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Sweatbox Soho

London's busiest and sexiest gay gym and sauna in the heart of Soho

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Picture this: You're strolling through London's buzzing Soho, and bam, there's this fab spot that's got it all – a sauna, gym, and a vibe that's just... well, awesome. Sweatbox Soho is this 24/7 open LGBTQ+-friendly place where everyone's welcome, and the energy is always high.

First up, the crowd. It's like a melting pot – gym buffs, local Soho bar-goers, and yeah, sometimes even celebs. The mix is what makes the place cool and super friendly. And let's talk clean – they've got this high-tech stuff keeping everything super hygienic, so you can chill without worry.

They've got a gym that's no joke. We're talking latest gear, personal trainers – the works. It's always buzzing and let's be real, people aren’t just there to lift weights, if you get what I mean.

Their themed nights are the real deal. 'Hard Up' Mondays? Free entry if you're under 25 – talk about drawing a fun crowd. Plus, they look out for the community, like giving NHS heroes some love with free access. Now, the foam parties – legendary! They're not just for special occasions; they're a regular thing here.

And when you want to just kick back, there’s this chill room where you can grab a coffee, chat, or just hang out. It's laid-back and a great spot to just be yourself.

So yeah, Sweatbox Soho isn’t just another gay sauna. It’s like this cool, inclusive spot in London's gay scene where you can work out, chill, and meet some great people. Definitely worth checking out if you're around Soho.



Sweatbox Soho
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Soren Ramsing
12:45 29 May 24
Just don’t understand why the locker system is so complicated, the lack of toilet seats and towel made from weird plastic fibres that leave you wet when you leave. I’m sure it’s to stop people doing drugs however it makes for a less than pleasant experience. At least there are some cute boys.
Frankie d'Estaing
08:09 26 May 24
This was the worst gay sauna I've ever been in! It's a complete scam because the appearance on the internet has nothing to do with the reality.It's poorly organized and badly managed. The personal is awful. The structure and the system of the place are confusing and not well thought of.95% of the visitors are walking around barefoot everywhere, which is disgusting.The hygiene is mediocre.The hole atmosphere is very strange and not relaxing at all.The dark rooms are way too cold for a bathhouse. So is the water in the showers. It's constantly changing... If the shower works at all, which is often not the case.Last but not least, the place has no real sauna room! There is labyrinth like steam bath with little place for relaxing. And the small wooden room that should be the sauna is being wormed up not by a stone stove but by couple of heater-lamps on the walls that one has to turn on manually every minute because they go out.And don't even let me start on the small jacuzzi - it looked so dirty that one could probably get more STDs from it then from sleeping with all gays in London.The place is a joke!
Gerardo Javier A.
06:09 20 May 24
The facilities are clean and there's plenty of options - all types for all tastes. The problem lies in the ultra complicated entry system and the military...
Robert Rutonic
00:03 06 May 24
Very pleasantly surprised after reeding all the negative comments. Staff was friendly and helpful. They are working hard to keep the space clean as much as they can and honestly you know what this place is ( you are not visiting the dentist) Busy but not overcrowded, and there is something for everyones taste. Also there is a smoking area too , a huge plus!I would recommend 👌
Brim Zeze
15:45 13 Apr 24
Avoid. Management are too uppity to be at your service. They even let LGBT orientated magazines/Instagram pages do advertising to entice people to visit this sauna, who block you if you put a comment on their post dissuading anyone to visit this place. They seem to be *so* offended by clients expressing dissatisfaction of this place.Also, the place smells terrible and is very unhygienic. It's a breeding ground - mins the pun - for bacteria and parasites.I see they advise you if you weren't happy with your experience to get in touch with them, but guess what? There's no response from them if you do. It seems to be an automated message/reply they put just to feign that they have the interest in dealing with the issue.
Jorge García Rodríguez
06:35 02 Apr 24
This place is quite dirty and smelly. Even the clean towels start smelling the moment they get slightly wet. There isn't any ventilation and water accumulates everywhere, with poorly designed drainage.Easy and cheap changes they could do:- Replace the plastic padlocks with metal ones. If visiting with something valuable bigger than their tiny metal box they provide at check-in, you have to leave it in those totally unsafe cages.- Maintenance: fix not working showers, toilets and dispensers.- Cleaning more often: like seriously, the smell and the mold.- Better towels or at least more free replacements.- Introducing some sauna specialized hypoallergenic aromas.- Flip-flops included.- Things break: be transparent with what works or not at the door and website. And maybe introduce a discount if something is not.- Staff: They're usually dismissive and they don't want to explain things to you. So use your website to explain your weird access system.
Tom H
20:02 25 Mar 24
I have visited this place a few times now and had great action, the crowd is mixed and even Mondays are fun. The staff are friendly but they have too many rules as in the amount of time you can spend in the venue and the no-return to your locker policy. If you are new to this venue you will need to know you will have to wear nothing “but” the skimpy towel provided by them that barely works as a towel. If you are wearing jockstrap under the towel they will ask you to take it off as no underwear is permitted (Bizarre). The cabins are not equipped with any sanitising products like tissue or spays. They have cameras everywhere which is good for security, but I did find myself very uncomfortable with cameras in certain rooms where you can be filmed while having fun. Overall OK 👍
Henry Sant
02:08 16 Mar 24
I have been in different saunas in Europe, South America and Asia. I can guarantee that I have never been to a sauna that smell so terrible! Went with a friend on a Friday night and it was quite empty. But I wasn’t surprised. The way this sauna stinks probably everyone did exactly what I did ( left after 15 mins). I am genuinely surprised that the no one has yet reported this place. Very disappointed.
