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The Abbey

The famed and acclaimed best gay bar in the world.

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A favorite of celebrities, locals and tourists alike, there is no better place to meet old friends, make new ones, enjoy a generous 10-ounce martini, eat a delicious meal by Chef Ruben and just kick back and have fun. Known as a West Hollywood institution, home of the Gay Walk of Fame, Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite pub, and a community center, The Abbey is one of the premier outdoor cocktail and dining experiences in Los Angeles.



The Abbey
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Vittoria L.
13:20 10 Sep 23
I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Abbey during brunch, and I must say, it was a day filled with fun and entertainment. The highlight of the...
Obby C.
05:39 10 Sep 23
Take a seat in the pastel-hued dinning room for onor for two you're on the always FULL front porch for a quick bite or an unhurried and delicious meal....
Alessio Y.
13:22 05 Sep 23
The place was nice and it was great to be back.Got unauthorized tip charge though -- unfortunately, this is not an unacceptable behavior at all, hence the...
Brittany K.
21:35 24 Aug 23
LADIES BE CAREFUL!!! I've read over 30 reviews and all say they have been roofied. GET A LOCK FOR YOUR PURSE AND COVER YOUR DRINKS! I've had my phone/...
Jim V.
18:05 12 Aug 23
The Abbey has changed.It felt like a gay themed straight bar.20 years ago I paid 10 bucks for a Jack and Coke here so it's been some time since then.I...
Justina S.
11:47 02 Aug 23
Beware of this place. It is dangerous!!! My friend and I were both drugged at the Abbey this past Friday night. We had two tequila shots and then both...
Ed U.
18:55 21 Jul 23
As only occasional SoCal travelers, Jamie W. and I were anxious to come back to The Abbey after over a year away. We figured it would be THE place to see...
Mark F.
14:15 10 Jul 23
this bar has become really ghetto -and really scary - Abbey used to be a fantastic place - now it has armed security like at a bank, really scary looking...
Ivy S.
15:32 28 May 23
I met up with a group of girls I used to work with who insisted on going to Bottega Louie.After dinner (and poor judgement on my part because I had 2...
Carol B.
21:58 05 May 23
WE WERE ROOFIED!!WOMEN BEWARE!!My friend and I came here, ordered a glass of champagne from a female bartender and immediately knew something was wrong....
Angie L.
13:36 27 Apr 23
5 stars for service. Our server was wonderful, helpful, and attentive.Came at 10AM on a Sunday and it was so quiet and nice (it gets loud by noon).Minus...
Miranda C.
15:19 01 Mar 23
THE BARTENDER ROOFIED MY FRIEND AND I. LADIES AVOID THIS PLACEso I came here on a Tuesday night, no one was here. Literally maybe 10 people hanging around...
Mary H.
23:40 27 Feb 23
Was wary of going because of the reviews but had a good time! Luckily went on a Monday so the whole place was loud with musicals on one side and other songs...
Chloe S.
23:04 23 Feb 23
TRAUMA is an understatement.It has taken me months to finally write this review. Last July I went out with one friend to the Abbey and got one drink at the...
Kdu b.
14:07 16 Feb 23
I just came on Yelp to check out some of the Abbey reviews, as a friend of mine is planning a birthday night and this is where we're going after dinner. But...
Azi M.
10:43 05 Feb 23
This review is mainly for the entire experience and less about the food here. I went there yesterday for the brunch drag show, and it was so much fun! Lots...
Billy C.
19:19 12 Jan 23
The abbey is actually a super FUN place. I have been here many many times at all hours and always had a great time. The bartenders are all seriously the...
15:35 26 Dec 22
Definitely my Go-To-Bar 🏳️‍🌈 I love it it here !! Such good vibes and amazing workers there, always ready to serve us and bring up food . I absolutely love the Expresso Martini☕ & This place is the Best
Sam Day
11:21 23 Dec 22
I so love this place but i hate the music sometimes 🫤 if they could play some newer songs to vibe with that would be so fun! Rocco’s has good music but i hate the place haha 😂 I guess you can’t really have it all 😂
Jessica Gonzalez
01:43 16 Dec 22
Multiple friends of mine have come here and gotten roofied… both men and women are not safe. This is extremely disappointing that we can’t even be safe in our own spaces please be careful of yourself and loved ones
Hayley Orozco
08:21 14 Dec 22
I went to the abbey tonight with a group of friends. I went up to security and let them know my ID and phone were indoors and asked if it was okay if I checked on a friend who was standing on the sidewalk. They said yes and as I tried to re-enter, she let everyone back inside expect for me. I told her I had asked her only a few moments ago and now I didn’t have any of my identification and I felt unsafe and she told me that wasn’t her problem. I used to love going to the abbey but after a friend getting roofied and this encounter with security, I can’t help but worry about their safety protocols. Knowing all of my personal items were inside and refusing to offer any solution seemed irresponsible and somewhat targeted. I can only hope the abbey looks into the qualifications of their security guards. Because personally, I didn’t feel safe or respected.
