Stonewall Hotel

Stonewall Hotel

The history is remembered, the future is here.

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The history is remembered, the future is here. Say 'Stonewall' anywhere in the world, and a defining and liberating moment in history immediately comes to mind. Say 'Stonewall' anywhere in this country, Sydney icon!



Stonewall Hotel
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15:56 19 Apr 24
Horrible treatment by bouncers. I was allowed entry but helped my friend wait for her Uber as she was not, only to be abused by the pure evil bouncers when trying to return back. I can’t even explain how unnecessarily rude they were.
Jacob D.
13:35 12 Mar 24
Stopped by for happy hour (6-8pm), 6.00 for well cocktails (not a bad price but not as good as Universal). Old style coin only operated jukebox playing...
Ruebin Nguon
11:12 02 Mar 24
Disappointed. I was the designated driver - not intoxicated. On two occasions (not once), I was pulled aside by security due to my "intoxication". In both instances, they could not substantiate the signs of inebriation that were alleged. After a $30 cover and understanding that security are essential to safety, it would be reasonable that I would at least be queried prior to being dragged out front.
Aliyaan Amlani-Kurji
15:28 24 Feb 24
The security at the door was EXTREMELY RUDE. They did not let my friend in because she was “too intoxicated”, when she was VERY clearly not, having only had a single drink 4 hours earlier. When we asked why we she was rejected, we were told that we were “not owed an explanation” and that we had to leave. The guard was verbally aggressive and the interaction absolutely ruined our night. Unacceptable treatment.
Oscar K.
19:53 06 Feb 24
the hairless men werent as attractive as advertised. the hairless men werent as attractive as advertised. the hairless men werent as attractive as...
Ash Parikh
14:57 10 Nov 23
Went in for a drink as we had a mini bar crawl around Oxford Street. The staff were friendly and attentive. The drag performance was a surprise and had a fun energy!
Keith Jeffers
08:53 13 Oct 23
Had a great time here. Staff were super friendly. Good vibe, good music, good drinks.Slowly Oxford St is coming back to life.
Samantha Fernandez
09:18 17 Aug 23
Linda (mumma) and the crew here have always and will always be the most incredible people. Welcoming, wonderful, amazing music, brilliant productions put together by the Queen's and performed like only Sydney Queen's could do. Always a pleasure to come back here. Been coming for almost 20 yrs and will return when in town until I'm old and grey 🩶
toby ryan
05:23 11 Aug 23
We all had a meal here and I would like to start with compliments to the kitchen. Quality meals at fab $$. We had a fun night before doing the rounds and returning here for more shenanigans with malebox and sexy bars dancers. 🍸 cheers for a great birthday night to all the staff...
Alavini Lata (Juicy Contour)
06:59 29 Jul 23
Maybe I'm just used to the happy hour, pours, and prices on Palm Springs, but the value here is by far a D for disastrous. Paid $24 for two drinks during happy hour. Drinks were weak! Be prepared for an Australian shot measure pour. Not the American count to 3 pours.It's almost 5pm on a Saturday and the bar is empty. By now in PS, the place would be packed.Ambiance and location, B for beautiful. It's centrally located and has a few outside seats for people gazing. Inside is clean.Bartenders are professional but not friendly. Food looked great but didn't want to soak up the little booze we just had. Lol.
11:05 06 Jul 23
The best gay club in Sydney, with three levels, iconic drag shows and famous long islands. Security are always switched on, professional management team and the venue always feels safe. Stonewall does a lot of fundraising for the community as well.Just make sure you have photo ID for entry, and don’t be overly intoxicated.
Kari McKern
04:53 20 Jun 23
Great night at the "Blue Oyster Bar" event.
Lana Coomer
13:24 09 Jun 23
The older blonde female bouncer was rude, claiming I was too intoxicated, despite being accepted everywhere else I went, before and after. Please reconsider whether this woman should've worked the door in the first place. Never before have I seen so many negative reviews based on the actions of one person, nor have I received such terrible treatment anywhere in Australia.