Savage Hunter
13:10 18 Feb 24
Honest review; so we (group of handsome guys aged 20-30) came here for the first time. We come from Amsterdam and thought lets do a gay sauna. The casher had an attitude, all of the staff had an attitude. They are far from helpful and look down on everyone. Apart from that, the sauna stinks,Invest in air refreshers please cuz it reeks very badly. Also the hygiene is not very well maintained, empty condom packages in almost every cabin. The staff should be less judgy and more productive and friendly, it’s about the experience of the customer so please make it nice. I’ve been to a lot of saunas in Europe, take notes from NZ sauna in Amsterdam. You should pay a visit to know what service means and hygiene. Love and blessings and please take this as a learning moment
Gato Struck
00:21 03 Feb 24
A sauna that doesn't actually have a sauna, bizarre. Major downside.Hygiene was okay, parts smell a bit like wet cave, but aceptable. Weird as hell layout with the steamroom being like a roundabout, with guys just hastily walking in circles, not chill at all. Since area doors are not cushioned every few seconds there's a loud bang. Only hot place is an infrared walk-in closet with three seats, which is giving more rotisserie chicken than anything else. Not a terrible place, but no comparison to saunas in Berlin, Valencia, or Paris.
leo smith
11:38 21 Jan 24
It's usually a fun time with some hot guys. Have to say though, I think they use an excessive amount of harsh chemicals which, in a poorly ventilated space to begin with, feels really unhealthy. Every time I've been I have developed a skin rash on my face and arms and you can really smell the bleach/harsh cleaning products as you walk around, can't be good to inhale such high concentrations of that.
Ben MacLean
07:44 17 Jan 24
I was visiting London and bought a one-week pass for SweatBox. I had a great time. I spent most of my time at the gym but it's always fun knowing you can enjoy all the facilities after your workout. The staff were very friendly. There's nowhere else like it. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in London. Great value for money, even if you just want a place to work out.
Aristotle Go
19:21 06 Jan 24
I've recently started using their gym. It's small but decent. Gave me motivation to go more frequently. Staff are visibly cleaning the areas regularly. Staff are efficient and polite. The guys are pretty varied and random. You get the whole cross section of London with lots of visitors and some locals. Overall, it's a pleasant experience any time of the day or night. The steam area has recently felt very hot for my taste though. I've stopped going there and just lingered elsewhere.
Jo Evans
00:24 04 Jan 24
I am writing to express my deep concern and dissatisfaction with a recent experience at Sweatbox, an establishment I have previously enjoyed for its inclusive atmosphere.During my last visit, both my friend and I were asked by members of the bar staff when handing in the keys for the lockers to remove our towels in the bar area, where other guys were relaxing in the sitting area and jacuzzi. This was explained as a safety measure to ensure that nothing was concealed underneath. This request was not only surprising but also made us feel extremely uncomfortable, especially given the public nature of the request.Adding to our discomfort, we observed staff members talking amongst themselves, whispering about us. Which was both unprofessional and contributed to a negative atmosphere during our visit.In an attempt to understand the situation, we spoke with other customers in the changing area. It was disheartening to learn that they had not been subjected to similar requests, further highlighting the inconsistency in the application of this policy.As customers who have visited Sweatbox in the past, I have never encountered such a policy before. This recent change has prompted me to bring the matter to your attention. Given the impact of this experience, we are contemplating reporting this issue to the local council and our local MP to ensure a thorough review of these policies and to maintain a respectful and consistent approach for all customers.We kindly request that you promptly investigate this matter and take appropriate action. Sweatbox London has been known for providing a welcoming and safe space for the LGBTQ+ community, and we hope it will continue to do so.
Othman Atraimche
04:53 03 Jan 24
First time in London, tried to enjoy our time and try this Sauna. When we first arrived the guy called manager asked us where are we from we said we are from France and he said "you seem Arab not french" this was quite remarkable for me but we kindly replied yes we are originally arabs but french, and his face was like really bizarre i did not understand what was this like-reaction. Whatever, we walked in and we got served first time "unwelcomely".My friend started asking questions like why are they that rude. Second time we asked to be served a drink he was turning his eyes all around like if we are begging for money or idk. Bref, the situation started getting uncomfortable and we asked if we can speak to a manager and he said "I AM THE MANGER HERE !" With an arrogant voice..Here we were like, WOW !! This is really not a place to be. So we changed our clothes and got out of this place. I hope nobody lives this experience !!
01:35 19 Dec 23
All things are completely unerallistic,they make you blow in a thing to see how much alcohol you are drinking. I never never never experienced in my my life.If you go in a Gay sauna is to enjoy yourself not to be juge about what you drink.Because I was over the limit, they didn't let me in.The staff and manager are so so so rude.Avoid this place.
G. S.
21:59 29 Oct 23
It's not worth it. It's too complicated and pointless. There are no lockers, you have to put your cell phone and wallet in a small box and hand them in. The staff sometimes gives the boxes to the wrong people. This is absolutely horror, if I had wanted to I could have taken 2 new cell phones home with me! The sauna is dirty, smelly and the floors of the cabins are thin and unhygienic.
20:04 27 Oct 23
Lots of comments from people about the supposedly rude staff. I've been several times now and I treat the staff with courtesy and respect - they, in turn, do the same. There's a certain type of person (entitled, obnoxious, thoughtless) who believes they can behave any way they like because they've handed over a few quid, and treat people like dirt. In my few trips to Sweatbox I've seen "customers" behave appallingly - condoms strewn everywhere, arguing with staff because they believe the (clearly displayed) rules don't apply to them, and dumping their used towels instead of returning them (as requested). If any staff have indeed been rude, it's probably because they've reached the end of their tethers with these... ahem, "gentlemen". As for the check-in policy - yes, it's not straightforward first-time around, but it's there for a reason. Perhaps if gay men weren't so hellbent on getting off their faces on drugs it wouldn't be needed, but here we are. I appreciate the efforts to keep out the H&H crowd: good riddance. Keep up the good work guys!
Mehmet Tanrıverdi
03:44 27 Oct 23
Caution to fellow patrons:During our check-in at the venue, we encountered a disgruntled staff member who seemed unhappy with his job. If you're unhappy in your role, there are likely others who would excel. It's worth noting that the employee appeared to be of indigenous Latino background and was of shorter stature.Additionally, our experience within the facility was less than satisfactory. The sauna was not well-maintained, and the showers lacked sufficient water pressure, with only a trickle of water flowing. Please consider these factors when choosing this venue for your needs.
Mitch Jon P.
