The Backlot

The Backlot

THE BACKLOT BAR is one of Calgary’s oldest gay owned and operated bars.

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It’s a very “West Hollywood” style bar. We’re not fancy but we’re full of history, acceptance and a lot of laughs. A small two-story bar with patio in the back and fireplace in the front. Everyone is welcome – gay, lesbian, straight, any letter or combination of letters in the sexual orientation alphabet. We also have a philosophy around trying to make sure everyone in the community can come out and have fun – especially in these tough economic times. So, we always have reasonable drink prices. Dress Code: Positive attitude and an open mind.



The Backlot
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07:57 17 Feb 24
Loved it!!! We got kicked out cuz we brought and drink out for a smoke but didn't know we weren't allowed to bring it back it, but we talked to the Bouncer after and it was all good!! Wish we were allowed back it tho !! 😭 missed the drag show. Over all great experience just Inexperienced of going to Bars and such
Mikiki Performance and Video Artist
11:20 12 Feb 24
20 years had passed since my last visit and it was such a great feeling to walk back into. Reminded me of much youthful hijinx and sloppy bar make outs. Mmmmmm
Marcus Penney
00:45 19 Nov 23
Great inclusive space. The staff are all insanely friendly. When we talk about community, this is the place I think of. Jury Duty on fridays are a MUST see. (And they should bring back family therapy). Highly recommend coming here! 💖
05:40 15 Nov 23
I just started coming here and liked the vibe and the staff…. Tonight I got to meet the bartender Zack, I’ll be making sure not to spend my money when he’s working. Horrible bartender! Doesn’t make you feel welcome, wants everything done his way. Forgets he works for the customer and the customers requests is not an annoyance but why he is employed.
Jonathan Gilligan
04:27 24 Sep 23
This is an unpretentious, chill, comfortable queer bar. It's a place where anyone on the rainbow spectrum can feel safe and welcome. The bartender is friendly and attentive, but this is also somewhere you can sit and drink a beer in peace when that's what you want to do.
Brent Tse
23:41 23 Sep 23
Had such a wonder time! Came for the Queens and made some friends as well! The upstairs is a very intimate venue for Drag!! Loved it!!
08:33 10 Aug 23
Great experience with Evan the bartender. Very friendly and helpful. Vibe in the bar was perfect ! Thank you very much.
Jose F.
00:59 05 Aug 23
Extremely rude service by the bar tender upstairs. Not only did he overcharged me on my drink but also was rude when time of closing
Jonathan Schachter
02:11 01 Aug 23
Super fun bar. I came back the next night, and would come back any time I’m in Calgary.The only thing I hate is that the prices go up on weekends.I heard from the owner that it’s closing but they’re looking for a new location. Fingers-crossed they find one and are able to recreate this truly awesome gay bar elsewhere.
Dakota Batres
00:57 11 Jun 23
I love it here, I will all the lgbtq energy. As a transgender man I have never felt more accepted anywhere than I do here. And Bob the manager made me very welcome.
Carole Schmold
06:18 09 Dec 22
I love hanging out here. The staff are always so friendly!
Connor Pratt
01:03 22 Nov 22
My boyfriend and I had a great time here! Don't go in expecting it to be a stereotypical gay club blasting Lana Del Ray and EDM with cage dancers and half naked men walking around everywhere. It's really just a normal bar with friendly staff and a place where LGBT couples and people can go and feel safe about holding hands or sharing a kiss without being harassed or stared at.We both are a bit shy and where quite nervous to go out to a gay bar or club but we found the atmosphere to be perfect for us. Quiet, but not completely dead and silent. Enough other people to make the place feel lively but not overwhelming. Our waiter was super polite and really good on checking in if we would like anything often (Taller bearded guy with brown hair) and even made sure we had a ride back to our hotel.Fairly diverse crowd. Couples, single men and friend groups of all ages and backgrounds.Thank you Backlot staff for giving us a fun space where we could feel comfortable to be ourselves around other people! Its a time we will never forget ❤🏳️‍🌈