22:21 21 May 23
2 weeks ago my friend got kicked out for apparently being intoxicated and Marshall was very rude, manager done nothingAnd now again on saturday, i get kicked out for no reason from the marshall, and pushed me right near the steps on 3rd level next to the manager and manager done NOTHING. Very afraid to come here again, not a safe venue at all, was crying all night
David Pineiro
16:23 07 Mar 23
One of my favorite go to places on Oxford St! The bar tenders are so sweet and always on top of your drinks, are courteous and just nice. The drag shows are always fun to watch and the music and atmosphere is energetic. A+
Yj Francisco
08:43 01 Mar 23
A safe space for the young and the young at heart.Great music, atmosphere and staff. Keep the party going with a night at stonewall.
Geoff Cutler
08:44 07 Jan 23
Fun gay bar that's inclusive and friendly with a mixed crowd, decent prices for drinks (happy hour from 6pm to 8pm) and drag queen shows. Open till late.
Nicolás Espinoza R.
14:50 15 Oct 22
I just went to the Stonewall Just after finishing a long day of work at 01:20 AM. I asked at the door if it was still open (since I didn't know the opening hours). the guy at the door was extremely rude to me. he mocked me to my face for asking such a simple question. He spoke to another woman who was also at the door mocking me for my question. she also answered me with an irony. I asked him if he was real and she said yes. Any way, I find it regrettable that a place with such a reputation treats its potential clients in this way. I work in hospitality and this behavior of your staff leaves a lot to be desired. they made me feel really bad, when all I wanted was to go in for a beer after a long and tiring day at work. Neither I nor any of my friends will ever go to a place that treats their customers like this again. after the response of the person at the door I just said ok and went to another bar. I'm sorry that he needs to treat people that way to maybe feel better about himself. it is a situation that I simply do not need and that I will not expose myself to. so I just said ok and left. his behavior is completely deplorable, unacceptable and very rude. never again Stonewall
Taylor Attrill
19:45 11 Oct 22
Staff were friendly and the drinks were good, but the food was meh at best and it just wasn’t busy despite it being trivia night (mondays). Was my first gay bar visit in Sydney while travelling and I wasn’t too impressed. Not sure how weekend nights would fair but the weekday it didn’t have much going on.
Jaimmy Lee
13:40 03 Oct 22
I went to to the first time is past friday night and I LOVE THIS CLUB! IVE NEVER FELT SUCH A SAFE SPACE! Amazing performances, friendly staff and customers! Sexy dancing floors and awesome dancing cage on the second floor!. Welcoming of all. I had on instance with a straight male attempting to pick up female presenting people in the club but he was soon removed. I was welcomed on stage and made to feel so welcome. Friendly security happy to have a chat and laugh 🙂 definitely visiting again and frequently
Gerald And Rose
04:21 28 Aug 22
Beers always cold, but quite on the weekend days though. Good spot to watch the world o by!
Samuel Hill
09:43 02 Aug 22
Many enjoyable nights had here and since there security is fixed it’s back to the friendly bar I’ve known. The drag show here are great too.
Nicholas Whymark
05:28 27 Jun 22
Love this club. Such a go-to spot for LGBTQI+ or anyone else. Always has a good vibe.
Jacob Horvath
13:57 18 Jun 22
Been going to stonewall for more then 7 years. Always been welcomed with love!Absolutely adore the place! But for some reason when I tried to bring in my mother and auntie who are 50+ they wouldn’t let them in the club. Felt like complete discrimination against these older women. Really disappointed with the way my family were treated tonight.
Gui Mougin
02:22 31 May 22
Nice staff, free drag entertainment. Dance room with cage upstairs. More seating downstairs would be nice.
