The Oxford

The Oxford

The Oxford Hotel is an iconic establishment in Taylor Square on Oxford Street.

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Home to many DJ's, performers, drag queens and more, we pride ourselves on being a place to express everyone's individual self!

Cocktails and pub grub, plus live bands and DJs, in a stylish hangout with 3 bars and a lounge.

Spanning four levels-

Underground Nightclub
Street Level- Oxford Bar
Second Level- Ginger's (home of music)
Third Level- Polo Lounge



The Oxford
Based on 853 reviews
12:29 14 Apr 24
Please be advised… use of the smokers terrace facing Oxford street is at patrons own risk, as it’s a blind spot with no CCTV cameras. I was recently robbed of my personal property at the smokers terrace, and management was unable to assist with confirming footage prior to filing a police report as their cameras don’t cover that area. A group of 5 dark islander guys were partying and one saw me in the bathroom briefly put down my d&g Sunglass case with the sunnies inside while washing my hands. I was followed back to the smoker terrace, and eventually, the offender walked past me in the confined area and strangely gave me a friendly ‘hi I’m so drunk’ hug’ after which, I never saw those the sunnies again. The hug was misdirection / distraction while my Sunglass case was being swiped from my back pocket or the window counter behind me without me noticing. Two friends saw me with the Sunglass case in the smokers terrace prior to the strange random ‘drunken’ hug from the islander stranger, and inadvertently witnessed the crime taken place discreetly right under their very noses. I hope this party of petty crime thieves get caught and get banned from venues who do have their security in order. After this theft, I doubt I’ll ever be coming back to this venue who happen to let in the riff raff.
Jacob D.
13:01 12 Mar 24
I'm only reviewing the bar side of this establishment as that's what I patronized.Stopped in for a bite to eat; however, kitchen does not open til 5pm so...
02:09 10 Mar 24
Great vibe! Loved the drag queens and music.Saw someone in the reviews complaining about being asked to leave when they tried to bring a baby in. It's a gay bar!
13:19 28 Feb 24
Thanks to the bar staff member who helped me tonight while I had no voice and was experiencing night life LGBTIQ+ style for the first time, you’re a good soul. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name, but bless your cotton socks.
M. H.
07:11 20 Feb 24
Went there today with my wife and my 1yo daughter in the afternoon for a quick late lunch.The waiter together with another guy sitting at a table immediately started yelling and shouting at us that children are not allowed and we must le ave now. No explanation whatsoever, just kicking us out asap.We were totally overwhelmed from the situation that we did leave without any further question.That situation feels ashamed that have a baby, as if we have done anything wrong. That was absolutely intolerant from these guys and I hope they will think about their behavior and in what way they were treating us and if they want to be treated like this.Besides the fact that this is the first pub/hotel in sydney in weeks that would not serve us coming with a baby, they could have spoken to us normally and explain that they want to be an adults only pub. But freaking out leaves us with a really bad feeling.So no recommendation at all!
Daniel Philps
16:29 31 Jan 24
For those of us who’ve lived here for 3 decades, we know Oxford St itself has died. But The Oxford has NOT. Still great service, affordable drinks & always good staff. I hope it never closes. It’s an excellent place 🥰🥰🥰👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🌈🌈🌈🥂🥂🥂🍷🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸🍹🍹🍹🍹🧉🧉👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Evan C
09:06 10 Jan 24
The venue is great, staff are fantastic, best trivia in Sydney. If you are thinking of food at this venue, DON'T, over past months the kitchen was outsourced and the quality has gone downhill. Tonight ordered a rump steak medium rare and it was served over cooked, asked for chips and vegetables, no vegetables in the venue. Meal was served with salad. The kitchen has taken some staples off the menu. Sorry to say until the kitchen changes operator's I will not be back for food
Amy Darragh
10:44 06 Dec 23
This pub has the advantage of being open to 6 am in the morning. A great place to move your late party.Lots of bright rainbow colors supporting the local community. The outdoor area is nice but used by smokers. Not pleasant for non smokers.Music was ok. Service was good. They had milk at the bar (nor all bars do milk for mixers).The locals and the vibe was fun. I would go back.Toilet were ok, noting for how late at night it was.
