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The Polo Lounge

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Scotland's Premier LGBTQ Nightclub. Set over 2 Floors, we have 4 Rooms, including: Polo Lounge, Riding Room, Polo Club and Club X. Open 7 nights.

Polo Lounge is Scotland’s premier LGBTQ+ nightclub & cocktail bar.
Located in the Merchant City, Polo has an enviable reputation of offering outstanding entertainment. Polo really does offer attitude free clubbing and after years of success, Polo Lounge is established as the leading Glasgow club for camp pop fun.

We are also Proud Gold Winners in the Glasgow Best Bar None Award Scheme!



Polo Lounge
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Charlie Coffee
23:02 22 May 24
didnt let us in because it was raining and we (obviously) got rained on?? seems these bouncers decide who is attractive enoughto let in. it was my friends birthday and they were denied by bouncers even though we were clearly sober. entry should be determined by first come first serve or if someone is too drunk. considering i am writing this review that is not the case. ruined our night and won’t be coming again.
Ron Holzmann
17:44 14 May 24
Upon having experienced something disheartening with having been prevented entry when I was donning a U.S. Air Force ball cap and a cane while dressed appropriately at age 66 while on holiday, I posted a review here and the venue replied in the following way, which I found offensively accusatory and presumptuous:"Please see below our 'Duty of Care' link to our website."The Police are correct, it is not in their remit to decide how clubs operate with regards to venue specific policies. The Police and the Licencing Board uphold the 5 licencing objectives as outlined in the Licencing Scotland Act 2005."Our doors are monitored closely, and we do not allow intoxicated persons into the premises as it is an offence to do so, anyone who appears to be intoxicated inside the venue is re-united with a friend and our staff have a duty of care to ensure they are with a responsible person they have entered with to get them home safely."Many licenced venues throughout Glasgow practise a lone person policy due to the unfortunate instances that a person could become unwell, have an incident whilst inside a venue or become intoxicated and that they have someone who can assist in these circumstances."I found this curious, but my local acquaintances expressed that even they get turned away any given day and they return other days to be allowed entry to the dance club without any problem. So, the area locals and suburbanites surrender to the problem and accept it without a fight. Sad indeed.However much I was outraged by how I was lied to and turned away, I just think the club should question its protocol and look into how (seemingly) inconsistent they are. My view is that I, a New Yorker and Southern Californian, have observed how any club that practiced questionable behavior and cherry-picking of those who enter it, are long gone because they don’t survive the clubs that welcome all. Inclusivity is key to the likes of the international acclaimed “Monster” and historic “Stonewall Inn,” which led the way toward gay rights that resonated around the globe and whose transgender Blacks and Puerto RicansRican in particular pushed back the police for good.Feedback here is welcomed. In the meantime, I would appreciate wisdom here on the best and safest Glasgow dance clubs to visit so this senior citizen American, inner-city urbanite (who can dance quite well) can burn some calories and return to New York City a bit more fit.;-)
Gillian Reilly
12:16 02 May 24
The night started good. Until I went to the toilet with my two friends and the bouncer with the missing front tooth tried to start something with my friend. He was shouting at her for no reason what so ever she was doing everything he told her to do. Pinned her up against the wall while we were waiting in the toilet Que and threatened to take her outside, saying he didn’t like her attitude? She was being polite and doing everything she was told to do. This is when I had to intervene and tell him he was out of line and not to put his hands on her which he did anyway. My friend was traumatised for the rest of the night and still to this day. This is not on, the attitude and actions of this bouncer were shocking and no one should have to put up with that what so ever
18:00 22 Apr 24
It was a Sunday night and the place wasn’t too crowded which was actually great. The music is nice, the atmosphere is very friendly and I liked that there are two separate areas - to sit at the tables and the other one to dance. There was also a very talented performer in the first area closer to the entrance. The interior design is good, too.We heard that it’s hard to get inside but I guess it’s just the bouncers making sure the crowd is the right type, and it was - very open-minded and friendly. You do have to have an ID on you
Emma Gillan (PhailedUser)
14:18 20 Apr 24
Bouncers wouldn’t even let you in. Asked where my party of 5 was and being honest we said club Tropicana. Weren’t drunk but still refused entry before asking anyone in the party. Was really mean and a damper to our night. Sorry but sort out your bouncers
Callum McKenzie
17:03 15 Apr 24
This a great club which is super inclusive inside and has a lovely atmosphere.However, the security at the door needs to more transparent on their reasoning for rejecting some people trying to enter. My group (mixed gender and sexuality), has had trouble entering recently creating a bad vibe to do with our nerves that our night could be ended very early. We kindly ask that if we are turned away for a genuine reason behind it, especially when we see groups of 10 or more entering immediately behind us. We respect this sober space and for this reason we hold back our drinking until getting inside, but more than once turned away without reason.We do hope there can be more honesty in future as feeling heavily judged before our night starts is starting to doubt our love for this venue.