15:17 25 Oct 23
Place is what you make of it. I’ve been 3x while visiting London over the past 18 months.Staff was always nice to me. You can tell some work long hours and probably deal with a lot of difficult clients. Just be nice, follow the rules, and try to have a good time.Guys here in general are seemingly always seeking the next best thing. I’ve had some good times here but other times men have just been very detached and walking around in circles.This isn’t the fault of the venue or of me. It’s just the way it was. You never know what kind of experience you’re going to have at a sex club. So expect the worst and hope for the best.I agree that the temperature of rooms are all over the place - but who’s REALLY here for the sauna? I mean - really? Not many. Dudes are here to get laid.My understanding of the complicated check in process is to make sure drugs aren’t being used in the premises. Fine by me. I don’t need zombies and crackheads to spoil the vibe.This whole space is unconventional. Go in chill, pay - get undressed - get your key - try to get laid. If you are expecting something more than this why even bother.There are few gay saunas left in the world and here we have some drama gays giving one star reviews. Really? When these places are all gone you’ll appreciate them more.4/5
16:03 09 Oct 23
I went there with my boyfriend on the 22nd of July. To say the least NONE of the warm facilities worked - the jacuzzi was luke warm, the sauna was closed for maintenance and the steam/dark room was also freezing. The only room that was okayish was the one with warm chairs. No working facilities in a so called “Sauna”. Very disappointing, would never return there again!
Martin Svensson
09:39 01 Oct 23
We’re a little apprehensive about visiting this sauna after the bad reviews- but found it well worth a visit; tidy, showers&sauna all working, spacious and the staff on their toes to keep the place clean and in order.. and mostly friendly and patient to explain the locker system (ok sometimes they also get stressed). We returned the next day (a Saturday) found it more busy but still of high standards.
Chester Dee
00:43 29 Aug 23
Heed the comments, this place is a waste of money, you have been warned.. lows: dirty and smelly, I had to pinch my nose multiple times. It is pretty small and not very warm. The sauna is tiny, and there is no cleaning station. The staff is the worst though... When me and my friend got there, we asked if the crowd was good and he said it was so busy. When we went inside it was completely dead... then they have signs everywhere and expect you to read them. I did not put my phone in my box, I left it in my locker and when I asked for my key to my locker they told me I could only get it if I was leaving. And I asked them if I could get my phone to put in my box and they told me two bad, if I wanted my phone I had to leave and the guy just walked away. He was being rude to everyone that night, there were multiple guys who are arguing with him. He was a Latino guy wearing a manager shirt, and he was being rude to every single person who is in line. They also yell at you. If you are kissing in the pool and say no sexual contact. They charge £5 just for shower shoes and you cannot return them. They do not accept cash, only card. Anytime you ask questions and you disagree with them. They do not even try to help you, they just think I'm sorry and they walk away and go to the next customer because they don't even want to try. Like I said, you have been warned. It is definitely not a great sign up, I have been too many and this is by far the worst. Take your chances with grindr or just go to a bar and have a drink
Hector Vargas
15:59 22 Aug 23
After reading reviews I was comprehensive to go but I’m glad I went. Hot beautiful men everywhere, they provide lube and condoms; amenities are excellent and people aren’t pushy and are respectful if you want to be alone. Staff is great and helpful specially the manager? Someone cut their foot and he was there to help him with first kit. I was there 2 days in a row and I’m so happy I went. I was very sore but happy I went. Only bad thing towels aren’t really towels but you can always get a second one for 1 euro. Definitely going back there when I’m town.
Dorian H.
17:27 15 Aug 23
I waited in line, one guy ahead of me. Another guy came out of the sauna and could hardly stand. The clearly inebriated man through his key on the...
Matt Dorsey
16:18 14 Aug 23
I wish I liked this place but there are just a few things I really couldn’t get past. Having been to Flex, Babylon, Steamworks, and a sprinkling of others here and there; I can say with certainty I will never be back here.The steam room wasn’t exactly steamy more like a humidifier in a sick room. As soon as you walk in the lighting is the first to catch you off guard. It’s pretty bright in there. Would of preferred a more ambient light to set the mood but it served a 40 watt yellow lightbulb depressed vibe. The mold is the worst part. It reeks of black mold. There are also grates that run down the center of the floor that move around and if you’re not careful your toe could be amputated.The rest of the building was freezing. I went in summer and it was warmer outside than inside. The hot tub is in the middle of a huge room with TVs and people coming and going. Which isn’t exactly terrible just a weird vibe. The water in it was terrible, it was tepid and smelled strongly of chlorine. I smelled like bleach for 2 days after.I think this place would be great in a lot of ways but the whole layout is off. It has a bad aura. The only saving grace is that the staff were incredibly friendly, warm, and inviting.
Gustavo Albarracín
14:44 07 Aug 23
I was there at the weekend and I had a great time. All you can read in the reviews is unfortunately true, most of the staff are friendly, the place could be cleaner and some of their rules are off-putting, like no alcohol and having to leave your mobile phone at the reception... but I have to admit that the place is fun. They receive many visitors so if you are looking for 1-1 action you are sure to get it. No group fun going on but it was Ok. I would definitely go again. I actually did, I was there Saturday and Sunday for 25Pounds 👍🏼
Andy J
23:06 24 Jul 23
This place was enjoyable but nothing out of the extraordinary… service was pretty bad… took forever to get in and there was no more clean towel when I was my turn. Inside it was super crowded (too much to my liking)… Nevertheless, all in all, it did the job! I’ll try another venue upon my return to London, but wouldn’t mind to visit this sauna again if it was the easiest option….
Tom Wiecielkowski
17:50 16 Jul 23
I was frightened by all the negative comments and for a long time did not dare to go and try it myself. Very pleasantly surprised. Definitely my favourite sauna in london now. Very nice staff, quite good towels. A slippery sauna floor is natural and, in some rooms, unavoidable. The staff fights selflessly with this, but in principle it cannot be eliminated with such a occupancy.
Curtis Cox
10:05 09 Jul 23
I went at 10pm on a Saturday. I had a fantastic time. The manager, Simon, was friendly and helpful. The place was packed and I would estimate the average age of the crowd was 30. The facility I large and well laid out. I have been to many saunas around the world and SweatBox Soho is easily in the top 3 sauna experiences I’ve ever had. I hope to return soon.
