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The Historic, Legendary Landmark & Birthplace of the Gay Rights Movement. #wherepridebegan



Stonewall Inn
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Paul P.
11:25 27 May 23
Delicious spicy margaritas with a side of gay rights history gur. Get drunk and get educated! They be nasty with them dim lights in the restroom, I see...
Daphna H.
17:34 18 May 23
Stonewall is one of my favorite places in the entire city. Both a historic bar and your friendly local gay pub, Thursday happy hours are a staple of my...
Pablo C.
15:02 23 Apr 23
Today, I experienced mistreatment from the outdoor bartender at Stonewall bar in NYC. Despite trying to get his attention for half an hour, I was ignored....
Paul (MIDAS)
14:01 07 Mar 23
We went early in the morning and it was super empty. The little park and the building; being a part of LGBTQ+ history were important and significant to see.There is some scaffolding at this time preventing one from observing this unobstructed. Still worth going to see.
Ian Stroszeck
00:05 24 Feb 23
Caring and inclusive bar. The vibes are immaculate. Chuck and the rest of the bar staff are wonderful and super accommodating. Had a wonderful time! No food menu besides popcorn but had a wonderful time regardless. Really enjoyed their Christopher Street drink. This historical landmark is a must-visit.
Julian J.
11:34 15 Feb 23
This would be my second trip here and to my pleasure, it delivered just as well as it did the first time. Everyone was so kind and tolerant of our...
Evelyn S.
03:56 23 Nov 22
I noticed a review I left three years ago was deleted, my review still stands and my experience still relevant and pertains to the needs of the business....
Lonni Besançon
05:28 28 Oct 22
I guess it really is an iconic place, and it didn’t disappoint at all. The location is ideal, the place nicely decorated and feel very warm and friendly. The staff is kind and helpful and the drinks are good. I didn’t have to wait too long to be seated. Wish the place could offer some light food which would nicely go with the drinks. Prices are correct for the neighborhood and I actually expected to pay more than this, so I very positive surprise.I would recommend stopping by for one drink if you’re in the neighborhood.
C 82
04:37 23 Oct 22
Visited the historic bar during my recent trip to NYC. It was late afternoon so rather quieter. Only one lager on draught and it was pricey enough. Rather dark and looks more like a dive bar. The bar staff were having a whale of a time with their playlist of No Doubt. I think most come because of the significance of the place in the fight for equality and its worth it just for that.
Justin T.
08:05 14 Oct 22
The Stonewall Inn is an institution, and for good reason. Located on Christopher Street in the West Village, the site of many marches, protest and...
Jacob Adamczak
12:57 10 Sep 22
Stopped in to the Stonewall Inn while visiting Christopher Park across the street. This bar holds an important moments in the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. The drink selection was vast, prices standard and they also feature entertain throughout the week.
Nick Swart
05:21 01 Sep 22
Place was amazing. The atmosphere was great and bartenders took great care of me. Honestly if you're LGBTQIA+ and visiting NYC you need to check this place out, for one it's a historical landmark for us and two they're just great people
Cole Ash
02:38 10 Aug 22
Lots of history and the bartenders were super cool. We stopped by mid-afternoon on Saturday and this was the perfect spot to cool off from the heatwave outside. They didn't have any beer on tap, but they had a pretty standard selection of cans and bottles, plus the Stonewall IPA from Brooklyn Brewery.
Peter E.
09:23 31 Jul 22
First off, the Stonewall Inn is an icon -- a frickin' National Monument, so just being here is amazing. Second, the Stonewall Inn is a bar -- pretty much...
Thomas Kurka
20:13 30 Jul 22
We (a gay couple with a baby) were disappointed to be refused service at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon with our 10-month old son. Popped by hoping for a quick drink to cool down and were told babies are a liability and they can’t allow them even to sit with parents outside. What!? Dogs, yes - children of gay couples, no? We hope management reconsiders otherwise they run the risk of becoming a historical gay monument stuck in the past.
Michael D Harris
14:27 24 Jul 22
A solid but not superb choice for a night out in NYC. Drinks are reasonable and staff is usually nice. It can be eclectic crowd, and generally seems to draw tourists and students (sometimes straight). Music upstairs on the weekend often plays top 40. Actually prefer to go on weeknights with more locals and piano bar style upstairs.
