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Eagle NYC

New York's premier gay leather bar

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The Eagle NYC stands out as a legendary spot in New York's vibrant gay nightlife. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, this multi-level bar caters to a diverse gay crowd, with a particular focus on the leather and fetish community. Its dimly-lit ambiance and rooftop deck set the stage for a unique experience where tradition and edgy vibes converge.

Renowned for its themed nights, The Eagle offers a variety of experiences from jockstrap and foot worship nights to leather-themed gatherings. These events not only attract a regular crowd of aficionados but also newcomers curious to explore the scene. Beyond its fetish focus, the bar also provides more laid-back options like pool tables, making it an inclusive space for all preferences.

Music at The Eagle NYC is as varied as its clientele, ranging from dance and EDM to house, pop, and rock. This eclectic mix ensures that everyone can find their groove, whether they're there to dance the night away or just enjoy the atmosphere.

The Eagle's reputation as a haven for the bear community and its open rooftop during summer further adds to its appeal, offering a spot where patrons can mingle under the stars. It's a place that not only celebrates the bold and the adventurous but also the history and culture of the gay community in New York City.

In essence, The Eagle NYC is more than just a bar; it's a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic space that epitomizes the spirit of gay nightlife in New York. Whether you're seeking a night of daring exploration or just a cool spot to hang out with friends, The Eagle delivers an unforgettable experience.



The Eagle NYC
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George C.
22:44 14 May 24
Best bar around! Richard always makea the experience extra enjoyable. He's the highlight of the night. Great crowd and always fun!
S.L. Beaumont
20:09 24 Apr 24
This is a great space and I love the atmosphere but my last visit the bartender was so rude. I'm an advocate for gay bars where we're made to feel welcome and I'm no stranger to Eagle bars. We want to keep our gay friendly -- especially gay leather -- spaces. Customers will respect your space and your bar a lot more if the bar equally treats the customers with respect. A bartender who stands at one end of the bar gabbing with his friends and acts like customers are annoying him when they order drinks is not customer friendly nor a good business model. Don't become your own demise -- step up.
John R.
16:38 01 Apr 24
Totally trash fun. Overpriced but fun. Friendly staff (80%). Almost guaranteed play time if you're open minded.
Don Warga
11:22 24 Mar 24
Always a great time! The staff is friendly and welcoming! Atmosphere is positive...Have never had a bad experience there.It does get extremely crowded on Saturday nights - dance floor is packed...Sunday beer bash / BLUF events are lower key!!!
Derek T.
22:34 22 Mar 24
Bartender was super rude to me. I am not the type to complain about tipping culture but it's ridiculous to have to tip for water?! I feel like it's common...
Yurii (Opium)
21:28 19 Mar 24
A good place for observing handsome men. it felt like a museum. But if you are convetinatly handsome as well then maybe you even will find a hookup or something like that.
Earl C.
09:15 16 Mar 24
First quality venue for your best bad decisions, lol. Honestly honestly though, it was a great time enjoyed visiting those place.
David Walker
07:52 10 Mar 24
Remember: cash only. The drinks are still good and the prices are reasonable. Lots of cute guys to watch when it's busy.
Notorious Hooligan
03:43 10 Mar 24
$25 to get in? That’s a no for me dawg. You better have International DJ’s and some free Aldo shoes for that price. Haha. NYC gay scene is haggard.
Jared O.
09:50 01 Mar 24
Visited for the first time a week ago , wonderful experience and great vibe , highly recommend this iconic bar in NYC .
Christian Garcia
04:52 25 Feb 24
I would give this place 5 stars but the first floor dance floor has strobe lighting and lighting in general that’s too strong. Reduce the lighting and this place would be the best gay venue to go to
Renan P.
09:21 21 Feb 24
Best friendly gay environment in London. Music is great, staff are very attentive and respectful.Music and DJ's amazing Especially at the 80's party called...
Seybean ..
04:44 12 Feb 24
ew brother ewww white gay men everywhere insane!!! stinks everywhere................................................
Mauricio Monteiro
08:56 28 Jan 24
Barman charged me $5 for a glass of water. I said "5 bucks for tap water?" He said "welcome to New York!". Well... No tip and no more orders after that.Admission costs $25 and coat check $4. Long lines - be patient.Doorman was so rude while I was waiting my taxi, asking us unpolitely to wait inside - I argumented I couldn't because there was no internet signal there. To avoid problems, I left the premises and waited in the pouring rain...For the owner: please train your employees to be more gentle with your clients.
