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Steamworks Toronto, situated at 540 Church Street in the vibrant heart of Toronto's gay district, is more than just a sauna—it's an experience. This 24/7 private men's club is a popular destination for those seeking a mix of relaxation, socialization, and more intimate encounters.

The venue boasts a variety of amenities to cater to diverse tastes. The S&M room, for instance, is a notable highlight, complete with a sling and a semi-open double bunk bed, offering a unique twist to the traditional sauna experience. The dark room, while challenging for those who prefer to see their partner, adds an element of mystery and excitement.

Practicalities are also well considered. The establishment provides bathroom stalls equipped with faucets, and vending machines are on hand for essentials like lube, snacks, and drinks. The private rooms, available for rent, are comfortably furnished with mattresses, sheets, TVs, and full-length mirrors, enhancing the personal experience.

Steamworks Toronto prides itself on its inclusive atmosphere, welcoming men of all shapes, ages, and ethnicities. Whether you're seeking older companions or those matching a specific type, the sauna's diverse clientele means there's something for everyone.

A standout feature is the staff's professionalism and approachability, from the cleaning crew to the front desk attendants. They ensure a safe, clean, and friendly environment, contributing significantly to the overall positive experience.

In summary, Steamworks Toronto is a multifaceted destination where safety, diversity, and enjoyment intertwine, making it a must-visit spot in Toronto's gay scene. Whether it's for relaxation, meeting new people, or exploring unique rooms and amenities, this sauna offers an inviting and exciting atmosphere for all who enter.



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mel s
03:08 13 May 24
Ok, so its about time this place got an actual honest review. More than 99% of the clients leave this place very, very satisfied. They don't leave 5* reviews because they are discreet, married, on the DL...etc. No judgement. I get it.The place is clean, the staff are nice. The clients are a huge variety of ages, races, body types... etc. (and very hot). The steam rooms, hot tubs and play rooms are nice. The rates are very reasonable. Busy times are definitely weekends. The gym is nice. The music is a bit repetitive...and a bit loud really late at night. But, who cares? The negative reviews on here are from the druggos who have been kicked out. This is the best gay bathhouse in Canada.
greg moser
14:01 09 May 24
I've been to a number of clubs including Steamworks in Chicago. 3rd time to the Toronto location. The reviews here are pretty accurate. Busy on a Saturday afternoon/evening. The front desk staff I've dealt with, with the exception of one really nice and friendly guy who checked me out in January, aren't friendly or welcoming at all. Pretty much got a grunted "are you a member?" and that's it. I chalked that up to age- the staff was young and I am not, but it was definitely an "ughhhh" experience each time. The clientele is fun, you'll definitely find something to your liking.. The location is great, you're right near the bars. Parking in the ramp was easy and only $10. The club seems clean but I was there for 4 hours and didn't see any staff cleaning.. could be that I missed it, but there was a presumably used condom laying on the carpet by the DJ booth for at least 2 hours. The maze area and the dark room are too dark. I get anonymity but I seriously watched multiple people walk right into walls in the maze.
Sumit Pawar
17:09 05 May 24
I visited here in my last visit and it was fun experience. This place operate pretty good. It get busy on weekends post 10-11pm so try going that time. If you are below 25 you can get discount or if you are student you get membership and less you pay. So while going keep this in mind. Also you can get out one time in entire time there. So try this and let me know how did you find it. Also this was the only one I visited so I don’t have comparison but do let me know if you know any other.
Simon S
11:57 28 Apr 24
Honestly, the service and the staff here are horrible. It's a shame because the place itself is nice, the music, etc. But the service at the entrance and at the exit... unprofessional!
Daniel Fevreau
06:44 21 Apr 24
I find the service here friendly overall. Because this place is 24/7 they do close areas occasionally and they do advise when you are entering if an area is closed before hand. They are generally strict and don't allow people that cause issues into their club which makes for a chill, pleasant yet fun environment.
