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Operating in the heart of Melboune’s CBD and fresh from a recent renovation, we aim to raise the bar for saunas in Australia and give you the ultimate customer experience.

Subway Sauna is Melbourne's only inner city men's sauna. open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what you are up to, or how your night is going, we are your destination. Subway has many features including 30 serviced rooms, 2 separated cruise areas, 2 private rooms, glory holes, video lounges, newly renovated wet area and a fully serviced cafe and bar.



Subway Sauna
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Stuart Parnell
01:11 08 Dec 22
Never had a problem with this place for the last 15 years until now. Came back after being given a pass out, was shot down by the rude staff if I had anything left in my locker and was asked to pay $5 to come back in. Had further trouble with a locker. All in all very rude staff. Not coming back unless reviews say it's improved.
Marl Poe
06:16 02 Oct 22
My experience today was a disaster.I requested to get a bigger locker but staff name Sebastian refused my request. And find him so arrogant and unfriendly.. he should improve his attitude in dealing with clients.It used to be a LGBTI friendly establishment..The Manager should watchful yTo the attitude of this staff..It turns me off.I
Jay Jay
04:28 18 Sep 22
$30 entry and $5 passout. Between 2 people you could get a cbd hotel room for about the same price. No wonder it was dead when i went there last week after a few years.
Abdelrazzaq Awamleh (Zaq)
17:02 23 Aug 22
Two of my colleagues and myself (all work at Melbourne saunas group), decided to go to Subway sauna because it’s the only place that’s open on the Tuesday night. So I decided to call ahead of time to ask them because one of my colleagues is a non-binary person. I just didn’t want to have any of us or the staff members to encounter an awkward moment. The staff member reassured me by saying if the person is queer/gay and they do sleep with men and they are comfortable, of course they can come! We got to the door and we were denied entry at the door with a very lame excuse that the manager is not there… I tried to help with the many suggestions 1) if any of the patrons were uncomfortable or my colleague was uncomfortable we would leave immediately and we still Got an unreasonable and lame excuse in response from the staff, saying “I am sorry my manager has to make the decision and they are not here.” I didn’t feel much compassion towards me or my coworker in this situation and I suggested I would personally call the manager if it was me and then the staff said the manager is not here and that SHE was sleeping. I just think that was Discriminatory against queer people in a Queer venue and I’m very dissapointed
Tom Griffin
13:00 25 Jul 22
Way too expensive I was only in for a few hours over my birthday weekend but got no action... 30$ for entry... I ask what does 30$ get you absolutely nothing
Asyraf Akmal
09:03 09 Jun 22
I had been served by 2 staff. I'm Asian and my review might be sound racist but scroll down if you don't like it.The reception at the entrance - a young white guy. He was lovely! I said it's my first time being here and he actually guided me the location of the locker room etc. Kudos to that lad... You are the best!On my way out - Indian looking staff was behind the counter. And i asked how to get out from the sauna as the entrance and exit are sharing.. Bit confused as he put the sign 'back in 5mins'..but he was behind the counter!With an attitude I-don't-want-to-work-here, he said just give me your towel and locker key. Owh.. Plus.. I can't forget the sour face he gave me!.... Hey man... I'm Asian too.. Just like you, this is not our country!
07:15 06 Jun 22
Nice sauna, one complaint too expensive should have lunch time special's like Sydney sauna , would get a lot more people there. Went to Subway on a wet Sunday afternoon, should have been busy, very quite. People won't pay $28 if the Sauna is going to have a small crowd. Why would Sydney Sauna have specials and Subway not, owned by same people.
Eleven “MV” XI
11:45 29 Apr 22
amazing service 😉
Benjamin Young
00:18 09 Apr 22
Staff is what let this place down, and a manager that do not care.I understand spanish and i heard them disrespecting customers in spanish while i waited for a towel. Do not know why manager hires people who have no customer skill in a place that should be welcoming, safe and friendly for gay community. You feel like burden to them, not customer. If one name Richard working you in for bad time.Go to Wet on Wellington, they much nicer.
james full
01:50 24 Mar 22
Came on Tuesday and was really busy. Diverse crowd of all ages. Good facilities and staff were helpful when I needed to find things. will be back again.
Keith Kei
15:36 22 Mar 22
Too expensive. Went to Sydney recently and visited some places like this. Their prices were a lot cheaper with more varieties. Melbourne doesn't have many, hence no competitions. Should have more to bring down the prices.
Mark Mcculloch
19:29 25 Feb 22
Place is generally clean. But spa doesn't look like its been cleaned in ages. Understand that with it being open 24/7 that u would see cleaning being done. I was there a hour before i could have a shower. After 4 hours i left areas were still closed to cleaning.Take it no point at all going of a morning
David Green
08:22 21 Dec 21
Man I promise I'm straight but damn....
Sebastián Echavarría Leon
12:11 30 Nov 21
The place it's great
06:59 28 Nov 21
I lived in melbourne for 8 years and never got a chance to come here. Finally came here yesterday with my friends and had a very good time and experience. I feel so regret that I have wasted last 8 years, really should come here earlier!The venue is nice and clean, the only thing I think that could be improved is the water in the pool is a bit cold.
art boy
03:30 25 Nov 21
good vibe
jack melb
03:21 30 Sep 21
Cant wait until they reopen and to used the fuk benches I've heard about
greg downie
04:46 06 Aug 21
great for a root
Tyler Carnovale
00:55 05 Aug 21
i love bumming blokes
alex jonestwo
02:32 11 Oct 20
such a high quality venue. Very discrete...& and a true secret clubin the heart of CBD. Andreas is soo lovely ..ill be back soon
herr Keuccio
03:31 19 Apr 19
It’s a great venue, big and well kept. Last night I went there and the only one staff member (as happened in a the past) had to do everything; from the cleaning to the bar service to the door. It wasn’t safe for him to be the only staff member also.

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