05:10 24 Jan 24
I had fun, one of the DJs I liked was playing so me and my friends danced all night. Only thing I didn’t like was that it’s cash only, the entire bar… it’s 2024 not 1990.
Sako Simonian
06:19 15 Jan 24
I really had bad experiences at eagle. Staff are extremely rude.. One of the security pushed me while I was making out with someone. He was extremely aggressive. Please be careful. Very uncomfortable place to be. ALL STAFF are very rude and very uncomfortable to be at eagle. Very unpleasant place.
Scott C.
23:19 14 Jan 24
Paella? What?? I am nearly certain Paella is not on any the at the Eagle NYC. Hot leather boys and hard working men is the scene I am looking for and the...
James V.
16:30 05 Jan 24
Great atmosphere and location. They only take cash- who doesn't take credit cards now a days?
23:30 02 Jan 24
Visited Eagle with my gay best friend all the way from Houston, Tx and honestly, was a disappointment. My friend and I always go to gay bars together and as a woman, no one has ever had a problem with me being at a gay bar. We always have a good time together and even with other people. I’ve never had a gay man come up to me to tell me that I shouldn’t be at a gay bar until December 31st, 2023. Mind you, I was not the only woman in Eagle that night. I was having a great time and for him to ruin it was not a good moment to the point where I felt so uncomfortable and I had to leave. The atmosphere truly was something else and it wasn’t a great one either. To the person who said those nasty words to me, thank you for ruining my New Year’s Eve but seriously, do better as an older person and mind your business. The staff however, were kind and to the security guy in the front, muchas gracias por todo! I was so excited to spend my New Year’s Eve there but sadly, that got ruined.
19:03 31 Dec 23
Visiting from Los Angeles, I can safely say Eagle is one of the best run gay bars I’ve been to. Security was fantastic, coat check was organized, ATMs were spread throughout the venue, and the drinks were strong. Will absolutely return next time I’m in NYC
Phillip L.
23:41 19 Dec 23
If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime then this is the place for you, I have never experienced something like this, it was my first leather bar...
Zane Garcia
23:26 04 Dec 23
Was very disappointed. We both paid $25 cash cover. Went in and it was very crowded. Not in a fun way. In the way it's hard to walk through sometimes and everyone is just standing around. Barely anyone was in gear. Nothing at all happening inside. Some people playing pool, and a basic dj. Margarita from the cash only bar was okay. Spent maybe 20min here before leaving. Out of all things in nyc, this was the most not worth the money thing. Would have been much better off going to a regular gay bar.
Koen K.
20:03 15 Nov 23
Why charge $25 cover per person for a cash only bar on week days. No special event. There are better places like the Cock.
Dickie Som
08:05 02 Nov 23
I went to this location for the first time, and I had an amazing time The staff was very respectful, even down to security. this location is very big on safety they provide the necessary tools you need to be safe the music was good very big and spacious, and everyone that was having a good time was very respectful to one another. I would highly recommend going.and Bring a friend. And another friend and another friend. if I can add more stars, I would.
Sam P.
15:29 29 Oct 23
Best Paella I've ever had!! I went in after my friend told me about it and she was sure right! My life has changed
Richard Morgan
18:57 23 Sep 23
I went for the first time lastnight I’ve never know that club like this is in nyc i have the most amazing time plus the staff meaning security and bartenders are super nice i definitely recommend
Alexander P.
17:35 22 Sep 23
So much fun and debauchery. Perfect for the single man on the prowl or adventurous couples. The staff has always been very cordial and professional. The...
Waldir Achury
14:21 04 Sep 23
I would be very honest if I said I felt beyond horrible , we donde went cuz we have a plan we went cuz we were looking a place to dance and the guy in my hotel told us about the place . We arrive front door guy was very nice but the atmosphere was very weird , and I feel insecure, then we went to buy drinks and I could say with my heart I never feel so disappointed of being gay and Latin , the guy that go take my order was racist and he didn’t like us there , he literally said : why you’re here ! . I understand that maybe we weren’t in the dress code, but we were wearing pants shirt very casual , I don’t know if he wanted us to be naked ?.Then I asked for a soda , I don’t knew what they sell ? So I ask what kind of soda you guys have , he reply this is America so we have everything. It was rude it was very disappointing and at some point I felt someKind of humiliation.We stay there for 20 minutes , and we just left , there’s not security there so we can see how the people were touching each other and try to steal from them , I don’t know if the place have any knowledge about it but it happens so I just would like to say IF YOURE DESPERATE FO THERE . I try to speak with someone about my experience but no one was able to pick the phone and said a word. Which means the support and “gay friendly” environment it’s just an excuse to make money and allow thiefs
Lucas V.B.
