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Steamworks Baths has been providing men with a safe, comfortable, stylish and clean place to meet other men for over 40 years. Open 24/7 365 days a year with locations in Berkeley, Chicago, Seatte, Toronto, and Vancouver. Come relax, work out and play!



Steamworks Baths Seattle
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Alan Marquez
15:20 19 Apr 24
My first time at a bath house and I gotta Say, this was an amazing and super fun experience. I showed up on boys night so I got in for free! The space was very clean, My locker was plenty Big to keep lol my stuff, and the guys we're great! Overall 10/10 experience, might go back again today since I liked it so much
Robyn R.
04:11 09 Apr 24
I take back any positive remarks I've previously said. Last Friday was my last intentional visit and definitely the final visit I'll ever make willingly....
Kyle R.
17:46 28 Mar 24
Pretty chill laid back environment and a good mix of people. No hot tubs or steam rooms
Alex PAN
04:38 20 Mar 24
I came over so many times every time I visit Seattle, it's always crowded on Friday, Saturday and there are so many young guys on Thursday night!
Robyn R.
23:18 09 Mar 24
I was skeptical at first but always end up having fun.. I just wish they would let you swap ownership of a rental. Twice now I've had to pay for a room that...
Big B.
22:22 11 Feb 24
omg i got a gallon of cum in each hole,i litterly left a snail trail from room to room....didnt swallow as much beautiful baby batter as freddy...
John C.
00:24 10 Feb 24
I've gone twice now. I wish they had a spa tub and steam room, but they don't. Just showers. However, the place is very clean with a kind of masculine...
William A.
08:47 08 Jan 24
This is the most disgusting and lame bathhouse I've ever been it is very cold. The floors are filthy, and there is no hot tub and no steam room and the...
Art Okrestnosti
18:51 29 Dec 23
I’ve been coming to steamworks for a while now and have almost always had a good experience. With the exception of one staff member, everyone has always been friendly and really nice and patient. There’s an east Asian staff member that seems to always go out of his way to be demeaning and disrespectful. If I see him working I almost don’t want to go in because I know he’s going to be rude and that’s all my mind can focus on while I’m there. He purposefully ignores whatever I’m asking him, has tried charging more than the listed price and the most recent experience on 12/27/23 made me so upset and uncomfortable that I felt I needed to post a review on it so that others can be aware of his uncouth and rude behavior. When I checked in with him this last time, I kept it brief because I know if I speak more he gets angry, so I asked for a locker, paid what was needed to be paid and I guess I made the mistake of asking for a different size towel. He ignored me, so I asked again, and he stared at me and said to proceed inside, so I repeat myself in case he didn’t hear me so he sternly and angrily tells me to proceed inside. I shouldn’t feel like I did something wrong by asking for a different size towel. I go inside as instructed and wait for him to come over thinking he may walk over to help me with the towel situation, but instead ignores me and walks away. I wait again thinking he might have gone to the back to grab a towel but he doesn’t come back out. I can understand being stressed out, tired etc, but being extremely rude and disrespectful to clients shouldn’t be the answer especially when they haven’t done anything wrong. At this point if I see him working the desk I won’t bother trying to go in because I don’t want to deal with his horrible attitude and I suggest to others to do the same. Everyone else though is lovely, has a smile on their face despite how busy it is, and is super accommodating.
Ahmedzaki11 Hassan
19:10 14 Dec 23
I love it its a clean place good people you can fine anything you want
08:46 07 Dec 23
Worse gay bathhouse ever, staff is extremely rude to guest and atmosphere is toxic and disturbing. No sauna for decades, and very uncomfortable environment. The best place to feel discriminated towards in the community by people who should be supportive of one another. Don’t waste your energy or time on cheap thrills. Drug use and unsanitary. They don’t care about their costumers.
Andrew J.
15:08 03 Oct 23
Been here a couple times with some partners and overall it's an average experience. Positives: they are trans friendly, very clean and sanitary I'd say and...
01:32 27 Aug 23
Went with my friend so we could have a good time and play around but instead we had a horrible time as all kinds of different men kept touching without asking, mostly my friend, and they even did some insertion without asking among other things. Totally uncool. I will never be coming back to this place, do better.
Sarah J.
17:49 07 Jul 23
First off, there's no steam. Way dry! You know what was wet? My mouth. Three stars to rate my personal performance.
22:37 25 Jun 23
First timer. Great place with great crowd however the check in staff didn’t make any effort to make me feel welcome. This is very important especially visitors from other countries whom may need extra attention and information considering they are new to the bathhouse. I was there June the 17th.
04:52 12 Sep 22
It was fun, that night they got all my energy, I came out squeezed. 😍
Caitlan D.
13:10 08 Sep 22
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Christian D.
22:45 21 Aug 22
If yoU haven't been to this place yet what are you waiting for? Literally people of all ages go and they do the best of what they want to do.