Lisalady 22
01:51 14 Apr 24
The staff is so rude to fem guys …. They treat you horribly especially if you don’t tip them. It’s expensive to come here not everyone has extra money to tip . I felt so bad . Was asking for a towel an was ignored people that came after me were given a towel. If you are gender queer or don’t identify as a gay male an fit those norms you will have an unpleasant experience. No stars even though one is the minimum. You don’t accept your community .
Alexander Graham
01:48 13 Apr 24
I am writing this review to show people what kind of business this is and the disgusting staff and management. I was banned from this business about 6 years ago because one of the staff tried to connect with me on Scruff and I was not interested. I was not rude I just said he was not my type, next time I went in I was banned, so this was permanent I had written a review about the incident and it got over 70 000 likes and numerous comments. The then manager saw this review and reached out to me to see if they could make amends sort of because that staff member was not there anymore. So I was allowed back in and made to pay a membership, we agreed to allow me back in , so I was going back to steam works off an on for about a year now, I dont go that often, this seemed to be going well and I took down the review, not I was going in last week and I am banned again, the said they found drug paraphernalia in the room I was in . This was such a shock as I do not part take in any drug use what so ever and to hear the manager say this is why i was banned, but now I see the reason for wanting me to get the membership, so they can do exactly what they did ... and the manager being extra nice to me was for me to take the initial review down, I mean like the next time I went in after the review was down i am banned again. This goes to show you the nasty and sickening attitude of the manager and staff at this place . Hope you feel some sort of achievement for what you did .... you are a pitiful human being ps dont even bother reaching outto the manager as he asks all the review writers to do, he is a waste
Andrew Basnak
02:34 30 Mar 24
I love coming to Steamworks most of the staff are extremely polite and pleasant to talk to but u have to say the African American gentleman who wears a cap has hit on me and my friends a couple of times and doesn’t take no for an answer. The last time I went he gave me a hard time just to get in. Management please do better and get rid of the staff ppl complain about the most.
John Bb
15:17 28 Mar 24
About my visit last week. What can I say… if you come to this place, you can expect good service. Even when something's wrong. I came in the morning and the TV remote was not working. The young guy who probably housekeeper or something, took a new remote and went with me to check it out. Then offered to change the room and brought a bag for my stuff. The TV in the new room didn't work either and he immediately opened the next room and moved everything there. I didn't have to go to the front desk again. He did everything for me by himself. THANK YOU FOR THIS ATTITUDE!
06:00 18 Feb 24
I was surprised with the amount of reviews talking about how bad the staff is there. I went there the other night, and the reviews aren't wrong. They really need to change the staff and do some hiring with more personable people.
Antony N
21:12 01 Feb 24
I have been there in the first half of the day, and there weren't many people. It was quite clean, and the staff was friendly, especially the guy in red pants. I hesitated to ask him for his phone number. The only drawback is the need for some air fresheners or something in the space in the middle, where the shower and washroom are, because there's an unpleasant smell. Also, there are no lubricants anywhere.