Jeff C
09:10 25 Nov 23
The food has really gone down hill. Prices have gone up and the quality of the food down. The fillet steak is not fillet, it’s a chewy as leather. The staff are nice and as helpful as always, but the food, best give it a miss.
03:42 08 Oct 23
Changed rating from 5 stars to 2 because they have changed their menu and removed the eggplant schnitzel.Went here with friends the other night and saw the change. Was told menu has been simplified.Basically all you can get now is chicken schnitzel or a halloumi cheese burger. We left as there was nothing non-meat and non-cheese eaters could order.Need to bring back the eggplant schnitzel or at least have the same falafel / patty burger you have at the Riley hotel.They’ve also removed the QR codes from the tables to order so now you have to go to the bar. Ground floor bar service needs to be a bit faster at taking orders.
Kevan Henderson
20:36 16 Sep 23
$9 tap beer's is just wrong. No wonder the place had more staff than customers. Although I must say it was very clean, no line at the bar, but almost fell over when changed 9 bucks for a glass of beer. Staff seemed friendly enough. Nice outdoor seating area looking out to Taylor square.
Surry G.
20:16 10 Sep 23
This Hotel needs to look at the security who more recently intimidate, ominously stare & overtly randomly remove people at their discretion. Recently i...
Surry Guys
09:27 10 Sep 23
This pub has been progressively getting worse for a while and now combined with the aggressive and arrogant security staff on a Saturday night, it’s time to take my money elsewhere.The bar staff will willingly serve you a drink and take your money and next thing the overtly aggressive door security staff kick you out!! Thanks for nothing and if I’m allegedly so intoxicated to be asked to leave, don’t sell me a drink and take my money in the first place.Done with it and no more, time for this place to close forever.
Sunandan Choudhury
03:55 09 Sep 23
The staff of this place are great people and the vibe is nice too. Even the security seemed polite and professional. Unfortunately, one of the managers - Sam - the bald guy with glasses is extremely rude. The club downstairs was not operational yet the door was open so my friends and I decided to go and sit there with some drinks to have a nice chat in the quiet. The manager came about an hour later and told us to vacate not just the room but the premises. While agreeing to leave the club downstairs, when I asked them why we should vacate the premises despite it being their fault for leaving the door to the club downstairs open and us not doing anything wrong while we were there, he sarcastically asked if we were "Stupid to think the bar looked open".I hope someone replaces the manager soon as the venue is definitely getting a bad reputation due to his rudeness.Never coming back here again.
Laura BlackRoseStar
13:11 27 Aug 23
Sunday night between 5-9 see some fabulous lip syncing drag queens, eat some delicious food, drink some bevy’s dance to some tunes and enjoy. I highly recommend it Penny, Dj Shane, Keira and Champagne…. Thank you for a fun night … big love to you all 💖💖💖
Rachel Lalaloki
08:33 17 Aug 23
I went to underground and it was nice place for party. Would be nice if there was one more bartender... cos we had to wait way too long to get served but other than that it was great night
00:56 16 Apr 23
Thank you for having eggplant schnitzel! 😍 One of very few venues around here that has something other than a god damn salad for people that don’t eat meat.Would love to get a non-mushroom, veggie patty burger to be added to the menu next.
Will K
15:48 13 Mar 23
Favorite place on the strip!! Great bar, great drinks, amazing staff. Big ups to Chris the superstar who has always been nothing but astounding every time we come in, sometimes I think we come here to just to see him. Definitely recommend and will always be a favorite place of mine
Hasen Williams
09:13 17 Feb 23
The female bar tender was AMAZING and so helpful, as I am on a Disability Scooter. Even gave my Carer and I, our 1st drink. The way the staff assisted me and other disabled older people, were just 100%.The Chicken Snitzal was very hard and over-cooked but the chips were nice.This was my 1st visit in 40 years, after being house bound, due to Disability.