22:20 12 Dec 22
Almost left as the first section wasn’t too great but the terrace / alter area at the bar is a great hang out area
T K.
17:55 29 Nov 22
My friend and I got our phones stolen there last weekend. Security and the sheriff's department said phone theft is a rampant problem in West Hollywood &...
Bryhan A.
22:40 27 Nov 22
Great spot,actually came here last year for Halloween! Love the area and this bar. Always something going on. Good drinks, but great people.
Denise A.
13:42 24 Nov 22
I spent several days looking for the Thanksgiving feast that suited my taste buds and the Abbey's menu kept coming up a winner. Hesitant to go, I went...
Jay G.
06:47 21 Nov 22
DO NOT COME HERE! I'm a gay man that grew up in West Hollywood and The Abbey does NOT represent our community one bit. It is not safe. I would not go here...
Daniel B.
08:51 16 Nov 22
My wife and I went to this place Saturday and they cashed us out saying that we could only stay 30 min when other ppl were there before us and we left...
Cindy K.
23:20 26 Oct 22
Came to drag brunch with my partner and 2 of our friends on a double date, and felt super out of place within our own community - maybe it's just the WeHo...
Debra S.
03:00 22 Oct 22
I just had my wallet STOLEN out of a purse that was closed. I felt someone touch it, but I didn't think anything of it and then when I went to look down,...
16:25 15 Oct 22
So fun, great people, good drinks, and fun dancers! I wish the bathroom attendants weren't so pushy and aggressive about tipping. I didn't see any signs and was hounded for a tip
Alanna B.
16:29 10 Oct 22
My partner was roofied at The Abbey, turns out that's a pretty common thing there. (Google it)A friend got hate-crimed by a racist - two men literally...
Fel I.
12:39 04 Oct 22
Really loved this place, but for the past year my friends (and their friends) and I have been avoiding drinking here because of potential roofies. Not sure...
18:29 01 Oct 22
Stopped in here this week for a happy hour cocktail and the cigarette smoke smell was so bad (even sitting inside) that I left before someone could take my...
Christa M.
16:42 16 Sep 22
Such a fun spot to stop by the bar and get some drinks. ALLLL the bartenders were great looking and so were the dancers. People watching here is FUNNNN.We...
Eddie G.
14:59 13 Sep 22
I've been going to the abbey for years and never had any issues until nowTook my niece to have drinks to celebrate her graduating with her masters and we...
Morgan M.
10:47 01 Sep 22
So I was roofied here a few years ago by whatever bartender I had that night. My sight went away and I stumbled into the bathroom at chapel l, sat in the...
Jordan G.
22:34 03 Aug 22
$6 for carbonated water out of a soda gun? Wtf. Also, not a very welcoming space for queer women and gender expansive folks.
La Compte T.
16:51 29 Jul 22
Good entertainment. I will be back for sure and bring my wife. Good food as well. Nice place to hang out.
Diana W.
09:00 29 Jul 22
Sunday Drag Show/Brunch for my bday in winter of 2021 during holiday weekend = mostly locals around/covid vaccination proof needed (late post shoutout). It...
Sheryl H.
12:53 25 Jul 22
My friend is handicapped and wearing. Not knowing it was Gay Pride we went to the Abbey early for lunch. They made him get up so they take his chair. I...
Habib C.
15:29 09 Jul 22
That was my first time being there nice music good liquor it gets crowded prices are little on the expensive side not that easy to find a parking spot on...
Abolaji Adesoji
09:58 01 Jul 22
I had a fun time here during the WeHo pride weekend. The only downside was I got charged an extra $16 for something I never bought and they didn't refund it. So disappointing
Kevin K.
14:36 29 Jun 22
Don't get me wrong the bar and entertainment is amazing... HOWEVER, this bar is 100% negligent when it comes to pick pocketers. I got my phone stolen there,...