Akshay Gupta
21:29 28 Jan 24
I’ve mostly always had a good experience here. Yes, I’ve seen unpleasant and rude behaviour to others and to myself too.I never let it bother me, still be friendly towards the staff, and get on with enjoying the bathhouse. There’s some really nice friendly people working the front desk. However, most others are a classic case of someone being arrogant and power hungry the moment you give them a title, uniform, or some job where they gate-keep and everyone has to go through them.Especially in our community, there’s an obvious increased need for compassion, open mindedness, non judgemental first aid, and deescalating a situation.Last week, I had a syncope. As scary as it sounds and looks, it’s simply your body losing consciousness temporarily with a quick recovery. A very usual thing like an acid reflux or dehydration can cause this.I kept asking for water while everyone around me watched!!! Whoever was managing that night, told me, they are getting me water. But later I found out, they were so uninformed, scared, and panicking that the only focus was to call 911!By which time, I had gotten up, took care of myself, got dressed, and decided to walk out.The person I was asking for help, told me to stay and that they’ve called paramedics for me. I was exhausted and rather annoyed at their lack of awareness and ability to provide care and first aid. Still being polite, I said “I’m fine and thank you, but I’ll leave. Have a good night”I went back here last night. The front desk person tells me I’m not allowed. I’m banned. I said, okay, but why? What can I do?Clearly, seeing messages or notes on their screen, but didn’t want to divulge any information or have a discussion. By now, 2-3 other folks had gathered and saw the screen and gave me the same cold look whilst repeating that I’m not allowed.I said, I heard you. I get it. What I’m requesting is to help me understand the situation and tell me my options.None of them had any decision making, customer service skills, ownership, or accountability to lead and provide a solution.Gave me a card to call or email and that was all. Annoyed and disappointed yet again, but not surprised, I politely left.Went to XS and had a great night!In a nutshell, I’m not mad at what they did, it’s always HOW they decide to do it. Amongst all the options and plausible solutions available, why end up choosing an unpleasant, uninformed, and outdated one all the time?
Christian Paredes
11:37 30 Dec 23
This place was amazing , with great facilities and great attention from the personal. Fun guaranteed 🙂 Must visit!Had the opportunity to visit twice. Everything was perfect again. Highly recommended for having a night full of fun!
Diego Marins
21:13 20 Dec 23
My recent visit to the bathhouse after a loooong hiatus was disappointing. Last Friday night, I encountered unprofessionalism and rudeness from two staff members – a young and an older gentleman, both of whom were black.Upon entering, I approached the reception with a question about the estimated time for a room, as they usually time the customer during check-in.The younger guy impatiently told me that he didn’t know and there were no available rooms. As I was about to leave, the older guy asked what my question was. When I attempted to engage with the older gentleman, my interaction was met with rudeness and a lack of customer service etiquette. Meanwhile, the younger staff member behind the counter was engrossed in laughter in my presence. Their behavior was unprofessional, creating an unwelcoming atmosphere and a complete turn-off for the night. This left a lasting impression, and I felt uncomfortable and disrespected.As a result, my visit lasted no more than 2 minutes, as I chose to leave due to the unpleasant encounter. I don’t know if this review serves as constructive feedback as others people also complain about similar situations, but hope the management to address issues of unprofessionalism and prioritize a welcoming environment for all patrons, as it was long time ago.If some people don’t know how to maintain a professional posture in their work environment, they shouldn’t be working in customer service. They should leave their position for someone better qualified than them."
Eliezer Rodriguez
00:30 13 Dec 23
In the past been several times and loved it. We come from the states. I am visiting Toronto this week and looked on google and it says it was open 24/7. Also checked the oficial website to double check the prices and it says it was open all year round. We get to the front door and there or a sign saying that they are closed due to renovations. We would have loved to learn about this on the website and not wasted our time.
Steven Thomas
23:11 10 Dec 23
Reception was ice.(it was a recent Thursday) The only words spoken by the cashier were "have a membership?" . A tip seems to be expected but when I tip there is not even a cursory "thanks" . I know it's tiresome working with the public but this is the first person encountered and a minimum of politeness would make him more money. Perhaps better suited as a room attendant.
Atticus Fitzgerald
13:46 21 Nov 23
Came here Saturday night November 18 at around 11:30pm….once again I was met with a rude staff member (young black guy with a cap on). I just don’t understand the unnecessary attitude and passive aggressive behaviour among the staff towards those who are polite and respectful. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I truly believe this place would be a lot better if the staff were a lot nicer to their patrons. Lose the attitude towards those who don’t deserve it! Other than that, I had good night.
Anthony Majerus
18:02 28 Aug 23
Never had a bad experience at any Steamworks facility, Toronto included. Got my 🍑 torn up good there a couple of months back. However, I don’t understand the “no bags” policy. I like to bring toys, lube, poppers, etc and need a bag for all of that. If the goal is to keep drugs out, then the policy is failing miserably.