02:42 14 Feb 23
Had a great time! The Sunday afternoon was chilled and relaxing, not too many people, so it was really easy to have a conversation. There was plenty of space on the deck where I had a fantastic meal! I ordered steak and my friend had a burger, both were great! Later in the afternoon/evening, it got busier with the shows, which are always great!! Def go if you want great food, atmosphere and entertainment. If you want it a bit quieter, just go earlier in the day.
Evelyn Chung
05:45 12 Feb 23
Great experience right from the first step into the premises. I asked what’s upstairs and got a very friendly and welcoming reply and quick intro. Music was great. Place was clean and overall vibe was very welcoming.
23:46 13 Jan 23
Service is always lightening fast, You’re never left waiting for food or drinks and the bartenders are amazing at what they do. Chris, the guy with long black curly hair, is always smiling and so welcoming. He always adds such great energy to the night every single time I’ve been and is absolutely hilarious!
Dash Hasler
10:56 13 Dec 22
We absolutely love this venue, especially on a Friday night. We pop in for a good meal & drink. Staff are wonderful. Clean venue. Nice crowd. I’m not posting a photo of the interior for privacy of patrons. If you are LGBTQI+ or an ally, definitely check this place out
Elizabeth Chandler
00:21 03 Dec 22
I love going to The Oxford Hotel, Penny, Chris and Victor are always welcoming and friendly.After I had knee surgery and went for a meal on crutches Penny went out of her way to make sure I was okay, got me a chair with a back on it so I was comfortable. Brought my drinks to me so I didn't have to get up and down all the time.I can not thank her enough for her help and making me feel safe.I always have an awesome time when I go. Great Venue and great staff. Love The Oxford
Graeme Holmes
21:33 18 Nov 22
Always have a great night out here. Penny is amazing - regardless of coming in with just a few people or in a large group she makes you feel welcome. Can also recommend her Trivia on a Wednesday night - lots of laughs and a great time.
05:43 08 Nov 22
Good price quality for a nice meal. Friendly staff. The dressing of the salad could be a little bit less.
Ericka Martinelli
12:35 15 Oct 22
The most amazing venue. Compliments to the security team especially Ali and Mitch from safeguard security. They were amazing and when I felt uncomfortable they kept me safe and removed unsavoury aggressive patrons and handled the situation professionally and effectively. Incredible team on hand at front doors. Thank you for a wonderful night.
Gerald And Rose
11:29 05 Oct 22
Good bangers and mash and beef plate. Good pub grub!
15:49 20 Aug 22
IMO, the sad truth about this place is that back in this day it probable had a good vibe, and probable still could. But those vibes are lost instantly when you arrive and are confronted by security. Doesn't feel like a safe space imo
Jodi Wilson
13:07 14 Aug 22
Chris was my bar tender. He was really sweet and answered all my questions respectfully. Definitely coming back
Andrew Mercado
04:53 09 Aug 22
The Oxford hosted my birthday party at the last moment and I could not have been happier. From the security man who introduced himself on the way in, to all the staff, DJ and drag queens, it was a magnificent night and I cannot thank you enough. Everyone had the best night!
Mark Tayar
07:58 03 Aug 22
Still one of my favs on The Strip. Across the 4 levels, they have some good parties. Can be a bit too quiet sometimes but still good vibe. Would love to hire one of the top 2 floors for a big party one day.
22:56 31 Jul 22
Classic Oxford Hotel on Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Beautifully maintained inside, with a real inclusive feel. Service good. Well worth dropping in for a drink.
Adam Ceh
08:10 22 Jul 22
Massive thank you to the security staff, Ali and Mitch from Safeguard at this venue!!They were awesome to help myself and our group feel safe by ejecting a patron who was harassing us all night. Props to them for their dedication to making patrons feel safe.