Dean Boyce
22:00 11 Jul 22
My friend and I have just returned back to the U.K. after the most fabulous holiday to New York and to top it all it was Pride too which was the icing on the cake. We visited Stonewall Inn nearly every evening of our holiday and we found the bar to not only be iconic and stand for so much but the staff were very nice particularly the ladies during the afternoon/early evening shift. The atmosphere was fun vibrant and friendly. We had excellent evenings here. Thank you to all of you at Stonewall Inn and we are hoping to come back for Pride 2023 and we will most definitely be back to this wonderful bar 😀😀👏👏
Amy Roberson
14:58 08 Jul 22
My partner and I had a wonderful time having drinks and conversation at this historic bar. The bartenders were so nice and friendly even during busy times. I hope to be able to visit again soon
Ethan Z.
19:24 07 Jul 22
It was awesome to go and see this historic place! We went in, read about this place and got a Buckler which is a non-alcoholic beer and it was subpar. I was...
John a
21:39 25 Jun 22
This is really an iconic place and I recommend everyone to visit twice. Come the first time as a tourist, understand the history, visit the US National Monument across the street. Go inside and think back to what it must have been like at that time. You won't need to use a lot of imagination, I am not sure it's changed that much on the inside. Then visit a second time - come visit just like you would go out to any fun neighborhood gay bar, and enjoy the drinks, the handsome bartenders, and the fact this is a local institution for the community, and have a great time. Drinks are strong like many local places, various beers on tap, pool tables downstairs and drag queens upstairs... It's hard to ask for anything more.
Alvin A.
13:30 23 Jun 22
First night out in West Village and few of my friends wanted to check out Stonewall this past Saturday night! Got here a little past 10pm and seen how...
Matthew I.
06:53 07 Jun 22
I REALLY wanted this place to be amazing. I really did. But the service was just so bad. We waited for a good 20 minutes at the bar while the two bartenders...
Kamal NK
17:24 14 May 22
They talk a big talk about inclusion and safe spaces but they don't let you in with a New York City ID because they can't make money off of booze sales. What bullcrap. What if a low income queer person without any ID needed to get away and be amongst their people for a night? What about sober queers?I was visiting NYC from Canada and wanted to visit this iconic place, but my friend (a tax paying working individual with a NY city ID) was denied entry saying they don't accept this form of ID. In her 4 years of living in NYC she's never been denied entry for her NYC ID. And to have it denied at Stonewall of all places was messed up.
Yanna Lowe
20:59 08 May 22
My friends and I had a GREAT TIME here. We would visit again if we plan another trip to New York. The bar is pretty spacious, employees are friendly. Drinks are good!
Elle Mac
13:59 03 May 22
LOVED IT. so full of history and so vibrant. Outdoor seating was great. Felt at home! We spent 4 hours here drinking in the sun and had such a great time. Highly recommend!!! Service was just ok but the experience was so great it didn’t bother us at all.
Kirk Linn-DeGrassi
03:44 03 May 22
As a Gay Man I was Very Disappointed in the lack of qualified bartenders. I was there with cash in hand, and they proceeded to take 4 credit card orders of others that came in after without even the slightest polite word. Might as we'll have gone to a straight bar at least there I could have gotten a drink
Chrtistopher B.
04:19 02 May 22
Can't help that I have experience singing with a couple of bands and recording artists. When I arrived to their karoake the 2nd time, the female bartender...
Liz Smithson
18:04 25 Apr 22
Had a fun time at Stonewall while visiting NYC! There was a drag show going on upstairs and a typical bar setting downstairs. It was laid back and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The employees were nice too!
dipayan sen
11:02 22 Apr 22
Come here for the history but stay here for the warm atmosphere, friendly service and good drinks. I always have a great time whenever I visit The Stonewall Inn. It’s a perfect spot in west village to hang out with friends. They often have shows/events in upstair section. Overall a must visit whether you are a local or a visitor.