Derek V
16:21 15 Aug 23
This is the biggest and cleanest bathhouse I’ve been to and I’ve been to many in Canada. It smells clean, seriously! Stainless steel and chrome pool area and two saunas (wet and dry.) The prices are high if you go late night on the weekend but during the day and on specific nights, you can save some money while still having fun. I recommend the gym rat packs because you get a pack of 12 or 25 passes and the value is excellent. Staff kind and friendly! Never had any attitude or rudeness from anyone.
Better-Every Day
19:35 06 Aug 23
This place has really gone downhill. The amount of drug users that are allowed in is absurd, doesn't feel safe whatsoever. And I'm not talking about guys smoking weed, every other guest seems like they just came out of a homeless shelter. Save your money, go somewhere else and stay safe.Most of the staff is amazing, but there are some really awful ones. A bitter fellow who works the counter named Andy was extremely discriminatory to different guests based on their color, which I was astonished to witness. I can't believe people like that can still have a job serving guests.
Muhumuza Timothy
13:43 21 Jul 23
It’s a great place ! However, I would advice to cut down prices whenever they are doing repairs for instance ; there was a time the jacuzzi was off which is understandable and they apologized because they were repaying it , why would they charge the same amount of money ? I would such to reduce a few dollars in such scenarios. I love the place though, good hygiene, nice customer care !
18:10 09 Jul 23
I came last week and paid 40 $ for 8 hour locker.I called today on July 9th at around 2 pm and the receptionist told me that the locker is 32 $.When I said I paid 40 $ last week he replied rudely " I was not here last week, I do not know" and hang up the phone.NOT COMAING AGAIN AND PAYING HIS PAYCHECK.
13:29 03 Jul 23
Absurd experience. Rather than this being a friendly place for the community to meet, I experienced the worst customer experience in a long time. Having flown in overnight and having my connecting long haul flight only tonight, I thought it would be a great idea to spend the day here mixing relaxation with some fun. First surprise: They had a sign out that the wet area is closed - not exactly what you expect from a "24 hour" bath house. A friendly young guy told me that they need to clean after the weekend but the shower would be open again after an hour or so - which is totally reasonable and understandable, so I said that this would be no problem. At this point, an older, shorter, and chubbier guy took over and corrected that it would be at least 3-4 hours, for the jacuzzi maybe even 4pm in the afternoon (7 hours later). Wow! But OK, I also had planned to work out in their gym and to take a nap, so I anyhow proceeded and indicated that I would like a standard room - indicated at $34 on their website. Except that the guy quoted a price of $50! Maybe a surcharge because the room would get used more if the wet area is closed? When I still indicated that I would like to go ahead and get the room, the guy grabbed a flash light apparently to check my backpack (another sign says "bags subject to random search" - it does NOT say "no bags allowed"). Before switching it on, however, he suddenly changed his mind again and declared that actually they have a policy not to let people with a bag in at all - they neither would store it nor let me take it to my room. He actually suggested, absurdly, that I get a hotel room just to store my backpack (after having explained that I just flew in this morning and would fly out tonight)!!!!! And in all modesty, I'm an athletic, presentable and friendly guy frequently praised for my good looks and kind attitude, so this isn't a case of me being an arrogant a**hole or rude, quite to the contrary, after being offered a standard room at a price higher than advertised and being told that this "24 hour" bath house has closed its wet area, I still politely said OK. The neighborhood does seem to have a problem with homeless people but I don't think that homeless people customarily have an overseas passport and credit card to pay for a room when intending to illegally move in, nor do they tend to wear clean clothes and have a brand new backpack, so I really don't know whether the guy just had a bad day or whether he wanted to keep the premises empty for whatever reason. In any case, I wasted the over $50 cab fare and can only warn against this establishment. Both a pity and a disgusting experience!!!