00:56 30 Aug 23
Favorite bar in all of our stops while on my first visit to NYC. Great music and atmosphere. Huge space. Sexy vibe.
Ian M.
23:22 27 Aug 23
Place is very limited to Wednesday and Sundays. Any other day this place is dead. Bar tenders are rude. Even the non bartenders, Specifically Joe, felt the...
Suspicious Gay
22:10 23 Aug 23
Why men need womenI never thought I'd say this, but men really do need women.For anyone who disagrees, spending just one night at the Eagle should immediately disabuse them of any such notions to the contrary.This May, I was - what I initially thought - lucky enough to spend one night within the confines of this establishment.We arrived at about 10pm, late by most standards, to find the venue rather deserted - except for the bears wearing nothing but jockstraps wandering around the second floor. This, perhaps, was our first warning sign.Unperturbed, however, we proceeded to purchase cocktails - spicy margs of course - before settling into a corner to watch the evenings events unfold.The venue itself began to fill up from around 11pm, and was positively overflowing with men from 12pm. Shirts made a disappearance from midnight.Dear reader, as I’m sure you are already aware, without the presence of women to uphold the morals and norms of our society, men quickly revert to a more animalistic state. For straight men, this tends to involve hitting things, being smelly, or searching for a woman with whom to found the next generation.But for gay men, for whom procreation is impossible, this leans more towards the habit of spraying their future generations up the walls or onto any unsuspecting individual that just so happens to be nearby.It was 1am when I turned to my friend on my he dance floor - surrounded by a sea of sweaty, testosterone-covered, gyrating white bodies, and remarked: ‘Oh my gawd! - picking up the local lingo obvs - There are no women!’We both froze, the gravity of what this meant suddenly dawning on us.Looking to my left, I saw muscle gays fondling each other, switching to my right, i spotted bears doing much the same, with some Lycra-clad bicycle gays - clearly didn’t get the shirtless memo - up to no good behind them.Peering through the near impenetrable wall of sweaty bodies, I saw a man on his knees doing something to another man that I shall not defile present company’s ears by describing in a public forum.Dear reader, a night at this establishment is a must at least once in your life - but maybe just once. And, as I now always say, attend for the vibes - not because you want to find someone.On my trip, I made the mistake of doing the latter, which meant I only met one man worth talking to. ‘Oh my gawd, you’re from London, I love The Times newspaper,’ he gurgled between tequila shots. This immediately prompted an in-depth discussion from myself about the future chances of Nicola Sturgeon in the next general election, and whether the reign of the SNP was at an end.Let’s just say, his love of The Times may now be tested.
Jose F.
22:09 20 Aug 23
We came to NYC to celebrate my 50th birthday and decided on the Eagle, Sunday, August 6th. While at the Eagle, we met bartender Richard who we kept coming...
Oliver Anene
06:54 19 Aug 23
Queer NYC nightlife is getting worse unfortunately. It needs a miracle.I went to Eagle NYC on a Friday because one of my favorite DJs was playing. Friends and I went to the bar to get a drink, and my friend mistakenly ordered a whiskey soda, instead of a whiskey cola. We didn't even leave the bar when I realized so I nicely asked the same bartender if he wouldn't mind making me the correct drink. He blatantly said no. So I left the drink with him at the bar, and he immediately threw it away and walked away. Later on, I was making out with a friend and Security tapped me on the shoulder and told me "not here". When I asked where then, he said "not here!". All it takes is one bad experience, and this was it for me. Never going back ✌🏾
Gerard Mc
07:23 02 Aug 23
Been meaning to check this place out for ages and finally did. Only the ground floor was open which is fine as it’s a weekday. The overall vibe was more creepy as opposed to cruisey. Constantly felt like I was about to get pickpocketed or have my drink spiked.
Kyle M.
19:27 01 Aug 23
Always a great place for the boys! NOT appropriate for women so go with your twink somewhere else! Steep $25 cover on prime nights so that helps keep the...
dan R.
19:14 29 Jul 23
It was wild. I like it very, very much. And you can touch every body randomly. And everybody's enjoy it. It's great.