Nat Jo
01:00 03 Jul 22
Nice setup with moderately priced drinks. Definitely a chill out pre drinks before clubbing atmosphere. Friendly bar staff and security that make you feel welcome by referring to you by first name instead of just sir or ma'am. A 5 star rating to the big bouncer on the door and the security company. I think he's name was Arlee. We witnessed a not so friendly patron who was clearly under the influence of something being refused entry. This scumbag abused and threatened the guard with words I'm reluctant to post. The bouncer was very calm & professional basically copping the abuse where most bouncers would have snapped.He quickly made sure the unsavoury patron was given his marching orders allowing us to enjoy our drinks. Upon leaving that same bouncer bid us goodnight. Such a gentle giant but obviously quite skilled at his job keeping rubbish like that scumbag out. We will Definitely be coming back to the Oxford !
Jack Tompsett
17:43 01 Jul 22
Ali and Mitch from SafeGuard were excellent at the Oxford Hotel tonight - they along with the other security guards really ensured our group had a safe space and ejected a patron who was making us and other patrons feel unsafe. Thanks guys!
Francisca Contardo Krüger
11:18 25 Jun 22
Beautiful nice place, good amount of beer options, amazing hosting and entertainment but they definitely need to improve the food service: speed and quality.
Lola Blush
02:29 16 Apr 22
Iconic.The Oxford Hotel is iconic in gay history, and culture.It's a wonderful chill out venue afternoon and early evening.Attitude is dropped at the door, and everyone is relaxed and friendly. After midnight everyone is fabulous. Lol
Gurpreet Jaura
11:23 06 Apr 22
Good pub style food with decent range of bevies. Check out the Happy Hour for good prices. Only a few good eating places left on Oxford St and this is certainly one of them. Staff are nice and courteous. Good place to catch up with friends or just to enjoy a drink yourself..
nathan blackett
03:39 18 Mar 22
Wonderful space for live entertainment in the city, The Oxford Underground club is amazing. The sound system is huge and the basement locale makes for some thundering bass bouncing off the walls.Only a few faults with this venue, the aircon is miserable even with a small crowd it feels ineffective, toilets are amongst the least securable I've been to as none of the stalls close properly let alone lock, and even for a city venue, it's very pricey for drinks.Service is good, staff are very friendly and welcoming, and I get it's their job but security can feel like they're leering and very suspecting of just your average patrons and it makes it slightly difficult to enjoy the atmosphere of the venue but that's not the fault of the venue just how that particular security personnel work.
Bernard O'Sullivan
12:05 25 Feb 22
Great undercover outdoor dining and drinking area. At table ordering through me&u app. Generous serves of pub food. Daily specials.
Michelle Currey
06:30 12 Dec 21
I walk past this pub almost every day but never venture in. However one night we had an election meeting and had to go in. It's grubby and extremely unpleasant and needs a thorough renovation. The toilet facilities are abhorrent. I don't usually leave a bad review but I'll never go into this hotel again until it has a thorough refurbishment.
Matt Cater
10:38 11 Dec 21
Great venue. One of very few LGBT bars from the 80’s still remaining on Oxford Street. Great food, entertainment and trade.
21:46 28 Nov 21
The food and drinks were great!I ordered chicken parmigiana with salad and my friend had fried chicken with chips.Unfortunately, they served chicken parmigiana with chips and fried chicken with salad.So, my friend and I just needed a swap of chicken lol 😅
Andrew Antoun
00:32 25 Nov 21
Went for a Sunday drink with a group of 10+ friends. Great place to chill but music needs to be turned up a notch as it was way too quiet in there. Other than that, good place to meet up with friends
Tommy Clarke
23:52 05 Nov 21
A fun, light hearted and friendly environment, a great way to wind down with friends.
Lachlan Sullivan-Carey
03:18 04 Nov 21
Caveman of a bouncer let a large group of clearly drunk men in after denying myself, partner and a separate couple entry. After waiting respectfully for a moment for the line-up to go in we tried again but the power hungry thug clearly wasn't having a good night at his dead end job.
