The Lounge by EVA

The Lounge by EVA

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Brand new lounge bar, great for groups perfect to meet up and socialise - great cocktails, bottled beer and premium spirit selection.

EVA & The Lounge by EVA are located at 27 Sackville St Manchester.
Bringing to you the best of both worlds giving you a comfortable Lounge area with a range of cocktails & shooters!

Hosting a large array of flavored spirits we are sure to cater to every taste and pocket!

We are also here for those of you who see themselves as more of a night-owl! Open until 3am Sunday - Thursday & 6am Friday and Saturday in our underground club!

With live, award winning DJ's/hosts every single night, ranging from Karaoke, international & festival DJ's, dedicated club nights there's always something going on!



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Mairóviskis Maíra
03:55 06 Aug 23
Everything is amazing. Staff is great, drinks… but the security…. They have the best security of all times! Especially Muhammad Arfan and Syed!! Well done guys!
Alex Simpson
03:47 10 Jun 23
Absolutely amazing and inclusive place, the drag queen working helped me and my partner who is blind through the place and up the stairs, took our bags and looked after us - I wish I got their name so I could thank them personally
02:16 28 May 23
Cub eva was a great place but I did the bartender a favour by purchasing a drink that someone else did not pay for and he charged me double for the drink when I later questioned him on this he would not refund me or even give me another drink equal in value. I will not be coming here again due to this experience which is a shame as I loved coming here on a Saturday evening and this experience has ruined it for me I will definitely not be back and I recommend to anyone else if you don’t want to get scammed to not go to this venue, I do not often review places but when they scam me like this i feel it is only fair to warn others.I was sober during this experience so was able to notice this but I am sure if you arrive drunk they will take advantageof you all night long.
Catriona Reilly
09:18 16 May 23
So much fun! The drinks were reasonably priced and they do karaoke.
Patrick Marks
20:42 23 Apr 23
Visited this bar 22/23 April and was discriminated against by the door staff as I tried to enter alone??The doorman told me I couldn't enter as they had a "no single person entry" policy??I informed the door staff that this was discrimination which was illegal and produced my ID card which indicated my professional vocation in anti discrimination?the doormans brother,who was within earshot persuaded him to allow me entry(on production of my ID card)this was obviously very humiliating for the doorman as this proved he,and your club were acting illegally in the first place which is very hypocritical given the previous and correct stance taken by gay and black people been discriminated against?However,credit where due to the doormans brother,and the hardworking bar staff in the club
Lauren Williams
21:59 27 Mar 23
Be careful when going to EVA, I was in there 5 minutes and I was spiked. What ever was used on me made me violently sick and completely loose all memory for 24 hours, luckily I was with friends but I was nearly hospitalised. Security bearly check bags never mind IDs.
Stefan Petrie
01:06 25 Mar 23
The first anti-straight bar I've ever been in! Never been treated like a second class citizen as much as here. Avoid if straight
09:39 18 Feb 23
Good night out with friendly staff and good entertainment, the drink prices were quite high but I could just be used to cheaper prices because I’m not from around here. The toilets are unisex which I don’t have an issue with however they’re absolutely disgusting, the floors are soaked and half of the taps don’t work but other than that it’s a fun place to go and karaoke is always interesting
Hannah TG
09:57 06 Nov 22
Would be a good night out but there's a guy behind the bar (Tyler?) Who is a total scammer. Menus on the bar stating 2 espresso martinis for £10. Ordered 2 and got charged £15. When I pointed this out he claimed there were two different types of espresso martinis, and he'd assumed I'd wanted the more expensive one (despite holding the menu) then he stropped off.
JoeGW 420
18:35 11 Oct 22
Could do with a little refurb. I drop in Eva now and then as I have had some brilliant nights in here over the years, not had many post pandemic though, seems quiet most of the time. A real shame. I hope for the sake of my very fuzzy and drunken memories this establishment returns to a glory it once had.
Alexandra Atkins
20:43 21 Sep 22
Made me feel very welcome after another bar did not staff and the drag queens very friendly and very welcoming and good music nice to meet some friendly people
David Daniel
22:15 31 Aug 22