Larin Toblar
15:00 08 Apr 22
The food is consistently fresh and tasty, cashiers hands out great service. I like how neat it is and vibes. I highly recommend this place.
Tommy Kurauchi
12:36 06 Apr 22
A friendly venue for an afternoon cocktail in a friendly atmosphere. A fair number of customers are not locals but visitors from around our country.History is a shifting lens but the place of the Stonewall Inn in the annals of gay liberation are set in stone.The establishment has been designated a New York State Historic Site (bronze plaque at the entrance).
Priyana Kalita
19:34 22 Mar 22
I was visiting the city and had to visit the Stonewall inn! The bartender was so nice and everyone made me feel welcome there. Definitely a must go!
01:17 15 Mar 22
This place is absolutely fantastic, and of course dripping in history. It was an absolute pleasure to come here, and it was a highlight of our trip to New York. The staff here were super friendly and the drinks were inexpensive. I also found that the music was amazing and the place is brilliantly decorated. This in an absolute must-go place for any LGBTQ+ people who are interested in the history of LGBTQ+ rights in the US.
Andrea C.
10:33 04 Mar 22
The bouncer was rude I didn't feel safe it was not a good experience I do not recommend
Alex Who
07:56 27 Feb 22
2 floors have very different vibes.Second floor have small stage for drag show.Full of tourist(straight couples mostly)I’ll recommend this place as the first stop of the night.
Max Hernandez
03:46 26 Feb 22
For being a Historic place that I hold great value transcending gay rights and over passing hardships. It pains me to give this place a one star simply because they don’t accept ID NYC. As the only way of identification for people like me . I have no other way to validate my identify other than what the great people of this city are allowing me to have. I’ve been here before without a problem supporting my great peers like Honey Davenport and Novazcar. Unfortunately I can’t support gay places that won’t support me simply because of my legal status.
Amber T.
13:05 21 Feb 22
Went to Stonewall Inn's "Ladies Night" on Sat., Feb. 19th with my partner, who has recently come out as lesbian. We wanted to celebrate in a place that was...
Abby Tyndale
02:07 20 Jan 22
I had a great day at Work and My friends and I decided to stop by stone wall and pay homages. However despite my great mood we were introduced to Peggy the bar tender. Talk about horrible service. FYI when stopping by here I hope you do not get the same treatment as I.Might I add. I believe In killing with kindness. I continue to be pleasant and sit at the bar while I wrote this review. #smiles make the world go wrong.
Eric Muller
19:37 17 Jan 22
Historic bar on Christopher street. Had to make a special stop to see it. Staff was friendly and drinks were reasonable for NYC. Worth a visit for the history.
Umar T.
11:14 08 Jan 22
I am normally to shy to go to bars and stuff but when I went to the stonewall inn the environment was different every one was very friendly and welcoming I...
Mark Padgett
03:51 05 Jan 22
We stopped by and went upstairs to check out the live pianist. Both bartenders were fantastic singers, and the pianist takes requests; you can also sing karaoke style if you wish. This place is really great, and you’ll portably end your night here if you stop in.
Gonzo Phoenix
06:09 04 Jan 22
Great bar service. Friendly patrons and staff. My safe place and home base whenever I'm in the city. I love it here.
Alexandra M.
16:02 02 Jan 22
We were walking by in this area and wanted to stop in this place for a drink. The history of this spot was interesting to learn about while we had a few...
Connie H.
14:11 16 Dec 21
I truly believe anyone living or visiting NYC should visit the Stonewall Inn at some point in their life. Like 54358 reviews have said, this is a historic...
Gabriel B
00:05 15 Dec 21
Not bad. We liked. Nice place to stay. I especially liked the promotion for new visitors, you need to register on their website 909gay*com, create a profile, and show it to the bartender. You will be given a private room for 1 hour, and a free drink for two
Daniel W.
11:03 29 Nov 21
The Stonewall Inn failed to impress. Being greeted by a somewhat unhappy security guard to being ignored by bar staff to then be charged 17$ for a bud light...
Laurence K.
12:37 27 Nov 21
What a historic place I mean this is where people took a stand against hatred. Staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable about the history of this place...
