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Take a walk on the wild side! A radical alternative at the heart of Belfast's Queer Quarter, The Maverick is open 7 days a week with free entertainment.



The Maverick
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18:28 11 May 24
• 1st time in Maverick with my partner and we loved the music and the drag queen's show.• About the bar, very hard to order drinks because none of the bartenders didn't take notice of us.In spite of this, we will come back to this place because of the music. 👭❤💃
Martin Kearney
09:08 06 May 24
Love this Bar that brightins up the little corner of the world where it stands. Great Atmosphere and entertainment. Skilled friendly Bar Staff. The door staff make you feel safe espically Elaine always makes sure I'm in a taxi safe. Gets me a seat if she sees me standing. The Maverick is Belfast only true LGBTQI + establishment and it goes beove and beyond for our community.
Martin Hamilton
21:09 01 May 24
I have left a five star review based on one of the security guards of this establishment. Maria is such a kind hearted soul, full of life and character but ensures that nobody enters without a smile on their face. She is an asset to this establishment and every time I come through the doors- maria always ensures that I am laughing and not crying. She always makes me smile as I’m sure she does with many others.
Kieran Fox
23:45 20 Apr 24
Arrived with a group of mixed people. The security staff instantly decided that one of our group who was sober was too drunk and so wasn’t allowed in. When challenged they started recording us but didn’t like it when we recorded them back. Awful. Will never go back. Don’t bother.
Graham Watkins
23:45 20 Apr 24
Door staff are horrendous. They judge you and deny you entry by assessing from a distance and without any personal interaction. When challenged you are faced with the “manager” who again is rude, dismissive and non inclusive. This “gay friendly” bar is not friendly. Avoid at all costs.
Ebuka Iloha
22:43 20 Apr 24
I was visiting from London with three of my mates. I was disgusted by the behavior of the lady and the Asian gentleman on security duty.We were told that the bar was a bit busy and we should try again later. Soon after, another group of four lads arrived and clearly told the lady at the door that they had no reservation, which I overheard.A few moments later, they were ushered in. I went to speak to the lady, and she claimed they had a table. I told her that was a lie because I had clearly heard the conversation. I gave her a piece of my mind and left.If a group of black lads and a different group of white lads arrive at the door, but only the white lads are let in, it's fair to say it was racially motivated.
aaron briant
22:32 01 Apr 24
Went for a weekend away in Belfast and this place is well worth the visit!
Jade Taylor
19:33 24 Mar 24
As someone who can often lack in self confidence and belief, and will often avoid places I can’t describe how uncomfortable I felt when the bouncer of this bar approached our group (my brother, his partner and my younger sister and I). I have never been made to feel the way I did in any bar, to be asked if I understand what bar I was entering or if I was aware it was part of the LGBTQ Community. At this point I was absolutely astounded, I was so shocked and lost for words. Due to me not responding or giving her the answer she wanted to hear, she then proceeded to get in my face and ask if I was okay with this? At this point I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I said yes and headed into the bar.
C 82
20:13 10 Mar 24
The only LGBTQ bar I'd go to in Belfast although there isn't much choice. Good drink selection, good music, decent Cabaret depending when you go and there's little aggro. Great for a few jars and a chat. If it's very busy, it gets very cramped inside, and service from some of the bar staff isn't the most friendly sometimes. A good outdoor seating and standing area which has made a lot of difference too. We need more choice in Belfast but I like coming here.
Paddy Lynch
11:33 05 Mar 24
Been coming here years and can confidently say it's the best and most comfortable place for any queer person in Belfast. Love everyone here from the bouncers, bar staff and management
paula woods
09:55 11 Feb 24
Went to maverick last night and had a fabulous night ,, great atmosphere ,,bar staff and the drag artist s were amazing,,not forgetting Elaine who looks after everyone so well ❤️
Clint Furnish
19:41 28 Jan 24
Nice bar but getting served at the bar was really hard as it was busy and not enough people serving. Great music so had a good time
Mark Phillips
16:45 03 Dec 23
Bar staff were nice when I was there during the day for 1 pint. Went shopping then back round and female bouncer. I think her name ks Elaine? Refused me entry. She said I was too drunk then said I wasnt one of the community! Discrimination. Might seek legal action. I have 2 witnesses! Disgraceful.
Finbar McGrath
09:37 19 Nov 23
Absolutely shocking that this establishment allow the bouncers to run, what could be a decent venue, into the ground. The female bouncer (Elaine) is on an obvious power trip and dictates who should and shouldn't enter depending on her mood.Reading other reviews this seems to be a common theme. Best avoided.