Mvnda C.
07:48 22 Jun 22
Ok place. Atmosphere is there but service is not high. Took forever to get food and we were forgotten a lot. They can't maintain a very popular place. Our...
Amanda S.
00:58 21 Jun 22
If I could give a 0 star review...I would..this place is scary...and you will arrive with a phone and wallet and leave without both + drugged and without...
Mike K.
22:19 20 Jun 22
Fun spot to visit when in WeHo! We popped in and enjoyed their outdoor bar which serves a variety of cocktails and a full menu. We already had a delicious...
Vincent D.
17:18 09 Jun 22
Ahhh, a classic LGBTQIA+ experience when you're in LA. If you are looking for a good time, look no further.Now the gays of LA (I'm gay so it's okay) may...
Sarah P.
16:19 22 May 22
Back in the day... great place but now... not so much. The service was horrible, now when I was there years ago I was informed at the front by the hostess...
C Seum
06:28 22 May 22
Felix was our bar tender. Nice bar. Enjoyed the time there.
Thaina L.
00:29 16 May 22
Are you desperate for fun? Desperate for any type of excitement? Then you should definitely visit the Abbey!By coming here, you might be picked by one of...
Justin S.
13:23 07 May 22
Unfortunately, I am going to have to give a review of 3 stars or so, for The Abbey's new menu (as of May 2022). There have been quite a few changes since...
Margaret P.
13:06 06 May 22
I visited The Abbey on a Wednesday night recently with some friends. This place is still as hot as I remember almost ten years ago! While it wasn't as...
Jay B.
20:22 25 Apr 22
The Abbey is a beautiful space, however, as many many reviews have pointed out, theft has become a regular occurrence here. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! My bfs...
Kimberly B.
08:53 05 Mar 22
Eric P.
22:42 25 Feb 22
Lauren B is an amazing bartender who made my party's night! We had a blast especially with her giving us tips about having a good time in WeHo! We will...
Irene Brustad
17:07 05 Feb 22
I absolutely love this place! Good food, nice staff and great atmosphere 😃
Stephanie P.
16:41 03 Feb 22
Fun time, but evil people prey here. The fact that there are so many reviews about theft here and it continues to happen is startling. It happened to me...
Rayan M.
14:32 02 Feb 22
DON'T COME HERE (with your phone!) I am not blaming the bar for my stolen phone but I do believe something can be changed about the leadership. If you look...
08:12 30 Jan 22
The Hispanic gentleman at the front saying N word this f*get n words that. I was taken aback that I would hear that in West Hollywood. Goes to show you really need to screen your employees better.
Sky T.
18:34 10 Jan 22
Definitely get the Frosé! Dangerously delicious and will get you buzzing! Nachos are also great here. Get the chicken or half chicken and half beef. It's...
Christa C.
15:51 29 Dec 21
Came here on a Tuesday night and it was pretty live. Didn't know what to expect as it was my 1st time in LA and West Hollywood. I just wanted good food and...
17:35 08 Dec 21
This place is absolutely phenomenal. Had a great experience. Bartending staff were great, and the dancer Bruno was very kind. Will be back soon!
Kelsey Venable
03:45 08 Dec 21
Really fun atmosphere! Fun to go to with friends for a night out. Only complaint is no tap water and charging $7 for a bottled water is pretty ridiculous.
Loreto D.
14:10 02 Dec 21
I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed this place yet but at least I'm doing it now so here it goes: THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAY CLUBS IN WEHO!I've heard...
Ed U.
22:39 29 Nov 21
In my younger days (emphasis on the 'er'), I made the pilgrimage to WeHo because it was THE place to hang, socialize (ahem), and party like it was 1999 way...
Cyd Zeigler
01:55 17 Nov 21
I always have at least a good time here, sometimes it's absolutely great. Good music, good energy, people in a good mood. And the food is quite well-done.
Matthew S.
08:24 15 Nov 21
We've previously been to The Abbey in the evenings (and long into the wee early hours of the morning) but decided to stop in for lunch with local friends on...
Brooke M.
20:20 09 Nov 21
I am so happy this happy and fun place of food and dancing all night wasn't shut down! Stepping into this place takes me back to the early days of when I...
Alvin A.
01:22 07 Nov 21
It's Halloween Eve in WeHo and I'm meeting up my good friend and his nephew who were in town this past weekend. Day drinking was on the agenda, and everyone...
