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The Grand Resort and Spa

Fort Lauderdale's premier gay men’s spa-resort

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The Grand Resort and Spa is Fort Lauderdale Beach’s premier all-male spa-resort. With 33 well-appointed rooms and suites, we are located just steps from the beach and convenient to all of Fort Lauderdale’s attractions and nightlife. As Fort Lauderdale’s first gay resort with its own full-service day spa, we can offer our guests an experience that is unique and wonderfully indulgent. From a relaxing Swedish massage to a haircut before your night out on the town, we can accommodate all of your needs right here. Our rates include complimentary WiFi, free parking, no resort fees, and continental breakfast. Our mantra for 20+ years has been to be both an exceptional value and memorable experience.



The Grand Resort and Spa
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Sean Burke
04:11 08 May 24
I recently visited The Grand for spa services. The property was very nice and offered numerous pools and relaxation areas.Thank you Roberto (Robert) for a phenomenal deep-tissue massage!!
Rusty V.
07:25 23 Apr 24
I am not sure why this place gets 5 stars. Went as a couple retreat and had to wait for our room since it was not ready. The spa team is constantly...
Bobby B.
16:27 07 Apr 24
Check in was a breeze, BobB was very knowledgeable He was also the bartender for happy hour, played great music & new about all of the hotspots in Wilton...
Chuck Tisa
17:57 20 Mar 24
Just want to say this was the best vacation I’ve had since I was on a cruise years ago. The staff here were so friendly (Bob and Victor)….the people staying here were friendly. Rooms were spotless…I asked for a one hour late checkout and no problem at all. New beautiful gym!4 beautiful pools and 4 jacuzzi’s. They did a Happy Hour on Fridays and Saturdays with awesome music and free drinks.Breakfast was a full hot Buffett…I give this place a 10 out of 10.Robert from the spa gave a great message….you can sleep or have a great conversation…your choice with Robert.If you don’t book here….it’s your loss!
John E Faulkner III
20:46 08 Feb 24
The Spa at the Grand Resort is exceptional. I had an exfoliating pedicure with Paula and a swedish massage with Robert. Each was thoroughly relaxing and professionally executed. I highly recommend each of these individuals and services. Looking forward to my next appointment.John Faulkner, Greensboro, NC
Jeffrey Cuevas
10:22 06 Feb 24
I recently visited a friend who was staying here for a month and it's really a nice place to stay. Friendly staff friendly guests and very nice grounds.
More mcCoy
19:07 24 Jan 24
did the massage and day pass this time around, now fully integrated into a four complex bonanza with multiple pools that provide respite from this windy day..
Stephen Smith
23:27 10 Jan 24
I have stayed at this property multiple times over the last ten years or so. This last visit will be my last time.I'll start with the positives. The location is still great being near the beach. Overall, the property staff are very focused on keeping the grounds clean and are all courteous. The spa is great and Robert is a fantastic masseur.On to the negatives. I booked four nights in early November and got a rate of $260 per night. A few weeks ago, I learned that I could extend my stay an extra night with no work conflicts. I called the hotel and asked if I could add one additional night to my stay in a room that wouldn't require moving. They told me that for the fourth night, I would need to pay $450! I don't understand why as a repeat customer and someone who had already booked four nights, they couldn't just honor the rate I was offered initially. Well they couldn't/didn't. Fine.I was supposed to check out Monday, 1/8 so on Sunday I inquired if I could arrange a late check-out. I was told no because someone was checking into my room later on Sunday. What? I am staying through to Monday. Well after researching, the front desk attendant said it appeared I was checking out Sunday. I blew a bit of a gasket, there, and then he realized no, I am staying one extra night. BUT, I needed to check out, first, and then check back in......for the same room! And had I not gone to the front desk to ask about a late checkout Monday, how would I have known that I needed to do this? No one told me at check-in.This place is far from a grand resort. Breakfast is ridiculous. For $450 per night, you can literally stay at the Hilton or Conrad and have a full-service 4-star hotel with all the amenities that goes with it. I am gluten intolerant and the only options at their breakfast is a hardboiled egg, a banana, or a yogurt. I might as well have breakfast at 7-Eleven. When I checked in, no one offered to help shlep my bags two building away on the second floor.The only reason people should stay here is if the only important factor in choosing your accommodations is to be naked and sit in a hot tub. The gyms they advertise as being on site have had the same equipment for decades.
John Christensen
21:27 27 Oct 23
Had a massage with Roberto and it was great! Best massage ever!
