Sun City

Sun City

The biggest gay sauna in Paris

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The biggest gay sauna in Paris: pool, sauna, showers, steam room, cabins, gym, bar and jacuzzi.



Sun City
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Aramin Mecianic
20:18 08 May 23
Decoration is like an Indian or Thai restaurant !Super old and dirty shower rooms.Dirty plastic rugs on the floor and no slippers are provided only because you have to pay more five euros to buy it !Dirty darkrooms .Seems it’s all about money and no one cares about people’s health …Not recommended at all .
Many Sin
19:08 04 May 23
Went on a Tuesday last week and was charged full entrance fee even the steam room was not available to use (under renovation). And then went one more time during the weekend and it was still not usable and I was charged full fee again.Hope the team of the place take this into consideration the next time things are under renovations. At least offer a discounted price.
Ben Warne
14:42 13 Apr 23
The idea of this venue is much more exciting than the reality. The reality being a dark, dirty and unsanitary excuse for a Sauna. I visited this venue on Sunday and had Gastroenteritis by Tuesday.When entering the steam room area on the main floor, you pass through heavy clear plastic panels reminiscent of those in a meat factory, and enter into a dark shower room. When entering the room the smell of feces was unbelievable and inescapable, it was clear that someone has emptied their bowels all over the room and it wasn't being cleaned up, the smell was present the whole night but it's was too dark to actually see ANYTHING or know whether you were standing in it or touching it.The addition of a full pool is great, but unfortunately it's cold, the jacuzzi to the left is pretty warm, but the one on the far right was cold for the entire night.Upstairs you'll find a labyrinth of rooms, some lockable, some not. Each pitch black so if you intend on actually seeing who you're taking in and enjoying some physical attraction, don't count on it. There are one or two that are better lit but not all. There's nowhere to hang your towel and no sanitation stations to clean up after either so don't be surprised that you're rolling around in someone else's mess if you go in. If that's your thing, great, but if you'd rather have some sanitation control, there are better bathhouses in Europe. Heck, Paris.You'll find the sauna up here too amongst the labyrinth of rooms which are split in two by an odd landing area and TV showing films from the 90s and seemed to have guys passed out, probably using it as a cheap sleeping space seeing as they were fully clothed and likely homeless. One you find the elusive Sauna, it is a perfect way to actually get some R&R and observe the passers by, who seek to circle around like bees in a hive. Although note that when we visited, part of the upper corner bench was broken and had a makeshift MDF covering as a seating solution covering the heating unit.Unfortunately it's apparent from start to finish that there's zero care for sanitation in this bathhouse at all. It's dirty, dark and uncontrolled. They say that it's the people you meet here that truly make the impact, and sure if that's the case, we met an incredible couple and if we based the review on that alone it would be 10/10, but thanks to the company that housed us for those few hours I'm reviewing the bathhouse itself.The entire building needs to be cleaned. The paint peeling from the ceiling in the feceis ridden shower room, the wooden door hanging off its hinges like an old shed door marking an excuse for a seated toilet. It's all beyond unacceptable. I've visited my fair share of bathhouses in Europe and this is the worst, it's miles away from the fun experience you expect, it's not a relaxed sauna and steam with the occasional flash and fun, it's dark, it's unsanitary and unless more people speak out, it will carry on without any adjustments. This place needs to be cleaned, regularly, and the staff need to give a damn about the building. I didn't see one person cleaning the building at any stage of my time there.
Jonny C
21:02 05 Apr 23
Staff are friendly but the locals (Parisian clientele) seem incapable of being friendly even to each other. I like France but Parisians frankly need to get over themselves. They have earned their reputation for being mean spirited and evidently it suits them well. Nice place but seriously drop the attitude guys….
Tú Nguyễn Anh
11:19 01 Feb 23
Tuesday night still full of young boy and man. But the reception wasnt so welcoming, i have to insist on paying 9eu for my friend even we showed him our ID.
rakim 3
00:12 09 Jan 23
The decoration of this sauna is impressive (it includes a beautiful Hammam, steam room and two large jacuzzis) and has oriental feeling in it .I went there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it was full of guys but almost all of them were walking around or lying on the sofa doing nothing, just looking around.If you are up for a wonderful and relaxing night in the jakuzzi and Hammam then you will not get disappointed.If you are looking for fun you can still find something but generally guys seem to go around circles finding no one.The dark room is very small and dirty and you barely see who is touching you.Receptionists are very friendly and speak English.Make sure you bring your slippers as they are not provided.I would say that it might not be a big sauna but other saunas like Mágnum in Budapest and Alexander in Athens are better and have more interesting audience.