Hector Vargas
18:15 03 Jul 23
After reading reviews I was comprehensive to go but I’m glad I went. Hot beautiful men everywhere, they provide lube and condoms; amenities and on point and people aren’t pushy and respectful. Staff is great and helpful specially the manager? Someone cut their foot and he was there to help him with first kit. I was there 2 days in a row and I’m so happy I went. I was a sore but happy I went. Only bad thing towels aren’t really towels but you can always get a second one for 1 euro. Definitely going back there when I’m town.
Tomas Dubinsky
12:48 19 Jun 23
this is what a gay sauna should look like! exactly like this! excellent atmosphere, clean and constantly cleaned and disinfected premises, quality steam cabin with a labyrinth, perfect showers with a great idea of mirrors, possibility to rent private cabins, sufficient number of cabins for free, spaces in the basement suggest exactly what one expects, necessary little things available everywhere - the rest is just a matter of what a person wants and what they feel like and in the mood for.Just a few comments - there is no (or I could not find) a sauna; I would simplify the entry procedure, it is confusing for a new visitor - even if there is a monitor above the reception with a video of the sides of the procedure, one can overlook it and not know what is happening - for example, a simple picture at eye level at the reception.I would recommend mandatory TFN 😉
Hugo Sugg
09:44 18 Jun 23
Posted 17th June 2023Absolutely appalled at the customer service now. They have changed their policy now so that you only get one free towel - ever. They now charge an extra £1 to get a towel to dry with.When I complained to the member of staff, he pointed to a sign in a rude manner and said that “I don’t have a reason to complain” and that it’s a “generous entrance fee with no other sauna offering come back within 24 hours”.I have come here to use the spa for 5 years and never had a bad experience like this. Regardless of if someone is new or a returner, this customer service isn’t ok.Businesses claim they have it tough at the moment, but then happily treat their customers like this.I was going to come back tomorrow but out of sheer principle, I won’t. Congratulations SweatBox, you just lost a loyal customer.
Стив Ржобс
19:18 14 Jun 23
Oh god, was there on Saturday. I used swing, and many guys came to pound my hole raw. One after another!That was great experience! And left full of them white gifts in me.Fully satisfied, and will come back again!
chubb bie
09:31 14 Jun 23
I was apprehensive about this place coz I thought they'd be gym equipment everywhere and as a plus size person gyms are always intimidating. Talking about plus size I thought this place would be discriminatory but the staff was friendly and nice and that already made me feel good. The check In system and lockers is confusing but the guy who helped me was kind and patient I wish I got his name.They have a sign which says Every body is beautiful Every body is welcome. I loved that.Just to add I'm a black fem chubby gay man and I had a lot of things running in my head before going here but the place and staff was diverse so it felt comfortable.I went on a Tuesday night not so busy,
02:13 02 Jun 23
Locker checkin and rules are insane and complicated. Never have I seen a bathhouse with such a convoluted system. Get a bin put something personal in it to earn a key to a locker that you then trade back for a wristband to enter the secure area and you can never access your locker again. Good grief. The sauna is big and nice, but one is broken and their event was cancelled with no notice. Good price. Lots of guys. Their towels are awful, it’s more of a wrap. Not very effective at drying.
11:25 30 May 23
I went there recently, gym was a very nice experience but despite paying 20 GBP I was forced not to use sauna. Why? Because the staff would insist on leaving your mobile phone and wallet in the box (under their guard) WHICH IS NOT EVEN CLOSED! When I told them that I will not leave my valuables in this conditions since I see them as not secure enough, they were still insisting that I leave my ID! I managed to finally leave only the keys to the locker in which I have left my valuables in advance (what you are not allowed to do so since in the view of the staff you will be getting mobile, wallet and other stuff from your locker to sauna with you and do some unpleasant things known only to the staff - INSANE!). I managed to leave the keys only cause I told them I want to take a quick shower and leave the premises which I did after 10 minutes after entering sauna.Additionally the plastic padlocks used with lockers (it is easy to break them) made me feeling similarly not secure about my valuables left there.I wrote the complaint to them and spoke with staff directly.They see no problem in keeping their customers' valuables in such conditions especially taking into account that as per their own House rules they bear no responsibility whatsoever for the things left with them! So in case your wallet disappears (despite all those CCTVs around) be mad only with yourselves...The only toilet available before going to sauna stinks horribly.Go there on your own risk.
Ethan H.
04:10 26 May 23
When I walked in the receptionist asked if I had been drinking, and I said I had a beer. Literally one beer before going there. He told me to walk up the...
13:48 26 Feb 23
I have had my good share of gay saunas so far. I have been to Berlin, Madrid, São Paulo and others.I couldn’t be more frustrated with the level of hygiene of this place. Slippers were not included, they give you only one tiny towel (you gotta pay 2pounds for a new one), the changing room is super small and tight. As I walked around looking for a bathroom I could smell a disgusting and strong smell of piss, the bathroom itself felt like entering a chemical bathroom at a nasty festival. Near the showers there was no hangers for the towel, the lighting inside the Turkish bath seemed “wrong” with no variations of dark and bright (it was all just bright).Definitely not the level I would expected of a gay sauna in London. The staff was gentle, the jacuzzi was good too, the public seemed mixed, but I couldn’t get over the smell of piss and just left. Please guys get that stinky place better cleaned and get customers some slippers included in the price, get some hangers near the showers and regulate the lighting. The management of this sauna has clearly fell in a comfort zone. Just because the location is good and there are many tourists coming to the city all the time doesn’t mean you can have them walking around a Turkish bath of “steaming piss”, with a cheap towel and no slippers.
13:31 24 Feb 23
Thursday evening 18:30 was amazingly busy. It was cleaner than my local gym, although with so many guys roaming around it would be impossible to keep everything perfectly clean. They seem to have struggled to find good craftsmen for some of the equipment - a water fountain was installed at a 30 degree angle, one of the boxes housing shower controls and shower gel was loose - but overall things were working well. The lockers are large enough for a regular city backpack, and they will store larger bags free of charge. Overall the place is not posh but in a good condition and just enough grittiness to make it sexy! 😜
I B.
11:28 14 Feb 23
I was there at the end og January. The place is very dirty.None was cleaning the resting rooms.I tried to use the gents and the toilets were blocked and...