Chuck A.
22:26 12 Aug 22
I am a big Steamworks fan and always had great experiences at every one of their locations, especially Seattle and Berkeley. I live in CA but last time I...
Moses E.
17:57 30 Jul 22
The times that I've been here it has been clean. I see people constantly cleaning. They have all sorts of fun rooms to enjoy yourself. I recommend it this...
Danny Love
10:13 09 Jul 22
I love this place a get used by dozens of men every time I go love it
Dan W.
14:09 22 Jun 22
Terrible experience, the guys there are into chocolate waterfalls and had poop and blood stains on the beds.Obviously not a huge fan of chocolate...
Keivn C.
17:39 09 Jun 22
Man paradise!Great!Lots of playroom and videos!There are many hot guys here! I also exchanged the phone number.
go rotate
20:30 06 May 22
It’s a nice place, there are always guys there no matter the day or time. It’s clean, even the small rooms are large enough for 2, all have tv, free wifi.. no sauna but well .. it’s not a problem.However, dear owner, sometimes when customer are complaining then you should not take it personal but professional. I will add myself to one’s who criticize this Slightly smaller guy who speaks with an asian accent.If I would not give a s….t about people with attitude I would have come here once and never again. Putting this guy at the front desk of your business is a mistake. This guy has such an arrogant attitude that is something I have not seen before. And I travelled a lot. Into 32 countries. This guy can not once!!! smile or be nice! And no I absolutely have nothing to complain that is the worst! I just checked in and got my towel and remote and key and all good. But this guy made it the worst moment one can imagine.As I said take it professional and my opinion is that this guy at a front desk will have a negative impact on your business.That’s my opinion.
Freed O.
06:36 01 Feb 22
I like getting a couple of friends invited first through the r/seattlegay subreddit. Then we show up and go directly to the theater. We usually sit a couple...
Sergei Starov
06:55 18 Jan 22
I love this place, especially stuff that works here, they almost became my friends. Place has pretty fun and drivers crowd, especially during special events. Of course, there are areas for improvement (I wish there would be some amenities like steam room, hot tub, sauna, etc.), but I understand limitations. Mostly for me this place is way to express who I truly am and I am so grateful to stuff which allows that to happen.😘
Soju Yi
14:40 12 Jan 22
I visited on their once a month transgender event night and I had so much fun! The staff was very friendly, and answered all my questions. It was very clean inside. There are condoms available on little dispensers all over the place. There are a lot of different places to play, or sit, or lay down. Broom closets, swings, and other playful furniture.I’ve been looking for a new place to go to since secrets shut down. I am going to try visiting on a non transgender night and hope things go well.
Liam J.
13:38 30 Dec 21
Has a great atmosphere and I'd leave a five star if it wasn't for the rude phone service. I called to ask if it was busy and the employee rudely replied "I...
Liam J.
21:59 01 Dec 21
When my friend first told me about Steamworks, he said there's a hot tub and saunas. Been there twice and finding out that they don't have jacuzzis and...
Sergei Starov
02:50 18 Oct 21
I love this place, especially stuff that works here, they almost became my friends. Place has pretty fun and divers crowd, especially during special events. Of course, there are areas for improvement (I wish there would be some amenities like steam room, hot tub, sauna, etc.), but I understand limitations. Mostly for me this place is way to express who I truly am and I am so grateful to stuff which allows that to happen.😘
Brian Dunleavy
20:45 21 Jul 21
I loved this place. It's was super clean and the staff were friendly and professional.
Mr. Montero
01:04 11 Jun 21
I have been here 2 times it's pretty cool experience. Never had a bad experience with any staff always nice and helpful. The place looks pretty clean and there's plenty of options 😉
Don Quixote
16:06 02 May 21
How is the crowd after they opened post pandemic ? Are there enough visitors ?
Walter D.
23:28 06 Oct 20
I want to Steamworks last Friday it's disappointing that you pay all this money the only there for 4 hours then you have to leave you and then come back in...
23:43 16 Feb 20
The cashier, Franny? Please learn how to harness your anger, that is not the attitude to serve customers
andy Anderson
00:43 01 Jan 20
Very friendly and helpful staff. Nice clean facility. Lots of Hot Sexy men having fun together.
Brian H.
21:21 24 Aug 19
Good fun tonight. Lots of horny hungryClean. Need a bit more light. Would like a got tub.
Tony A.
19:41 22 Jul 19
We were warned at the door that the place had neither steam room nor sauna. Oh well. The crowd was busy, the music was good (It was a "Cumunion" night.) We...
Julio Arnaldo Rolón Méndez
04:27 21 Feb 17
It was ok. The facilities were clean, but a better setting of the space will make it a greater experience. I don't understand why they don't have sauna, steam room or jacuzzi, if they have plenty open spaces waisted in unused things.

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