Madrid's premier iconic dance and cruising gay club

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The most emblematic gay dance and cruising club in Madrid returns under a new and revolutionary management. Capturing energy of those who determine new musical trends as cultural art in the gay scene of Madrid.

The definitive underground clubbing experience in Madrid's gay scene.



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Giuliano Grapsi
09:16 27 Jan 24
Had so much fun, great music, fun entertainment, great people. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend it!
scott saldenah
12:37 05 Nov 23
‘One bad apple shouldn't spoil the bunch' encapsulates my sentiment regarding this establishment. All services, from the doorman to the bartenders, were excellent. However, I encountered an issue with the coat check, where I inadvertently misplaced one of the two tickets I had checked in. The attendant identified my item, set it aside, and advised me of the policy requiring retrieval at the end of the night. This policy, in my view, is deemed unacceptable as it would have effectively held me hostage until 6am to reclaim my property. While I acknowledge that mistakes can occur, and this was my error, given the attendant's CLEAR identification of BOTH my article of clothing, the delay seemed unwarranted, I would go as far to say it was malicious.I would caution others to keep their ticket secure to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and to otherwise enjoy their experience.
16:14 18 Oct 23
Went on a Saturday night and had a great time. A room full of hot topless men dancing, plus a big dark room/cubicle area. Defo want to go again!
23:52 24 Jul 23
There is a lot I can say about this place but I don't think is allowed. We went on the mix crow night and it was definitely a trip! So make sure you kmow which now you want to be part of.
Jon Barnes
20:26 04 Jul 23
Strong 'in the tank' was by far one of the best club nights been to. Club is very well laid out and the back rooms are huge! Full of hot guys and plenty of action. Toilets were clean. Only issue was the drink / bar set up. Having to wait and use a automated machine to buy drink tickets to then queue at the bar and tell the barmen what you want again is little annoying and not had that sort of service before. Would rather just order at the bar directly as could then upsell or change mind.Will definitely return though when in Madrid next!Highly recommend
Y Landry
11:26 04 Jul 23
I have very mixed feelings about this club.1 . The space: great space. The back room is huge and has plenty of spaceThe dance floor is great and the music was 💯2- service: I felt racially targeted and served after 7 clients although I was standing there first. Yes, people will say here we go again with the racial card but trust me. I was the only guy standing at some point waving to get their attention they would ignore pretending to not see me, chatting to others until another customer would come then they would serve him.After 7 ( yes I counted lol) I had to interrupt their conversation with the customer they were about to serve and ask them if I was invisible or if they just didn't want to serve me and wanted me to leave which I would do if they preferred. Then the bar staff apologized and I got served. This was not a pleasant feeling at all.Overall I had a great time there. I just didn't buy any more drinks haha.3. Queuing: Good luck !! It is a case of friends' privilege,u know them they'll sneak u in otherwise keep queuing for 47 min and pay 40 euros to get in. LolSo be prepared. Patience -money - ignoring poor service will guarantee you a good time there !!
žan bakan
16:56 12 Jun 23
Clubbing there was super fun, back rooms also. Just be aware, organized crime is stealing phones ( mainly iphone). Mine was stolen. Just leave all your belongings in a locker room.
Scot Burkhart
11:06 06 Jun 23
Excellent club scene. Went on a Fri night and back again for the Sat. Darko party. No issues with entry, all were very welcoming. Back room was HUGE & the men were gorgeous! Probably the hottest group of men in one place ever. Would absolutely return...might come back to Madrid just to party here.
DudeX Lick
00:35 06 Jun 23
I was refused service at the bar because I was wearing a shirt. Already paid 20 euro. Not ever coming back.Extra after response:I was at the Odarko event on Saturday 3rd of June '23: the dress code was:"Men only, masculine attitude, suggested dress-codes: leather, rubber, urban, clubbing, sporstkit, army, naked, jockstraps, masters & slaves, pup handlers, uniforms, shirtless"Mine was sportskit.Your dress code uses "," suggesting "or", otherwise I have no idea how to combine all those styles together.And mind the "suggested dress-codes" not "mandatory dress-codes".BTW Although I was in the minority, I was not alone. You stole 20 euros of me! I already paid for that drink, by the vending machine.
Benjamin Longstaffe
19:25 12 Jan 23
Great club and well organised. I will go back there for sure when i’m next in Madrid.
Chad Harris
02:18 22 Nov 22
Went late on Sunday and was still very much a vibe! Drinks included is the cover charge is a plus. Had no issues with door or staff. Darkroom was a blast as well. Would definitely be interested in returning on a Friday or Saturday.
Gabriel Melo
00:52 09 Oct 22
There was a party and it would cost 25€ to enter. The doorman was rude with me. He didn’t explain so clearly and asked me to make a quick decision to enter or not because there were many people on the queue, but there was no one there 🤣.
Tyler Andrews
15:24 18 Sep 22
A lot of fun! Good music on the dance floor and a Dark room that is gigantic and very busy on Saturday night!
Miguel Alvarado Cabello
22:43 11 Sep 22
Stay away !!! This place is a circus!Before you go make sure your wearing clown clothes, just like the guys you see in the background. We came all the way from Miami looking for a good place but unfortunately came across this place where they are classist, rude, and racist. I can't believe this happen into a developed country, this does not happen in the United States.
Slavomir Meissner
17:52 02 Sep 22
Very trendy gay disco. Everyone can find everything here
Andrew Walsh
23:21 10 Jul 22
This club is designed to be exclusive. Unless you are a member, you cannot enter which makes it is impossible to visit if are visiting Madrid. They deliberately exclude foreigners which I consider racist. Stay away.

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