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Welcome to Scotland’s best and largest Gay Sauna club. Pipeworks was established 13 years ago and has completed a much needed £400,000 refurbishment programme, upgrading facilities, and adding a new floor, including Private Cabins, Bukakee Room, Private Sling Room and a Cinema Cruise area.



The Pipeworks
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Paul Johnson
21:41 21 Apr 23
Been here twice and cannot fault it.Made welcome even with a strong London accent. Lol. Staff all polite and friendly.Great range of age groups and plenty of fun to be had. No airs and graces when looking for three on one action.I will be back
Reese EOM
09:59 01 Mar 23
Dirty smelly steam room. Cold showers. No soap. Way too dark sauna. Spunk soup jacuzzi. Rude jumped up queen staffing the joint.
Aaron M
19:51 28 Feb 23
Visited the Pipeworks during a trip to Glasgow and I wanted to make my own opinion about the place after reading so many comments.It can be surprising at the first sight cause we open the door and fall on a lift. 😀I must say it’s probably the cleanest sauna I have ever been. The place is massive so to have it all clean at all times it’s a really good point.The private cabins well I didn’t use them so can’t talk about it.The security cameras. That for me is not an issue. I mean better safe than sorry. You don’t even notice them.The staff, absolutely fantastic. I never been before they took time to explain everything at the front desk.Definitely will go back next time I have the occasion to visit Glasgow.
David Beckwith
10:05 30 Jan 23
Great sauna went today not been their since lockdown travelled from fife spent about 7 hours their was a lot of younger guys also which I enjoyed also the naked event was superb and great friendly staff not sure why their are some negative reviews as sauna has been done up. And will definitely be back more regularly.
Tek Cocking
02:00 03 Jan 23
Google showed it was a little busy so i headed over. what a great experience on a Monday night! Staff is super, place is constantly being cleaned, and patrons are all friendly and down for action. Had such a great time. +1 for all of Glasgow with this spot
Michael Jenkins
22:21 09 Dec 22
Went to pipeworks for the first time in a long time.Great time was had , not that busy, but staff very helpful, and all facilities were excellent.Had a lot of fun today, and can't wait to get back.
Vreoxai QQQ
07:53 20 Nov 22
Clean and well maintained gay sauna in Scotland. A good place to meet nice and handsome lads. Special thank you to the reception employees on Saturday night who helped me find the lost keys👍
Will s
05:11 14 Nov 22
Went a couple of days ago, only meant to be in for an hour. Ended up staying for 6. Bar staff were very friendly, facilities were top tier, seemed clean and was a few good looking naked dudes walking round the place. A credit to glasgows gay scene, recommended for all.
David Sean Nelson
19:53 19 Oct 22
Visited The Pipeworks for the first time last weekend. I'd seen several good reviews of the place, so took the plunge and paid for membership plus admission for the day.A great deal of thought seems to have been given to the design - not just to the general layout of facilities, but also to the ambience of the place, particularly evident in the bar area with its carefully chosen furnishings and lighting. The overall impression I had is of a place where you can not only have a great deal of fun, but also rest and relax in very pleasant surroundings between adventures in other parts of the building. All facilities seemed to be available and working well.I arrived at The Pipeworks at lunchtime on a Saturday, and left about 7, having thoroughly enjoyed myself. It seems safe, well-maintained, and above all clean. Be aware that there is a charge of £1 for a replacement clean towel - given the soaring cost of heating a three-storey building to a temperature that allows for people in towels to wander about in comfort, I can't honestly begrudge it. Special thanks to Davey, who was at all times attentive and polite.I'm glad I took out that membership. I'll be back!
Rishi Sethi
23:32 06 Sep 22
Visited from London. Guy at reception was friendly on arrival (was told it was naked Sundays with just a small towel only), mostly clean place, nicely stocked bar, lots of hot Scotsmen which is what I wanted! Was interesting exploring the two floors. Would return!