Ashley Curran
18:47 31 Jan 23
Went this morning for the first time since the redevelopment, as soon as I got there I got welcomed, sadly at the time I went it was empty however I was informed of this before I paid and I was fine with that as I wanted to see what the new facilities were like. The changing area is pretty nice leading to the bar area and the jacuzzi (sadly again not in service when I went) I had a nice relax in the tepid room and was nice to just lay there in the heat and think about nothing. Please don't listen to negative reviews about the venue and staff, cleanliness was definitely a thing they were looking at as someone was going around cleaning, a few areas looked a little worse for ware but nothing bad.
Nick Cheney
06:55 15 Jan 23
This was my first experience of a sauna in London. I had a fun time for my first visit, even at 10am on a weekday. The venue is easy to find, right in the centre of Soho, an easy walk from Oxford Circus tube station and is open 24/7.My first impressions were great. I was greeted by a friendly staff member who explained how the locker system worked and ushered me inside. The system in place to protect your valuables is very good. While you are given a locker for your clothes, your valuables are kept secure in an individual lock box, accessible only with your wristband by venue staff.However, whenever I enquired about how to use some of the facilities with the staff, I was given the look like I was an alien from space which was quite intimidating. A couple of them didn't even comprehend what I was saying, which I thought was odd, given that I speak fluent English and we’re in an English speaking country.The steam room is great if you like hot steam...and the maze makes the space fun and interesting, rather than just sitting around staring at one another. However, of particular concern is the growth of thick black mould covering most of the ceiling of the adjacent shower area.The spa is quite large, very clean but not very hot, though it was located in the main reception area so is quite exposed to staff and the rest of the reception area, so not particularly inviting and you certainly couldn’t get up to any mischief there. Upon my initial visit, the spa was closed for cleaning. Why it takes 6 hours to clean a spa is beyond me but nonetheless it was operational again upon my return visit. However, I was only in the spa for 5 minutes when I was asked to leave as staff told me the spa was too hot. Aren’t spas supposed to be hot? It was one of things I really enjoyed about this facility upon my return visit so was rather disappointed when asked to leave for them to top it up with cold water.The infrared sauna was interesting, not the usual hot dry sauna you'd find in most other venues. Not quite sure it works for this type of venue however as it was tiny, so you could only squeeze a few people inside.The hot water supply is very inconsistent but I didn't mind a cold shower after a hot steam but others may find this unsatisfactory.The cruising area is small but functional with a dark area, a sling and plenty of cubicles. However, what I thought was strange is that the supplies are only available at the end of the corridor, not actually in each cubicle. Some paper towel would have been welcomed to wipe down the surface.Upon my departure, I requested to view the gym but I was told a flat no, advised I could only enter if wearing shorts and trainers. I told the staff I didn't want to use the gym and that if I'm going to spend £500 on a membership there, I want to see what the gym is like. The staff flatly refused and even argued the point with me. Eventually, after several attempts speaking to 4 different staff members, I finally got my point through and was able to view the space. The gym is small but clean and well equipped.There is a foul odour in the cruising area, particularly in the stairwell, though this is pretty typical of most venues of this nature. If I may make a suggestion? Many other venues I've visited use a eucalyptus oil spray which gave the whole sauna area a lovely fresh scent throughout. The smell of chlorine isn't particularly welcoming, though I appreciate why such chemicals are used.The cost for 24 hours is £20 which I thought was reasonable given I was able to return for free within that period.Overall, I had a pretty good time given it was my first experience of this type of venue in London but I would like to visit alternative venues before I pass final judgement on this one.
Oliver Lowe
01:40 05 Nov 22
Positives:* There's a large jacuzzi pool.* There are lots of naked guys around.* There are a few different areas to explore.* The location is convenient.Negatives:* The staff have attitude. It felt like they didn't give good customer service, and some of them verge on rude - those members of staff treat customers as if they're an inconvenience, and with suspicion.* I told them I was feeling weak and I asked if I could have permission to take a cereal bar from my bag to eat. (The normal policy is no access to your bag, which I understand in case people do drugs). I even agreed for them to accompany me to my bag, so they could double check. But the manager then stood in and refused, helpfully suggesting I leave the sauna so I could eat it, but not being allowed to return within 2 hours. Come on guys, have some decency, and apply the rules in a sensical way.* The floors were getting too wet and the shampoo dispensers were empty.* Some things need repairing, such as a door and the showers that aren't working.
Laurence Behrens
15:21 25 Oct 22
Best gay Sauna in London. Clean and facilities are good. Nice size and usually busy. I find it’s busiest over week ends and on a Monday evening. Refer to their website for daily specials/events. The staff are always super friendly and helpful.
14:11 07 Oct 22
Bring your own slippers!The sauna is nice, clean with a good diversity of guys. I didn’t stay for the ‘rush hour’ (around 8pm) so i cannot tell if it stays that way or not. It was really busy at least 80 people were there Thursday at 6pm and when i left people were waiting on the street to enter. Most people I talked to told me Mondays an Thursday are the best so i would recommend going at that time.
Zionna D.
14:28 13 Sep 22
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Will Richardson
12:05 31 Jul 22
I know a lot of money has been spent on the new layout but the one thing I really miss from the old place is the cinema room. It was always popular in there and was one of the few places to sit. Not everyone goes in there to be in the action - some people are more observers and want a more chilled experience. I just wish they’d put the movie room back.
Aaron M
22:32 25 Jul 22
What a great sauna. In the heart of London, with a fantastic helpful team. The sweatBox will make you sweat for sure. I visited 2 times ( a Sunday and Monday ) both days the place was pretty busy with crowds of all ages.Sauna very clean, the staff is often in the play zone to clean up so respect for that.Keep the hard work up.
Austin Figueroa
20:06 13 Jul 22
Went here twice while I was visiting (the 24 hour pass was a blessing). First was around 12 at night and it was pretty dead. Given it was a Tuesday, makes sense. But Wednesday…two words: foam party.Definitely the hottest bathhouse I’ve ever been to, and it was definitely a party. Absolutely need to visit again. Staff was friendly, great mix of people, and just a hot time. The name Sweatbox DEFINITELY fits. Keep up the good work, and hope to be back again soon.