Miranda Coldren
03:04 26 Nov 21
The feeling of stepping into this bar and getting a drink is like none other since the history here is so important. The vibe inside was great and everybody was so nice and helpful. Drinks were good and I had an amazing time.
Sue V
01:27 02 Nov 21
Went out for an early birthday celebration and I must say from the moment we walked in, the staff was friendly and accommodating. Loved the look and the people there were fun. Definitely going back. 2 years Later and here we are once again, we went on a slow night and met this incredible bartender named Chuck. We had such a great time so we decided to go on Halloween to celebrate my birthday once again Chuck was AMAZING!!!
Sue V.
18:29 01 Nov 21
Went out for an early birthday celebration and I must say from the moment we walked in, the staff was friendly and accommodating. Loved the look and the...
Launi Harrell
17:07 23 Oct 21
The bartender opened alone, and totally rocked it. I loved being somewhere with so much history. I could feel spirit of queers passed. Never been more comfortable loving on my partner than here.
Kelley Richardson
14:04 13 Oct 21
Had a great experience until I got back to the hotel and saw they tried to charge me an extra $260. Be careful
Saurin Mehta
07:21 21 Sep 21
What a bittersweet moment it was to be able to stand in and comfortably imbibe beverage in an institution where it all started. Their fight and sacrifice isn't in vain. Thank you for preserving this piece of history.
14:05 19 Sep 21
So Carlos, who greets you at the entrance.. He was the best!! He made us feel like we were VIP..
Kiara S.
11:57 10 Sep 21
Obviously, as a fellow Queer I had to hit it up and visit this historical site. Which was moving and quite lovely. But I must say, the music here is quite...
Rachael K.
08:43 28 Aug 21
Very disappointed. My friends and I got here, we ordered drinks, our waiter was nice to us, joking around, it seemed like it would be a great spot. Then our...
Josh R.
19:31 25 Aug 21
Great establishment (physically) with a strong history for LGBT culture. Drinks were okay, but the two people that were visible working: bartender and...
J. D.
16:06 13 Aug 21
(Please forgive the pronouns.) I was extremely excited to go to this iconic bar, to be somewhere comfortable and historic, but that was all stripped away...
Christine Annichiarico
00:58 01 Aug 21
🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Im so grateful I was able to visit this historic site. I wept the most beautiful tears. The park and garden across the way was also amazing and filled with positivity and hope. Thank you to all those who had to fight for all us who continue to fight for love and equality. Love is love!
Marco Montoya
03:19 25 Jul 21
Stars are mostly for the historical significance of the place. Nowadays, it may me a good bar to just chill and have a reaaaaally relaxed time, rather than enjoying and having fun.It could really use way more staff, bartenders look perpetually busy even when the bar isn't that much.
Cokania D.
20:48 14 Jul 21
Sad place, unhappy bartenders, wont be back. Maybe if they discover time travel and I can go back to a time qhenit was a haply place. Nowadays your...
Nola Darling
20:31 10 Jul 21
Loved visiting during pride and seeing such an incredible landmark in our history. The staff was great! Thank you Marsha, Sylvia, and all the other pioneers who led the way for us. We appreciate you.
Matthew C.
18:02 07 Jul 21
Peggy & Chuck are probably the best bartenders in NYC! We had an amazing time! They are the best! Stonewall Inn is an institution for equality and human...
Jessica Chambers
04:11 03 Jul 21
It was my first time here and the staff was nice except for the bartenders. The second floor was so much fun but on the first floor the bartender practically ignored us even when we called him. After we finally got his attention, he told us to wait to get our drink order. We waited for almost 30 minutes and then decided to leave because he didn't acknowledged us after that. He only attended one side of the bar.
Tamiko Jones
07:16 30 Jun 21
I've been there twice with my girlfriend and even though its packed again we always have a great time. Love the drag shows.
Jason Zimmerman
01:09 29 Jun 21
I was so impressed how friendly, kind, and quick the staff was even during Pride Weekend. Wow! It was so amazing to be able to sit there and be part of history. We only got drinks, but look forward to coming back again.
