Sydney Sauna

Sydney Sauna

Operating in the heart of oxford st and fresh from a comprehensive refit, we aim to raise the bar for saunas in australia.

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Sydney Sauna is Sydney's premiere gay and bisexual men's sauna open 7 days a week. no matter what you're up to, or how your night is going, we are your destination. Sydney Sauna has many features available to it's customers. 23 serviced rooms, 2 levels, plenty of cruise areas, large cinema room, fully serviced cafe and wet area including spa, sauna & steam room.



Sydney Sauna
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Xavier Johnson
15:52 10 May 24
I have a feeling that this place discriminates against Asian people. The hate speeches in Google review left by their customers reveal what it's like. Hard to believe that can happen in 2024. Some people wander around without the awareness of their surroundings, so they never give way to others but hit hard when there's a collision. An attractive outlook with an ugly soul makes you cheap and superficial. Some of their staff occasionally have an impolite attitude towards customers.
Adonis Massage Studio Melbourne
22:41 29 Mar 24
I visited from Melbourne during the Easter weekend. The venue was great. Great guys. The staff were excellent and so friendly. They were very happy to have a chat despite being busy.Very highly recommended. Very clean and well maintained. Extremely comfortable. Could not meet with the owner Matt though he was available through email and sms. I can see great potential for this place. Thank you guys 👍🥰👌
08:08 12 Feb 24
I like this sauna, staff are friendly, having $20 lunch specials 7 days a week is great. If your looking for hot guys late Friday & Saturday nights are best, although you can get lucky other times. The only minor complaint you can't dim the lights in the rooms downstairs.
Ken Lane
15:22 31 Dec 23
I'm a visitor from Brisbane. And have visited the your establishment on all my previous trips to Sydney.My friend and I purchased tickets, for NYE Pound Party.To say the event was a fizzer would be and understatement.We paid the price for the tickets, ($53) thinking that there might be at least a complimentary drink of something to celebrate the new year.We attended the venue / party until 1.45am. We understand that you can't know how many people show up. I'm not sure what the difference of the costs of the Pound Party to the cost of a standard night at the venue.The only difference we could see was there was a DJ, the music they were playing was similar to the music played on any other given day or night.The venue was very clean and the staff were approachable.Thank YouKen
21:27 28 Dec 23
I like this sauna, staff are friendly, having $20 lunch specials 7 days a week is great. If you like looking at hot guys late Friday & Saturday nights are best, although you can get lucky other times. The only minor complaint you can't dim the lights in the rooms downstairs.
06:48 23 Dec 23
I like this sauna, staff are friendly, having $20 lunch specials 7 days a week is great. If you like looking at hot guys late Friday & Saturday nights are best, although you can get lucky other times. The only complaint is the lights in the rooms downstairs don't dim anymore, having it off under a bright light is a bit off putting even if you are well toned.
Bobby Pi
14:17 30 Nov 23
The sauna has pretty good facilities and good variety of amenities. However, after I stepped on a sharp piece of debris in front of the spa, which caused my toe to bleed. I went to the staff immediately for some first aid items. The staff’s response was not the most friendly and even patronising.After I told them that my toe was cut by stepping on a sharp debris on the floor, the response was “Urgh what did you do to yourself ?” “What do you want ?”Not a single bit of sympathy or apologetic tone.I understand that was an unfortunate event and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. But it did cause an injury and an abrupt end to the night. On top of that, when asking for help, being responded with the assumption that I brought it upon myself by simply walking on the floor barefoot in a sauna is extremely disappointing.
Anthony Portolesi
06:28 19 Nov 23
I still rate Sydney Sauna 10/10 for cleanliness, venue, facilities available, entertainment, friendliness of staff.All your staff are amazing, special shout out to Damon (I think its spelt) who was patient with me when I could not locate my ID (but eventually found it), friendly, upbeat and welcoming.So Matt just want to say well done on managing such a great venue!
Robert Dennis
23:12 21 Sep 23
This place is extremely clean and I think if there were Australians there it would have been awesome.However, it’s an Asian venue and they were exceptionally “grabby” pushy and aggressive.It was very uncomfortable. I would not recommend nor will I pay the 40 dollar fee to go again.It’s sad because it has sooo much potential to be awesome.The staff is nice.
Maykol Lozano
21:26 06 Aug 23
Beautiful place! Hottest and handsome guys😈, the mature ones are very friendly and respectful. Without asians harassing you all the time. Many rooms for your meetings and always clean, in the locker area you can change with ease and the music is very good. The colombian guy at the reception is very nice and funny, but the muscular blonde is very rude and they should sell cigars.