Sivori [Siv] Tanascev
15:39 27 May 22
Lived in Surry Hills for a long time. A big standing bar and mellow men & women on the third floor on busy nights. The second floor is to be seen. Security might be abrupt if one's persevering to enter.
skye lou
02:27 26 May 22
Absolutely love this place!Great food, friendly people, a Very inclusive space.Wether you just want to go out for a meal and a few drinks or make a full night of it, I highly recommend Stonewall❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Andrew Hunt
14:09 24 May 22
The woman in the gaming room is an absolute rude cow. Sat at a chair in the gaming room about to put money in a machine and came in and said immediately to leave if not playing a machine with such unwelcoming tone and a look on her face. This is a Tuesday night with hardly any people even at the venue. No need for your rotten attitude and tone- You cost the venue money and business tonight. Hope your boss considers that. Not the first time either this person has upset people for absolutely no reason. Find another job if you don’t know how to interact with people normally.
Sivori Tanascev
10:58 18 May 22
Lived in Surry Hills for a long time. A big standing bar and mellow men & women on the third floor on busy nights. The second floor is to be seen. Security might be abrupt if one's "persevering" to enter.
Ms Darlene
06:15 17 May 22
Been performing at this wonderful club now 21 years, very inclusive, very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended if u want to have a fun, great night with fabulous drag shows.
15:25 14 May 22
The bouncers have been unreasonable to me and rude. I’m just a trans and I have been hanging out on Oxford street over time. Won’t go back there ever. Good luck with your attitude. And yes I am allowed to take photos in public area. Your boss should know what happened. Don’t touch me or my phone or I would ring the police next time..
Isaac G
11:13 29 Apr 22
Fun any day of the week.Shows and events during the week, great nightclub on weekends. Great DJs and drinks.
Hannah Muirhead
13:45 27 Apr 22
Nice rooftop bar with decent drink selection and plenty space. Cocktails looked interesting
matt lange
21:28 23 Apr 22
Was having a great night here, asked a security staff if a jacket had been handed in. He then told me I had to leave because I was intoxicated, I had a couple drinks like everyone there but wasn't intoxicated, completely coherent. I hadn't done anything wrong and was very shocked at how he treated me, I was with a group of friends for an engagement and wasn't even allowed to let my friends know I had to leave, ruined my night and was quite an upsetting experience, only time Iv ever been unjustly removed from a premises for what's seems like no good reason at all. Do not recommend. Other clubs were much more hospitable and treated patrons with decency.
21:36 21 Apr 22
Had a lovely beer in this iconic pub on Oxford St in Sydney. Love the mood of the place and the people and service were great.
Liam Scott
23:52 02 Apr 22
Be aware security are a bit crazy and will lead you to believe you are a problem. I try and enter with my friends reasonably early in the night, the security looked at me for a little bit asked me to walk in a straight line (I was extremely sober in doing so) and was denied entry and was told “not tonight mate”. Went two minutes down the road and entered Universal upstairs with no problem. I wish I was just sore that I was denied entry into a bar but this seems an ongoing issue from reading these reviews where security at this place randomly discriminate, heavy handed and place the justification on less than reasonable terms.
donny Kul
04:53 28 Mar 22
It has been a decade since I frequented this friendly venue. The show is not only free it is top notch drag at its best. If you are thinking about it, I have 1 thing to say , Do it. Yeeees.
keana moses-kinkaid
22:11 19 Mar 22
Last night I was forcibly dragged out of the toilet mid pee by a male security guard. No one gave us a reason as to why we were being kicked out.They’ve already deleted my last review and blocked me on social media so I guess they know they’ve done something wrong but won’t do anything about it.
Maddi Sheridan
13:03 19 Mar 22
The security are crazy. Don’t go stonewall. Security are disgusting. Pushed their way into the female bathrooms and were physically abusive. Actually disgusting. Don’t go here. Not a “safe space”
Mattia Care
14:18 11 Mar 22
Horrible experience unfortunately. I’ve been to the place before and was always fun. This time I came after work at midnight to meet my friends already inside. The security people didn’t let me in with no explanations. They just said no. I wasn’t drunk or dressed bad. I just finished my shift in another bar. I tried to ask for a reason and they didn’t answer. They made me feel uncomfortable being rude and arrogant. If this is the way you treat people I’ll make sure to tell my friends to not come back anymore. You should feel ashamed for how you treated me.