Anders Anderson
21:41 26 Jun 21
RUDE staff! The bartender completely ignored us while we waited for 30 minutes at the counter. We understood the place was relatively busy. We were more than patient with her. The several groups arriving before and after us had all be served. When we flagged her to remind her of our presence, she gave us attitude, exploding that she was serving customers sitting outdoors. All she had to say during our waiting and when we approached her would be: Sorry I’m busy and I’ll be right with you. The bartender has no sense of customer service, nor how to triage and prioritize. The usher and waiter outside were equally rude...These employees aren’t worthy of the namesake national monument status of the Stonewall Inn. Saturday, June 26, 2021, 4:30 pm ET.
03:20 20 Jun 21
Worth a visit for the history, very expensive for the drinks. $10 for a rum and coke in a tiny cup and $20 for a double rum and coke in a standard cup size. The cocktails were tiny (like small cup of water from the water cooler at the dentist waiting room tiny) and all around $15. The waiter wasn't the nicest, either, which didn't help the vibe. We left shortly after because it wasn't worth the money. The stars are really just because we love a gay business and historical icon.
David Gaillardetz
14:01 16 Jun 21
I walked in and felt a wave of relief wash over me. It was such a warm environment, felt like home. Our server was friendly. Even outside of the history, it was a great bar to spend a few hours in.
Emma M.
02:25 15 Jun 21
This place is so amazing it doesn't need a rating -- but the Stonewall Inn was fantastically fun, especially thanks to our bartender Christy/Kristi! Thank...
Narada J.
03:21 13 Jun 21
Pompus rude staff, absolutly no diversity whatsoever within the staff, expensive "dive drinks"
Teresa Monsees
20:16 27 Apr 21
Went here this past weekend with my friend after another bar we wanted to get into was fully packed. Bouncer was surprisingly very nice, as I've never been anywhere in NYC with a pleasant bouncer. She was tough but fair, if that makes sense. Anyway, we weren't expecting to get in because it was a Saturday night and this was the most famous/historic LGBTQ+ bar in NYC. We were able to get in anyway!We sat outside and the host was super kind and funny. Our waitress was very nice and patient with us not knowing right away exactly what we wanted to order for drinks. I loved the atmosphere and being in a place with other people like us, no judgement.5 stars, hell yeah!
Tyler M.
07:19 19 Apr 21
I had a gay rite of passage this weekend, as I stepped foot into the Stonewall Inn. In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, police raided The Stonewall...
Caryn Russman
14:25 10 Apr 21
Iconic LGBTQ+ bar! Everything is social distanced now so you can enjoy history without the covid risk. They have a lot of outdoor seating as well which is nice.
Greg M.
17:11 09 Apr 21
The Stonewall Inn is a monumentally historic place for equal rights. Hell, it's a gay bar and they thought nothing of including my straight touristy self in...
Walter Arzon
05:49 27 Mar 21
The place paved the way for my generation and many generations to come.It brings back amazing memories.One of the things Stonewall still has going for it, “I’m told from Rick the owner of sip&snip one of the best places in NewYork to get your hair done. “ if you can get an appointment “Is that Tree is still working there.The guy is a legend in himself and Stonewall is very lucky to have him.I wouldn’t recognize the place without him.If I had to give him and Stonewall a score,He and it would get nine circles. LolHope your well Tree.Danny Arzon
MHR Bernards
00:54 04 Mar 21
Historic place, no doubt about it, yet with a warm and inviting environment. Here you will find a lot of interesting people to chat or a quiet place to chill if you are not in the mood, everybody will respect you the same. People from all around the Globe come and go and the spice of life is paying a visit to this old and still strong bar.
khazim “kaza” El khazim
16:21 31 Jan 21
My favorite spot in nyc its just historical and warm and it feels like home
Brendan Connaire
23:13 22 Dec 20
The iconic Stonewall Inn, what can I say, the staff are a complete pleasure to deal with, drinks are good, place is clean and where it all began!!
04:02 02 Dec 20
It’s such an iconic bar. Has one of the best vibes in NYC
Pedro P.
15:51 01 Dec 20
I am sad to see such bad reviews of this place. This place is iconic and truly has this historic vibe surrounding it. The staff was extremely friendly! We...


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