America Represent
07:15 03 Jan 23
Crazy expensive (23 Euro). Louvre Sauna is better and at a fair price.
Joseph Cavalieri
17:52 18 Nov 22
Visited 8pm on a Saturday night in November 2022. Nice management who spoke English, clean enough and VERY busy with guys (some very young and muscular) walking very fast around the floors, but sadly it looked like most people were not hooking up. Only a few guys in the pool. The dark areas were extremely dark, so it depends on your comfort level if you want to visit there. I got a very good BJ near the dark room entrance, and I wanted more later that night but because the place is so large I could not find the guy again. If u like more intimate and very clean with a nice sauna “le Riad”. And you can workout in the large gym with just a towel on.: )
Viet Bui
00:12 08 Oct 22
The crowd were very hot…many athletic bodies. But the entire place was disgusting. Smelly. Filthy.
Shyamb F.
13:35 11 Sep 22
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01:27 11 Sep 22
Went twice while in Paris (during the week). Both nights were busy with a great variety of men.
Eric Cleveland
21:38 09 Aug 22
They post 2am for their hours but kick everyone out at 1am. Then lie and say the hours are never 2am even though it’s listed on google and on their front door.
22:28 05 Jul 22
Dirty not save stay far from this place other places near Opera more better.... mafia there be careful
Franco Moreno
09:01 31 May 22
Very good place in the center of Paris. The facilities are really nice. They are cleaning constantly the whole place.There’s a big pool and 2 jacuzzi’s. There’s a lot going specially on the weekends. (Friday & Saturday after 8pm). Sunday’s afternoon!
Jorge Zanbrano
08:48 21 May 22
I didn't like the place and wouldn't come back.The guy at the front desk was kind .But there wasanother member of the staff that was super rude.They use codes to lock your locker,and you create your own code .Since I didn't understand the system cause my locker was still unlocked ,I asked this staff member to explain how it works.He treated me in a very unkind way and made me feel that it was my fault the locker didn't lock.I just ask for some help to understand how the code procedure works.He made my first experience in this sauna very unpleasant.
Alex Amsterdam
20:57 24 Dec 21
Nice Sauna Always Fun 🏳️‍🌈 naughty and nice 🔥people. Cheers 🍆🌈 Romeo: Queen-Alex.,✌🏽 Amsterdam 💞
sam ebrahmy
12:41 23 Oct 21
NoBad one
Chris McKoy
17:48 28 Sep 21
Sad, dark place without any life in early hours. Reception is rather unpleasant and don't speak or dont want to speak English.
Carlos Oliveira
07:28 01 Sep 21
Nice place, clean, large area, but clientele mostly stuck up young that seems like, can't care less for anyone over 40 unless gorgeous. Decor is like being in India. Wouldn't recommend to anyone wanting to meeting someone but for a quick if ever happens. I've been on other places with younger crowd but, never ignored that much before ever. I give this place three stars because they can not be liable for their patrons attitude.
John Blue
20:56 15 Aug 21
Hang up the phone very unprofessional
Korben Dallas
18:50 21 Aug 20
Horrible! A total rip-off! 22 euros for no jacuzzi, no free drinks, masks 1 euro and towels 3 euros! They invented the most unlogical mask system: you need to wear the mask everywhere, except in the swimming pool, then you need to put it in a dirty plastic bag, which results in touching your mask more than ever and drenching your mask in bacteria’s. The rules are NOT clearly explained at the entrance and the management is not friendly ( as usual, they’re French). Of course they will tell you all of this after you have paid! Hardly any people ( it’s no surprise) . I hope this place closes soon and never reopens ever again. Nightmare!
Kevin Nicholas Gavit
07:16 15 Aug 20
I really enjoyed my experience here.
18:37 28 Jul 20
Really beautiful place with a lot of space and different saunas. Temperature check at the entrance and they ask for a PHYSICAL ID, a scan of your passport on your phone won't do it. Unlimited towels and free soft. Check it out on Tuesdays it's half the price (7€ instead of 14€). A staple in gay saunas of Paris
quan carlos
00:09 27 Jul 20
was there 3 times in a row friday saturday and sunday always after midnightonly saturday was good the rest was horrible not much visiters!!at sunday i even got kiked out at 1:30 they said they close on 2 so i should leave now... very unfriendly.... and in the internet it said they are open until 6....
Frank Tall
11:46 05 Aug 19
I think it's one of the most beautiful saunas in Europe.And very large and you can find everything.Customers are a little cold and are always looking for something.Swimming pools, gym and cabins are beautiful.Nice sauna.
matthew rodgers
13:01 01 Aug 19
Loved it. Probably only racists don't like it but i actually really enjoyed the facility and it's patrons. 3 floors of fun and so big. My only small critique is that i wish it were darker overall so that i could see less. A huge plus is the gym and also love the Indian decor. A truly unique sauna in the world for sure.
Marc R.
17:11 05 Feb 19
These people are quite dishonest. Went a couple of times during the week, and while they claim it closes at 2 AM, they have people leaving at about 1:15...

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