A Nanna
19:36 01 Jul 23
I’m not sure who you have working behind the cash, or hire But to treat someone poorly becz they don’t want to tip you is a joke. I’m not obligated to tip anyone just for processing my check in and giving me a towel. He’s even so petty to the point he will give u a locker in the halls instead of the main area where everyone else is. And yes there were many rooms available, as I have friend who was also working that day.We come here to have fun and give you our money to support your business. Manage those you hire with class.
Christopher Jackson
00:41 26 Jun 23
Brought U.S. currency (exchange rate was .31) and Steamworks would only take U.S. currency at par. Gave them a $50 for a $40 room and membership and they gave me back $10 Canadian. Sweet deal for the owners of Steamworks. That said, the men were great and had a good time, thus the 3 stars. Btw, is that even legal to not honor the exchange rate??? Im sure they got the exchange rate when they deposited that 50 into the banque du Canada🙄
Alexandre Rozon
15:38 22 May 23
Staff was nice, offered to explain how it works. The hot tubs, sauna, steam room and showers where great. Clean. Lots of dark places to have fun in.
17:59 21 May 23
Great place, from what I could see (I chickened out and didn't make it past the gym, so I only did a workout and left, haha), I was a little uncomfortable not being able to walk around in my own clothes but I understood why of course (still I would have rathered my own clothes just until I felt more....relaxed. Will try again 🙂
Genaro López Ambrosio
21:53 18 May 23
It's the place that every gay deserves.Huge installations, clean, with enough staff.You can feel comfortable with being yourself there.I use to go after a gay bar, and take a relaxing time in the hydro massage.
A Nanna
12:58 16 May 23
I enjoy coming this to place. The only thing I don’t like is the absurd rude cashier by name of Ray. He tried to lie about the fact there’s no rooms available, to make me pay for large room when there were many keys still within their slots. This isn’t my first rodeo either, when I told him why are u lying when I can fully see the keys and the key I used last time coming here, so instead of hearing his lies I decided to get room instead. And speaking with others inside they all agree they were trying to be conned to getting larger room when other smaller rooms are available.Not to mention there is mold all in the steam room. All around the speakers and the corner edges of the wall, not very hygienic
YH “Solo” K
01:59 02 Apr 23
You want to see what little power can get to people's heads? The cashiers here abuse what little power they have in their lives.Otherwise the facilities are state of the art.
Daniel Fevreau
17:51 23 Feb 23
Workers are friendly and inviting. I enjoy this place as it's very clean and well maintained club. The fact their customers are all races, shapes, sizes and ages really makes this a diverse environment where judgements and such from others is minimal. Also their no drug policy (I know this can't be enforced 100%) really discourages irresponsible drug users who cannot control themselves when intoxicated. All of these things combined really makes the club very inviting for the majority of people including myself. Thank you Steamworks for creating a wonderful environment.
Sid Schneider
23:03 08 Feb 23
👌 awesome time even in the afternoon. Friendly staff. Clean. Full amenities working. Ill be back
13:23 04 Feb 23
Had a wonderful experience at this place, it was my first time going to a bath house and it was wonderful. Quick bag search and we were through. Although it was a bit of a maze we found our room quickly. It was a bit small but I didn't mind since I was going to be sleeping there all night. The hot tub was magical and the sauna was just right. I highly recommend this place if you want to have a nice time with a partner or a hookup.
Justin R
15:11 26 Nov 22
Came here once with a friend around late/early 2015 or 2016. We both had a good time and I been meaning to go back with a friend, but I keep putting it off. I hope to go back soon!Edit to add some additional information: I liked the "industrial" setting of this place and the vending machines there too! When I get around to going back, I'll add some more info about this nice place!
Liam Murphy
18:29 10 Nov 22
I visited for the first time and had a great time. I was a bit nervous because I am new to the community but the night time manager was very kind and explained the club rules and all the amenities. Can’t wait to go back!
