Superstar Boudoir

Superstar Boudoir

Gay Liverpool's gayest bar!

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Gay Venue open late for gay, straight, normal and not so normal. Don't be shy give us a try


Monday: Start the week as you mean to go on with Tiara Fletcher bringing you all your old guilty pleasures and one or two cabaret numbers.

Tuesday: Time for GLAMAZON as Shania pain brings you a night of pop, chart, indie, rnb, witty banter and prize giveaways... as well as the odd on stage performance.

Wednesday: Brenda LaBeau takes the reins with some chart, cheese and the odd song from your favourite musicals.

Thursday: Iiiit's THURSGAY... Cute twinks 'n' cheap drinks as we do Liverpools oldest LGBT student night, loads of cheap drinks and fun as Angelica Watson has all the party tunes.

Friday: THE FRIDAY NIGHT PROJECT... with Brenda LaBeau. Always a fun and busy night of all your feel good tunes, a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday: BOUDOIR'S BIG GAY SATURDAY. Officially the gayest party in the city. All are drags here and many regulars dressed up too. Serving you 8 hours of feel good music and camptastic fun on a night that's always packed with all the beautiful people the LGBT community have to offer.

Sunday: Silk Tray. Expect a camp end to the week with all your classics!

£1 Sambuca, £5 Fishbowls every night.
Extra offers available on some of the days.

Gay Liverpool's gayest bar!!!