Nic G
01:35 03 Jul 22
I have been at sweatbox tonight for the first time. I have had a nice evening.At the moment of the check out. I wanted to buy some soft drink very refreshing before my journey home and a member of the staff, the blond guy with long hair, became very rude. I was very polite and gentle asking him "which soft drink is the coldest one?". He replied in a rude way, with attitude, underlined he has no time to check the temperature of the drinks: "PICK ONE, YOU GET WHAT YOU GET". I do not like this kind of interaction. I was leaving anyway, and I asked him to check me out. I was waiting for my second clean towel before leaving, and aggressively he said  "Darling, you have to leave now". I explain again "I am asking for a second towel cause I was still wet. He behaved like he owned the place. He came upstairs to check if I was leaving etc... I found the overall experience very unpleasant. I was totally sober. I do not like this type of behaviours, in place like saunas where staff members are very friendly and polite.I am sorry for your business, but staff members should be more polite. At least the one in contact with customers.
Ben Smith
06:20 30 Jun 22
First time visitor here on Wednesday and I was impressed. Professional upon entry and walked me through the steps. Pretty diverse crowd, always a bonus. Foam room was fun and staff at the bar were friendly and polite, even to a northerner!1 minor criticism was the lack of cleaning in the small rooms, this has been mentioned in a previous review. We were willing to clean the room after we had finished but there were no paper towels. However, it’s one negative in a glowing review. Jacuzzi was good too. Having visited Pleasuredrome for the first time a couple of months back, Sweatbox definitely has the edge for me.
Kim Haf
15:50 17 Jun 22
Glad I didn't trust all the bad reviews about this place. It was beyond a pleasant experience, especially on the night I was there.Great facilities, friendly staffHighly recommended.Dont miss it if you have a chance
Leon de Leeuw
07:28 14 Jun 22
Not sure why there's so many bad reviews, but I had a great time here. Staff are very friendly and courteous, even to clients whom were very rude or outright hostile to them, I saw them treat situations very professionally. Staff were remarkably kind in explaining my way around. Sauna and steam room are fine, so is the jacuzzi. You can have a nice time here and meet guys from all over the world. Also I saw cleaning of the place and it was very thorough, with a crew of three guys scrubbing every corner of the whole place.
Leon de Leeuw
09:33 12 Jun 22
Not sure why there's so many bad reviews, but I had a great time here. Staff are very friendly and courteous, even to clients whom were very rude or outright hostile to them, I saw them treat situations very professionally. Staff were remarkably kind in explaining my way around. Sauna and steam room are fine, so is the jacuzzi. You can have a nice time here and meet guys from all over the world.
Peter Hunter7919
21:55 05 Jun 22
Do not enter these damned animals for any reason! Today I was really attacked and almost punched by an employee for the simple fact that the downstairs shower they were washing with a hose of water, I told him that the one above is not working .. He came back running behind me telling me that if the sign and put on the floor I have no right to say anything to the encounter and to go outside if I don't want to have problems before he punches me .. Such a thing has never happened to me in London, I still don't believe it to be happened .. I pay 25 pounds to enter but shortly after I am kicked out for a disservice and with the money stolen .. These must be brought to justice !!
Hugo Martinez
18:16 23 May 22
After a long time not using the sauna, my boyfriend and I decided to try Sweatbox again. The new management are really nice and so the staff. We think people always makes a difference in every place so here it's happening. The Jacuzzi it's amazing with great temperature. The facilities are very clean and it has a good mix of people. Had a great time.
Scott Johnson
11:41 23 May 22
Was too scared to go in first few times. Went last week and glad I did. Was awesome.Great crowd loads of fun. Venue is varied and safe. Hopefully be back again soon
Roderick Terwal
12:23 13 May 22
After a while we came back for a weekend in Sweatbox. It was crowded (in a good way) on Saturday and Sunday evening. Most of the staff are friendly, unfortunately some others just focus too much on the main guests who are there probably every weekend.The jacuzzi is very comfortable and there is a nice vibe, the sauna has a good temperature and lots of action. Unfortunately the toilets and showers need a bit more cleaning, especially on busy days
Antonio Juarez
21:09 21 Apr 22
Great staff and super clean. Has always been a decent crowd but have only gone post work hours. The jacuzzi areas great and people seem to be really friendly. Surprisingly a really social space to meet people. Down stairs is really well thought out. Was so nervous going in but definitely a safe space.
Dan McCarthy
00:47 18 Apr 22
First time here and haven't been to a sauna in alsomt 20 years. Absolutely loved it. Really nice venue. Will be back at some point
Ingus R.
21:24 19 Mar 22
I have been there few times and I had a great time. The atmosphere was relaxing and it is easy to get lost in time. Most importantly, the team was welcoming and nice. The guys are legends. Thank you!
Kay Bell
02:14 05 Mar 22
You're a good bunch working there. You can tell that you care about who goes through the door. Ive underappreciated what I get when I pay the 20 pounds. The air in the 'sweat box' is really clean.my apologies for the two stars before
Aurélio Godon
13:27 21 Feb 22
Went on a Sunday afternoon after 2pm, it was busy. Had fun! Friendy smiley staff at the bar and the entrance, loved the massive steam room and the open showers. Mixed crowd, locals and tourists, younger, older, hairy, smooth, all body shapes which was great!Really wish the toilets, the cabins and your bathrooms were much cleaner and clean more regularly than what I have seen (can't enter a toilet with toilet paper all over the floor twice and cabin full of condoms on the mat, sorry...). Come on guys, you running a sauna. Been to a lot of saunas, hygiene is a must with staff cleaning cabins very regularly. Only put 3 stars for the lack of cleaning sorry.
15:20 15 Feb 22
Good location and quite clean sauna. Most of the staff are friendly, helpful and welcome you with smile. Nice mixed crowd. The reason i only give 4 stars because, 2 of the staff there were look miserable in two occasion of my visit. Some it come ruin the vibe. Having say that most of them are friendly. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks.
Dave Fitzpatrick
17:45 30 Jan 22
The vibes at this sauna have greatly improved. I highly recommend it for the polite helpful staff, a friendly crowd and decent facilities. I particularly like the steam maze (a very unique feature!). The venue is great fun at any time of night and day - mornings, school nights and weekends alike. The showers are absolutely great, unlike some previous reviews make them out to be. Overall it’s fairly good value for what you get!
