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The Stranger Bar & Lounge is the Drag child of 2 Dad’s, Sean is an Irish Drinkologist &aM Stranger Fox, Thailand Drag Queen. Our venue is a stylish pub theatre with a classy eclectic mix of S&M Victoriana and youthful Asian glitz. Located on Silom 4, the home of Gay Bangkok. We’re Not just you’re local LGBT venue but we’re also a straight-friendly and all-inclusive friendly community driven home from home.

Known for our very own nasty yet delicious Signature Shots; "Sperm, Golden Shower, Stranger Slut….We also host nightly International style Drag & Performing Arts Shows, Club kid fun events, Private parties and all occasions parties with your Fierce Host Ms. Stranger Fox. Nightly Ms. M dishes out LGBT realness and we actively promote LQBT Outreach & Equality.

We also offer amazing Happy Hour deals from 17:00 - 21:00, Try our large selection of Thai Artisinal Spirits and Cocktails, Free entry (2 drink Minimum) to our nightly shows and dance till late with our sassy DJ beats. Soooo C'mon click LIKE, SUBSCRIBE keep in touch ... The Stranger Bar is where Strangers become friends #TheStrangerBar



Stranger Bar
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G Eliane
10:56 20 May 24
The new and improved The Stranger Bar has moved to the end of the alley, four times bigger, with more seating and lounge area, and a larger bar. The best drag show in Silom for 400 THB entrance that includes two drinks. And everyone is welcome! Not surprisingly, the place was overfilled, as the staff did not care how many people were in the venue, regardless of safety concerns. They accept Prompt Pay, cards, and cash, (but do NOT trust the bartenders with a 1,000 bht bill. They will short-change you, then lie that you gave them a 500.00 bill). Plan to visit the bar after 10:30, unless you are VIP!
Agnieszka Szymanowska
07:45 09 Apr 24
This place is awesome. The queens are fabolous, great performers and funny. We had lot of fun. There are 3 acts and inbetween there was a party and everyone was dancing. In the price of the ticket you’ll get two drinks. Take some cash to tip the queens.
G Eliane
13:21 28 Mar 24
The new and improved The Stranger Bar has moved to the end of the alley, four times bigger, with more seating and lounge area, and a larger bar. The best drag show in Silom for 400 THB entrance that includes two drinks. And everyone is welcome! Not surprisingly, the place was overfilled, as the staff did not care how many people were in the venue, regardless of safety concerns. They accept Prompt Pay, cards, and cash, (but do NOT trust the bartenders with a 1,000 bht bill. They will short-change you, then lie that you gave them a 500.00 bill)
Ash Wini
15:01 21 Mar 24
One of the best night outs I ever had.Great DJ, fantastic performances and vibe.400 baht for entrance fee but that includes 2 drinks.Prepare some extra cash to tip the drag queens.They perform everyday, show them your support!I can't wait to go back again!
Prasertsak Sinsab
02:57 03 Mar 24
First experience with Drag Queen show. It’s really amazing and enjoyable. I’d recommend everyone to visit here. The vibe is really nice and female friendly too.
G Eliane
16:03 24 Feb 24
The new and improved The Stranger Bar has moved to the end of the alley, four times bigger, with more seating and lounge area, and a larger bar. The best drag show in Silom for 400 THB entrance that includes two drinks. And everyone is welcome! Not surprisingly, the place was filled. But, they only accept cash or Prompt Pay at the door. Unfortunately, prompt pay (QR code) failed so I either had to wait 30 mins for it to reset or pay cash. Plus, the bar only accepts cash. Well worth a visit for tourists and locals.
19:32 23 Feb 24
My first ever drag show bar/club! I can definitely say that i thoroughly enjoyed the night, the performance was spectacular and the atmosphere was on point and the people were amazing ! Would highly recommend this place amongst the rest on the same street!P.S Entrance fee is 400 baht but it includes 2 drinks per person
Alvin Hunter
19:04 22 Feb 24
First time here seeing drag show. The show is fabulous, big applause to those queens. The cocktail is strong and service is tip top. Wasn’t expect the there are 3 round of shows. I would recommend to come have fun. Pay per entry with 2 drinks. Ready some tips for the queens.