16:40 26 Jul 23
When I got there, I was so excited. I have been wanting to check this place out for the longest time. I walked in with my head high. When I entered, the music was sounding great, but it was almost like no one was listening. I am serious. No one was paying attention. It was just a bunch of dudes standing around saying nothing and being by themselves-which in fairness is most gay clubs in 2023. Hardly anyone was dancing, just standing around-most without any rhythm. Just bodies. It was so gay and yet not gay at all. I was afraid to look at someone let alone go up to someone and start a conversation. Everyone stood there and swayed lightly with the sound. No gay connections, no grinding---you might as well have women come and make it straight. Like you'd see some dudes in full gear standing alone for over an hour when there is a sea of guys.
Tony Woodrow
17:52 23 Jul 23
Attended for the first time on 13th JulyHad a brilliant time staff were amazing no issues getting served, spent a lot of time on the room terrace an excellent place.Also not as expensive as soon places we attendKeep up the good workVisitors from the UK
Mustafa N.
23:09 14 Jul 23
Your bar is discriminating I went and they tried charging me and my gay friends $25 each but let other people in for free right in front of me
20:55 10 Jul 23
When I got there, I was so excited. I have been wanting to check this place out for the longest time. I walked in with my head high. When I entered, the music was sounding great, but it was almost like no one was listening. I am serious. No one was paying attention. It was just a bunch of dudes standing around saying nothing and being by themselves-which in fairness is most gay clubs in 2023. Hardly anyone was dancing, just standing around-most without any rhythm. Just bodies. It was so gay and yet not gay at all. I was afraid to look at someone let alone go up to someone and start a conversation. Everyone stood there and swayed lightly with the sound. No gay connections, no grinding---you might as well have women come and make it straight. Like you'd see some dudes in full gear standing alone for over an hour when there is a sea of guys.
William Abraham
19:03 15 Jun 23
Fun bar with great music but the bartenders are consistently so rude, and it’s criminal that they do not provide any free water. Charging a massive cover and then also forcing customers to pay $5 for a wasteful plastic water bottle is the epitome of greed. I’ve never been to a bar anywhere in the world that didn’t give out free water.
Mark H.
13:42 15 Jun 23
Always a great vibe. Excellent djs. Cash only. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to come back for some Susan Morabito. Drinks are just fine.
Zeke g.
15:02 21 May 23
Cash only bar. We walked many blocks to get to the bar just to find out it's cash only! It's 2023. No bar should be cash only. What are they hiding???
19:41 25 Apr 23
When I got there, I was so excited. I have been wanting to check this place out for the longest time. I walked in with my head high. When I entered it was chaos. The music was sounding great, but very few were listening. It was just a bunch of dudes standing around saying nothing and being by themselves-which in fairness is most gay clubs in 2023. Hardly anyone was dancing, just standing around-some without any rhythm. Just bodies. It was so gay and yet not gay at all. I was afraid to look at someone let alone go up to someone and start a conversation. Everyone stood there and swayed lightly with the sound. No gay connections, no grinding---you might as well have women come and make it straight.
Karol Kubiak
04:14 19 Apr 23
Guy at coat check were the friendliest ever. Very reasonable prices for drinks. Guests - very eager to know each other. Had the best time ever. Thank you The Eagle NYC!
charlie fernández-pérez
13:58 13 Apr 23
Tell the 2nd floor DJ that he sometimes plays the music WAY TOO LOUD. we would have more fun if the music didn't destroy our ears. otherwise, the eagle is awesome. great, hot crowd, great music.
Geoff I.
10:16 28 Mar 23
Disappointing- Excessive cover charge.
Ricky Kinney
17:32 27 Mar 23
At first I was nervous about visiting the eagle in NYC. There are some harsh reviews here.I first visited on Thursday 3/23. The coat check staff were amazing. The bartenders were all friendly. I felt like the drink prices were reasonable. About $5 more than what I pay at the eagle in providence but it’s NYC. I did see security point their flashlight at someone once. But people need to be respectful of others. You can’t block access to others for your “fun.”Went back Saturday the 25th, and had an amazing experience. The guys at coat check asked my partner their pup name, which was cute. The bartenders were polite and the service was fast.I cannot wait to return!
khazim El khazim
18:02 23 Mar 23
Im listing the places I’ll visit again in my next trip to NYC i came up to this place and honestly I couldn’t ignore what had happened to me back in 2016 when the racist bouncer “white chubby and bearded” had to search me from head to toe and even had the audacity to tell me to”move around” to check me from behind all that ladies and gentlemen because I have a saudi passport with the traditional clothing as the the passport picture!! NOT TO MENTION he grabbed my passport and was checking through pages like i was in the airport!! he let all my friends pass!! I was so angry embarrassed iv never seen anyone being searched like that for a bar! i was drunk so i ignored it but never forget it!! And we literally didn’t stay for even 5 minutes, So yeah never again
Robert M.