Mizuki H.
11:14 01 Nov 21
ROOFIE / DRUGGED STOLEN / THEFT / PICKPOCKET1. Staff is adding roofies or some sort of drug 2. There are professional pickpocketers wandering around on...
Martin M.
11:16 20 Oct 21
Reading through the reviews, you see a lot of comments about pickpockets and stolen phones. My phone was stolen at the Abbey last Saturday (16th of Oct) at...
Karen P.
00:14 17 Oct 21
I came here with friends on a Friday night. This was my first time at The Abbey and I wasn't sure what to expect. I read through many reviews here on Yelp...
Haely W.
09:55 06 Oct 21
As many of you saw, I removed my posts last week regarding my comments about The Abbey. After The Abbey provided me with new information, including the...
Lauren Donahoe
03:24 29 Sep 21
The Abbey is great all the time whether it’s for drag brunch or a late night dancing! I recently attended the Christmas in September event benefitting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and it was fantastic! Definitely recommend!
Minju K.
11:33 01 Aug 21
I LOST PHONE & WALLET.Someone opened my bag and just took it....Employee said why I put it in my bag...?!?!?? What??Worst experience.
Brian Tucker
16:25 24 Jul 21
Such a fun club! Lots of dancing, but also places to eat, drink, relax, and people watch. Friendly staff too, so it feels welcoming to people new in town.
Mozel M.
00:38 09 Jul 21
Ok but do you have a hip hop night like what the fuck this shit music is wack not everyone wants to hear this shit music more bullshit than necessary...
Natasha Shokouhi
21:04 01 Jul 21
I was in town meeting some friends for some drinks. We came in on a Wednesday night, and were not disappointed. The music here isn't my thing, but otherwise great!Abbey's is huge. There is a side which is the restaurant and bar. And the other side which is the bar and dance club. We met on the dance club side. And it's really so spacious even with tons of people! The dance floor is a pretty large space. But there is also an outdoor space with plenty of seating that is 3 times the size of the dance floor. And it's really nice, especially those who are like me and not a big dancer. The music here this night wasn't my thing, so I was literally glued to my booth the entire night, and it was so comfy!The drinks are reasonably priced, especially for how big they are. And my drink was not at all watered down, which is an added bonus.Service was good.The club and even bathrooms were clean.Definitely a great spot to meet up with friends, drink and catch up!
Melissa G.
10:40 27 Jun 21
Beware of pick pocketers! I lost my phone along with several females. I had it zipped in my jacket while I was dancing in the dance floor. I heard other...
Ignacio E.
09:39 27 Jun 21
I came here to have fun. As I was leaving one of the security guards told he was going to "beat me up next time I snuck in." I waited in line like everyone...
Andrew B.
02:02 27 Jun 21
The security guards here act like cops.Tonight I decided to go down to West Hollywood and check out Pride for the first time.I am a queer male who...
Shanelle S
18:44 20 Jun 21
Venerable bar & restaurant in WeHo with go-go dancers. Came here during Pride Weekend and it was a 2 hour wait (arrived ~10pm). Limited metered street parking is available but read the signs! I’d suggest coming here earlier rather than later to avoid a long wait, as even pre-covid there was usually a long line. Social distancing wasn’t enforced and masks were required when you were walking in (not sure how things might’ve changed with California’s reopening). The workers all wore masks, though the bouncer that night did have a lengthy discussion about why he didn’t have the vaccine with my friend and another group. Credit cards are accepted. Bathrooms are available by the back bar.When I went, the Abbey was functioning primarily as a restaurant so it wasn’t as crowded and the go-go dancers were separated from patrons. If you get food, the nachos were large and I liked the melted cheese. The fries are thicker cut and come with ranch and ketchup. The chicken (we kept calling it popcorn chicken but I’m not sure what it was) was also generously portioned and had BBQ, ranch, and thousand island sauces on the side.
Shanelle S.
11:43 20 Jun 21
Venerable bar & restaurant in WeHo with go-go dancers. Came here during Pride Weekend and it was a 2 hour wait (arrived ~10pm). Limited metered street...
Claire P.
20:35 14 Jun 21
The line for table reservations takes forever! Such a waste of precious time to be standing in line w/ no alcohol on hand! Tsk tsk
Nathan Wise
00:55 09 Jun 21
It is fantastic that the Abbey is still open and operating during COVID. The Abbey has always been one of my go to places in West Hollywood and has delicious drinks. This was the first time I have ordered appetizers and they were pretty good.Parking can always be an issue when visiting West Hollywood but there are some pay lots nearby.Prices are exactly what you expect for an upscale bar in West Hollywood and they do mix a good cocktail so they are worth the money!