21:49 13 Apr 24
The Woman at the door needs the sack. Never had any problem getting in unless it’s her i’m dealing with. My best friend wanted a night in polo for his birthday and since we were not let in by this woman for “being in a group” his birthday night was ruined and we all went home. Love Polo and all the staff. this review is only a complaint about the woman bouncer with the slick back bun.
09:21 31 Mar 24
It is news to me that one is supposed to be sober when going to a nightclub but I respect if that is your policy. But then be transparent and put it on your socials saying only sober people get in. My sober 'straight passing 'but gay friend was refused entry twice whilst other friends who had been doing shots all night got in. Only a breathalyzer can tell you if one is drunk or not. I respect queer sober spaces but please make it clear on your promotion. Reading the reviews this is the only thing that is consistent across them all and ruins peoples' nights. Many thanks.
02:39 28 Mar 24
was lovely entering bar staff were welcoming - however a friend a couple minutes behind us was denied entry for seemingly no reason however we respected their authority, when security requested someone to call her taxi this was met however the remaining party wasn’t let in despite calmly reasoning and explaining how this is what they requested (us to come outside) i feel this is unfair treatment and really dampers what could of been a great experience.
Michaela Grace
03:10 24 Mar 24
I’ve visited Polo many times, and despite being asked about the number of drinks I've had and other similar questions, I've never encountered any issues getting in.However, on Friday night, I was with a group consisting of two girls and two boys. As we approached the bouncers, I was trying to get my ID from my bag when the female bouncer asked if we had been to Polo before, and then asked when the last time was. Afterward, she simply stated, "Sorry, not tonight." This caught me off guard, especially since none of us had consumed more than one or two drinks. I politely said, "would I be able to ask why?" to which she responded, "No, just not tonight." I understand you have the right to refuse entry without giving a reason, I only asked because I was genuinly very confused.In the past, I understood the relevance of questions regarding our alcohol consumption before entry, but I fail to understand why your bouncers feel the need to inquire about our previous visits and their timelines before making entry decisions.This was my first attempt to visit Polo with my boyfriend, rather than just my female and/or gay friends, and it's the only time I've ever been turned away. It makes me wonder if our group being perceived as two straight couples, despite none of us identifying as straight, played a role.I genuinely enjoy Polo, but after this experience and hearing other negative accounts about your bouncers, I question whether the hassle of getting in is worth it. It's a shame because it's a truly great club, and all the bar staff have consistently been nothing but nice.
Cal Mac
03:43 13 Mar 24
Rude bar staff who rolled her eyes when we asked to pay separately at the bar. Always experienced an unwelcoming vibe from the staff. Door staff have refused me entry sober multiple times. Glasgow deserves better, this is far from a safe queer space.
Trackie McLeod
03:19 13 Mar 24
Have unfortunately been on and off being subjected to polo for the last ten years. Every time I have went, there has been some altercation with some member of staff. Normally it’s the insecure bouncers (normally aggro with queer people who don’t meet their ever changing criteria). Or like tonight, we got in (we were all shocked considering it’s normally easier to get in to Barlinnie). But this time me and a friend were in smoking area for a while and said (manager) bar man kept a hold of our drinks whilst we conversed. We came back and I shook said bar mans hand for keeping a hold of our drinks, we were so grateful and he said I had stepped over the line of the bar and to step back which I did and apologised. He disappeared and within seconds a bouncer (claiming to do this manager's job for him said we had to leave). We choose to leave after a stupid back and forth. We had a hideous altercation with a horrible woman who claimed that ‘stepping over the line of the bar’ (that was closed) was a rule that shouldn't be broken. I was attempting to say thank you but even then it was easier for the over aggressive bar staff to ask us to leave instead of making that rule clear. Glasgow Polo is hands down the most homophobic club I’ve ever experienced, the bull dog woman or older man at the door will claim that this is not reality yet over my 10 years of clubbing I’ve only ever experienced this nasty and quite frankly unjust energy displayed to queer people that don’t fit their very vague and boring clientele. Looking through their reviews, I’m not alone, BOYCOTT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. Glasgow deserves better.