01:40 23 Mar 23
I have been going to the Eagle for almost 10 years and it’s always been a favorite until the last year. With the increased cover charges, coat check always being an annoyance and a dwindling variety of people who go, they might as well move to Hell’s Kitchen.
Jonathan B.
15:27 12 Mar 23
Have been going here for years but had a really terrible experience. The bartender Johnny made two drinks while we went to the atm to get cash. There was an...
Gale L.
18:07 05 Mar 23
Iconic piece of gay culture in the heart of New York City. Please be aware of their cover charge as they charge before the outlined times.
Joseph P.
19:58 02 Mar 23
I've been going to the eagle for many years. In the last year they've gotten carried away with cover charges ranges from $15-$25. The cash only bar with...
Chris G.
23:43 08 Feb 23
Just don't get murdered. that is not good at all very sad NYC has become so dangerously vicious.
Joey Hagan
06:59 05 Feb 23
I was assaulted in this bar and yet the owners and managers didn't do a thing. So much for a safe space for the gays!Biden America right!
Jacob G.
20:22 21 Jan 23
An actual gay bar, god forbid.I still have a hard time processing just how hot the guys are. Maybe I should take up painting?
Kris Kurt
11:45 21 Jan 23
I went last night and never ever again , I will be really objective . Learn how to manage a bar, because it's really chaotic how you manage a "cruising bar", they had only one floor open last night , so this is not a problem at all , but when you put a bar completely in the dark and you can't see absolutely nothing they are a problem, 3 poor spotlight reds at the bar and some lights at the clockroom , the rest of the bar absolutely no light at all. The barman who don't know what to do with his body who walk around, It's very, very annoying, and who talk to himself , it will be better he talk to the customers than talk to himself. The price of the drinks are not displayed anywhere, so apart from if I didn't see because it was so dark, but I did look though, another lesson to learn maybe? displayed the price list of your drinks, to know what the customer is going to pay, same at the cloakroom no price displayed, apart from tips Then the "cash only" is a bit limited in 2023, don't you think??? the COVID did not teach you anything ?
bkny11215 bkny11215
01:19 14 Jan 23
The staff is top notch. Friendly, fun. But a $3 ATM fee is not. Charging people a premium to spend more money at your bar is greedy. Especially after a $25 cover.
Scott Konkol
16:19 18 Dec 22
They’ll loose your jacket.Went there last night and waited in a 30 minute line just to check my jacket. Kept the ticket till the end of the night. Gave the ticket to the attendant but they had given my jacket to someone else. They told me to wait till the end to see if it was somewhere, which it was no where to be found. They made no offer to replace it. I wear a L they gave me someone else’s unchecked S jacket so I could get home in the middle of the winter.They take no responsibility for their actions of not properly taking care of your property. Even when a nice worker there tried to help me the Manager Oscar pretty much just shooed me away. And it was my birthday on top of it. Really terrible way to treat customers.
Scott K.
08:23 18 Dec 22
They'll loose your jacket. Went there last night and waited in a 30 minute line just to check my jacket. Kept the ticket till the end of the night. Gave...
robert gray
07:59 24 Nov 22
Was having a great time at the Wednesday night jockstrap party until I went upstairs and encountered a woman who had stationed herself in the dark room and was ogling the gay men having sex. When I complained, the bouncer told me she was more than welcome... Don't understand that at all unless it's part of their new policy to keep the friskiness to an absolute minimum....
Daniel Mijares
20:42 30 Oct 22
I have four times already . It was before the pandemic but the bar is amazing, good drinks, friendly people and nice music. I think it’s my favorite place in NYC.
13:44 20 Oct 22
Great loaction, good music ... BUT a jockstrap party where 50% of the crowd wears ordinary street wear doesn't make sense. Wouldn't be possible in a similar club in Berlin.
Max Gooding
09:19 18 Oct 22
One of my favorite bars in the city. The only leather bar left. Great staff and atmosphere. Sadly the new dance floor and the door cover has changed the clientele but at least it creates more space.
Faell Santos Channel
20:43 11 Oct 22
It’s a good place, I’ve see couple crazy ppl over there. But it’s nice the bar and the stuff, and Friday it’s the best day on my opinion. So enjoy your time there 😁😏
Jeremy A.
