the gay bar scene and decided to come in Sunday to try it out as I relate more to bears, being one myself. And honestly it felt so unwelcoming & cliquey. There’s no point coming/staying in a bar to escape for a moment with a creed you can relate to just to feel outcasted & out of place. Maybe bar life isn’t for me, but the only memorable thing was the bartender who attended me served up amazing margaritas that hit real good. Other than that, don’t come here alone as the loneliness will be amplified.
Alex Luthor
04:00 21 Sep 23
The SoFo Tap in Andersonville, Chicago, is a gem among LGBTQ+ bars. Its welcoming atmosphere, diverse clientele, and wallet-friendly drinks make it a standout. With friendly staff and vibrant vibes, it's a must-visit for LGBTQ+ nightlife in Chicago, ensuring a memorable and inclusive experience.
Eric R
06:43 20 Sep 23
I literally just showed up at 1am and the bartender told me “ i called last call already sorry I’m not serving anymore drinks you have to go “Now, I work the industry I understand wanting to be closed early and going home but, if you’re a 2am bar. . . . . . Come on. I wanted ONE cocktail.The bartender was rude and STILL served two others after he told me No. . . . Preference much ?
John Dough
12:34 02 Jul 23
Lots of sexy men.A 70s & 80s night would be fun (yeah, I'm that old)
Adam Schawel
02:08 12 Jun 23
Great place for friends, big beers and big personalities.
Andrew Sousa
09:34 22 May 23
I spend 100s of dollars here a month and it breaks my heart to see the staff running a million miles a minute to keep up when the owners won’t staff this bar properly. It’s inexcusable. Staff your bar properly. This is the 6th time I’ve seen this in 2023.
Jimi Scores
14:45 06 May 23
This is not a good place for the trans community, I was made fun of and disrespected.
Carlos Soria
18:19 16 Apr 23
The bar is good. Unfortunately, on Friday (4/14/2023). At two separate times drinks that I placed on tables where taken by a barback. No questions asked. I caught up with him after the 2nd time. I informed him that I wasn't done with my drink. He was annoyed. When I am paying for 2 double GreyGoose drinks. Anyone would be upset. My husband took only 2 sips before his was taken. Please inform your staff to ask people before taking away drinks.
Chris M.
19:28 20 Jan 23
Hope you know the bartender. If you don't he'll spend a lot of time talking to everyone else while ignoring you.If you're in the service area he'll brush...
Jacek Marcinkowski
17:30 02 Jan 23
It was very nice bear bar with good looking barman and good drinks, free champagne during New Year’s Eve and a lot of love. Very clean place. Good music. I would love to come back there.
Mark K.
10:43 17 Dec 22
The quality of staff has really plummeted .... Was there today 12/17 approx 12:30 PM DITZY bartender and bar backs chatting loudly about KFC, ignoring...
Jordan R.
15:58 29 Oct 22
Chill place with a nice patio area for hanging out. Bartenders are chill. I don't know if it was because I was there with a party or free hotdogs on the...
Lee W.
13:04 27 Aug 22
This is a really great place, I used to come often when visiting in past years or working sometimes in Chicago. They have a great outdoor patio and the...
Lauren Wiltgen
02:33 18 May 22
Service is always wonderful. They have great specials, and it's an incredibly inviting group
Erick Martinez
04:37 17 May 22
Love the is summer and they are not hibernating anymore.
Pedro Navarro
01:59 07 May 22
Great staff, good drinks, fun patio and cool crowd. We'll be back!
Matthew G
20:26 14 Apr 22
Personable bar staff, and an all-around great neighborhood gay bar.
Ruy Filho
21:22 03 Apr 22
My first time in this place was a Saturday night with my friends. I like those mule's drinks, very unique. I had the Kentucky mule all night. The ambiance and decor are very cozy. The crowd was more mature guys in the 40s and 50s, which means you can have a great time and never worried about lousy music and drunk people doing weird stuff. I really enjoyed my time over there.
Andrew P.
18:31 01 Mar 22
Popped in here on a Monday night and there was a small crowd here, but I just have to say, I love the modern feel of this place. Feels very clean! Their...
Quentin W.
08:23 22 Feb 22
You cannot get a better bargain anywhere else in Chicago. My drink here costs $5 and when I go to other places in the city it's $12 minimum. Great...
William Wils
14:23 19 Feb 22
Saturday, is the best time to bring your dog.