Mark Patterson
22:50 01 Mar 24
I never usually write reviews, but a recent experience has prompted me to write this. I have been going to Polo for 10+ years and have never had an issue. My experience with the staff has always been excellent. I am writing this review as last week I lost my wallet which had a large amount of cash within and some ANGEL handed it into staff who kept it safe for me. Thank you kind stranger and thank you to all the staff. Polo really does love you 🙂 x
Tana Bonner
16:58 05 Feb 24
Polo is one of my favourite clubs in Glasgow! My friends and I go on Wednesdays for the student night and it's always a blast. Bartenders are super nice and the prices are fair. The music is always fun and you're guaranteed to meet new people whenever you go!
Ben Green
04:30 28 Jan 24
I used to frequent both polo and axm a number of years ago and always had an amazing time with the music and atmosphere at polo. I hadn't been for a number of years due to myself being in recovery. And now being at the stage where I am able to be around bars and such places again I was so looking forward to night out at queer safe space with a few of my sober friends. Only to be met by a female bouncer who proceded to hit me and my friends with 2 questions1 - had we been to the establishment before2 - how long ago had it been since we had last been in the establishmentThe bouncer then proceeded to say no not tonight folks try another time.Pretty poor to say the least when someone walked up behind us and was greeted with a hug from said bouncer and granted entry straight away.Absolutely gutted as I said because it takes a lot to even pluck up the courage to go to bars and things now and then to be greeted like that .
Amelia Beattie
11:38 14 Jan 24
Me and my friends have been raving about how much we enjoyed going to polo for months. So for our friends birthday we decided to go. Only to be refused entry at the door for no apparent reason (well i think we both know the reason let’s be honest). We all knew of polos reputation for being ridiculously hard to get into if you don’t “look queer” and especially if you are a woman, but i thought we should be fine as is been in before with no hassle and the bouncers were lovely. This time we were just denied entry immediately with zero explanation. I understand that you can refuse to anyone and don’t need to offer an explanation. But we all know why we didn’t get in. We’d each had one or two drinks at pres so it could not have been because we were too drunk, plus the first half of the group we were with had (that had two men in the group) had already got in at being the same level of tipsy as us. We asked about a refund for them as they couldn’t stay there because the birthday girl wasn’t let in and were immediatly denied, which is disappointing but understandable. As we were leaving my friend told me she heard the things the bouncer was saying about us when we approached (comments on the clothes we were wearing) which confirmed my suspicion of her profiling us. We left and had a great night but it put a dampener on the evening. I’d been looking forward to revisiting polo as it had been such a welcoming and amazing atmosphere, to return and be treated like that was a shock. I just don’t understand why a gay club that should promote and practice inclusivity would be so narrow minded would exclude based on stereotypes of what a gay person “should like”. It seems to me the only way to get into Polo is to dress like a walking stereotype of a queer woman or be a man. It’s so disheartening and disgusting to be denied entry into a queer space as a femme woman. I don’t mean it to be rude and leave a bad review just to trash the place because i’ve only had nice experiences here before but i think that this seriously needs addressed.
Ruth J.
02:18 14 Jan 24
absolutely not an inclusive nor welcoming atmosphere a group of 3 queer, female identifying friends and i were refused entry without the bouncer even...