Brian Y.
17:11 15 Oct 23
Returning guest for the last 18 years. This is our happy place. 4 beautiful properties opened to one. 4 beautiful pools. 3 large jacuzzies. A staff that...
A. Sharrod
23:26 30 May 23
The place itself is cool and if you want to be left alone and just relax in peace you can absolutely do that. The staff is super nice, attentive and do not get in your way while relaxing or make you feel uncomfortable. Its clothing optional on the first floor and it's super lax and open.They have multiple pools and hot tubs to choose from and lil -paths to walk. Its 4 resort combines into one now so there is a lot to see while you walk around and options as far as where to hang or relax and be social. Happy hour is cool and kind of cliquey.While the location has no say so on who visits I will say as a person of color it's not the most diverse or welcoming to black and brown people. I went with a friend who has gone before and even they were taken a back by how uncomfortable we were made to feel at times. This is anything the resort did so much as just the type of guests who were there.This isn't not dig at the resort they were totally nice, respectful and welcoming. That was my first time visiting FTL and while I enjoyed my personal time at the resort I have no desire to return back to that kind of setting or crowd.If you are dark complexion and cool with being ignored or passive aggressively talked about you will enjoy this place. I did meet some nice people while there but go figure they were all from the NYC area. Would I recommend this place to other people, no. While the idea is cool the lack of diversity and the kind of crowd that attracts inadvertently made it clear this resort isn't for everyone.I enjoyed my time there but I walked away feeling like its a place that doesn't really cater or advertise to people of color. Its uber white and comes with everything that entails with.This is just my personal experience and the interpretation I walked away with.The resort itself was cool and I was in the pool as much as possible but I guess the make up of guests didn't make for the best experience while there. So be mindful it can give you very much high school cafeteria tea at times.
Jon B.
16:15 20 Feb 23
2023 the Grand has been bought, as the Worthington. The last time we were there 2022 it was starting to show it's age. NO improments have been made. Still...
Louis R
21:51 25 Jan 23
Overall the whole experience was amazing! I called Saturday Afternoon front desk was extremely helpful with what I was looking for ! I checked in Sunday to polite and quick service. They combined another resort and its now a huge private gay haven! VERY close to the beach. Three pools Three hot tubs towels sunscreen lotion water snacks fruit breakfast all provided. Two Gyms, clothing optional 💜. I checked out and was allowed to stay and hang they hold bags and provide a shower and changing area if you need! My room was clean spacious and close to office . There are many different areas to explore and honestly you wouldn’t have to leave the resort if you stock the refrigerator. Wilton manors is a 10-15min uber away. The main strip on Atlantic is full of people & places to eat and there’s a CVS close by. Its a 7-9min walk to sebastion beach(gayest) the resort had chairs you can take and large towels! I can’t say enough good things about the staff and resort highly recommended! THANK YOU
micha klee
10:23 17 Dec 22
From 9-28.11. we spent our vacations at "The Grand Spa and Resort".We have been coming to this hotel for 6 years now and always felt very comfortable. Over the years we have witnessed and accepted one change or another. Corona has also brought its changes and we like the changed housekeeping policy.The always very friendly staff (Bob, Paul and Bobby and Eduardo from housekeeping) do a good job and are always helpful and nice.Due to the change of ownership there were changes in the operation, which is now 4 properties.We find the opening of the 4 hotels good, even if this seems to make the service suffer a little. We come to the hotel as Europeans with a non-American cell phone and are supposed to call an American phone number for check-in. This is impossible.The intercom in the "Grand" does not work.The sun loungers are in terrible condition and no one feels responsible for repair or replacement.The wi-fi network "GrandResort" is a disaster. Every now and then we were lucky and could use the Worthington's network in our room 29. But this is not a standard. We asked several times all the staff and even the resort manager Scott, who told us that the IT specialist was just in the house, had no solution for us and never gave us an update again - weak unacceptable performance.At breakfast we miss the hot food that was available before Corona and was cut at that time by Corona measures. Not comprehensible is the sustainability thought, everything is offered on plastic cutlery and plastic dishes to throw away. In today's time the environmental protection thought should be much more considered here.The new price policy is absolutely not comprehensible.Why are early booking discounts no longer offered?Why are no more rejoiner discounts offered?What is the reason for the exaggeratedly high prices on normal dates? A Hilton and a Conrad (both 5-star hotels) offer rates for $280 and the Grand is priced at $290. Here, the owner/revenue department should think about the pricing once - the currently valid prices, even for the year 2023 are not appropriate, absolutely exaggerated and almost outrageous. We spoke with other guests who are also considering not to come back to the "Grand" at these prices.
