The Goose

The Goose

A traditional pub in the heart of Manchester’s Gay village.

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We are a traditional pub in the heart of Manchester’s Gay village.

At The Goose we offer a warm welcome to all customers - with fantastic entertainment and superb offers throughout the week, there is something for everyone!

We offer Pieminister pies, and a delicious selection of Burgers & Hotdogs for you to enjoy!

The bar is fully stocked and ready with a great selection of drinks & cocktails.

We hope to see you soon!!



The Goose
Based on 83 reviews
03:57 21 May 24
Was walking past as a tourist and it looked busy at 10.30pm on a Sat so popped in. Fun atmosphere, mix of ages. People broadly friendly. Def more local than tourist vibe. Bar staff swept off their feet but were cool. Lots of 80s tacky music. Def worth a visit and i will def be popping back soon
Discover With Bailee (DiscoverWithBailee)
00:02 26 Oct 23
Ive been here twice and what an amazing place, the venue is absolutely spotless, the owners should be very proud, the toilets are super clean like clean, the cleanest ive been in. The whole entire place is so tidy and well kept, halloween decorations are so neatly presented and to the vibe. The entertainment is on point with the village, I feel very proud as a gay man to be here and enjoy this, the staff are on point they deserve 5stars for absolutely everything they should be throughly proud of what they have achieved I'm glad I found this hidden gem. I will return many times over and I would have no problem in recommending the goose to as many people as i could. Thankyou. Xx
Michael Lehrman
13:58 03 Sep 23
Really like this bar. Has a neighborhood feel rather than the tourist vibe I get from Canal Street bars. Good drag show. Good music. Attractive crowd.
Sally Williams
19:26 29 Aug 23
Spent a lot of Pride weekend there. So much fun
Jordy Turangan
12:32 18 Jul 23
Ever since I moved to Manchester, The Goose has become one of the places I actually enjoy going to. Some nights might be super busy but the times that are quiet are actually nice if you want to have a beer or too. The bartenders are super friendly and a big shout out to the girl with the red hair she's a super star, it's always nice to see her.Edit 18/07/2023. Her name is Jo and till this day she is still a superstar. I have not changed my opinion about the Goose!
Nicolette W
12:54 01 Jul 23
Absolutely love the Goose. My favourite bar in the village. Good music, great atmosphere and Ben, behind the bar, remembers what I drink.
Anna B
16:55 18 Jun 23
The whole experience in this bar was terrible. They could do to improve inclusiveness as it was extremely unfriendly and confrontational. It could do with a good clean too. It’s pretty basic and with the amount of good bars in the area, if you’re not in the clique, don’t go in!
Chris Morris
09:23 17 Jun 23
Came here on a Friday night, the place was packed but bar staff were super quick. Great venue, really good atmosphere
Shaun Day
11:20 03 May 23
Food pic’s inbound 🤤 this place is on a different level omg 🤤 egg sandwich 🥪 hash browns, kinder Donut 🍩 and the star if the show the French toast 🤤 amazing 5 star 😁
Greg B
16:22 12 Apr 23
spoke with Shaun the new Barman this afternoon who is a great addition to the Goose. My favourite pub because the drag queens have heart and the bar staff look you in the eye when they serve you a pint. The Goose is real and my Number One. Thanks Guys, Greg
Luke Proctor
20:23 27 Jan 23
Not the bar it used to be. Now, it's about treating some clientele better than others. Bar staff just laughed as another customer received personal abuse, mocking his looks. Very confrontational and unfriendly venue. Avoid if possible. Far better options elsewhere in the village. Not the place it used to be. Filthy, too.
12:40 15 Jan 23
Great LGBT bar in the heart of Manchester. The drag queen does DJ and karaoke there and she's entertaining. The prices are great and the vibe is good over there. I highly recommend it for a night out or a quick drink while bar hopping around canal Street in Manchester and the gay village.
Zac Garner
19:09 12 Jan 23
Me and my partner was asked to leave after I'd gone to the toilet, I went for a cigarette outside and all of a sudden was being asked to leave for no reason.. the bar staff member said we hadn't bought a drink yet we'd been there less than 2 minutes. Staff could not explain but very confrontational towards us. even the security guard said he would let the manager know as he didn't understand it. He was very nice with us and couldn't see why we'd been asked to go. Never experienced anything like this before very strange that there was not a single female in sight and they targeted us because a female was present. Seems very female exclusive.In response to your version of events. Yes I have stated I did go to the toilet and yes I did go outside for a cigarette.Whilst outside we were asked if we had bought a drink to which we said we hadn't. I was then told to put my cigarette out and leave.Now in response to you claiming I said i was lost and needed somewhere to dry off...why would I say this whilst outside in the rain?Me and my partner were just about to come back inside to order a drink. We were not even given the time to do this. I have worked in clubs and bars and it's not uncommon for people to have a cigarette prior to ordering a drink and sitting down. Can you tell me how I became