Femme Fatale
15:11 07 Jan 24
me and my friends were turned away by security, didn’t ask for ID, because we have never been to polo before, like how else am I going to experience it if we don’t get the chance too like everybody else? is there a certain reason as to why that was, mind you it was a Saturday night so I’m not too sure if that were a valid reason? just disappointed, always wanted to experience Polo that’s all…
02:22 01 Jan 24
We went there for new year's eve party. The security guys at the door were very rude toward us, so we just went somewhere else. Same thing happened with a group of guys before us, they also left. I wonder how this business managed to hire such people.
imogen maitland
05:32 26 Dec 23
Turned up for a job interview a few months ago - totally skint and spent my last fiver travelling to get to the venue. Door was locked, couldn’t enter to alert anyone I had arrived. I stood outside for around 30 minutes before leaving. The person who had confirmed my interview slot and booked me for the interview never turned up, never messaged me to let me know he was going to be late or even to reschedule. Then an hour later I received an email letting me know my application had been unsuccessful. Not acceptable treatment of young people struggling to put food on the table and struggling to get a job. I’m not returning to polo again.Edit: I dunno how that response is meant to help, you guys didn’t have the doors open. It’s pretty cut and dry.
John McPhee
13:22 20 Dec 23
What a venue staff and act's are amazing I have no problem recommending. It is a friendly,inclusive and safe place my wife mother-in-law and myself have made some great memories in this venue and the alternative panto was so well done so thanks to the act's that took part.John
imogen maitland
22:45 16 Dec 23
Turned up for a job interview a few months ago - totally skint and spent my last fiver travelling to get to the venue. Door was locked, couldn’t enter to alert anyone I had arrived. I stood outside for around 30 minutes before leaving. The person who had confirmed my interview slot and booked me for the interview never turned up, never messaged me to let me know he was going to be late or even to reschedule. Then an hour later I received an email letting me know my application had been unsuccessful. Not acceptable treatment of young people struggling to put food on the table and struggling to get a job. I’m not returning to polo again.
Daniel S
00:05 13 Dec 23
Can I just say Shaun is a credit to the unit. He is always helpful and has a smile on his face. Cara the cash desk girl is also lovely and makes me feel welcome every time I attend. These two also both deserve a night off as seem to be here all the time.
Sean Muirhead
19:02 11 Dec 23
I’ve been a semi regular for over a decade and have rarely had any issue and when I have Kenny has been great in dealing with it. This has 100% made me feel more welcome in future because it feels like they get to know you. Granted I feel about 80 when I’m in but that’s life eh? Decent music, DJ Will is the best btw, and good cocktails in the riding room. Never been refused entry either in all my years and always felt comfortable there no matter how I’m dressed. Security are friendly to me and I’ve gotten to know a few of them pretty well.
Nathan Johnston
02:44 07 Dec 23
I have been visiting this venue for numerous years and upon this arrival this evening, alone and vulnerable, I was granted entry despite them pulling away at my passport -- which was fine.I entered the venue, as a returning customer despite the unwelcoming vibe and the collective deluge of staff members who had created an endless feeling of discomfort for me due to personal agendas throughout the visit. Due to aforementioned personal narrative, I was asked to leave the venue in which I compliantly did so, however alone, cold and vulnerable -- exposed to undoubtedly a fearful situation -- I felt humiliated, intimidated and mocked by the management on the door who made various personal verbal attacks towards me in which I feel have impacted my mental health -- within which I will be seeking appropriate external advise and/or therapy for due to the nature of the language and mannerisms utilised.It was upon being forcefully and physically removed, in a disregarding manner, displaying no care by physically violating me that I was standing outside, politely asking for my bag back -- that one of the bouncers, Mick (who is infamously known across the 'scene' for harassment, in an undisclosed approach) - had, in his official capacity, in the means of the licensed premises, displayed a personal mobile device, and began recording me -- evidently, on the aforementioned personal device. This has resulted in me suffering from additional anxiety and discomfort, and the appropriate procedures have been followed externally to conduct a transparent review into how this footage was taken and herewith - thereon after utilised, from the personal device - by the licensed security officer - with a legal obligation to uphold his duty of care; in the licensed premises.I waited outside, stranded, alone, cold and vulnerable in the cold for over an hour to await my property in which I entered the licensed premises with, acquiring the prior knowledge of the duty of care I was meant to have obtained, leaving my bag within a safer space - visible on CCTV, that I was told my bag wasn't there and nobody was looking