Eugene Semikobyla
22:34 05 Dec 22
We went to the resort every year for the past 12 years (perhaps with an exception of 2020 and one other year) we really enjoyed the resort - it’s wonderful. This November was no different - wonderful. However - the previous owner sold it to some LLC company in May and it’s now run by property management company. When we checked out this year and tried to book the same room for the next year stay - as we always did in the past - we were quoted the price 60%!!!! more than it was in the past. The cheapest rooms in the resort now based on the new management basically is 290$ per night!! For that amount of money you can get oceanfront luxury hotel. We hate to stop going there but this is nuts. Pure and simple. Unless they comeback to their senses that’s it for us. The rooms have not been upgraded in a decade we were there - consistently nice and clean - but the same a little bit dated . To demand 60% more for the same - no thank you.
Steve Bertovich
13:59 05 Dec 22
Everything was great! Nice improvements occurring. Spa was amazing. I had the best massage that I ever had from Robert. Will definitely be back!
Mike C
13:42 15 Nov 22
5 Stars to Robert (masseurs) and Paula (manicurist) in the spa. Both of Robert and Paula a friendly, professional and take the time to make sure you get the best service possible. So if you need any spa service, I would definitely recommend checking them out. You don't have to be staying at the Grand to use the spa.4 Starts to the Grand.... I know they were just sold, so I expected some issues, but over the years (especially since covid) they have lost the "Grand Resort" feeling. All the staff is very friendly and helpful, but you need to ask for basic things. Since covid they stopped daily room service, if you need new towels, tissue, toilet paper you need to going to the office and ask for more. Kitchen trash bin full? You need to take the bag out and and leave it on the balcony. Sadly, it sits there 1 to 1-1/2 days before it gets picked it up. They also stopped with the little things that set them apart from relaxing music and burn incense throughout the property. They also change their policy on reservations... you have to pay the full amount of the reservation up front. I normally reserve the room a year in advance for 10-12 days.... who wants to layout that much money in advance? Not me! I really miss the smaller personal touch Grand Resort as opposed to the new Corporate owned/operated Grand Resort
Joe schmo
22:20 01 Nov 22
It’s still a decent gay resort but definitely not The Grand we used to know and LOVE! Apparently some Israeli group (same as Worthington next door) bought it and who knows if it will stay gay or not. They STILL have no hot breakfast which they’ve promised for months would return. The WiFi is still horrible. I can’t ever connect from my room and even out by the pool get disconnected often. Workout room is old and rusty equipment. The pool heater hasn’t worked for about two years so I won’t use it. They lost their liquor license (same as Worthington) when new owners took over and currently don’t have one so we had to get alcohol elsewhere and bring it in. Happy hour no longer happens at The Grand. They used to have chicken wings and veggies but now it moved to the Worthington and the only food is bags of chips. They used to have discounts if you booked your next stay before leaving but no longer. Several guests said they screwed up their reservations. Their web site still mentions discounts available but staff told me they aren’t honoring them any longer. Staff is very friendly (those who still remain) but overall not impressed any longer. Sorry!
21:12 01 Nov 22
Gabriel is the best!!!! I'm so grateful!!!! He went above and beyond for us, this guy should be manager the way he handled things. For the way he handled things we would definitely visit again.The hotel was clean and conveniently located around shopping plaza for fast food and not too far anything really....right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale ❤
Woody A.
10:56 29 Sep 22
The Grand was sold for $10.5 million. Worthington Resorts sold for $12 million. A new era has begun.The 5-Star reviews here seem to be mostly for Roberto...
05:19 26 Jul 22
So what to say. I will start with the pros and then the few cons I have. So the resort is quite friendly and comfortable, and all but one staff person was friendly. The place is down the road from The Bonnet Estate which is a must experience place for anyone. It’s also extremely close to a lot and mostly within walking distance as well as being walking distance to the beach. Nudity is allowed everywhere except the staircases or the few balconies they are facing the parking lots; sadly this was suite 3 where I was. But I did get the best view of the hot tub area where some beautiful men were much of the time. The pool is heated which makes the Florida heat somehow seem less scorching. And I think it is a salted water pool as I did not have any eye burning, etc. The only con I have is the firmness of the beds. I have a bad vertebrae that likes to swell up.Overall I am so pleased with mine and my partner’s experience here. I hope to be back sometime.