Max Bouchard
02:36 27 Oct 22
Been going to the back lot for a long time. Great people! Evan the new bartender is great. He goes with the punches, laughs with everyone and doing great dealing with us all when he’s straight. Keep up the good work!
Chris Huestis
23:14 23 Oct 22
Lovely Sunday afternoon with Sonja and the regulars. Thanks for showing the Seahawks game 🙂
Arthur Berry
09:20 17 Oct 22
Was there on October 14th 2022 with family and friends, and we enjoyed ourselves .
Connor M
02:49 16 Oct 22
New bartender Evan (who replaced Ryan) has a bad attitude. He needs to GO. Super rude.
Christopher Bladen
01:16 07 Sep 22
A great place to meet new people and have a drink with friends!
Annika Naylor
02:20 06 Jun 22
This is a gay bar not a queer bar! There was just a slideshow of only white men and their balls playing on multiple TVs but I felt really out of place as a queer cis woman.
Bryan Birn
04:50 26 Feb 22
Always the best staff. It's a dive-y type bar that is super social, and has lots of theme nights (like karaoke). It's great to have a solo drink at, or bring a whole group to. Super enjoyable laid back place, with lots of politically incorrect and questionable media on the TVs.
Christoff Smyth
17:34 13 Aug 21
I love this place. It’s kind of always the same, which is exactly what I like about it.
Nicholas Quintillan
03:19 20 Feb 21
A great place with great atmosphere. Always a fun time to have a few drinks and relax, especially summer nights. Absolutely recommended.
Wezra ZH
22:24 04 Nov 20
This place is wonderful! great prices and the staff energy is extremely vibrant! Would recommend to anyone looking for good vibes and great cocktails!
Edan Nelson
03:03 12 Aug 20
Quaint and cute queer space. Wonderful atmosphere, stellar bartenders and super laid-back. Highly recommend for those travelling to get a taste of the Calgary gay scene. ❤️
Rashied M.
16:25 07 Mar 20
My Partner and I were visiting Calgary for my 38th Bday. This bar was down the street from our Hotel. If your going for a Soda I highly recommend this...
Samantha Y
19:13 09 Dec 19
Honestly, compared to my first visit back in 2018. This place had a really good mood now and feel to it and I loved it. Prices are a bit $$ but the bartenders are cute and it's a really fun place to be with some friends.
Scott W.
15:18 01 Sep 19
Small friendly place with overpriced drinks. Friendly patrons and staff that works their tails off
Logan Stothers
18:52 10 Aug 19
LOVE this bar! If you want a fun place to drink and have a good time, this is the place. Cute little patio and has both an upper and lower level inside with Karaoke some nights. Jordan, the good looking bartender, is a hell of a good time. You seriously can't help but have a good time when he is working. Great place to go as a pre-drink, an after party, or stay all night 🙂 highly recommend
Sergey S.
09:57 26 Mar 18
A very special space, visibly focused on its only task - help gay men meet other gay men, and maybe have a drink or two, while having a close conversation,...
Random R.
15:41 20 Jan 18
Went here and crack heads broke in my car. Plus the two guys that in the bar we're behind smoking meth then went back in. Bartenders are nice but it's...
Rand Unland
01:42 21 Aug 16
Great place to meet up with friends after work and on weekends. It's a piano bar~ minus the piano ~with music low enough that you can hear what others are saying without them having to yell. Staff are some of the best in Calgary. I've been going there for more than a decade now and it's still my favourite gay bar here in Calgary.
Alex F.
09:53 29 Mar 16
Small bar that for what it lacks in space, makes up in charm. My friend had a party here and this place was pretty cool. The bartenders were incredibly...
Ryan H.
01:52 24 May 15
Lemme take you to a gay bar! Lol. Im not usually the type that would go to a gay bar, but I was visiting the city, so I just figured why not! In Calgary,...

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