for it. Justifiably and understandably so, I became increasingly frustrated and upset - on top of the collective deluge of anxiety I was already streamlining due to the aforementioned conduct of the named security officer who violated the duty of care he was meant to uphold by violating my privacy by utilising a private device to document a recording of me within a publicly funded area.Area Manager, Kenny and General Manager, Kirsty then displayed questionably unprofessional behaviour to me at the door by utilising endlessly vulgar and inappropriate language when I was simply standing in the public area, looking to file a complaint due to the privacy breach and illegal possession of my belonging(s) - which was recorded on bouncer's, Ray's body camera, yes this is a club...yes, I was slightly drunk but under the expectation the duty of care this licensed venue has to uphold to those it grants entry to I'd be protected by elaborated protocol - but instead, I was ganged up on at the door, in a corner, undermined and humiliated on front of other guests entering/exiting the venue.I have now conducted the appropriate legal and formal procedures to re-acquire the footage that Mick took of me on his private mobile device in the premises, within his official capacity - And I am expecting a swift, effective response from the bodie(s)/entitie(s) - that I have addressed this to maximise security, transparency and safety within Glasgow City Council, outlined by the aforementioned body in the newly proposed 4AM closing policy - in which the primary factor of such policy was undoubtedly and evidently breached due to aforementioned event(s) and factor(s) - collectively.To provide additional clarity, Ray and Amanda remained professional throughout this difficult and confrontational encounter and I'd like to offer credit and sincerest thanks to said security for averting the required measures to maintain a safe environment and atmosphere.
Bowie Bowie
01:48 03 Dec 23
The toilets in polo are nicer than the club in AXM….Strict door… for good reason… safe space.If you don’t behave you won’t get in!Best lgbtq+ venue in Glasgow
H27 B
23:43 26 Nov 23
Terrible service!! This was my first time in Glasgow and with that customer service or lack of should I say. myself or any of my family and friends will not be back. Bar woman was incredible rude. If I gave that service I'd be fired before you could say the word prosecco!Shame as the act preforming was very talented. Place was very quiet for a Sunday night . Now I understand why. I very rarely gave poor ratings but very disappointed.
14:55 19 Nov 23
I would like tell you about the club that is polo but I can’t because I wasn’t let in because of the female bouncer wouldnt let me and my friends into the club.When my friend asked why we weren’t let into the club and the bouncer said “we are security we don’t need a reason” and then we waited outside discussing our next move and more people were getting in line to the club which were also denied entry. Honestly it’s just poor service if it’s some marketing tactic trying to create some sort of exclusivity then it’s really bad way to do it.
maya iso
22:38 28 Oct 23
usually love polo and feel so safe, however tonight they didn’t let me in, tried multiple times and they decided they weren’t letting me in as a definite. had one drink and honestly feel stone cold sober. friends are away in and i’m on a hour long train home myself, the atmosphere is brilliant and i love the layout so honestly would recommend, just the bouncers aren’t really knowledgeable about people with neurodivergence and don’t know how to tell the difference between tipsy and Adhd. won’t be back for a while if i’m honest.
Katie Smith
23:37 19 Oct 23
As a girly gay, I felt discriminated against and unseen being turned away from polo lounge. My straight friends got in but my gay self did not. The security guards are homophobic. Will not be recommending. Bye
Ronnie Mora
23:24 18 Oct 23
Bouncer at the door seemed to have a problem with single people, here. Saw it the proverbial hundred times, online. Took that with some scepticism as iI've been a regular during the week, for some years. Now i know its true, tonight.Got knocked back tonight by a guy at the door who looked bored and wanted something to do. I was sober contrary to what the bouncer said. I dare say, the guy at the door, and The Polo Lounge, who is the brand name, will say different.Didn't see an SIA licence. Perhaps he did. Dunno.I've had a bad experience with some friends re paying for a night out, prior to this, some time ago. I've be here, since early 90's.Doubt I'll be backPathetic
00:50 14 Oct 23
Been going to polo for 20 years, I love the wee bar bit with the old fashioned pint glasses (it's clear I'm getting older, haha)! Only thing I don't like is when you go to the toilet, even when chatting to someone, the woman in the toilet basically screams at you to go in one at a time... yeah yeah, I get why, but maybe be a little calmer about it. Apart from that, I've always had a rare time there & also, never an issue with bouncers, always nice enough to us! X
Aiden Robertson
22:06 12 Sep 23
First of all the bouncer laughed at me as i walked up. When we got to the entrance she looked at me up and down and said “not tonight fatty”. The other bouncer informed me that nobody was “as ugly and fat as you guys”would be allowed in all evening. Feeling very upset after this experience.