Lucie Jouin
03:14 11 Feb 24
Best night in Bangkok for sure!!!! Nobody cares if you are gay or not, as long as you are here to have a good time! Thank you, boys and girls, for the heartwarming welcome and the load of laughs!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Follow Fauzia
14:03 17 Jan 24
Every time I come here I love this place and I keep forgetting to try to review, so I thought I’d write one now!I love the drag show. These guys are amazing like they really put their heart and soul into when they perform the service here is great. It’s a bit forced because they want you to buy a beer while you’re standing there and watching his show but overall it’s a great environment. It’s so much fun of been here many many times, many different occasions !If you’re in Bangkok, you must check this place out I do have other photos last night I only captured one!OK Follow Fauzia for adventures around Bangkok and of course Bangkok and beyond follow her on Instagram, 💕💕💕💕 Facebook, and YouTube videos. We have other videos on YouTube.💋💋💋💋💋🙏🏼
Truc Le
04:00 05 Jan 24
Awesome performance by the all the beauty kweens of Thailand. Staff are super friendly. You are always welcome here regardless of being alone or with your friends. Everyone is so sweet and having a good time. The kweens do a good job in entertaining with the audience in a fun, apologetic way (don’t take that seriously lol). The performance is free so please order drinks or give the kweens tips to support them
Harley Schmalz
02:37 23 Dec 23
TL;DR for those who don't want to read my experience.Go for the drag,Stay away if you hate drinking and crowds.There is a mandatory drink purchase for entry, and I had already drank too much to be well, but I didn't want to get seperated from my friends. Unfortunately! When you jam people into a venue and have them packed like sardines, it's super uncomfortable and VERY difficult to locate your friends if you get lost from them. Not only was my friend grabbed by a patron and interrogated about her race, but when I stepped out of the venue, my friends and I were seperated for the rest of the night due to how crowded it was.Honestly I'm shocked that there was no staff at the doors ensuring the venue wasn't overcrowded.I'm shocked that you'd make an intoxicated person drink more to enter. Even if it was one drink, that one drink ruined my evening by making me too drunk to be present.I was having a great night watching the drag show until these factors ruined it.
Flora Chen
10:29 20 Dec 23
went with my partner and you absolutely have to go to this bar - super friendly staff and endlessly talented queens! energy here is contagious and it’s such a lovely and intimate venue. Definitely coming back next time i’m in Bangkok!
Yuchen L
04:03 07 Oct 23
Fun place to watch drag. Show starts at 1030pm. The place gets crowded fast so get there early if you want a seat
Clayton Kunitake
19:26 06 Sep 23
This place is a hidden gem and so incredibly fun. The DQ performers are talented and beautiful and the vibe is welcoming to everyone. No cover, no drink minimum, friendly staff and a rocking DJ makes this establishment a winner. This was definitely the highlight of our 8 day sightseeing trip to Thailand.Take the bf, gf, wife of hubby and you’ll have a blast.
Emmanuel Choi
02:56 28 Jul 23
Amazing place! Came here three nights in a row during our visit to Bangkok. Great friendly crowd. Met a lot of friends there. Great performances too. Super interactive with everyone before and after the show. Definitely the place to go if you want a wholesome (maybe also a bit good chaotic) fun night out.
Shayla O'Connor
19:31 24 Jun 23
FANTASTIC PLACE!!!! Easily my favorite thing I've done in Bangkok. They only make you buy one drink to enter and the dag queens are amazinggggg, so high energy and talented. The place is a bit small, but super fun and really nice vibes
joao Silva
20:37 31 May 23
The most amazing place we have ever been 💅🏻The queens are amazing, the show starts at 10:30. Pay attention and tip the queens😍😍❤️❤️ the bar staff are so kind and pay attention to everyone (Knowing what you wanna have to drink)! After spending a whole night in the club it’s a huge thing comparing to the customer service in Europe!It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, there is always a place for everyone. Gigi, Gisele, naughty girl are the queens in the house!!Make sure to get in early on the weekends, since the bar gets really crowded!We had a great time! Can’t wait to visit again
Olliver von Salzen (オリバー)
04:07 04 Apr 23
The location must be on your tour of Bangkok nightlife. God cocktail for an acceptable price, the show is free, starts at 22:30 and is worth seeing
klatschmohn klatschi
01:20 22 Feb 23
Absolut Must see if u are in Bangkok!!The queens are so lovely, talented and bring u a killer show. (Tip them!!!)The staff is super friendly Aswell and don’t listen to any negativ comments here, nobody is forcing u to buy drinks or what ever.If u like drag, visit them.If u don’t like drag, go visit them and u will love it after the show!
19:50 10 Feb 23
This place is my number one recommendation for all Drag enthusiasts coming to Bangkok! And heck, even if you've never seen a Drag show before...this place is a great start! While the bar is very small and can get very crowded (especially on weekends) it is 100% worth it! drinks are priced normally and very tasty, but of course, the highlights are the daily Drag shows.and i do mean shows in plural. There are shows throughout the entire night, with breaktime in between where you can dance, drink, or if you're lucky catch one of the queens outside for a photo. They have a large cast of performers, which shuffles around each night. I went there 5 nights in a row, it never got boring. Every performance is so different, but they're all incredibly entertaining. Miss Srimala guides you through the evening in English, so no worries if u don't speak Thai.Tipping is, like at every Drag show, greatly appreciated but not mandatory. Nonetheless, please tipp the performers. Not only do they deserve it, but tipping will often give you some really cool interactions with the Queens too.10/10 Drag bar, will definitely be coming back if i make it back to Bangkok!