David Pringle
15:54 30 Aug 22
As an Englishman from across the border I have mixed feelings about this place. Very clean, great facility and lots of very amicable Scots guys. However, I found the person on duty to be borderline offensive. First I was never asked on entry if it was my first time, and consequently in other saunas I have visited, I have always been given a tour; here, simply handed my key and had to find where the lockers are.Then got reprimanded not once but twice for ringing the bar bell to buy a drink! Guy moaned how he couldn’t be in two places at once. Finally, when ordering I politely requested a fresh towel - which I was told cost £1 which on top of the £25 entry I do think is slightly over-the -top but, as I didn’t want to put my old towel on the bar, I simply asked if I should give to him. I received the very blunt reply:“I don’t collect towels you know, there are baskets in the entrance.” Had, of course, I been offered a tour I would have known this ! Comparing this to 4 other saunas visited in the last 24 months, I wouldn’t rush to come back. To the owner: your staff let you down here by their attitude towards visitors. Otherwise lovely facilities, thank you
shipsandtrains 2021
20:33 12 Aug 22
I am a regular at the pipeworks grate place to have someone fun and relaxing
Markus Peschke
09:40 31 Jul 22
Clean and tidy sauna. More customers than I expect. Love the jacuzzi!
shipsandtrains 2021
20:31 21 Jul 22
Very good place to have some fun, if you know what I mean, or even have a chill timeWhenever I go to Glasgow I always make a stop in there. we'll be back again facilities were excellent enjoyed the pool and the dark room was here today and last week
shipsandtrains 2021
12:36 03 Jul 22
Very good place to have some fun, if you know what I mean, or even have a chill timeWhenever I go to Glasgow I always make a stop in there. we'll be back again facilities were excellent enjoyed the pool and the dark room
shipsandtrains 2021
11:30 02 Jul 22
Had a wonderful time and fun was had by all if you know what I mean we'll be back again facilities were excellent enjoyed the pool and the dark room
shipsandtrains 2021
16:54 01 Jul 22
Had a wonderful time and fun was had by all if you know what I mean we'll be back again
Tom Murphy
18:57 30 May 22
Clean facility’s lots of hot guys, I came in yesterday with my friend staff are very friendly and are happy to talk and laugh with you spoke with staff member Lewis
Dale T
20:06 28 May 22
It was a bit quiet when I was there and 25 quid isn't cheap for entry, but facilities are clean and tick all the boxes, the staff welcoming, the patrons I met were very friendly, and let's just say a good time was had by all!
Karl Jakubowski
06:20 27 May 22
Very nice place. Good customer service.
Derek Pauley
20:38 13 May 22
I had a great time here when I was in Glasgow for the day this place is so up to date don't be fooled by the outside of the building it is as class place inside great cafe and bar a good menu on offer there are great deals on offer to there is also Pvt cabins you pay extra for them but they are great as they lock and you have all you need in them no need to use locker room the staff so nice and polite and look after you I lost my watch when I was there witch was found and when I was on my way home to Belfast but the guys at getting it back to me even paying the postage I can't thank them enough there is a great mixture of guys go here to so there is something for everyone it is also a great place to just chill the price to enter is good as the facilities you have are well up to date and will maintain look forward to next time I am there 😊👍
Lewis Salt
17:35 07 May 22
Nice and clean sauna. Very expensive though. Not a fan of the private room idea ln the bottom floor. Everyone should just be in the same area. Won’t be back but good luck! ☺️
david willacy
19:44 22 Apr 22
You may want to inform your members that your website pricing regarding 24 hours is totally misleading…after 12 hours if you hear on the tannoy in an American accent “this is a customer announcement can locker number?? Come to reception please…your advised to pay another £16 entry fee or leave…totally misleading & this needs updating on your website page which give the impression its 24 hours inclusive…trading standards have been informed.
þorsteinn stefánsson
10:20 11 Apr 22
I Visit The Pipework bathhouse few days ago when i was visiting Glasgow i and i had a great time.Staff was very nice and kind and willing and friendly the price is little bit high but i will not let that keep you for visiting I will highly Recommend this place if you want just have fun.Only downside i had was the mattress in the private rooms are little unconformable But hey i will Come back for sure.
Jhonny Reis Celli
01:44 10 Apr 22
Very good place to have some fun, if you know what I mean, or even have a chill timeWhenever I go to Glasgow I always make a stop in there.
