The Old Ship

The Old Ship

Traditional style pub

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Busy with friendly staff, good range of beers and fun atmosphere with a friendly crowd and pool room.



The Old Ship
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Gareth Rhys
08:41 04 May 23
Honestly the best gay pub in East London. Full of all flavours of queer. Totally unpretentious vibe and is an unreconstructed gay pub in the best way possible. The back room is great for a chill and a sit down but they play bangers in the front bar if you fancy a wee dance. I wish I had found this place earlier, can't recommend more highly.
Adrian Kilshaw
22:22 29 Mar 23
Great pub, LGBT+ at heart yet this doesn't define it's hospitality as all welcome and some very varied characters to meet. The drag shows or out of this world funny and entertaining.
Jorge Garcia Rodriguez
15:31 14 Mar 23
This is a mythical heartwarming cozy LGBTQI+ pub and we should look after it. Performers and staff contribute to a great, chilled and familiar community driven atmosphere.
Kaye Ratia
16:47 07 Mar 23
Old fashioned gay bar with a very relaxed atmosphere.
Abbie Solly
14:39 24 Feb 23
If i could give this place no stars, I would! Absolutely disgusting behaviour from both the male and female bar staff who were definitely on drugs throughout their shift. Me and friends who are a mixed group of boys and girls and are all obviously LGBTQ+ thought we would head to the ship as it’s meant to be “LGBTQ+ Friendly” well not at all was they friendly and for no apparent reason. We weren’t drunk because we had just come from bingo. The governor was an awful man who told one of the boys we was with that all us girls had to leave the pub, with no real reason and his tone was so aggressive, he shouldn’t be running a pub. I’m actually embarrassed to think we are part of the same community as them three workers. Hopefully they can learn some manners and maybe lay off the D**Gs, it may better them as people.
Derek H
18:40 23 Feb 23
Real old fashioned, friendly, local corner pub with pleasantly surprising and idiosyncratic additional decor by the landlord who has a taste for brightly coloured helium party balloons in many different shapes of animals etc. Daytime is quiet and mainly locals having a quiet drink. Evening is busier with a more mixed clientele, locals and a few of the gay weekend clientele when the Old Ship is transformed amidst multi coloured glitter curtains into a Glam Drag Show venue.
Tallulah Grace
23:11 14 Feb 23
I’m well aware of the old ship’s penchant for a great queer night, but it’s suitability as a haunt for a pint can’t be overlooked. Local and classic london, you’ll find regulars and outsiders here - but fair warning, it was theirs first and you should remember you’re a visiting party. What works so well and keeps it going is understanding who created those spaces!
Gabriel Soto
22:28 07 Feb 23
Really nice place for a beer on a Sunday night. Cool drag performances also.
Michelle Maher King
12:24 30 Jan 23
such an eccentric pub, we were visiting from Ireland but felt like regulars by the end of the night. Great spot 😊
Mark T
01:16 13 Jan 23
Cool little old pub down a side street.
23:08 05 Jan 23
I loved this place. It’s a very cosy and small local LGBTQ+ friendly bar. I feel so safe being there.
Roy Tan
17:54 18 Dec 22
A local gay bar in Limehouse. We went there during snowfalls in London. The bar is small and cozy but there is no atmosphere that night. There were only 10 customers including us. We will go back to check it out again.
Tara Wilkinson
22:19 01 Nov 22
Great pub, fab beer and atmosphere. Very friendly and good fun!
Susan Goodwin
07:48 29 Oct 22
Please remember how you won equality and freedom of expression. Through protest. We are intersectional people of all kinds. Including protesters.
Claire Brook
21:51 28 Oct 22
Sad to hear a friend of mine was asked to leave for taking part in a peaceful protest to save our future! Protest is essential to a democratic society and we currently have so much that needs to change. I hope you will reconsider how you treat people who are working hard to safeguard your future!
Sean Irish
21:26 28 Oct 22