Michael A.
10:00 14 Jun 22
THE GRAND RESORT AND SPA HAS BEEN SOLD"Casey Koslowski sold The Grand Resort and Spa on May 27, 2022 to Lior Raviv and four partners for 10.5 million...
Chris Helton
20:18 04 Jun 22
Visited for a morning 50-min deep tissue with Roberto and it was worth every penny and more! The staff at The Grand Resort is lovely, accommodating and have excellent customer service. Roberto is an expertly skilled masseuse. I highly recommend!
Dino Hill
00:57 03 Jun 22
It's an okay flowers outside for such a pretty place. Breakfast was unhealthy stuff..ugh Room service..oh wait..there was NONE, yet there was a tip envelope..for what? No parties, pool music was droll. Staff was very nice! There are other places in Lauderdale that give you more for the same $$$.. Won't be back
James Cole
01:30 09 May 22
Just checked in today. This my first stay here. The facilities are great, room is great. However I have no wifi in my room, only by the pool. I reported the wifi immediately after i got to my room. This is a working vacation for me and I'm so disappointed that I now can only work by the pool during the day, which was not my plan. It doesn't seem to be a priority either. The person on duty said they emailed the manager but that I won't know anything until tomorrow. Super frustrated.
23:19 17 Apr 22
My husband I visited Fort Lauderdale in March, and although we did not stay at the resort, we did book a few spa sessions, which came with a day pass to the resort.The spa was fantastic! Both of us had a sugar scrub and a massage, and while I was there I also booked a back facial. Roberto was my therapist for both the scrub and the massage, and I cannot say enough good things about him. The scrub was like nothing I ever experienced before - so relaxing, so luxurious feeling, and so rejuvenating. The massage was also wonderful - a nice combination and muscle rubs and stretches. I would do both again when I come back for a visit, and I would definitely request Roberto because he was so amazing. Not only were both treatments enjoyable, but Roberto was extremely friendly, put me at ease immediately, and seemed like an all around great guy. I enjoyed our conversation as much as I enjoyed the scrub and the massage.I was excited to get my first back facial, too. I had never had one before and had been wanting to try one for a while. Paula did my treatment and was also wonderful. She also gave me some really good advice for keeping my usually terrible back skin in a good shape. I would definitely get another one, or maybe try my first facial with Paula.Overall, I can’t recommend the spa enough. If you only have time for one visit, do not miss out on a scrub. You will not regret it.
Haris Silić
18:51 17 Apr 22
This is our 3rd stay at The Grand Resort and it is just fantastic. We always meet great new friends - people from all walks of life and from all over the US. The staff is always so attentive and respectful. Looking forward to coming back again.
Andrew B.
16:45 16 Apr 22
My husband I visited Fort Lauderdale in March, and although we did not stay at the resort, we did book a few spa sessions, which came with a day pass to the...
Rob Ashby
18:40 15 Apr 22
Roberto's massage is truly the best massage I have ever had.After a long plane ride, nothing gets you relaxed and ready to vacation than his massage.
Christopher Kogut
17:44 04 Apr 22
Came for an 80-minute massage and to spend a few hours after I checked out of my hotel and before my flight out. Couldn’t recommend more. Curtis gave a fantastic massage, checking in on pressure and responding accordingly. They graciously welcomed me to spend the afternoon, even though I wasn’t staying on property, offering a place to shower before I had to leave. I will definitely come back, but next time to stay at this beautiful small resort.
Louie R.P.
23:51 31 Mar 22
The service and atmosphere is top notch! The rooms are beautiful and so is the property. They have a world class spa on property so you almost never have to leave the resort. Fun, beautiful and relaxing. I can't wait until our next visit.
John C.
11:46 30 Mar 22
The resort is great and relaxing. In a sea of overly noisy and obnoxious resorts, this is a diamond in the rough for a vacation spot. just the right number...
Bill S.
08:04 24 Mar 22
Roberto is a master at massage! He's intuitive, kind and very experienced. The entire spa is world class.
Jordan W.
14:55 23 Mar 22
Had a 80 minutes deep tissue massage. I have gotten many massages before, but to be honest this is one of the best massages I've ever gotten. Roberto was a...
Blake J
03:57 11 Mar 22
This place is amazing. The staff is terrific, Rob at the desk has great recommendations and very friendly; Paula, Curtis and Rob in the spa perform their rolls with the utmost professionalism.Very clean all around; the grounds and rooms were always spotless. This will definitely be a destination for us to come more often.