21:10 08 Oct 22
I skate and get into sock fetish domination. Great place to find guys to humiliate. Hit me up here now http://www.onlyfans.com/skaterdudejeremy
Steven G.
10:36 30 Sep 22
Loved it ! Nice staff drinks reasonable! Wednesday nites are amazing! Had a ball The leather store is rather expensive- an Eagle cap for $35 ???? Really!!! Lol
Eran H.
01:31 22 Sep 22
I used to go out to this place all the time, when I went out to "regular" gay venues, no matter how much music was good / Location was nice, I was never...
François Lemay
14:04 19 Sep 22
Went on a Sunday night. Had a great time . Very busy. Full of sexy men , leather or not , all ages , all types. Good music, friendly staff. Loved everything about this place .
Justin C
01:15 11 Sep 22
So glad I read the reviews prior to going. 25$ coverage with expensive drinks - get over yourself. Come to the Eagle in Toronto where it’s free admission, 5-8$ drinks, and a great open fun area with no hovering security.
Christopher Borg
14:03 08 Sep 22
One of my favorite bars in the city. The only leather bar left. Great staff and atmosphere. Sadly the new dance floor and the door cover has changed the clientele but at least it creates more space.
ivan peralta
02:54 01 Sep 22
Expensive, every night they charge from15 dollars or more, with a weak excuse, also the drinks are so expensive and little. They are milking the gay community. They need to improve cleanliness so bad and more because of MP🦍 and COVID.
Robert T.
12:54 23 Aug 22
I used to like the Eagle, but the gay men here are kind of terrible. The staff is fantastic! Drinks are a little on the expensive side of things and not...
Omar M. Velázquez
23:06 18 Aug 22
I love this party place. My favorite in New York
Joey Messina
04:08 14 Aug 22
The security team is very patient in solving problems for customers… they have to break up sex due to NY law but you are free to do as you want when they walk away!
Georgi L.
19:59 05 Aug 22
Great experience. The staff is really friendly and the bartenders are awesome. The music is amazing also
ray s
01:17 24 Jul 22
cover charge $25 a little much on Saturday but bf and I had a great time on Saturday and Sunday nights
Steven W.
20:42 02 Jul 22
Don't waste your time here if you want a true NYC experience . It's Cash only , and shady as fuck . I don't recommend .
Will S.
14:57 26 Jun 22
it's fun but y'all should sell gum in the gift shop fr. 5 stars if you did
Nick T.
11:47 14 Jun 22
The eagle was so fun, my partner and I went on a Sunday night. The rooftop was closed due to weather which was a bit disappointing. I think you know what to...
Darin May
02:51 11 Jun 22
I don't pay cover charges. Period. I'm not that desperate for social contact.
Brian D.
05:37 03 Jun 22
I Eagled regularly pre-pandemic for 10 years, one of my favorite places. It's had its ups and downs with the city and the neighborhood requiring changes,...
John-Thomas T.
19:22 31 May 22
Love, Love, Love this place! It´s raining men!
Adam Hermance
09:43 17 May 22
Always a great time. Strong pours, friendly staff, gear store, cruisy. Just remember it’s cash only.
04:55 16 May 22
My boyfriend cut his arm and was bleeding. I ask stuff if they have the first aid kit or simply a bandaid and I was told to just wash it and apply pressure and he’ll be fine.
John D.
23:39 07 May 22
Culturally appropriated by straight women. Why are they allowed in spaces for gay men??? Ridiculous.
Steven Lastname
02:10 05 May 22
I loved The Eagle pre-Covid but a $25 cover? Get over yourself Eagle. Absolutely not. And the bizarre security that is continuously clutching it’s pearls that shenanigans might be going on. Give me a break. Definitely not worth it. Pass.
Steven G.
19:43 04 May 22
$25 cover? For what? Pearl-clutching security constantly shocked that shenanigans might be happening? At the leather cruise bar? Look, if you don't want us...
Eric Muller
15:12 02 May 22
Very large club with several levels and multiple bar areas. Music was good and the dance floor on the first level is large. Started to really get busy after midnight.
Benjamin Bailey
07:05 24 Apr 22
A great time altogether, at first. My partner and I were finishing a drink and the bouncer threw our drinks to the ground and said we must leave. I asked “Why?” He replied, “He’s stumbling.” We paid more than $50 for the two drinks he threw to the ground and we attempted to remain calm. The bouncer proceeded to exclaim that we had to leave immediately. My partner and I are very relaxed individuals so we complied, however, we live in Manhattan and will never return to The Eagle. What was once a safe place now feels threatening. Very unfortunate.
