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Landmark LGBT community bar in the historic Castro neighborhood for over 20 years. Noted for friendly staff, cruisey ambiance, generous, well-priced drinks, & fun benefit events. Everyone's welcome 365 days a year!



The Edge
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Jack Tso
00:35 11 May 24
Fun place to have a good cocktail for happy hour. Very good music on Friday after 5pm.
Ed U.
18:37 03 May 24
On a lazy weekday afternoon past 3PM, The Edge doesn't feel all that edgy. It feels like a convivial gathering spot in contrast to the dark and cruisey...
Salvador G.
22:40 27 Apr 24
This is the second time that I had a bad experience with the staff I got a drink for me and my friend and used my credit card and got the paper signed and...
Alexis C.
09:34 27 Apr 24
For the bartender who served me on 4/25, you need to get another skill. The amount of attitude when asking for a drink kindly and clarifying my order after...
Sean Zhang
08:25 16 Mar 24
This bartender is the rudest and disrespectful, Asian hate crime human work in this bar. We will fight to get a justice soon .if you are the owner saw this , please contact us ASAP before the law suits !
Salvador G.
16:36 04 Feb 24
The bar is been grate but some of the bartenders just come for the money service is been bad no everybody but most of the staff hope they do something to...
Jenise K.
14:57 31 Dec 23
Refused to serve me because I was black! I was super was really excited to check out this spot. They were so uncomfortable.
Brian N.
10:55 30 Dec 23
I recently went to The Edge in San Francisco and it was everything I loved in an amazing gay bar! They actually fixed the problem that wasn't good. Now the...
Carl G
07:13 30 Dec 23
Quite literally the worst gay bar you will ever go to! Rude bartenders pulling attitude horrible music and bad drinks ! Overpriced I would never go here again!!!!
Betty F.
07:38 07 Dec 23
Betty Fastgear says no more edging and they did not give Betty her 54th everyclear bottle, however bam was cool fella.
Adam B.
22:45 13 Nov 23
While most of the bartenders here are respectful and nice, I just hope you dont have the unfortunate luck of Steve as your bartender. Had a night out here...
John V.
10:09 24 Oct 23
Best poured drink. Awesome Christmas party can't wait to enjoy another another Jell-O shot
Dario Zerpa
15:59 18 Sep 23
Becarful with this place I came here fir the first time and I had just 2 drinks and I was charged for over of that. The bartender like to add drinks to your account he like to keep your credit card to open the account, you ask for the check before close . Theres not check, you must to pay what he say and you ask for manager there is not manager. And you don't know if the tip is included or not . Never again
David L.
20:39 28 Jul 23
There's a Thursday night drag show and (of course) this week's was Barbie night.Very fine spot. The guys at the door were friendly, bartenders and crowd...
Christopher Lloyd
01:01 11 Apr 23
Love this bar! Everything about it! Drinks, staff, location, events, community, history. You’ll make good memories here. For sure!
James B.
03:44 27 Mar 23
Rude, bizzare, I was reàlly shocked. When the bartender who perpetually ignored me....a little unattractive dude. Accused me of racism for asking for the...
Scott Hallman
08:55 25 Mar 23
Encountered the rudest bartender I’ve ever dealt with. After he was so rude we did not even order a drink we just left. Won’t be going back. It was our first time trying that bar. The people seemed cool there just not used to the attitude behind the bar. Judging by other reviews this is a common problem. Never been treated like this at any other bars in the Castro. We have only had good experiences at all the other bars. Just skip this one and go elsewhere where your business and money are valued.
Fred Siegel
04:44 13 Mar 23
We stopped by earlier this evening, hoping to watch the Academy Awards. The senior bartender, I think his name is Steve, told our bartender that they would not be playing the sound for the Academy Awards show. We left and missed our friends. They were there and said they did play the sound for the Oscars. It was frustrating.BTW, the same bartender told us they weren’t paying the sound for the World Series and in fact we found out later they did.
08:48 10 Mar 23
Beautiful show on Thursday but the bar was giving us negativity vibes, they refused to give us a 3rd shot because it was within less than 2 hours. It was unnecessary, we were lit and it was our first spot, we werent even drunk. So annoying
Steven Lastname
04:09 06 Mar 23
Five stars for musical nights on Monday and Wednesday. Everyone sings along and it’s really fun. The rest of the time the bar is just ok, which isn’t entirely its own fault; the Castro itself isn’t what it once was either. But for the Castro I’d say this is the best and most legit bar along with Twin Peaks.