Lovely little pub great staff friendly venue.Sadly let down by a sad and angry owner who forgets his buissness and rights were won though direct action. He aggressively grab my drink and put it behind the bar. And grab my belonging and starts aggressively encouraging me out the door. His staff were shocked the bouncer was shocked.Been in their two nights in a row. No issue yesterday. Lovely chats people noticed my hi vis and mega phone (drop in on my way back to were I'm staying) asking about the protests showing support and solidarity buying me drinks some even left wearing badges.Of coarse there are negatives that come along with protesting and I'm happy to converse on this but sadly that's how things change as long as you have a blue light policy so you move for emergency vehicles and stick to non violent principles.Its really disappointing when a LGBTQIA+ venue with a protest flag outside the pride flag forgets its history queer existence is resistance.
Edward Venni
06:24 17 Sep 22
Great little pub and very friendly. Was made to feel very welcome. Had a great night and will be back again
Noel McGarrell
08:00 02 Sep 22
My new favorite gay bar in East London! Great community feel and a drag show to tip it off.
Steven Gurney
15:40 16 Jul 22
Good pub with some nice beer selections
chris Simpson
13:17 02 Jul 22
Great little pub. Nice and friendly welcoming. Good choice of beers. Definitely be back
Bhadya Dias
12:51 26 Jun 22
Nice little pub with good atmosphere. Dronks were reasonably priced. Good customer service.
Robert Grosvenor
07:52 25 Jun 22
Great little pub in a nice area close to Limehouse station. Great service and great atmosphere:)
Kenneth Bartle
14:45 26 May 22
A comfortable and welcoming east end pub with a twist...when you enter this pub it will give you the feeling Ron and Reg Kray could have drunk is this pub many years ago.The twist is the weekend entertainment, you have a host of real live and in ya face drag queens. Yes that's right, drag queens and you really should go and visit...I'm sure it will be as surprising and entertaining night.
Brian Crowley
22:39 15 May 22
What a great gay bar tucked into London’s East End. We were here on a Sunday night and there was a fantastic drag show with a friendly, local crowd. It reminded me of my home gay bar. Check this place out, it’s a gem!
Stephen House
07:57 14 May 22
Great little pub LGBT+ and drag shows. Amazing night out.Only problem is it is a small pub so can be a bit crowded so if your claustrophobic might not be for you.
Anthony Harrison
08:19 13 Mar 22
Fantastic night, great pub lovely staff and everyone so friendly. Live singer tonight great night.
Eastend Swede
18:20 08 Mar 22
Had a long walk around town and then one of my friends said we should try it out. This is now one of my favourite pubs in London. ❤️
Theboyz London
08:28 21 Feb 22
Great traditional pub with regular cabaret. Very busy, could do with an extra pair of hands, but the staff did their best. Great night out
Alex Scannapieco
09:07 18 Feb 22
Nice and cozy place, we've had couple of beers, Guinness and Camden hells and we were paying less then 10 quid.... They have got some snacks and roolls that you can get.Not sure if they do kitchen, defenetly on Sunday.
Christopher Mills
10:05 24 Jan 22
No frills old style pub. Welcoming staff. LGBTQIA friendly.
Chris Ford
13:46 15 Jan 22
Always enjoyed the pub over the years but the owner is a miserable old man who honestly doesn't deserve the custom started shouting at me over nothing as we were leaving performing to his audience. Bar staff always polite but we won't be back not that he cares I'm sure! Meant to be LGBT friendly how about trying to be friendly in general !
Josh L
17:09 09 Jan 22
Quite possibly one of the best LGBT+ venues around. There’s a brilliant selection of reasonably priced drinks and the staff are all incredibly friendly a welcome.
nino rocha
00:25 05 Jan 22
I absolutely ❤️ The Old Ship! I've been a kind of regular punter since the summer of 2007! That's over 14 years, folks! And I live about 3 miles away! It's got an air of a good, old, local boozer with the added benefit of being LGBTQI+ more than friendly. There are midweek quiz nights and cabaret over the weekends. There's a small beer garden-cum-smoking area, the staff are lovely, the atmosphere welcoming and drinks fairly priced. Wish them longevity and joy for us all for years to come.
William Delaney
07:33 24 Dec 21
Great atmosphere! A unique pub which is very well run with a friendly mix of customers.