Skyler Samples
04:56 10 Apr 22
0 stars.... 25$ dollar cover charge cash only. Only for security to watch you get stamped and then physically have to check it. Then security walking in acting with no sense Then coat check and expensive drinks. No thank you . If you wanna spend 45$ walking in please go here
ed matheus
19:29 06 Apr 22
It’s an adult playground? Why they treat their costumers like a children? Why the guards are so rude? Why they charge 25 bucks only for admission???
Natalie R.
01:00 29 Mar 22
Y'all, this was an amazing experience. Try it! It was worth it and initially different from anything I've ever experienced but I'd do it again!
Christopher Cruz
13:35 26 Mar 22
Love Eagle NYC, & honestly it's been a few years since I've visited. I recently attended the DILF party and it was awesome! Great music, tons of guys & very mixed crowd, almost forgot COVID is still a thing. The new dance floor they added is amazing! Only issue is the cash only bar at an underwear party. My friend lost money & I'm sure many people do, hard to really stash your cash if you're only wearing underwear.
Spiro Dimakas
03:09 20 Mar 22
“This is not Paddles” - Staff Member upset with Male Nudity
Mark Scott
04:44 13 Mar 22
This is a nice enough place but on a Saturday, no thanks! $25 cover, $4 coat check, $10 drink, $2 tip. That is $40+ just to get in and start the night. There is nothing appealing about that at all. It isn’t exactly inclusive either as only well off people can afford it, so you’re going to spend your night surrounded by people who are all pretty much the same and pretty wealthy. Nor is it good value for money because nothing special happens inside. Expensive and a massive hike in cover compared to pre COVID. Got to feel ripped off. No thanks :/
Keremy Jucharek
23:12 04 Mar 22
Heard a lot of things about The Eagle and decided it to try it out one Saturday. To my surprise, there was a $25 cover to get in. Nowhere on their instagram did they mention any sort of cover, so it was annoying to pay for an Uber only to see it cost more than my trip to get in. In my experience, any LGBT spot in NYC that feels the need to charge a cover isn't worth the price of admission, so I left. STATE THAT THERE'S A COVER ON YOUR INSTAGRAM! DON'T SCAM PEOPLE!
Skylar Dove
06:25 03 Mar 22
So I went to have a good time tonight and when I went to retrieve my belongings, my wallet was completely missing from coat check. When I went back in minutes from noticing, they acted dumb. I flipped out and asked them to check the cameras and threatened legal action. Suddenly my wallet turned up. But my wallet was missing my debit card. Don’t trust this coat check. Keep your belongings safe. They will steal your items.
Brian S.
08:16 20 Feb 22
New dance floor is nice but what's with the cash only nonsense, $4 ATM fee, and $25 cover charge?
Brandon B.
10:53 06 Feb 22
I usually try to spin through here if I'm visiting the city on a weekend. One of the best parts is an outdoor bar on the roof: even in cold weather it's...
Constantine Nunzio
20:36 17 Jan 22
It's been some years since I been there but I had a wonderful time there with my friends! Good music, friendly patrons and lots of hot men! The Bartender was very friendly and so was the barber. I look forward to returning to The Eagle on my next trip to NYC.
keenan julies
17:09 01 Jan 22
fun. not great for dancing but got my rocks off - so no complaints!
Rikard Pendergrass
14:50 23 Nov 21
God, where do I even start. If you’re a little pig in anyway just come here and have a great time. Saturdays are insane and sunday’s on the roof are the best.
Paul Fox
15:16 12 Nov 21
There's a ring of people that are actively pickpocketing phones and wallets out of this bar. I've had my phone stolen from this bar 3 times in the last 2 months. Twice from my pocket and once from coat check.
Claude R.
22:50 23 Oct 21
Not very good when a BAR charges $20 you can't move around. Drinks are reasonably priced for NYC, that and the DJ is all they have to offer. What a waste of...
Sudhir B.
18:50 17 Oct 21
Really rude coat check man who ruined my evening just after I bought my overpriced beer and got in a really nice mood. This is the second time I've had a...
Sean M.
14:09 07 Oct 21
You should really update your hours. I just walked all the way over here from the upper East side
Isaac B.
17:43 27 Sep 21
Overpriced and boring. If you are in the younger crowd or POC there are better places like the Cock.
Howie L.
12:00 24 Sep 21
A great place to read your cell phone all night with a beer. No ones speaks to anyone else. It is like Gay leather Highschool with beer (but no actual leather)
Garrett B.