Eamon Devlin
14:42 09 Oct 23
We wanted to go into the bar last night as we have been there on a few occasions and had good night. We were stopped from entering the bar by the door staff because as he said WE ARE NOT PART OF THE COMMUNITY. Where is the inclusion in this. If this happened to a member of as he calls his community in any other bar there would be outrage. I won't be back in this bar again if that's there attitude to a paying customer.
indigo bluebell
22:03 18 Sep 23
Would give zero stars if I could. Was refused entry with 3 friends because the female bouncer decided that "we weren't part of the community " (her words). How does she know anything about our personal preferences?? Absolute blatant discrimination and certainly not what the LQBQ+ community is meant to stand for. It certainly wouldn't be tolerated if it were the other way around. Just to add that we were not drunk, rowdy or disrespectful in ANY way. Don't bother to go here , as per previous reviews, she seemingly is allowed to display this behaviour.
23:29 14 Aug 23
Still very fun on a monday night with drag and karaoke ! Good vibesDrinks are soooo cheap. Was here on a Monday and cocktails were 3£, incredible.
Trevor Kelso
11:26 07 Aug 23
Not the prettiest of places. It's a shame that it cannot be cleaned and made presentable. Drinks are fine, service good.
Bryony “BryonyB” Bowles
09:44 09 Jul 23
Amazing!!! Went two nights in a row and loved it both times! Brilliant entertainment and highly recommend the Oh Honey cocktail (only served before 10pm though!)
Patrick Mackin
00:30 06 Jul 23
Was there tonight don't have more than 3 drinks there ate thet kick you out saying your to drunk have to say been in mine a gay bar in my life and this was by far the worse experience off them all good look to the gay ppl off Belfast because I know I will never be back there again
Jess V
22:20 25 Jun 23
came to a drag night here, it was incredible!!!! cannot fault the performers at all, however one specific bouncer let it down. he was screaming at us to move away from the stage whenever we were within approx 5 feet of it, but being really unnecessarily aggressive about it, and getting visibly angry. he said it was in case one of the drag queens does a kick and accidentally kicks us in the head or something, but a. their legs aren't 1000ft long, and b. why not block that area of the dancefloor off if it's such a hazard? also just why was he getting SO angry and aggressive about it? it's been a few days and I'm still baffled by him. apparently it's a known issue with him and everyone's aware of it so why do they let it continue?
18:21 19 Jun 23
AVOID this bar. They'll tyrannize, bully, gossip and harass you especially the two bouncers Jake and Elaine who creepily enough seemed to dominate the bar and ruin the atmosphere. You'll also get accused of falsely stealing drinks. They will scapegoat you.
Malcolm Walker
21:05 18 Jun 23
Good lively fun, friendly staff, stayed for a couple sets and drinks. Wish they served food, but I get it!
08:11 12 May 23
Nothing positive about this experience. Shocking behaviour from the idiot doorwomen. Apparently I'm too striaght looking to be allowed in the venue even tho I had a glass of wine in the venue a few hours earlier. I will never go again.
08:54 25 Apr 23
I strongly urge you not to waste your time or money here. The bar itself and the bar staff are great, however the door staff are not. It's clear to me and others that they get a kick out of humiliating and picking on members of their own community, which is a real shame. Belfast is in dire need of new (or better) queer and queer friendly venues.
Ben Curran
21:08 01 Apr 23
Not a great experience, gave out vouchers to use for free beer. Not able to use them when presented to the staff. Staff basically said "thats your problem" and refused the offer. Personally wouldnt go here due to the price and the noise making it impossible to have a conversation
Katie 034
01:54 05 Mar 23
If I could rate lower than a 1 I would. Wouldn't let us in. Clearly had an issue with our group for no reason other than the fact we were a group of girls and didn't follow stereotypes. The woman on the door singled us out and let people in behind us. I've never been made to feel more isolated in a place which is meant to welcome the gay community. Don't bother going if you aren't willing to queue for 10 hours and be made to feel the same disappointment of coming out to a homophobic family member.
Mark Charles
14:15 11 Jan 23
Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Door staff super helpful as our first time in the city and they recommended places for us
Laura Graham
23:48 21 Dec 22
Good night until unfortunately the man with short blonde hair threw the only group of lesbians out of the bar for having ‘too many drinks’. Many of the group were sober. We made the point that many of the men had more drinks than we had but were laughed at. Sadly a place not for lesbians or queers, only gays
Stewart Murdock (TheIrishStew)
08:58 15 Dec 22
If I could give 0 stars I would. Friend group got turned down twice in a row over absolutely nothing. LGBT-friendly group, super respectful. But they were extremely petty at the door. Some of us were even regulars in the past. Don’t give these guys the business as they don’t deserve it.
Georgia Adrienne Birchall
12:40 18 Oct 22
I came to The Maverick for the first time on a Monday night yesterday. I was so please to find an inclusive space with lots going on. I lost my phone half way through the evening and the door staff were so kind, helpful and thorough. They found it within 10 mins. Great entertainment, amazing people. Thank you x
gail brannon
12:36 05 Sep 22
From Scotland came for a weekend out. Arrived at the doors ar The maverick bar around 1:15am get refused to be allowed in because me and my friends arent regulars knownly we can't be if we're from Scotland(we told the bouncer that). Very disappointed, with Jake in particular. Definitely won't be back. Ruined my night out!