01:55 05 Aug 23
It’s a great sauna. Compared to Bodyline it’s only the bigger steam room there that I miss.It also has a liquor licence as an added bonus
eugene puta
10:12 01 Aug 23
The hot tub is the best in this place I would say.. But not recommended if you are Asian people. Staff still the same attitude and most people that I encountered are narcissistic, and zero manners. The shower isn’t adjustable, it is full of surprise, I wanted hot water it gave me very cold water, and when I wanted cold water, it gave me super hot water.
14:06 20 Jul 23
Pretty good place to go on weekends. Definitely will see me here often
sam dellarte
02:46 02 Jul 23
Not very professional venue in fact their complaints department is a joke and very disturbing !!! AND LEGAL ADVICE IS BEING CONSIDERED !!!!!I posted this complaint and not been able to attend the venue , no fault of my own and and look at the response I received!!! 😖😤👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 If a problem arises be prepared to be abused!!!Hi , on the 8th of June around 2am I came to Sydney sauna with a few of mates and when we arrived there was a sign on the cash register stating that the venue was undergoing a clean check and was closed for 5 min . So we decided to sit down and wait . We waited and waited and waited and waited and still no one came . After about 25 min we decided to go through the senser so that the worker was aware we were waiting we then tried to call the venue we tried calling out and still no one came . After about 35 min we could hear people on the inside were trapped and wanted to leave . They tried calling out calling the venue to make the phone ring and even banged on the door yet still no one came . Not only were we not able to attend the venue people couldn’t get out . After almost 40 min we decided to leave and make other plans . We are really not happy and not only did you loose 3 customers it left a really bad taste in our mouths and it spoiled our night!!! Next time we will think twice about coming .Regards samResponse I received from Sydney saunaThis is old. Management has already had a conversation with the staff member on duty. We are satisfied with his response and promise to improve.According to the camera footage, you entered at 2:08am and exited at 2:28am. That is a total of twenty minutes. If you wish your complaints to be taken seriously at the bare minimum please get the facts correct.You have been problematic in the past. You have previously been banned. Next time please do think twice about coming, we would be deeply grateful to never see you at Sydney Sauna again.Kind Regards,George KarkoulasSydney Sauna Management
Diego López
00:37 01 Jul 23
It looks modern but I bumped into myself so many times!Staff was ok.Clean rooms.Big spaMusic is on constantly which I like but I guess some others don't.The dark area is quite small but it's fineThe bad thing about this sauna is the crowd. Completely different from others saunas. I didn't enjoy it at all. I'm not coming back here. Ever again.
Jay Wysocki
15:58 09 Jun 23
I'm a slightly big around the waist. Felt embarrassed and ashamed because the provided towels are small and staff is very unfriendly. The layout is also "unfriendly". Bumped into myself a few times. Wouldn't go back and wouldn't recommend it.
Hong lybunnarith
11:03 03 May 23
I’ve been there a few times. Always left feeling disappointed.The staff is unfriendly, unwelcoming and arrogant.I’ve had a massage and the masseur is not as professional as I thought.
Junwen Gong
08:42 31 Mar 23
Amazing sauna! Went for a few times during Mardi Gras and World pride and it was the busiest sauna with the hottest guys.
Navi Olakerb
20:53 03 Mar 23
I mean it’s a sauna. It has all you need to have great time. The shower heads are tad aggressive and are hot. There is a cold shower in the middle - dig that a lot ( I like dry saunas)There are some issues with layout and mirrors. Bumped into myself few times. However I wasn’t there to study it’s design or architecture.Too many guys staring and standing around - doing f all. All hoping to spot the next best thing.Made me realise how smartphones have evolved sex on premise venue for worse.
Kevin Scott
15:15 23 Feb 23
What an absolute scam and rip off, taking advantage of World Pride to make a quick buck. Advertised on their stairs is a $20 after 1am on Thursdays. After queuing for 20 minutes, suddenly it’s $30. I get told it’s the Mardi Gras price with not a sign in sight suggesting this and the old muscle Mary at the door had no idea of the law. Welcome to Sydney folks. Don’t waste your money.Not a great sauna anyway, especially for an international city. Try the new improved Bodyline or the even newer Bunker that has just opened and pretty flash and modern.
Chris Sea
06:11 31 Dec 22
Staff have no idea about Customer service what so ever ... always under staffed 1 person on during a week night for a venue that size is not enough...its a safety issue for all ...
Bassam Alqahtani
15:20 18 Dec 22