Mike S
19:44 25 Oct 22
Awesome and welcoming space/atmosphere. Front staff was very nice as it was my very first time at SW. Shout out to Mike specifically who was extremely friendly and comforting about an issue I had the same night. Didn't stay too long cause it was abit late, but definitely going to visit again, more sooner than later 🙂
Ryan Abram
01:59 05 Sep 22
Very disappointing.. My partner and I went for a spa experience one everning late Aug 2022. We paid for the top room and a locker. Our room television did not work. They moved us into another room, no problem. There, the television also did not work. The employee then became rude after I brought up that since the hot tub was not running, we had no working television, what is the point in paying for a service where they just can't provide one for that night. No big deal things happen.. Most places would honor that and gladly welcome you back another time. Not how it went... not only were we not refund any of our funds, the employee made it out like we should be grateful to receive our deposit. I wasn't about to argue with him as perhaps he's doing his job and is not permitted to approve refunds so I left it at that and contacted the manager the following day. Its now been over a week and no one has reached back.. That was around 80$ Steamworks withheld from rightfully returning since they were not able to provide a service they were selling... end of story. It was sad to see that after driving over 2 hrs to not only have a nice experience but also support a local business of Toronto, we were treated so unfairly. I do not wish to bash them, I just wish they saw it from the eyes of the customer. 10 mins spend in an established business where they can't meet their own services doesn't allow them to not stand good and refund the money. They wouldn't even refund just the money for the locker as if my partner and I should part ways temporarily.
Alexander Graham
06:03 30 Aug 22
It was a Wednesday at nine pm. When I went in there the attendant said they only have the deluxe room available an it was $65. I was surprised thinking they’re this full on a Wednesday. By the time I finished paying. I overheard The other attendant helping another patron telling home that there was 24 rooms available. I asked the guy why did he do that . And to give me a smaller room. He refused saying the transaction can’t be refunded. Not acknowledging his blatant lie an told me I can leave or come in. . This is a disgusting establishment with disgusting employees. Do not fall for this trick
Топор Правдоматкин
08:22 27 Aug 22
One of the best adult places to explore in the city! Staff was helpful and very nice to talk to. Saunas and jacuzzi are great, nice interior and good vibes. Most of similar places usually use a pretty old content from the past decade and this is a good exception here. There are different facilities where you can spend your time: make some exercises in the gym, go to the sauna, chill at the patio and watch people walking at the Church street. Visitors are vary but I didn`t meet anyone who was too obsessive. Some of them can be really annoying trying to get into something without even asking but you should be prepared for this going into adult places (most clubs usually have some policies and I think people always should double check if a person is okay to get touched). Despite this I didn`t met anyone who was able to waste the experience and it always fun to watch the action around. Most people are don`t care about safety measures and it`s pretty sad but here is nothing you can do other than stay away. Anyway, I am wondering what`s the less busiest hours to visit the place again and enjoy the facilities firstly. There is no bar with alcohol which is a huge plus for me personally. The only thing that needs to be updated is the prices at the website cause they don`t match the prices at the reception.Conclusion:Location and vibe: 5 starsInterior and facilities: 5 stars (much better comparing similar businesses)Music and Visuals: 5 stars (finally something more-less fresh and up to date)Customer Service: 5 stars (helpful and nice people at the front desk)Crowd: 3 stars (wish to meet a bit more polite and moderate behavior)
20:06 31 Jul 22
Had a bizarre incident in the place ( a customer was was being repeatedly very aggressive with me and then tried to creare some nonsense after I rejected him) but was rather impressed how the management handled it. He was so kind and experienced and navigated the situation fairly. Very thankful there are people like this in our community, it's also a great place - very clean, organized and the interior is gorgeous