Superstar Boudoir
Based on 191 reviews
12:07 25 Jun 24
Good spotVisited first time good music and atmosphere is great
Morwenna Khor
01:23 23 Jun 24
The bouncer showed prejudice towards my friend who was brown (Indian Asian) tonight. This occurred twice when we tried to gain entry. The bouncer gave no reason and was aggressive. I would not suggest to anyone to attend this venue if they’re looking for a place to enjoy themselves and feel safe. Rather try the Lisbon or OMG.
James Green
01:10 30 Jan 24
Don't bother. Drinks are expensive and if you go for a smoke your drink will be removed.Seriously, in this climate owners need to show some restraint.
Richard Carrington
11:16 26 Nov 23
Drag DJ ok Bar staff polite friendly and professional. Wasn't as good as Masquerade bar but far better than the Lisbon. Some of the music was good. Probably visit again.
Dillon Lewis Jones
21:52 07 Nov 23
The place allows predators to touch people up and get away with it, keeping them in the club whilst kicking retaliators out.
Dillon Jones
21:49 07 Nov 23
Horrible bouncers, after retaliating after being groped was thrown out whilst said groper was allowed to stay in.
bev davies
08:01 02 Sep 23
Not been for years and was man handled by door staff because bar staff lied won’t be going again
13:12 14 Aug 23
This place does lack atmosphere and the vibe is off when you enter. It’s practically dead in the evenings in the week. It’s probably because they have the worst drinks. Why do UK gay bars have the worst drinks. Warm glasses, lime cordial instead of fresh limes and serve up VK’s like we are 16. Maybe some some nice cocktails of the week as the whole place feels tired. Straight bars wouldn't even serve up a warm drink with no ice.
xoxo xoxo
22:24 18 Jul 23
Awful place with horrible security. Myself and multiple other people called out the security for being in the girls bathrooms, asking if it was allowed. Myself (the only black person), was kicked out. Unprovoked, while i was already outside, the bouncer called me a fat c*nt (bare in mind he was probably x5 the size of me). While I started crying and having a panic attack, he laughed in my face and acted like a child, sticking his tongue out at me etc. Avoid if you don’t want to be body shamed and have your night ruined by horrible horrible people.
3BoOoD_ KA
05:28 25 Feb 23
They accused me of selling drugs, and why I have two cell phones. And prepare the police and they ended up being racist because I'm from Dubai 😂 im bigger than selling drugs bit** i will buy ur club if i want
Girolamo Ventrice
01:12 07 Feb 23
My favourite bar in Liverpool. friendly staff and good selection of drinks. It’s also feels very safe and welcoming being.
RJ Reyes
23:05 26 Nov 22
I was an Asian tourist and I got beat up by another customer on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, which I suppose is a regular there because I saw him talk to the drag queen working that night, Shania Pain. The dude who beat me up purposely elbowed me and immediately apologized and said he was just dancing. I absolutely know the feeling of getting elbowed accidentally while people are dancing in a club, so I said it’s okay but I just don’t want to talk. But he kept going for minutes to provoke me. He went over to the drag queen to tell her and it was so obvious because she was looking at me weird. I went outside to smoke a cigarette with my friend and the guy also went out to “say goodbye” in a passive-aggressive way. He then wrapped his arm around my neck and proceeded to punch me on the right side of my head three times. The bouncers didn’t do anything even when they saw it. The guests, obviously all white (in case you don’t know that diversity almost never exists in gay bars in Liverpool), also didn’t do anything. We called the police and they also didn’t do anything. I tried calling the bar several times while I was in Liverpool and no response, so here I am writing a Google review. This guy caused trauma and permanent optic nerve damage so I will wait for management to do something about that - talk to the drag queen about it and she will know exactly who it was. Please contact me ASAP as I am pressing charges.
White Bunny
14:39 20 Nov 22
Superstar Boudoir, Sunday 20 November MORNING 02:00AM mixed race bouncer brown mixed race male tall was witnessing people snif in the toilet he laughed said hi and walked away failed to take any actions. I did not feel safe in this environment. The bouncer clearly was enabling drugs. He witnessed it and enabled it failed to take any actions. Reported to SIA Security Industry Authority and police reference BCA-83989-22-0505-01. Not tolerable. Not acceptable.
Layla Jones
15:53 29 Oct 22
Beware the bouncers are over eager to instigate violence. Not a safe place, do not recommend.
Lucy Vampire
05:13 13 Oct 22
I would rate this a zero if I could had an horrific experience here and will not be coming back I was dancing with my friend and while I was dancing and trying to have fun a get approached by a woman being verbally aggressive to me and shouting in my face so I leave this woman then tried to attack me and my friend for absolutely no reason which resulted in us calling the police for our own safety just to turn out that this woman was a manger at this bar by the name Kerry, where the bouncers had to stop her from attacking me and my friend, I SAY STAY AWAY FROM HERE AND DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, and for your own safety as this woman was cleary out of her mind on drugs and in the work place aswell and out of All the bars I would have expected to feel safe here I just every one Encourage STAY AWAY
Pablo Monroy
03:03 17 Sep 22
literally, american perspective, absolute poop emoji… white shirt bartender, although cute, when i asked for a tequila shot, rather than saying “we don’t have limes” would walk away and not come back… seriously terrible. have some respect for customers. AND when you’re tipping the DJ because you’re having a good time for “High School Musical” would rather make fun of you rather than taking a £10 tip.. idk maybe i don’t get the schtick.. is making people who aren’t white guys with a abs feel bad about themselves the “cool” thing here… literally stay away… on a friday night was empty anyway, after one drink people left and had a much better time literally anywhere else.. i did when i left.
Judge Dredd
09:57 21 Aug 22
It was amazing and I've got to say the ambience and beautiful people really makes one feel like a superstar 😘.Only slight criticism would be the bar staff were very slow and half-hearted in serving clientele promptly.Also the drag queen dj that night complained about me wearing my varifocal sunglasses - but how else is an old gezer like me supposed to feel like a superstar 😁 and see the night through 😎
Rhys Cannell
19:02 07 Aug 22
Always a good night at the Boudoir 👌
Karen Corrigan
02:05 20 Jun 22
We have been coming to super for, easy 20 years, and this evening my wife got accused by the bouncers for 'slashing' someone, all because she give a homeless person a bit of change, this to me is absolutely disgusting, my wife got left outside, with no phone, they wouldn't let her even come in to tell me what they'd said. This person they accused has been coming to super for 20years. And never in her life has done anything illegal. She is the most Liberal person, like ever. We will be going further with this. Absolutely vile.
Daniel Wilde
02:16 15 Jun 22
The new bloke who's worked in the club behind the bar since February is so picky I mean just because I.m not buying a drink + talking to the Women being nice there's really no need for him to be so picky like he owes the place
Nienke van den Hoek
13:07 15 May 22
Great music, cheap drinks, good welcoming vibes, funny drag queens.
Astrid Noon
17:23 08 May 22
Great night, great staff.
doofus mcwoofus
20:34 15 Feb 22
rude dj
Pavol Weiss
12:02 29 Jan 22
Music 8/10Value for money 10/10Friendly 10/10Type: perfect for dancingService: friendly 10/10
Rhys Cannell
20:35 07 Oct 21
Always a good night at the Boudoir 👌
sinead devaney
01:40 10 Sep 21
Bouncers came in at 2:15am telling us to leave no last orders and bouncers like they would kill you and walked past is 2 35 am when it was meant to be open till 4am.
Anakin NIP
02:36 01 Jul 21
Fun place 🙂
Joey Andres
23:26 30 Jun 21
I was rejected initially I was in shorts. I caame back with my jeans and said they won't let me in because I was alone, and maybe because I am Asian.
Daniel D. Reimer
16:36 16 Aug 20
Colourful gay bar with friendly staff and lots of booze deals and packages on offer.
Adam B.
15:29 27 Jun 15
If you are part of the LGBT community, or just want a great night then this is the place for you. Who doesn't love a Drag Queen DJ, playing all your...
Dave L.
08:43 30 Jun 10
The 6ft drag queens (7ft in heels) herded round the door give away both the location of this place and the fact that it's a gay club. You tend not get them...
Emma Louise M.
04:58 05 Jun 10
Yep, the name is indeed a dead giveaway here. Superstar Boudoir is unashamed in its reverence towards celebs, and weirdly enough you will see them hanging...

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