Nathan W.
17:57 08 Jun 21
It is fantastic that the Abbey is still open and operating during COVID. The Abbey has always been one of my go to places in West Hollywood and has...
Sarah Y.
18:08 29 May 21
Parking: there's a paid parking lot directly across the street from the place that's $15 all day. There's also metered parking along the street. Prices:...
Della Davidson
16:42 21 May 21
went last night - a little over packed but what an adventure. The bartenders and dancers are all beautiful people - everyone had a great time. The music was the best - great DJ
Ethan W.
23:30 14 May 21
I've been to the abbey many times, and I've always had a good experience until my most recent time here. While in the bar, a white woman next to me said the...
Roberto Dolabjian
05:23 30 Mar 21
Years ago every time I used to go for Martini to Abbey , something always would change in this semi baroque Bar restaurant Either they add new statue or fountain or new bar or new ran down red couch It's best Gay Bar and restaurant for me in West Hollywood.Actually there are few bars inside It's open already now for late Bar Hoppers.It is even popular for straight guys like myself to go and have few drinks Let me tell you something .Gay people really love and know how to enjoy life.They positive and outgoing There is always long lines here .No dancing area. RZED
David Dewey
05:24 28 Mar 21
I always celebrate my birthday In Beverly Hills.and usually have a great time in weho at the abbey. This visit was a disaster. If your single do not go to the abbey with the state being on lock down. I had to wait outside because I requested a decent table for one. Finally the sat me in the back to enjoy a drink while I get a decent table 20 minutes to get a drink now I have been here an hour including my wait time and still no decent table. It’s my birthday and they have so far made it difficult for me to enjoy my night. David Cooley you should be ashamed of yourself not taking care of your customers.
Jay J Wu
02:16 26 Mar 21
LA gay bar/ club destination. Cocktails are $15+. The food tastes fine. It’s fun people watching there.
08:44 20 Mar 21
Jesus (our waiter) made our night with his friendly, kind and professional personality. Post-pandemic, the abbey is doing a great job at keeping everyone safe. Thank you Jesus for your positive and service oriented attitude. You are a ROCKSTAR!
Laurence Diaz
04:54 20 Oct 20
Came for drinks! Great atmosphere. Great drinks. I had a French 75. It was delicious. Service was great. Host was very polite and accommodating. Want to come back for dinner next time.
Alice Campbell
17:25 15 Sep 20
Great place to chill
Ene George
03:11 24 Feb 20
Great food, great service and reasonably priced. Large selection of well made specialty cocktails. Ambience is cool. Huge outside patio with lots of sitting. Vibe is relaxed and friendly 👍🏾
Noam Kostucki
17:34 07 May 19
Food was nice. The fried chicken was juicy and tasty. I missed a sauce to make the dish complete. The virgin bloody Mary was great. The atmosphere of the abbey with the gentle warmth of the sun is wonderful.
Frank Diaz
20:33 21 Apr 19
A great place to hang out with your friends. Fantastic vibe, tasty food, good drinks, and some sexy shows. You have to try the Big Ole Wet Burrito and the Chicken Picatta. Strongly recommendable.
Moran Music
16:07 11 Apr 19
Ok so my first time here was yesterday, which was considered to be a "slow" night.. :)Got in early, I must say I was extremely impressed, great music, talented dancers (most for sure), very liberatinh, very sexual, in your face so to speak.Its definitely NOT my scene but it was interesting to watch.Enjoy!
gevorg cholakyan
21:34 16 Jul 18
They have a fabulous outdoor Terrace with easily accessible bar great seating fun ambiance. This is the Fun Spot in West Hollywood to dance mingle and have a good time. Who's who of Hollywood always stops by it's the perfect spot to meet cool interesting people in the industry. Everyone here is sexy, especially the go-go dancers! The music is always fun table service is exceptional. They make strong drinks and the bartenders are really fast. Be sure to tip them well and they'll take good care of you. It's the place to be seen. Wish they had more restrooms because it's always crowded with a long line. But the Russians are super clean well-maintained and fully stocked with all you need. After the drinks are flowing you'll find yourself having an amazing wild and crazy night with a lot of stories to tell the next day.

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