Marina Semaan
07:58 06 Mar 22
Absolutely loved Mardi Gras & the service! Staff Security & DJ was phenomenal!!
Daniel Gomez Delgado
11:04 28 Feb 22
Classic. Divas bar is perfect for Long Island's. You won't regret it. Ever.
Chris Bowman
17:36 21 Jan 22
There is one sequirty gard who has to stop using the flex that he has that kind of comes with his years over people.I have alot of respect for sequirty however this one bloke there i saw push sombody to the ground who was half his size. He was provoked however it h push sombikber
Honest reviews
22:33 19 Dec 21
WOW 😮 what a none inclusive venue run by a senior citizen lesbian with a terrible attitude! This place has really taken a dive in n recent years! Same old same old boring, cringe-worthy management. You need fresh people to take the reins here, Linda should retire as she has no clue how the crowd has changed. it's management like this that does not work in 2021! The food is very low quality and the bar and venue look tired, dirty and worn out! Give this place a miss if you are LGBTIQ! Go to the Colombian down the road where service is amazing and food is better 👍
Jason Lee Holcroft
03:21 08 Nov 21
Brilliant drag nights and delicious food. Will be back soon!
Darryl Heather
20:10 16 Jun 21
Came here to get catch up with a friend. Bouncers and staff were great to deal with, friendly and very professional.
William Mowbray
08:08 13 Jun 21
Best camping and fishing in region the weir near by is a mud hole know water yet is packed with camper's I'm hear by my self great water access
Haresh Karkar
15:24 29 May 21
The security guy was so rude (Sunday 1am). We were a group of 15 people and he denied everyone entry saying we all were borderline drunk. He just spoke to one guy who didn't speak very good English and assumed everyone was drunk. We had 3 people don't even drink alcohol. I hate racial decriminalisation and I get furious when they don't even admit that he made a wrong judgement call. He kept saying I was drunk and I don't even drink! Nonsense.
nat krus
00:47 24 May 21
Great music, helpful staff and all round fun!!
08:36 16 May 21
The ambiance is great.Unfortunately, dancing, singing and standing were prohibited at that time.Otherwise, I still had a good time with my friends.
Kieran Fitsall
12:40 12 May 21
An institution, in the best sense of the word!
Herni Shepherd
21:14 24 Apr 21
Just a classic, never disappoints. Service is always so friendly. 🌈🌈❤️
salvatore grimaudo
01:23 07 Apr 21
Great place, gre a atmosphere, great location, well prices, friendly and helpful staff.
09:30 28 Feb 21
One of the last surviving Oxford St icons from the Sydney Gay Liberation era of the 80's. A must visit
Andrew W (pdxauboi)
08:53 27 Dec 20
A year year ago we came for a few drinks then my partner went for a smoke as per usual outside however they decided to put a cash register out front, didn't tell him when he went for a smoke, and tried to charge him to re-enter despite the manager knew we were there. Did I mention he was Asian. I wonder... It also happened to another friend who was Asian a few days earlier.
Scott J.
09:21 30 Mar 20
Well I have to say Stonewall is such a great venu for the LGBTIQ ‍ community! They have always been apart of the movements for the greater community and...
Dani B.
22:34 04 Jan 20
Worst place I've been to in my life, and I have been to many as I traveled the world. Friendly bartenders and DJs, nice drag queen shows etc, although the...
Claire M.
02:28 30 Aug 17
Popped in for a drink at about 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. We wanted to see the "Castro" of Sydney. It as pretty early, so a lot of places were closed....
Marqus R.
17:22 12 Oct 14
Stonewall Hotel (it really isn't a hotel....there are no rooms) is clearly the most happening and leading of the gay bars in the Oxford Street section of...

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