Candelario Saldana
21:25 25 Feb 23
If you’re looking for a chill vibe where everyone is welcome make sure to check this bar out. The bartender was amazing even after he told us he was off for the night he still made sure that we were okay while he did his side cleaning.
Ernest M.
15:53 04 Feb 23
Hey everyone, Edge is a great chill bar with amazing people running the place. They have special event nights and raise so much money for gay causes. The...
Rebecca T.
14:08 04 Feb 23
I have to say, Steven is the quintessential bartender and always in a good mood, has an amazing personality and is fun loving and the joy we all need in our...
Jacob S
02:38 13 Jan 23
I got discriminated against for having a shirt with a gun on it. The bartender there feels unsafe around images of guns. This is so anti American it's gotta be a CCP meeting location.
Dahvie J.
11:51 15 Dec 22
UPDATE (12/15/22): The Edge management team has quickly addressed this issue to my satisfaction. I'd like to thank them for helping to restore my faith in...
Ryan J.
10:12 14 Dec 22
The Edge has been the regular haunt for me and my friends for the last couple of years. Musicals Nights are what we refer to as "Gay Church" and we truly...
Christian D.
20:46 10 Dec 22
What makes this bar great is the neighborhood vibes that are produced by the amazing employees there so naturally when they begin firing those employees...
Dylan P.
10:34 09 Dec 22
The Edge use to be my friends go to bar because it had the neighborhood bar feeling. This bar also made us feel safe because on Thursday-Monday nights Elvis...
Dallas T.
13:28 06 Dec 22
I love the bartenders here but the star of this place is the young guy at the door. He is so sweet and we need more POC people in the Castro. I read some of...
William P.
10:26 31 Oct 22
I have been coming to this bar off and on for over 20 years and have never experienced such rudeness and hostility from a staff member from any gay bar in...
Lee W.
04:09 17 Oct 22
Busy friendly bar in the Castro. They have happy hour many nights till 7pm and it's busy during this time. One of the few Castro bars where the staff make...
Jaqueline Boyles
17:24 09 Oct 22
I had the worst experience at the place. People of color are treated differently. Staff are so entitled and super rude. It was my first time there and I will never come back. STAY AWAY!!!!
Brian N.
20:19 08 Oct 22
I've been coming to this bar for quite a while. I loved it. However, it's not quite what it used to be. They need new security staff to work their door. He...
Rômulo Santos
04:40 03 Oct 22
This is A RACIST BAR! Unfortunately part of the staff are just mean people who cannot coexist with anything other than white beauty standard gays. I’m extremely disappointed with how businesses are being treated at this bar. Racist, elitist and even homophonic. Stay away!
08:07 08 Sep 22
Bartenders aren’t friendly, only one restroom for the whole bar….
21:36 05 Sep 22
Just moved here from Washington, DC and this place is amazing. I’ll be back.
human avij
04:17 18 Jul 22
Great bar, music, atmosphere, but unfortunately the front door guy tonight july 17th, was extremely rude and obnoxious twoards the two guests infront of me without any reason, trying to instigating them to start a fight with him, but they calmly just walked in and ignored his immaturity. If the management doesn't take care of this, they will lose their business, I'm surely never will step my foot into thet placep if I see him in the front.
Andrew Hill
08:53 06 Jul 22
Great music. Great barback. Excellent vibe.
Michael C.
08:20 04 Jul 22
The Edge is a small, neighborhood LGBTQIA+ bar, located in the heart of the Castro District at the corner of Castro and 18th Streets. Operating since 1987,...
T. Andrews
15:32 03 Jul 22
The Edge and its staff are friendly and provides a good time on most nights. However, it also features drag shows like other gay bars to stay alive. It is getting harder to find a gay bar to socialize with friends without a theme or drag show that provides a safe and fun environment.
Patrick Schirmer
01:38 16 Jun 22
Great service and super nice atmosphere
Robbie M.
08:16 29 Apr 22
I'm a huge fan of the Edge, it's a great intimate neighborhood bar. Great for first dates, catching up with friends and meeting new people. (You can...
Wesley W.
21:00 27 Apr 22
Been coming to the Edge for 7 years. Love showtunes on Monday and Wednesday!However, after a covid hiatus coming back regularly and some things have...
Kevin M.
00:38 01 Apr 22
I've been coming to this place several years, mostly to check out the older dudes who take their evening cocktails here. Sadly, yesterday is the second...