aggressive, can you tell me what was said ?We did ask questions as to why we were being asked to leave but at no point was there aggression. If your staff felt threatened then why were door staff not informed?Once walked out by your staff, we spoke to your doorman who asked my partner to point out which member of staff we had spoken to. Your doorman asked us to point out the member of staff we had spoken to so he could raise a concern with management.At this point your member or staff opened the front door and told my partner to *f**k off" and to not allow us back in.We did speak to your doorman by the front door again before moving on so we could attempt to gain clarity on what had happened.What is CCTV going to show can I ask? There will be no sound so how can this back up what either have said?I have no issue if you would like to send me the CCTV personally.I would also like a copy of any incident report. This should have been written up by your doorman after we were walked outIf you would like to continue this conversation then feel free to email me.
Leanne Dawson
14:55 12 Jan 23
Experienced a very unprofessional bar tender who also seemed to be drinking at a table with friends whilst on shift. Was very rude. We attended many other bars in the area and their staff was lovely and polite. Would never return, seemed very clicky and if they didn't know you they wasn't interested in ur custom.
Jordy Turangan
09:30 18 Oct 22
Ever since I moved to Manchester, The Goose has become one of the places I actually enjoy going to. Some nights might be super busy but the times that are quiet are actually nice if you want to have a beer or too. The bartenders are super friendly and a big shout out to the girl with the red hair she's a super star, it's always nice to see her.
Alastair Woolley
20:37 22 Sep 22
Nice little pub with live entertainment and a decent beer selection. Staff very friendly.
Neil Watmough
19:26 02 Sep 22
Very very expensive. 2 vodka red bulls. £17.50.Not what I call inviting into a empty pub. . Can see why now!
Ian Wharton
10:45 02 Sep 22
It's one of my favourite places in the gay village and I regularly go for their karaoke nights on a Friday. Misty Chance is a fabulous host. The staff are friendly and the service is always excellent.
Barry Butter
17:33 26 Jul 22
Just not the same as it was when Patrick ran it. The last of the old guard gay pubs are finished now. It’s more a bar with local people largely gone
Nancy Pelosi
00:58 10 Jul 22
Me and my husband when there for some drinks and lunch. And I kid you not there was used condoms everywhere it was shocking to see the carpet is really damp with urine
Kyle Hilton
00:56 10 Jul 22
Called in there for a drink and there was a guy elbow deep in another guy 😣 I can't unsee the depravity
Polina Fokicheva
21:10 03 Apr 22
Queen DJing Sunday night was incredible, made me want to move back to Manchester :') Really chill spot open late, good vibes, good crowd, highly recommend
Luke Dudley
14:29 12 Mar 22
The goose has been a favourite for some time but it’s being let down by some of the door staff, like Lee, who seems to have a poor attitude to work and lacks the friendly welcome and positive approach most take to the customers. Coupled with the occasional threat of physical violence if you dear say otherwise, makes for a disconcerting start to a visit.If you can ignore that then you’ll be welcomed by a friendly entertainment team, fabulous cabaret, excellent bar staff like Pearl and Luke who take the time to check in on returning visits, remember who drinks what, even if it’s been a few weeks. The owners have really made the goose somewhere to visit while in the village. Just a shame the first thing you come across are difficult characters like Lee.
Craig Mckay
02:27 12 Mar 22
Absolutely lovely night at the gooseStaff were amazing & prompt at serving drinksHowever the bouncer Lee was extremely obnoxious and “power has went to his head” in relation on how to treat patrons.I have never had anything like this in any other bar in the village and I will always second guess coming here on a night out
23:40 17 Jan 22
(Visited Nov 2021)Misty’s quiz was a fun way to spend an evening- be sure to book a table in advance as it’s a small place!
Dan C
10:10 30 Oct 21
Sometimes is very busy and little space to sit, but the bar people are cheerful and nice. Prices okey.
Janine Bailey
19:57 23 Oct 21
Only been twice but we love Owen the barman who remembered us from weeks ago. (He is lovely) and the DJ tonight had an amazing vibe. Great atmosphere
James Andrews
18:06 01 Oct 21
Nice pub and friendly barman
19:17 22 Jun 21
Great little traditional pub. You'll find a mixed bag of anyone in here. Great drinks and nice atmosphere. They have shows on which are always a good laugh. It's behind canal street out of the way. If you are close by I would definitely recommend this hidden place.
Mike W.
09:32 28 Dec 14
Went in over Christmas. No beer, no white wine and no Whiskey.What a's been transformed from a great inner city pub. May have been scruffy but now...
Chris F.
08:39 18 Jul 12
Managesto be an Irish pub, old man's pub and a gay pub all at the same time. Quiteimpressive.I liked the 80s music but was less keen on the Unicorn Best...
Rebecca D.
08:15 12 Feb 10
From the outside, Paddy's Goose is a fainlty terrifying prospect, as there are usually quite chavvy gents smoking outside, who will eye you suspiciously as...

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