Rude receptionist and beyond made me stand at the door for 15 minutes and he saw me and was playing busy and then turned all the lights on me and told me we r closed can’t you read the sign! Mind u the sign was blocked by another signed. And I wasn’t there to get in anyway I was going to ask about timing and he literally made me feel like he wanted to fight me!! I’ve never encountered so much aggression and rudeness in my entire life. Talking about the guy was closing on Monday morning December 19th.
Lachlan Mansell
20:03 03 Oct 22
I rather enjoyed myself at Sydney Sauna, however, I would've liked it if there were more men.... I will be going back - Come say hi when you see me! I'll be the guy in the leopard print plum smugglers
quinn idk
03:45 23 Sep 22
04:10 22 Sep 22
I have had a few bad experiences with this sauna in the past but having returned recently, I was really well treated and the customer service is excellent. Keep up the good work.
17:47 01 Sep 22
Nice place to relax in the spa and unwind I tend to only do oral stuff and avoid other things, If anyone's to picky or it's a quite time I'll still go in just for the spa alone because it helps me relax so much.Also to anyone else reading this as someone who used to work in Body line in Brisbane back in the day treat staff well because man that's a stressful job, unsure how staff have it here but in qld I used to do the till, towels, cleaning and serving food dam exhausting for one person. So be kind to staff. Remember the human. That's all yo. UwU
Samuel Zh
08:02 29 Aug 22
*RACISM & HORRIBLE CS* Visited this place on Monday when a old white guy was in reception. Extremely poor customer service to ask me not wasting his time when I tried to figure out how to use NSW checkin. Asking me to go back to my country to learn English while I have been in Sydney for 9years…. Can’t imagine how unfriendly this venue/staff will treat others!
Fz scans
21:44 30 Jul 22
Over priced compared to other offerings in town. Also still require Service NSW check in and they take your photo. Won’t be going back anytime soon since it’s like a nursing home in there filled with old smelly men who don’t wash
eugene puta
12:37 26 May 22
One of the staff is so so so always arrogant
Lawrence Luk
13:37 22 Apr 22
It's quite white centric haha
art boy
02:24 18 Mar 22
best sauna in Sydney
greg downie
00:24 08 Mar 22
this venue is pumping!! MG was Great
Leslie Moist
02:35 30 Jul 21
Always felt relaxed, chat and movies available
Alex Bowman
02:35 13 Jun 21
Management have been caught out underpaying staff for at least a year. Poor staff morale, inept management, sham contract arrangements, under the counter sales of amyl nitrate (Schedule 4 poison) and counterfeit Sildenafil (prescription only medication). Big Ben will help you with drinks on Fri/Sat nights and he has the master key for the lockers…
Mustafa Rabani
05:11 28 May 21
Called to ask about the place and the staff member hanged up on me
Dom De Sousa
13:59 11 Apr 21
Ripping off djs customers staff all around by charging you guys a card fee every time you use eftpos in this venue and spammin emails to the database
Jimmy Packer
10:16 08 Apr 21
Charging another fee for eftpos usage on top of the amount
Suraseth Malapech
05:18 07 Apr 21
The stuff at the entry so rude i went there at 3pm. When he asking for ID he voice tone and face like a doesn't want to sereceive and look down at me so i just cancel and moved to another sauna at china town
Christopher Rodley
23:52 09 Dec 20
An Oxford Street icon! Great venue that’s clean and well-maintained with friendly staff and plenty of amenities to explore. This has ensured it’s consistently the busiest, most popular sauna in Sydney.
Dimitris Apollonas Poseidonas Venetis
06:23 17 Nov 20
Compared to the other 2 saunas I think this is the best.
Benjamin Smith
02:17 09 Oct 20
The vibe/energy, friendly/helpful staff and the modern/clean facilities are all what makes this place so awesome, not to mention the stupidly sexy clientele. With some awesome new improvements to the venue, Sydney Sauna is going from strength to strength. It's all happening here. Highly recommended.
11:15 18 Feb 20
I visited the Sydney Sauna many times and I have seen 4 issues:1. There is tons of chlorine in the jacuzzi. After sitting in it for a while, the skin becomes very itchy. It's a pity as the jacuzzi is nice and big.2. Really bad choice of music in the venue. I cannot understand why the staff play a very loud, mostly techno/disco music in a place where most customers are 40+. With poor quality of the speakers, after an hour I get a headache from rumbling music. It would be so much nicer and relaxing if the music was enjoyable rather than annoying/tiring. This also affects the cinema room as the loud music overpowers the movie soundtracks.3. None of the showers have adjustable water temperature. Each shower has only one button with burning hot water. The last thing people want to do after a session in a hot jacuzzi, steam room or dry sauna is to have a burning hot shower. It's really hard to cool down. There should be either adjustable water temperature, or at lease one or two showers with cold/cool water for those who want to cool down.4. Most saunas have free cooled water dispenser. But the one here is just a tap water, often unpleasantly warm as a soup.Other than this, it's a great place to visit and I always have a good time there, however, by fixing those issues (which are quite easy to fix) it would make this place much more enjoyable. Thanks.

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