Walter Aguirre
01:57 08 Mar 22
My first night in San Fran having fun with friends then we got to this bar, ordered drinks with a skinny peach queen, I told him what I needed he had an attitude already, and said "he could not hear what I said" I repeated my order and he still said he did not understand my order, tried a 3rd time and he started ignoring me. I order my drink with the bartender next to him and he gave me what I ordered right away. Then the deaf queen saw me with drinks and walked out of the bar and confronted me telling me to pay him the drinks he made for me. I told him he did not made any drinks for me, but he still wanted me to pay 24 dlls to him. I was so upset and told my friend to finish whatever they were drinking and go to another bar because the bartender had me so upset and I couldn't be there when I was treated so poorly. On our way out I asked another bartender for the manager, he said there was no manager but he was on charge, I tried to explained what happened and he was so nice and asked me if there was something he could do to fix the issue. I told him no, but I just wanted the manager or owner of the bar to know the kind of people he had working there, he ruined my night, I felt discriminated and its just unacceptable to treat a stranger bad for no reason. I do not recommend this place, especially if you are a person of color.
Torrpedo T.
16:02 02 Feb 22
I've lived in this neighborhood for too long to deal with the edge employee who was extremely rude and barked at us to move our bicycles against their...
William J.
04:32 20 Jan 22
Super friendly bartenders, great music, good clientele and great drinks. There's always something going on, promos, movies, Musical Mondays, sometimes,...
Raymond R.
10:37 20 Dec 21
We were able to stop in for a quick drink on what we quickly learned was a show tunes night. That was a very pleasant surprise!The bartender was so kind...
Stylus by Luis Rivera
02:53 23 Oct 21
It was so disappointing, way to crowded and we were charged $5 each “for entrance for the show” and there weren’t no show. It was a competition and it was over by the time we got in. Plus unfortunately for being a local drag queen Elsa Touche was extremely rude, not friendly and not polite at all.
Torrpedo T.
08:48 26 Sep 21
I've lived in this neighborhood for too long to deal with the c*nt edge employee who barked at us to move our bicycles against their temporary parklet. we...
Bokoblin Studios
15:48 01 Sep 21
Im only 13 so i cant go here but everytime I dream about it again I experience nocturnal emission
Natali M.
12:50 17 Aug 21
Small but it's set up to accommodate. Service was pretty quick at the bar for being a sat night. Not sure if bc covid is still among us. Highly appreciate...
cheri daniels
16:45 22 Jul 21
Very friendly and fun. Bartender Daven was exceptional. Took very good care of my friends and I even though it was super busy. Plus, he is sooo cute!!!
17:49 06 Jul 21
I am in love with the edge. Great staff all around, legit sweethearts. The company? Awesome! You always meet nice people at the edge. I definitely...
Eric H.
08:06 27 Jun 21
I was here on sat for pride weekend. I ordered a round of shots for my friends and the bartender deliberately added something else to my bill. It sounded...
Robin M.
21:03 20 Jun 21
If only I could give more than five stars. This place is better than a cool bar with a fabulous drag show. There is a bouncer there who made my just out...
Luke V.
08:05 20 Jun 21
Was excited for a post pandemic night out. Edge was one of our stops. Was insanely crowded but the vibe and clientele was just way off, from the screechy girl working the door to the go go guy to the B&T crowd. Awful. Didn’t even finish our drinks. This bar used to be fun enough but if this is the new normal no thanks.
Jude Blackwolf
04:50 18 May 21
I don’t know what to say. They know how to take care of customers. Make sure you tip your bartenders 💪🏾
Torrpedo T.
14:34 08 May 21
I've lived in this neighborhood for too long to deal with the bitchy c*nt who barked at us to move our bicycles against their temporary parklet. we planned...
Ashley Helget
18:53 18 Apr 21
the worst experience I've ever had at a bar. After getting my drink and it was way too strong- I put a splash of Gatorade that I had in my bag instead of having them re make me a drink. They freaked out and said that wasn't allowed- the waiter then literally threw the bill at us and said to come back when we're more mature and can follow rules? LOL. Then the host came to the table when we were leaving and kept belittling and yelling at us over a Gatorade. I had just left a bar where my Gatorade was on the table the entire time. he also gave us someone else's card and charged someone else for our drinks which is clearly illegal. Will never go back here.
06:43 06 Apr 21
Meh. They play like the same 15 musical numbers on repeat most nights and the people that work here are way too serious about their jobs.
gerry webster
20:50 05 Mar 21
Friendliest and best crowd and crew in the Castro. Adapted to Covid protocols very quickly. Inclusive and engaged business.
05:11 06 Nov 20
Miss the Thursday drag shows... excellent venue and friendly staff

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