EBou Video Production House
23:48 28 Jun 22
When i read the reviews i was really afraid even i put a bad comment with a one star but now after I had my own experience here is my five stars and I can tell that most of gays are so drama.queen!Staff are so so niceSauna so cleanAnd you can enjoy itSo I apologize !Try it and do your own experienceYou won't regret it
Aaron Baynton
21:14 28 Jun 22
I’ve never had any issues when I’ve come in for a good time in the past years ago before moving abroad. This past weekend (Pride 2022) we went twice - once for a late night on Friday and the next for a mid afternoon/evening session on Sunday and both times it was well worth it!This past time we were helped by Graham/Bram? Nice guy with glasses. He was super chatty and helpful with information on the “theme” nights they try to host and the venue itself which was great since we’re “new to town”.We ended up grabbing a membership and can’t wait to check out what the crowd is like post-pride. Would love if there was a hairy chested/sweat enthusiast night … in case you’re taking suggestions 😜
Enrique Gasca
18:56 27 Jun 22
Yesterday I lost my wallet, Can you tell me if is there a place for lost things or something, I need my cards, thanks.I was trying to call you, but no one answers
Shibayama Tomoki
20:43 18 Jun 22
Visited on late Friday afternoon. Staff was friendly and welcoming, but keep in mind weekend prices come into effect after 4PM (was not previously warned about that). Facilities alone are great and somewhat maintained, with some odd dirty spots (i.e. used condoms/wrappers on the floor). Clientele is pretty diverse in age and race (with mostly younger guys coming in later in the evening) and only got a few fun action there that evening, but pretty much everyone had more of a preference than other places I've been.
Tini Adams
23:51 24 May 22
No bags allowed !! They have a gym but you can’t carry your gym gear with you. Whatever that rule is for, go empty handed… 🤷🏽‍♂️
Dean Elliott
14:45 16 May 22
Much better than Spa Excess. Had a great time. Just wish the prices were a bit lower and had more flexibility if you don't plan on staying 8 hours. But overall great!
Terry K.
10:28 23 Apr 22
There's one employee who has been there for years, short and homely, who is mean as hell. He just gives off so much negative energy. He's rude and snarky .....
Alexander Graham
06:46 23 Apr 22
It was a Wednesday at nine pm. When I went in there the attendant said they only have the deluxe room available an it was $65. I was surprised thinking they’re this full on a Wednesday. By the time I finished paying. I overheard The other attendant helping another patron telling home that there was 24 rooms available. I asked the guy why did he do that . And to give me a smaller room. He refused saying the transaction can’t be refunded. Not acknowledging his blatant lie an told me I can leave or come in. . This is a disgusting establishment with disgusting employees. Do not fall for this trick
jackson luu
05:26 20 Mar 22
This place refused service to an Asian individual just because of the way they looked I’m disgusted by the way they called them disgusting names like tuna rice, dumping , and fried wonton, this place needs to be shut down.
Atm Abir
03:16 14 Mar 22
The receptionist stole my bag and threw in the garbage. They did not allow me to take my bag inside so i kept it outside. They didn't even call me rather threw my bag in garbage. Later when I threatened about calling police , they showed my bag is in the garbage. Its clear harassment and theft.
Alex A
04:33 09 Mar 22
Are you able to provide some rationale behindthe absurd decision to continue to requirevaccine passports given that we know thevaccinated and unvaccinated can both getthe virus ? This decision feels very exclusionary.As a next step, will you be requiring proof of anHIV negative test? and, if not, can you explainyour logic behind the difference here?
Wasee Intemas
12:18 01 Mar 22
Very clean as they clean the entire facility every hour around clock, cool amenities: Jaccuzzi Hot tub, Eucalyptus steam room, Gym, playrooms, darkrooms, private rooms/lockers, and towel service; and helpful staff. Reasonably priced and hold unique events depending on the day. All the negative or low star reviews are from male Karan’s that couldn’t manage privileged arrogance or follow the rules into this amazing facility that keeps this place safe, clean, and discreet. I love going to this place once a week just to destress and relax.
ghostin n.