Joanne Doyle
20:46 11 Aug 22
Went to go in on Sunday for the karaoke with a hen party to be told once we got to the door it was regulars only by the door staff (how do you become a regular when they wont let you in?) there was only about 10 people in the bar so they could have been doing with the trade but obviously the doorman thought he might have to do abit of work which he wouldn't have had to do as we went on to another bar till closing time with no trouble 🙃 put a post on face book but they removed it so on here it goes instead. Would be no stars if I could but it has to be one 👎👎
00:11 08 Aug 22
Drinks a bit pricey, but staff friendly and efficient.More straights in it these days and hen parties.Very intimidating and off putting.
Ryan Mckenna
15:09 10 Jul 22
Fun bar and good cocktails don't pinch anybodies bum you will get barred lol
Rebekah Mooney
10:58 25 Mar 22
Such a great atmosphere and the drinks were great! Always a good night!
Shane McDermott
00:37 20 Mar 22
Racially profiled us for being Irish
Ryan Mckenna
09:16 19 Mar 22
Fun bar and good cocktails
Robin Maxwell
10:58 02 Feb 22
Was super excited to go and watch the viewing for drag race yesterday, but overall it was a very bad experience. We had reserved a table and sent to the back where there was a sign in front of us (at the barside) asking for the area to be cleared, so that we could be able to see the screen. Every single bartender ignored it and allowed people to stand there leisurely, so my boyfriend had to consistently get up and ask these people to move aside as we were unable to see any of the screen. Thankfully they were all nice to him when he asked, but we were super exhausted that the bar staff just didn't step in and say about keeping the area cleared when they were fully aware they were supposed to. At the end of the viewing Blu did her usual selfie rounds and some guy had approached my boyfriend and I and was asking about the show saying he had missed it because he was busy. We made small talk thinking he was a member of staff before the security forced us to move into a corner as Blu made her way down, only for the guy to start physically caressing my boyfriend in a flirting manner with little room for us to remove from the situation since security essentially barricaded us in this corner. I said to the man that us two are dating after hearing him say he was cute and that neither of us were happy with him flirting and touching without consent, to which he made more sexual comments about my boyfriend and walked off with a completely different demeanour. Security couldn't really care less at that point despite seeing it all go down regardless of my boyfriend being physically hesitant and I was left feeling really guilty that they didn't step in and that I hadn't noticed to intervene sooner (I was trying to talk to my other friend who was eager to get photos so my focus was elsewhere for a few minutes). All of us were just left so beyond exhausted from the night and the only thing good I have to say on the matter was that the drinks were nice, but im definitely not impressed with any of the customer service and safety protocol set in place.
patrick mcbride
23:51 13 Nov 21
Fantastic and phenomenal bar great music all staff very hospitable and provide an effective and efficient service to all customers. Definitely recommend this bar to other customers.
Conall Cuts hair sometimes
12:40 20 Oct 21
Left a one star review before when out p#$$€d though had very negative experience with management in which i aim to chace up as this was a favourite bar of mine though ultimately wasnt treated nicely to say the least by management or door staff on a nightout
Anton Fernandez
17:28 14 Sep 21
Unfriendly. , rude staffWorst bar I have been into
lisa devlin
10:03 14 Sep 21
We had a fantastic day here, very friendly staff, great cocktails and great prices too , will definitely be back on our next visit to Belfast
Richard Edwards
03:38 02 Aug 21
A truely awful bar. Horrible staff, door staff and manager.
Michael McHugh
18:57 01 Aug 21
Any chance of a drink? Patrons inside want to see the performers too!
Richard Edwards
14:03 31 Jul 21
A truely awful bar. Horrible staff, door staff and manager.
Roisin Kenny
16:04 19 Jul 21
Going here 6 years lovely staff great bar clean friendly
Eamonn Maguire
21:18 17 Jul 21
Great entertainment
Kevin Doyle
23:48 10 Jul 21
Not friendly staff very rude lady serving us with as extremely rude when asking for directions as we are not from here would not come back
Pola Radomska
18:34 02 Jul 21
Staff is welcoming and friendly. Great drinks and very upbeat atmosphere.
Ed Murphy
20:59 18 Sep 20
Consistently & Remarkably patient and professional door staff. So, so friendly. Dublin bouncers could learn a thing or two. Overall feel is very welcoming.
17:32 03 Mar 20
Nice place to go for pints wether its quiet or busy
Julie Daly
21:12 30 Nov 19
Brilliant shows. Great place. Lovely crowd.
Jen A.
09:18 02 May 16
Love this venue, it's like walking into Canal StreetGreat atmosphere and funky decor, if you're looking for some alternative entertainment on a Saturday...
Sian L.
06:08 27 Feb 16
Great wee spot for some lively entertainment !!!Just across the road from union street bar.Usually lots of taxis sit outside so easy enough to her home 🙂
Brian H.
10:08 02 Mar 14
So, I was in Belfast for a night and spent most of it drinking and dancing here!Maverick is a gay bar in the "Queer Quarter", but is very welcoming to all...

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