Natalia Perez
16:55 26 Jan 23
This little spot host such a big party!!! This was my first ever drag show and I had a blast. Take my money Queen!!!!!!! Drinks are delish. Could not recommend more!
Emily Dillistone
07:29 05 Jan 23
A gorgeous array of drag Queen performances, each different from the last. It was fab to be among such a diverse crowd too, as I was worried it would only be men there. Drinks are reasonably priced and very strong! The staff are lovely and friendly.
Samia S
05:10 13 Dec 22
The Queens here are AMAZING! Super friendly and funny, we really enjoyed all the shows they put on throughout the night. In general the crowd is great and we had such a good night out here, 100% recommend.
11:12 27 Oct 22
Nice club with friendly atmosphere and great show! Worth a visit! The Drag Queen show is fantastic!!
Marc Henderson
04:48 25 Oct 22
Never fails to disappoint. The artists put 100% and more into their performances. This is not a typical show where they just lip sync. They are funny, interact with the audience and sometimes even sing live!Drink prices are reasonable as you get the show included. It's good to Tipp the artists where possible!A great bar and a fantastic night out!
César Gasca
06:13 23 Aug 22
Very friendly staff and talented drag queens, been there a couple of times and I always have a good time, they are funny and friendly, always making jokes and nice lipsyncs, it is definitely a nice stop in town.
Aidan McAuliffe
08:21 20 Aug 22
What a night!! This was my first time here as it had been recommended by some friends and it didn't disappoint. The performers are outstanding. Super professional and great fun! It's an intimate venue where you will be made feel at home, especially by the excellent host (I forget her name! The J.Lo performer). The floor staff and bar staff work really hard. The good service was appreciated. I WILL be back!
Oskar R
04:34 30 Jul 22
Went there with my girlfriend to watch the drag show.Great atmosphere and good performance by the queens.Affordable and good AC.
Julia Heuschneider
13:14 29 Jun 22
awesome drag, awesome show, awesome vibe. one of the best drag bars i visited in thailand. the bar is not very big, but that gives a very cute vibe to it.
Mo furry
07:27 24 May 22
We went to the dragshow and it was absolutely stunning! And the performers were beautiful as well! We loved it!
Dian M S
09:31 19 May 22
Lots of fun, really enjoyed the performances by the talented queens. The performances start from 9.30 with 15-minute breaks between sets. The place was packed on a Saturday, I suggest heading there before 9pm to grab a seat. Highly recommended for RPDR fans and anyone in Bangkok looking for some good entertainment!
Dani Vitriolo
16:29 17 May 22
Ooh child it’s one of the top two best drag houses in Bangkok, in my opinion. Most of the performers are drag race girls and the atmosphere is so lively and happy!
Dave Moore
13:06 07 May 22
Great queens and fun energy. They're open now with a show every night. Shows are in English, quite a lot of foreigners in the crowd but some locals too. Packed at midnight on Friday until the last show finished around 1am (Google's hours seem to be wrong).
16:30 06 Apr 22
Ordered a bottle and they brought it out opened. Asked for another, they brought out the same one. Asked again for a new bottle, they said they were all opened. Typical scam in Thailand.. shame. We wanted to enjoy...
Luna Lovegood
06:29 12 Mar 22
One of the best bars i visited in Bangkok. The energy was amazing and the queens slayed! The show was so much fun and I highly recommend going. Try to go early on the weekend to get a seat because it fills up fast!
Tong Limmontree
15:50 31 Mar 21
One of the best drag bars in Thailand ❤️ located right in the heart of city. Get off Saladang BTSsky train station and walk only 5 mins. After closing, you can still enjoy lively nightlife moments in Silom area.
16:56 29 Oct 20
very good Hotel Bar I like
Shaz Minaj
05:23 18 Mar 20
I love Thailand coz of this bar absolutely had an amazing timeAnd met lovely people made our night specialI’m definitely coming back soon to see u allSpecial thanks for “ JaJa “ the funniest person I’ve ever metAnd “ Omadiva “ what an absolute great person and personality xxxThanks guys
Noel Connelly
11:57 16 Dec 19
Such a great time! Small space, but loads of fun! Highly recommend 👍 bring 100B notes to tip the entertainers.
Andrei Kallai
20:51 04 Dec 19
The best drag show in town!If you are in Bangkok this is the Place you wan to visit. It can get very crowded but people go in and out and you always find a moment and go In. No entrance fee but you need to order at least 2 drinks wich is fine.Several shows are going on. Simone is the best, just loved her.A must see in Bangkok !
Shann On
03:56 10 Nov 19
I loved it! It's a small and crowded place but that also adds to the intimacy of the show. Free entry but buy a drink instead. The show was great and in English! The girls were doing an amazing job and looked beautiful aswell. Definitely had some good laughs during the show. Will be back here for sure.Tip the girls.

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