10:33 04 Dec 21
staff was rude because i didn't know they had a no bag policy. it was not stated on the website. there was a long line up i waited for 30 minutes and they...
Magickauras Grimmy
08:10 08 Nov 21
Fun lol 😉
Alex B.
23:20 16 Oct 21
Witnesses a patron get excluded from the line. And I quote "if you are not male presenting you aren't allowed".
Irving L.
14:56 23 Aug 21
So I'm writing a reappraisal. The pandemic's made me appreciate places like Steamworks, and it's highlighted just how challenging it is to run an...
Nicolas Belleau
04:13 09 Aug 21
Does not accept any bags that don't look like a grocery bag. They will destroy your plans for the night with no science behind the "bag ban". Do not go there and waste your time.
Jim Little
00:05 08 Aug 21
As a member of this facility who has been coming here basically for decades and has been coming here past two weeks with the same bag on cot refused at the door today because my bag is too big it’s a 16 inch gym bag as small as they come and they won’t let me into the gym here. And this place is overwhelmingly 60+Twice my room been broken into. This place has gone downhill I don’t recommend to anyone
C Varun
04:19 03 Aug 21
A go to place for having a great great time and when you feel lonely. It is fun on Saturday nights. Gets really good crowd.Bath area and sauna area is good, relaxes the body. One can have unexpected and wonderful encounters inside, as it attracts really hot crowd. The place is fairly clean and lively. Worth every penny spent !Team - Great Job and please keep up the effort to make the ambience safe and cozy for the visitors. Thanks!One suggestion - please include some uplifting and lively progressive trance music in the playlist.Beware of People with STD’s, its a risk you take.
Prince J
16:30 17 Jul 21
5 stars because you guys reopened! One point of concern is that the showers need an update, a few didn’t work and no soap dispensaries on others either. Hygiene is the most important thing so I hope you guys have a plan. Otherwise: it was busy yesterday and good crowd!
Sandaruwan Pathirage
02:23 29 May 21
I enjoyed lot . Thanks for everything.
Lewis Brooks
02:48 14 Nov 20
Too bad it's closed now, but when it was open, it was pretty busy. I've had business in Toronto several times over the past few years and I always make a point of stopping by Steamworks Baths. Clean place, efficient staff, good facilities.Photo compliments of Steamworks.
Mark Allegro
16:15 07 Oct 20
Do you guys have just the gym open right now? I see recent Instagram posts of people on your balcony and was just curious
Prince J
21:19 30 Sep 20
Would be nice if you guys gave us an update on your website about when you think to reopen.
Arturo R.
18:13 07 Jan 20
I've been a few times on a Friday evening between about 7 and 9 pm before going to the bars. And there has been a good crowd each time. There is usually a...
michaelmusicnyc ...michaelmusicnyc
03:41 12 Dec 19
Great place to do some work and catch up on email! Very quiet and no one around to bother you. Apparently, it's also a place where men hook up, but I didn't see anyone doing that. If they get a coffee machine, it'll make a terrific co-working space!
C Varun
22:03 15 Sep 19
A go to place for having a great great time and when you feel lonely. It is fun on Saturday nights. Gets really good crowd.Bath area and sauna area is good, relaxes the body. One can have unexpected and wonderful encounters inside, as it attracts really hot crowd. The place is fairly clean and lively. Worth every penny spent !Team - Great Job and please keep up the effort to make the ambience safe and cozy for the visitors. Thanks!One suggestion - please include some uplifting and lively progressive trance music in the playlist.
Klaus W.
17:10 09 May 17
Well, the place is okay! It was really clean,but if you welcome your customers with a grumpy face and are just plain rude and bitchy like the guy named...
Matt M.
16:01 04 Apr 17
Clean venue in the heart of one of Toronto's most fun neighborhoods.I had a great time on each and every visit I may or may not have made to this...

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