Jordan M
18:53 15 Feb 22
Typical gay bar, love the cozy feel and inclusive vibes
Eddie Torres
21:07 08 Feb 22
Chicago's best for cold beer and HOT bears 🐻 *WOOOF!!!*
Fernando Huertas
05:14 05 Feb 22
Good place for meet older people!
Austin Regan
16:38 01 Dec 21
Great quick service. Friendly bartenders
Kevin Adams
21:13 31 Oct 21
1st visit, great bar, staff, drinks & patrons. Outdoor patio is definite plus! Thanks everyone for making Chicago stopover memorable!
11:44 12 Oct 21
Chicago Bear HQ. Nice bar to meet with friends. Friendly servers. Free Vienna Beefs on Sundays. Back patio. Drink specials. Theme party nights. Five big TVs all showing the same game. Wish they'd mix it up a little. Bring your proof of vaxx and a mask, at least for now. Ain't nothin dirty goin on.
Gregory Peck
01:45 15 Sep 21
Bearioke was a blast
Audra Kolker
02:11 13 Sep 21
It's kind of an eclectic bar. It's got a range of age and everybody was very friendly. They play a lot of older dance music but there is no dance floor. It gets very crowded. The reason I didn't give it five stars is because there are only two bathrooms with one toilet in each which is woefully inadequate.
Jeff Seaver
02:40 30 Aug 21
Everything I wanted and needed a Bear Bar to be. Loved the back Patio.
Philip A.
20:21 19 Feb 20
One of my favorite bars in Andersonville. Been a patron for this bar for years and I always have a great time. It's kinda laughable on other reviews that...
Bianca R.
14:26 08 Feb 20
Great neighborhood bar! Defiantly a daddy bar. Good music and environment.
Robert Smith
18:04 06 Feb 20
Great bartenders! The drinks are good and they have a great selection on beer. Ask about the specials. There is always something to be had. Also very dog friendly.
Wade Marks
00:00 03 Jan 20
I don't expect the service to be awesome all the time. If the drinks are good the service can be fare....I'm ok with that. What i didn't like is that we payed to play songs on the jukebox and the staff turned off the connection to the Jukebox and didn't let us finish listening to our songs. Not cool!!! They did this because we weren't playing Cher and ABBA. So yeah...won't go back.
Shawn Pace
05:48 22 Nov 19
It's a nice neighborhood bar. Great service. If you don't like crowds stay away from Bear Fridays or DILF night.
Meg McCart
14:54 01 Nov 19
Friendly, fast staff. Great atmosphere!
Mitchell D.
10:24 05 Jul 19
I love the bartenders here - Jeremy, Jessica, and Mike are my favorites - and the drink specials are really unbeatable. I usually stop in here for karaoke...
Charles Wilcox
19:10 09 Jun 19
It's kind of an eclectic bar. It's got a range of age and everybody was very friendly. They play a lot of older dance music but there is no dance floor. It gets very crowded. The reason I didn't give it five stars is because there are only two bathrooms with one toilet in each which is woefully inadequate.
Jebrone Kitty
22:29 26 May 19
SoFo is REALLY LOUD. It's difficult to even hear your friends that are right next to you. You have to scream and that makes me uncomfortable. Secondly, they really don't have a cocktail menu. I love a nice mixed drink, to try something new. However all they say is "What kind of drink?" "We have anything". I'm no mixologist so I don't know how to make my own concoction.The only thing they have really is beers on menu. I guess that's how they make a cheap buck. I'm not a beer person and I'll never enjoy one. Me and my friends left swiftly.
Denyce M.
20:39 26 Nov 18
This is a great neighborhood bar, gay or straight. Prices are pretty reasonable and the bartenders are nice. Great place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon...
NEW PAWSibilities
23:10 31 May 16
Unbelievable good service. Friday night Thomas was awesome made us feel so welcome and like we were part of the SOFO family. We went back Saturday afternoon for dog day (because we have a dog rescue in Wisconsin)and Paul was outstanding. We now have a new bar to call home. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for making people from out of the area feel so welcome!! And Jeremy on Sunday made it an awesome weekend
Hadeis Safi
15:28 10 May 16
One of my favorite bars in the city. All the bartenders are always great to me, the atmosphere is easy to jump in and meet new people, and is nice and low key on weeknights while keeping high energy on weekends. Such a great space for queer people.

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