Paulo Vitoriano
07:59 18 Feb 22
Good space...clean, very well maintained, attentive and friendly staff, good place to relax
Samuel Desmond
19:27 06 Feb 22
The good: this is a large facility, with plenty of space. The steam room, sauna, showers and jacuzzi are all very spacious. The staff are helpful and attentive for the most part.The bad: I am astonished the leak in the cinema room has still not been fixed. It's been over two years since my first visit and I honestly cannot believe that this is still a problem. There is no excuse especially after prolonged closure during the lockdowns. There is paint peeling off the walls by the toilets. The upkeep generally is poor and is a pretty sad indictment as to the attitude of the people that run the place if they can't be bothered. Of course the punters will keep coming back, given the nature of the venue. But it feels like we're being taken for mugs and used as a meal ticket. I don't buy the "we are a small business line", when Big Top Productions figures show net assets of £2.3million for last year.
Arron Neve
14:09 29 Dec 21
I went the Pipeworks Weds 29-12-21 and didn’t receive the usual warm welcome I’m accustomed to.The showers were ice cold and when I mentioned it to the attendant he said the boiler was broke.I asked why he didn’t tell me when I entered and he said he wasn’t aware they weren’t working after telling me the boiler was broke.The guy on the desk with tash definitely needs to less the attitude and needs a course in customer service skills.Very disappointed with today’s visit.
Alex Keeping Fish
21:44 21 Oct 21
I love this place. Always have a fantastic time here. The facilities are amazing and always a good choice of guys. Staff are mostly friendly apart from the odd one or 2. My only grumble is tonight I got charged for asking for a replacement towel which I have never been charged before. I was a little taken aback by that even though it was only 50 pence but I thought the charge was not needed and perhaps a little greedy. I wonder if pipeworks could comment on this particular charge?
Coua Kan
15:34 17 Oct 21
The Best One in the UK?I visited this place over the weekend around the middle of October 20211. The place is clean and free cabins are specious2. I had to pay for a last minute cabin to stay in as I too tired to go home which I enjoyed.3. Great atmosphere around. You go and do whatever you have to do and you come out.4. I love the variety of music they played in there5. I could go on and on. I had a nice time there.
darryl o'keefe
07:56 09 Oct 21
Went for the first time and the staff where very nice and helpful. The place is clean and modern decorated. Well maintained and plenty of places to relax.
Eddie Douglas
20:39 22 Sep 21
Nice facilities and clean sauna. Only the water at Jacuzzi does not looking that clean!Staff are professional and helpful.I love the clients that visit as I always happy to please my mature Scots.
Yoni O
18:32 15 Sep 21
If I'm a tourist, why would I want to pay your 7 pound registration fee?Why does this place close 9pm and not later?Huge disappointment ☹️
Marc O'Fearghail
11:10 15 Aug 21
Had good time, nice guys although older crowd when I visited.
Nathan Collins
00:35 14 Aug 21
First time visiting this place, it was pretty good to be fair. The place was kept clean and the staff were all really nice. Plus a mix of different age, size and race so plenty options for everyone.I can see this being a regular thing coming here!
Bartosz Alichper
19:23 03 Aug 21
Visit this place every 4-5 weeks. Constantly high level of service. People who work there are devoted and taking pride what they do. The management responsive to any issues and, I believe implementation a culture of appreciation of the customer base. The whole place Is well looked after, cleaned on regular basis although some 'surprises' are to be found due to the nature of the business. Good choice of none and alcoholic drinks and snack. Reasonably priced and nicely served. The guys always smile. I'll be back again soon
06:00 26 Jun 21
Great sauna and a lot of young guy
Gavin McLachlan
12:57 11 Jun 21
Okay but expensive tho for the calibre of clienteleRE: I was down last week but decided against entering after seeing this drug paraphernalia, Very dangerous practises and place was littered with needles
Bartosz Alichper
19:47 09 May 21
Friendly, helpful team. Clean and well maintained place. Good value for money. It does what it says on the tin
Sandor M.
21:55 19 Jan 21
Happy for question,1. Very expensive place quality and service2. For that high fee they long time isnt spent for a toilet seat.3. If required PPE why not supply free??4. If less facilities why not cut the priece??May if you made investment will be better, a bit!For your reply:I just have experience in another countries!Thats it!!
Gavin McLachlan
11:32 25 Nov 20
Okay but expensive tho for the calibre of clientele
Torrey Wolf
07:14 20 Aug 20
duncan robertson
10:45 11 Nov 19
Great Warren of naughty ness, in Glasgow. Staff very friendly and helpful. Mostly clean and efficient a bit worn in parts. Private rest room very good, clean and well-designed. Other areas were not so luxurious. But overall good recommendation will certainly be back

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