Christopher Young
14:17 27 Jan 22
We went to Sweatbox last week and were extremely impressed with the overall ambience of the venue. Also very clean with handsome clientele and plenty of space to have fun and enjoy yourself.Would definitely come again to this place as it is great value for money and the fact it is located in the heart of London’s Soho makes it a bonus!
christian Autor
22:15 18 Jan 22
Been there last week and all i can say is it exceeded my expectations!Friendly staff,nice civil crowd(with some exceptions,but not the establishment’s fault) and generally clean environment. I have been to other sauna but i must say, the value for the money is all worth it in here especially if you’re coming to relax and enjoy the day/night. will definitely come back soon! additional points for having a crowd of all sorts, i don’t feel embarrassed or left out. 🏳️‍🌈
Jonathan O
00:37 12 Jan 22
Friendly staff, great facilities providing something for everyone. If I was looking to improve things I would like to be able to get a beer and I’m not a fan of the towels but I believe they’re the best for managing any germs. I would imagine that many negative reviews are posted by rivals or those who haven’t had any interest in them. For my boyfriend and I it’s a cool place to chill and maybe put on the occasional show. Keep up the good work guys.
10:26 06 Jan 22
Went to SweatBox Soho yesterday for the first time (Wednesday) at 11pm and it was absolutely great. Friendly and discrete staff, great facilities and a bunch of interesting people. looking forward to go again! My only recommendation would be to increase cleaning frequency. Not that it wasn't clean (it was) but would be good to feel that SR is on top of it all the time.
Marian Pawlak
20:25 18 Dec 21
Regular customer here, go couple of times a month. Having looked at the reviews I am not sure why they are so negative. The place itself is very clean and modern, maybe a few bits need touching up but nothing major. Usually go on a Sunday afternoon/evening when it does get quite busy and there is always lots of hot guys.PS: please get a coffee machine soon 🙂
xy soni
11:31 11 Dec 21
I would like to appreciate this place for its clean and nice rooms and all the things. Staffs are amazing. I recommend to everyone to go there once to enjoy in all the way. I would like to visit sweetbox every two week but as a student it's costly for me. Whereas other saunas have student and age discount but here not. For that I gave 4 star. Sweetbox should think about students and age discount price rates as other saunas. Rest everything is amazingly perfect 👍
Mario Mordas
13:37 27 Nov 21
Clean and friendly place for your relax. Amazing and helpful staff.Many dark areas, nice steam room.Entry price reasonable. Only downside is jacuzzi as water temperature was bit low (not warm enough). Thank you
Galin Georgiev
09:01 12 Nov 21
Very well organized, friendly staff. Facilities are just fine, nothing impressive though. Leaves the impression of a regularly cleaned place.My modest 3 star rating is because of the overall experience, which was rather disappointing. I didn't find anyone attractive enough to my taste, which was probably due to my weekday visit.
Nigel K Thomas
14:00 10 Nov 21
I remember going to this sauna two or three times before the covid nonsense started. I thought it was pretty good at first, but on the last occasion I wasn’t allowed convenient access to my locker. My card, cash and key were held in a little wooden box at reception. Anything could’ve happened to them! Thankfully it didn’t, but I still felt uneasy leaving valuables like that in someone else possession.As for the place itself I thought it could do with a fair amount of cash spending on it. There were quite a few loose and crack floor tiles! The steam room had some kind of table/seat in the middle and was virtually completely dark so it was very easy to walk into it and crack your shin and/or stub a toe! The showers were somewhat pathetic and there wasn’t a cold shower to rinse off with either, just a bucket with a rope you had to pull.I may go again when I’m next in the London area, but I can’t say it’ll be a high priority.
13:06 08 Nov 21
I had fun. Went Thursday and crowd picked up around 5 pm. Place was clean and there were plenty of cruising spaces. Staff was nice, clients hot too. Tending younger ~ 25 to 40 ish. Great location for tourists. My only problem was I didn’t understand the admission policy; the sign says you get to stay 24 hours but it also says you can only stay 8 hours. Not really a problem because two or three hours is plenty of time.
Jemel C.
08:57 06 Nov 21
would not go bk . I had a 48 pass . I Got to the sauna at 9 sometime. The guy at the door told me I had 45 mins left. I stayed untill about 5:30 wen I was...
Robert Lindsay
07:07 30 Oct 21
Went first time yesterday afternoon. After reading some of the negative reports i was not expecting so much. But to be honest I was so pleasantly surprised. The staff were really good and it was all explained to me when i said i was new. The premises were clean. At first few were in but quickly filled up with all sorts of guys. Stayed for four hours. Exhausted by the end. Will definitely cum again when next in town. Lots of private booths etc.Only slight bad mark was steam room showers no soap left in dispenser. But sure that was just a mistake. Also think could do with more food drinks selection as hungry after four hours. Definitely better value then the place over at Waterloo. Best regards B
P Rogerson
20:13 24 Oct 21
Good points:-Great location-Good staff-Lots of hot hot guys and plenty of sex available (this is why we go to saunas right!). Lots of younger guys.-Free to use cabins- Great value. 24 / 48 hours pass, or weekly available. Also annual memberships- Gym- Safe environmentNot so good:- Sometimes hygiene standards slip. Especially the tiolets. Please, please sort this out.
Aled Jenkins
12:53 14 Oct 21
Sauna is an unsafe heat. Intolerable temperature for more than moments and if you sit down, water droplets from the ceiling are too hot to tolerate. Staff don't seem to care and management have apparently said "it's a sauna." If it's not improved I think it needs to be reported to a higher body in terms of health and safety. Otherwise its a fine place with a good mix of people and polite staff.
David d
00:28 03 Oct 21
Most of the staff are friendly. However as a newbie I had no idea where to go, you are literally not advised anything if you are a new member and kinda have to figure it out for yourself.I will upgrade to 5 stars if management change their approach to new customers. For example when a new customer comes in the staff member should ask if they are new and if so advise them of the protocols. Especially with the whole bracelet situation!One thing is for sure sweatbox is a fantastic place!