Eric Patterson
15:56 09 Mar 22
The Spa: Honestly, my experiences at Spa are part of why I stay at the Grand, and after three massages this past year from Roberto, it's easy to see why he's won local "Best Massage Therapist" awards three years running. It's clear this work is his passion. There is a calmness and centeredness about his practice, and he shows deep care for clients. He has the technical skills and abilities the job requires, but his approach elevates the experience. Add to that: I reached out via Facebook with a question a couple of days after my most recent visit, and he replied promptly with the same gracious tone he had in person at the spa. If I didn't live so far away, I'd definitely be there more regularly.The Resort: The Grand definitely has location going for it: two blocks to the beach, and dozens of restaurants within easy walking distance. Behind the resort's walls, it has a calm, relaxing environment, with comfortable rooms, plenty of space to relax, and friendly and attentive staff. I tend to arrive and almost never leave except to go watch the ocean or to dine, and most of my daily decisions are along the lines of "lie on the pool deck or in the fountain courtyard?" or "read or keep my eyes closed?". I've enjoyed every stay, and look forward to visiting again.
Eric P.
07:56 09 Mar 22
The Spa: Honestly, my experiences at Spa are part of why I stay at the Grand, and after three massages this past year from Roberto, it's easy to see why...
Fred Schramm
20:58 29 Jan 22
We had a more than enjoyable time! Staff was top notch! It's a beautiful and relaxing environment to enjoy, not to mention the iguanas by the hot tub!
Marc Dickerman
20:49 18 Jan 22
I so wish I could give The Grand 10 stars.First, Iron a 2 day stay back in November 2019 just prior to the close down for Covid. Jump a to this past week. The Grand honored the certificates even though they expired in 2020. This was my first taste of the wonderfulness of the resort.The check in was flawless and quick. We were give a quick tour prior to being taken to our room. The room itself was amazing. It was almost a full apartment, with a big king sized bed, full kitchen (everything needing to cook was available and wrapped for our protection.The service was impeccable. Any needs or concerns were followed through immediately. A special shout out to John, the night manager as he spent over 40 minutes with me in search of a misplaced hearing aid (with help from the hearing aid app we were able to find it.).I had a massage and another shout out to Curtis. I advised him of my spinal issues and was careful not to injure the area. He gave me the most relaxing massage I have had in a long time. As the spa is open to the public, I plan on returning.The property itself is maintained beautifully, from the rooms (no housekeeping due to covid) to the pool and hot tub, to the continental breakfast. Even the robes provided fit this large round belly of mine.Over our 2 days we met some fantastic people, who I hope to maintain contact with.All in all this is a great place for gay men seeking a clothing optional resort.I do not understand why I never thought to stay at The Grand for all these years.I could not recommend The Grand Resort and Spa more highly.Thank you, Kevin.
Wyatt Whitworth
19:38 20 Dec 21
We had an amazing time at the resort. The staff is incredibly nice and helpful, the facility is beautiful and relaxing. The hot tub and pool were just what the doctor ordered. The spa was fabulous, we were able to enjoy a spa package and it was worth every penny! I can't wait to come back for another stay.
Alex G.
14:25 05 Dec 21
Just had one of the best massages I've ever experienced with ROBERT at the Spa inside the resort (I get them often to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and...
Frank Giardino
19:27 24 Sep 21
We had a great time at The Grand Resort. Super friendly staff, beautiful rooms, and wonderful, clean atmosphere. The pool and hot tubs are perfect. And we always get a massage at the spa. Robert does a fantastic job - highly recommend!
Randy bolden
02:04 02 Sep 21
Very secluded and nice. A private resort and spa atmosphere
David S.
09:25 28 Aug 21
I have had numerous treatments from Robert Nocifora over the years, both at my condo and at The Grand Resort and Spa. Robert does both in and out calls...
Rob Abernathy
14:25 24 Aug 21
Great clean comfortable room. Very good bed! Staff is personable and very helpful. All male, clothing optional, clientele was middle aged very few perfect bodies. Really comfortable safe environment. Close to beach and the hotel gives you chairs and towels to take. Lots of good restaurants within walking distance. Only suggestion is to have leaves cleaned out of pool daily.
Keith F.
12:33 19 Jul 21
My husband and I stayed here for 3 nights. The staff are wonderful, particularly Bobby. Bobby was so helpful and friendly. He left a bottle of sparkling...

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