17:35 13 Sep 21
$20 to get into a bar so you can overcharge for bad cocktails??? No thanks.
Rob M
11:35 30 Aug 21
Best place for go for drinks and that naughty nightlife. 😜
ric d.
21:06 28 Aug 21
Saturday Night Rip-OffJust arrived by Uber to have a quick drink, only to discover that there's a $20 cover charge. The Management knows damn well that...
Gregory M.
13:53 26 Aug 21
I'm coming to this bar longer than some of the patrons have been alive. I am all for inclusivity, however, I do not care for the cisgendered Women and their...
Richard Bassett
05:42 09 Aug 21
From the moment I walked into this establishment, I was instantly mesmorized by the music. Wild and crazy. Hedonistic and forbidden I could let myself go. Ten minutes after I arrived, I met my future husband. If i ever catch a break from dinners, doing dishes and making beds... i would like to go back there one day
Zachary Taha
08:28 18 Jul 21
First off don’t ask me for proof of vaccination. My personal health choice and as a registered nurse in Boston it’s against HIPPA to ask me about my health records, your bar shouldn’t be open if your requiring people to show proof first off. I was completely shocked when I was asked clearly there dead for a reason. There was no one even out side so when y’all go out of business just realize why! All the other places in New York were packed fun no vaccine proof required so I would recommend everyone going somewhere else
Brandon Penn
13:17 06 Jul 21
Tuesday night was a fun time. 🙂
18:21 04 Jul 21
Back and better than ever. Great rooftop...especially for the Sunday Beer Blast...and great all around the other days. Pic is from Pride Sunday 2021. So "leather" or not...Eagle is the best bar in NYC.
Kevin Linares-Ruiz
17:41 04 Jul 21
It’s that place every guy must go to once in their lifetime. Fun for sure
Rob In CT
00:30 14 Jun 21
Eagle is back! Forgot how much I missed it during covid. Hot friendly guys of all ages. Amazing rooftop. No straight females like other bars. Love it much.
Julius Simmons
06:34 13 Jun 21
Love it great club
James S.
00:57 05 Jun 21
Denied entry for not having a proof of vaccination . A ridiculous policy. I don't care what the rules are, that's ridiculous and should be fought against
01:42 25 May 21
Always friendly, something for everyone, be social or get lost in the dark spots 🙂
Kyler Z.
06:35 19 May 21
In a million years I would never have imagined a place that purports to stand for inclusivity and freedom implement such blatant discrimination. Maybe we...
DJ Coffee Bay
11:22 17 Feb 21
Please info us when it will be opened.. Thank you Eagle NYC
Ed B
15:11 16 Nov 20
Its fun and different but its nyc and some of the guys can be unfriendly. COVID restrictions have pretty much been devastating the bar scene and here is no exception. Not the way it used to be.low music,super expensive cover charge no socializing just sit at a table, lonely and sad...
Aaa Aaa
03:26 15 Oct 20
A slice of classic New York city this is what the town is made of. Three stories of non-stop naughty fun! At the very top you’ll find a fabulous rooftop with a view of Manhattan, and underneath the city lights you will find the friendliest crowd in all of the city. This is a must for any kinky visitor or resident!
Kirkland G.
06:30 21 Sep 20
Bane: "Theatricality and deception; powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated, aren't we Bruce?"That pretty much sums up one's experience...
Bobby Hamilton
21:20 13 Dec 19
Gotta love The Eagle. None like it. That being said, not for the faint of heart (in a good way)! Go before 10pm to avoid a cover. Cool theme nights and plenty to look at 🙂
Michelle B.
09:24 04 Nov 19
Walked in this place thinking it was a regular bar. A nice 20s-30s crowd, lots of walking space. I'm not a gay man but if I was and wanted to hook up...
Zackery Hastings
08:54 29 Sep 19
the best eagle in the states. 3 levels, friendly bartenders, beautiful charismatic men. it’s not overly sexual and you can feel comfortable hanging there with a friend.
Marco Klein
08:06 06 Jul 19
Came here for the first time last night during my trip to New York. Staff at cloakroom patiently answered all my questions, with only a slight tone of condescension, but overall very friendly and helpful. Despite the crowds, very short queues at the bar. Good atmosphere, I had a great time and I went again today. Reminds me a bit of Berlin. Loved the rooftop terrace.

Eagle NYC reviews from Google Maps, Yelp and WhereIs.Gay


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