Fantastic venue in the village. Johnny and the team Ben Jason and Co are brilliant. Door staff are stars
Michael Hannon
00:23 21 Aug 22
Absolutely shocking places. The security staff were so overly aggressive and rude entirely without reason. One of the worst places in the village.
Donna Bradshaw
08:41 31 Jul 22
Brilliant night dj down stairs and amazing funny girls on upstairs. Was the friendliest place we visited would 100% revisit ..
lizzy Smith
13:02 27 Jul 22
Had a great night here. Fun and cheap. Staff were friendly and welcoming. Even though the aircon was stolen everyone was still having fun and laughing through the sweat.Would be 5 stars if the toilets were better. Needs someone in to clean/check them every 20 minutes or designated cubicles to women/transwomen/nonbinary etc and cubicles to men/transmen/nonbinary etc and have the sinks shared. As a women it wasn’t very pleasant having wee over the floor and seats 😬
Alex Bond Official
22:23 20 Jul 22
With the taste of out of date beer and ive seen cleaner toilets in a condemmed building. Not a place to be if you respect hygine.
JoeGW 420
10:59 17 Jul 22
Could do with a little refurb. I drop in Eva now and as I have had some brilliant nights in here, not had many in recent years tho, seems quiet most of the time.
samson zimuto
12:35 16 Jul 22
Door men are so nice and always respect their customers, bar staff are fantastic, Dj great 👍
Michael Collins
12:24 14 Jul 22
Brillaint night out just v hot due air con being broke. Toilets stunk of urine which I was speaking to a woman outside and she rightly said if they arenunisex you would expect them to be ALOT cleaner than that. You could smell them from upstairs
luca Dedici
14:41 03 Jul 22
It's ok for a laugh and a drink... However the village is a dodgy place full with crime and druggies so I tend to avoid these days
Chris Corvette
09:05 20 May 22
Fab fun filled evening.
Maria P
20:13 06 May 22
We had a great time in here last night! The staff are absolutely lovely and everyone was up dancing 💃🏼 Great cocktails too!
Adye Dee
14:07 03 Apr 22
I'll have to start with a negative and remove a star solely for the toilets. This place definitely wins the award for Foulest Toilets in all the land. Absolutely disgusting and they stunk to the point of being unusable for me personally. Now onto the positives- all the staff including the door men were very friendly and the music in the downstairs bar was great. Also it was nice to find a bar where the drink prices weren't extortionate, plus I visited on a Saturday night and they were open until 6 am,which was good.Charging just £3 for entry. (Visited 2/4/22)
Daz Mc
23:24 06 Feb 22
Omg what a dive. You couldn't find a worse place in the village. Avoid at all costs. Absolute dump
16:46 25 Jan 22
Called in for a quick drink, stayed for hours fantastic singer too on a Friday 😉👍
Felix (daedal)
17:14 30 Nov 21
What wonderful friendly bar. It was Monday so wasn't busy. But they had music and karaoke. The people serving was nice. The person performing was entertaining. Definitely a good night to have. I will definitely visit again
Jusy McDonnell
16:16 19 Nov 21
Was nice pint n staff was friendly and helpful
Bernard Cass
23:29 05 Oct 21
The staff are friendly and fantastic and the place is always pumped full of people having a great time enjoying the music and atmosphere & the drinks are great and not expensive (no more than any other place) I have a great time here every time I get to come around and I would love to see you there enjoying yourself
Claire Nicholas
17:53 30 Aug 21
Great atmosphere. 👍
Hollie Robinson
15:04 10 Aug 21
Amazing bar. Was quiet when we entered but was only early! Was a great atmosphere once full and all the staff were friendly. Had a very good night and would recommend!
Esme Butcherd
12:25 08 Aug 21
Very odd bar, and even odder club. Looked good from outside, so £6 entry seemed okay.However definitely not worth paying for what was an incredibly weird vibe both in the upstairs bar, and even weirder vibe in the downstairs club, with pretty awful 'music'. Also the drinks tasted weird?? There was absolutely something off with the vodka lemonade, but we couldn't work out what (it wasn't the post mix running out). Even the gin and soda tasted a bit odd.All around just a strange place with weird vibes - would give a miss.
Lucy Finn
17:16 02 Jul 21
Had a really lovely time here and I ended up leaving my phone. The staff found the phone whilst cleaning and tried to contact me. They kept the phone until I showed up to collect it and they were very relieved that I turned up. They asked me to verify the phone was mine by fingerprint and that's it.The staff were very genuine and respected covid measures throughout my experience.Can't wait to return once everything opens up properly. 🥰

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