Tyrone Smith
09:13 02 Nov 21
Trivia with Penny is always great. Food was good and beers were cold
Adam dalla
03:39 28 Oct 21
Great place, good security and above all customer service
Tyrone Smith
12:38 27 Oct 21
Trivia with Penny is always great. Food was good and beets were cold
Daniel Tissot
12:36 24 Oct 21
Love this pub - great vibe!Nice staff members, very friendly. Great food options (not much vegetarian options though- very few sadly). Wide range of great cocktails. I go there very often and particularly sitting outside is a great place for a lazy Sunday. Highly recommend!
rodney johnson
01:57 21 Oct 21
Great Ambience friendly Staff and Patrons..well priced meals and a great variety of drinks available..highly recommended..I go there regularly 😀
eclipse protection
04:23 18 Oct 21
Hi just want to say congratulations to the Business owners and GMThe Female manager She's really Aggressive and rude in the first weekendAfter 106 days quarantineDo she really need to be like that ?If she can not answer a question in a friendly way, how she can do a the business and make money for her boss ?We never back AGAIN she ruined night for us
Ho Wong
22:27 24 Jun 21
Toilets are blocked up most of the time. Bar staff are great except when you go upstairs and are served by the drag queens. So much attitude. Food-wise, nothing much to write home about. Pretty bad pub grub with schnitzel sauces made out of a packet and just add water kind of thing. But I guess people are not really coming here for the food. Happy hour is great though.
Douglas Bell
06:32 20 Jun 21
Was not expecting the food to be so good!Would honestly go back just to eat. Forget the amazing drag shows and dancing on top of that 🙂
Phil G.
09:46 30 May 21
Booked my daughters 18th for Friday night in the Polo Lounge, top floor of the Oxford Hotel. Clayton, the so called manager, was polite and very...
Robert Hamilton
00:32 12 May 21
Good service. Always clean.Friendly Staff.Happy Hours are good value.
M H.
23:29 09 May 21
The MENU is FANTASTIC. Price competitive and food quality fresh, large portion sizes its always a treat. I recommend the Schnitzels as they are large. Try...
Christer Svennson
10:44 08 May 21
I was denied entry just over one hour ago by the Neanderthal who was talking to a mate. It was 7.15pm, I had not consumed any alcohol, but was assumed to be intoxicated. Im lucky that I am not a regular, The IQ of front door staff can be represented on one hand, owners must be really proud.
Kieran James
10:31 25 Apr 21
Generous meals in a happy environment. Great if you want to transition to some drinks and dance.
Paul Castle Dine (PCD)
00:48 24 Apr 21
If you're.comming here for a relatively quiet drink then this seems to be the only iconic destination on the formerly once-so-golden-mile for drinkers of the gay persuation. The service is fast amd friendly, the menu is eclectic enough to offer almost everyone options, but small enough for solid consistency once you've settled on your favourite. You always know what you're going to get when younorder. Check the website of the rota of drag performances the venue hosts. Also a must to be had experience. #PCDinOz
James Brooking
08:04 22 Apr 21
Good food, pleasant happy staff. Go there often recommended
Nathan Carroll
02:53 18 Apr 21
fun and amazing atmosphere. but most of all, great to be dancing again. good to catch a show upstairs as well!
Ollie Ní Reida
04:13 15 Jan 21
One of the better places to go since covid. Nice friendly staff.
Robert A.
03:45 07 Feb 20
Enjoyed a nice lunch here of delicious fish, very friendly and cool place to hang. I was visiting from the USA and yelped this place and was not disappointed.
Leigh H.
18:04 05 Feb 19
Great flexible hotel for accommodation meals drinks administration the best view!!!!!!
Terry M.
23:02 13 Oct 16
Wow....after working in Melbourne for a few weeks and enjoying the friendly hospitality you would expect, I return home on Thursday afternoon and complete...
Felix R.
13:42 17 Mar 15
This place is wonderful. Had dinner & beers there last night and it was great! (Staff is very warm, attentive, & attractive)It was the most cost...
Helen M.
01:23 23 Oct 11
The Oxford Hotel is quite the deceptive spot! From the outside the leafy beer garden and attractive exterior led me to expect a standard pub interior, all...
Tyler J.
02:13 08 Oct 11
The place is cool! The place is not huge, but its triangular in shape, and has some pretty cool décor. Is has this theme... Like a warehouse I suppose. I'm...

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