J Sun
22:33 25 Sep 21
I really enjoy my visits to Sweatbox and try and visit every few weeks. There are some friendly and cute staff. It feels modern and trendy. I wish there were some more special offers, or that Hard Up was extended to age 35 or something, as I sometimes do struggle to pay the entry fee, being an adult-age student, however I do think you get a better experience here than at the PD sauna. The layout is a bit confusing for newbies but that can't really be helped. I recommend wearing flip flops or sandals in the sauna. Never had a massage as it's out of my price range unfortunately, but maybe someday I'll be able to treat myself to one!
P Rogerson
21:24 23 Sep 21
A great place to relax and meet hot guys. The staff are friendly, its clean, and there are plenty of cruising areas and free cabins to use. There is a good mix of guys and many of them are hot. On Mondays and Thursday under 25 get in for free so it is heaving with hot young guys looking for fun. You can get a 24 hour pass, 48 hour pass or a weekly pass and this makes it much better value than other saunas. In my experience, if you are looking for fun then this is the place to go sauna wise.
Peter Walls
00:30 17 Sep 21
I liked the venue as it's quite spacious and clean. The steam rooms had weird smells tho.My personal fav was the jacuzzi which was warm and so cozy!The stuffs were friendly and the pass out ticket was a nice thing.I'll probably come again when it's cold outside.
Jack Slater
14:29 12 Sep 21
I visited last week to detox after a slightly heavy night. Very friendly and helpful staff. I'm older but didn't feel at all unwelcome. Great location in central London just off Oxford Street.
08:25 11 Sep 21
I went there first Thursday of September. Lovely staff, plenty of space, and regular cleaning. However, the lighting is not great, never seen any sauna with only red lighting! Was not busy at all.
Muneco Moreno
22:05 04 Sep 21
I’ve been today to this sauna. Never been before but I enjoyed! I think that for that price, it definitely worth it. It’s a good place to have fun! The installations are good and it’s clean. I’m young and not bad looking at all and the other people were good in general . A place that you should consider to go!
19:07 24 Aug 21
First ever time to visit a sauna and was so good I went back again 2 days later. Friendly staff, great venue and overall top night....p.s brilliant music! Where can I get the playlist ?😅
Google Pixel
00:12 22 Aug 21
Nice and clean place. Went on Saturday evening - plenty people of all ages. No alcohol served, shame, but otherwise had a good time here
21:48 10 Aug 21
Modern and clean place right by soho. Perfect for making new friends after a night out. Love the memes on the tvs, nice touch.
Michael Wallner
12:15 10 Aug 21
Nice and clean place. Visited on several occasions. Best days to go are Monday and Thursday evenings. Friendly staff. Clear rules.
Timothy Yip
09:10 10 Aug 21
It’s not as bad as the reviews. It’s a very decent place with a lot of hot guys. It’s very busy with all ranges of people. Staff are very friendly and helpful to show you the instructions if you ask them. They also clean it very frequent to make sure cabins are clean for use. And price is reasonable considering it’s 24 hours pass, you can leave and come back.
James Scotchford
19:40 02 Aug 21
Awful place, the ‘manager/ supervisor’ on the door is rude with attitude. Expensive to get in, no clear outlining of rules on the ‘24 hour pass’ and to make matters worse, no good looking people on premises! Do not waste your time or money there are much better places.
Dre Joseph
17:37 31 Jul 21
Absolutely awful experience from the staff. I am not 5 so don’t talk down to me!
Lin Yan
19:15 25 Jul 21
So I went there on the first weekend after lockdown in 25-July-2021. On Saturday 4pm-6pm it had a lot of people. On Sunday 10am it was empty, but on Sunday 2pm-5pm it was packed again.A lot of young guys and quite a few muscular ones. Clean, quick service. This place needs a higher rating .
Emanuel Brown
20:13 16 Dec 20
It was a nice place. Perhaps a bit cold at times and the layout of the lounge area is not very good. The rest of the sauna is nice, I would say the best in London. However it could still improve a lot. I would still go back as the other options in London are unacceptable.
David Snowden
09:20 03 Feb 20
**Rude Staff**Date of visit 2/2/20Entry - 18:00Depart:- 21:00Facilities have been improved and it is a lot cleaner than before.Regrettably that staff could do with some customer service training.On arrival the staff spoke in a condescending, abrupt and aggressive manner. Not only to me but to others coming and going. The gentleman who checked me in spoke with such distant its almost as though i wasn't welcome. Barking orders at me. Very rude.Even when inside the bar staff do not smile and its as though you are an inconvenience or committing a crime when you approach them.The staff should be cheery, bubbly and welcoming and have a smiley attitude. Having worked in customer services for years this is essential for your business to flourish.Despite the physical infrastructure being improved the overall feel of the place is rather cold and unwelcoming.
Kenneth Vaughan
01:09 14 Dec 19
Utterly disgraceful. No hot water. Stayed 30 minute. There was a notice in the basement shower room stating that the water wasn't as hot as usual but it was freezing. When I brought the matter up with one of the receptionist he just shrugged his shoulders.Decided to leave, brought the matter up again with the front reception but got nowhere. Then the manager arrived & asked what the matter was, so I told him again. He said there was a notice up stating the showers were cold. There wasn't. Instead of offering a refund he suggested that he would extend my pass for longer, which I refused....really what's the point of extending a pass when the showers are cold in the middle of December?!
Nicholas Bishop
19:57 07 Dec 19
Great Massage!I had a long week and I was desperately in need of a good massage to relax. My usual masseur was out of town and luckily I found Pietro. Pietro's massage is nice and firm, the pressure is perfect.The whole experience is excellent and I will definitely visit Pietro often
Carlos Dunga
18:58 20 Oct 19
This is a fantastic place, there are a lot of young boys there, especially on Sunday early morning. A lot of black boys. The sauna is large and the steam room is a meeting place for cruisers. A lot of comfortable cabins. Very large Jacuzzis and lounge, unfortunately they don't serve beer. Worth the price, I often go there.
Neil G.
13:03 01 Jan 18
Rude receptionitst. Wanted to enquire when best to come. They informed me it was very busy. Got thee and it was empty and dirty
12:04 29 Dec 17
The place was busy but nobody having a good time. The guys had a lot of attttiitudddeee!!! The locker rooms were very dirty.
Fabio P.
18:39 11 Jan 09
Are you gay? Do you live in London? Do you love working out? How about having sex? How about having sex like some sort of locker room porno?Well, then...

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