Jason uptfitness
11:22 11 Dec 21
Fantastic local pub, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.definitely going back again.
Daisy Hughes
01:30 28 Nov 21
Best pub in London. Everyone so friendly. The owner John has created a real vibe. From a chilled pint with your mates to your best Saturday night out this is your place to go. You won’t regret.
Stina Jonsson
10:45 11 Oct 21
A real local pub where everybody knows everybody. Great for after-playing-football hangs.
wayne horridge
16:07 08 Oct 21
Always a fun night at The Old Ship on a Saturday and Sunday night for Drag shows! Reasonable priced drinks and friendly staff! Keep up the good work John and Team ❤️
Soraia Turé
22:37 02 Oct 21
Ruby was amazing really zing drag acts. Strongly recommend
Rickie McDonagh
17:57 25 Sep 21
The bartender with the shaven head is really nice and will treat you very well
Zoe Hallsworth
20:05 11 Sep 21
Best pub in East London! It's a proper pub, with decently priced drinks and fabulous staff. Sometimes you'll find hilarious drag shows on, or just fun and slightly cheesy music 😊 absolute hidden gem of an establishment
Nick Allcock
07:29 10 Sep 21
Brilliant local corner House pub in Stepney. Small, welcoming, great beer and a fantastic bar person. If staying in Limehouse, look this pub up and visit.
Lewis (JinsLive)
22:46 06 Sep 21
Family run pub. Lovely staff and great atmosphere.
Jason Roberts
21:28 03 Aug 21
Really nice staff good service and great beer at reasonable prices
Julie Taylor
19:59 03 Aug 21
A lovely old style British pub where the staff are friendly and provide an excellent service. Love this traditional British pub, set in a lovely east end square
steve wards
00:14 21 Jul 21
All ways a nice and friendly pub with 😎
Lou Collects Coins
15:18 01 Jul 21
Puka a nice and friendly boozer
Paul A
18:56 20 Jun 21
First time there on a Saturday, and what a great place to go, chill and have a laugh. Bar staff were brilliant and there was a really friendly atmosphere!
Harrison Wena
12:57 05 Jun 21
Awesome prices! Really nice staff. Definitely coming back
Niall Gavigan
17:22 22 May 21
Like a box of chocolates.... You never know what you're gonna get.
Schaefer Christman
19:27 13 Feb 21
WHat can i say about the place ... its our local pub and we love it. The reasons for that oyu might ask? Simply its like havinga beer at your place , people are so nice , prices are reasonable and they havea drag show once a week ( I believe on the weekends) Everything was great.
The H.
16:17 12 Dec 20
If you are not worried about catching Covid 19, this is the pub for you! They have not created a safe environment for their customers.A brief and...
David Turner
12:49 30 Oct 20
Always love coming here with my girlfriend. Brilliant staff, friendly atmosphere and good beer. Going tonight first time in about 7 months
Sophie Howarth
17:05 16 Sep 20
Lovely little local institution of a pub. A few real ales as well as lots of other options. Cabaret stage is proper and authentic and great fun, with lots of touring acts, and the people are nice, and mostly locals it seems
Jeremy Gordon
18:50 14 Sep 20
Great pub and very welcoming to LGBT people! Great job on that! The drinks were fairly priced, they have a good selection of drinks and great bar games also. I recommend this place if you want to have a fun and chill night.
Adam Steinbeck
09:17 05 Sep 20
Charming old school bar catering for the lovely LGBT crowd. Friendly, attentive staff and laid back crowd. Outdoor seating dominated by smokers generally.
Curly Hair
06:10 05 Jul 19
Perfect little pub, never any trouble. The owner is a very well organized man. The acts are out standing! Great atmosphere especially a weekend and a sunday! If you want a right giggle with your mates this is the place to come!!
Dovid T.
04:47 30 Nov 18
Went to this pub as they allow dogs and we have a brand new pup so did not want to leave the new pup at home. We were meeting two very good friends and...
John L.
08:12 25 Jan 16
WHat can i say about the place ... its our local pub and we love it. The reasons for that oyu might ask?????Simply its like havinga beer at your place ,...
Dennis M.
07:43 22 Jan 16
The Old ShipThere is a poem by James Elroy Flecker that I find appropriate in summarizing my feeling of this hidden Old Ship which sails on the corner of...

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