Helping coco Rescue
21:40 10 Sep 23
Really disappointed in the door staff!!!!!! No choice but to give this place a 1 star rating as we never even got past the front door. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to the club.I’m from Edinburgh but live in Spain. I was visiting Scotland for a wedding with my Spanish boyfriend. I’ve been saying how the clubs are better in Glasgow to Edinburgh. Especially the Polo Lounge it’s a great place!!!!!Arrive at the door on Saturday 9th Sept at 11:35pm. We decided to leave the wedding a little early. As neither of us were drinking. So I thought let’s show my boyfriend Polo as it was only 25mins away from the wedding venue. Parked the car in the carpark around the corner.Approached the door… no people waiting.. only 3 members of staff stood there talking.Female bouncer - have you been here before?Me - yes a few years back tho.Female bouncer - sorry guys not tonight, there is AMX around the corner if it’s a gay club you are looking for. ( of course it is a gay club we are looking for, we are standing on the steps of polo )I understand door staff have seconds to judge people walking up to the door. But this time she got it wrong.We were dressed smart for the wedding, maybe too smart, neither of us drink. Don’t know if she thought we weren’t gay. Literally I have no idea why we were refused entry.Was really embarrassing to then translate it all to my boyfriend what was said, we can’t go in, the staff recommending another club for us to go to. After me given the place so much hype.I didn’t want to come on here and slate the place or the door staff. But as there was no Que and 3 staff standing on the door she could have taken a little longer to speak with us.The only good thing was we were only 25mins away to visit the place. Had I drove all the way from Edinburgh to visit and be turned away. I would have been really angry. But it’s what it is poor judgement on someones part.If we visit again. I would like to call ahead to make sure we are actually going to get in if we are going to make a 2 hour round trip to visit this club from Edinburgh.Very disappointed and I know this won’t change a thing. But felt like I needed to say something.
Demi M.
12:44 09 Sep 23
great place, fantastic vibes 10/10. People are always such characters to meet. Basically there every week
Viole B
17:27 27 Aug 23
Everytime I’m in this venue I feel safe and have a blast. All the staff are amazing and super helpful. It’s such a good space for us who are actually part of the LGBTQIA+ community!!Polo keep the good work up!
Tommy Irons
22:42 16 Aug 23
Reviews were right. Bang on. Group of 3 of us - all initially got let in, half way up the stairs when one of us said “cheers buddy” and we got turned away by unmarked bouncer (presumed owner or something). Proper funny, reviews were literally bang on. I was so close to paying for entry, and then one of the bouncers pulled me back and said my mate hadn’t been let in hahahaha. Avoid avoid avoid
Carlos de Cabra
00:04 13 Aug 23
very bad experience. I went for the first time with a friend who came to see me from Spain and we went from Edinburgh. When we got to the door, a blonde woman told us that if it was our first time, we said yes and they denied us entry. I also asked her why she wouldn't let us in and she told us to come another day in very bad ways, she and her companions. They talk about discrimination and they are the first to discriminate against people because of their nationality and because of our way of dressing. a shame!!
that one kiddo
19:28 11 Aug 23
Was turned away at the door for no reason, bouncers refused to give me a reason despite me and my whole group being completely sober, won’t recommend would rate no stars if I couldResponse:The door staff were on a total power trip and dismissive, we all had nothing to drink and I feel that the decision made on the door was wrong and purely based on profiling, I will continue to not recommend here to anyone.Be better.
23:16 03 Aug 23
UPDATE: Your response is totally dramatised/biased for 2 reasons:1. A member of staff never took the keys off of me, I handed the keys to a boy who was hell bent on changing it and started off his initial interaction with me by being extremely blunt and condescending. If this boy turns out to be a staff member then it would have made sense for the boy to make this known and I would have been more than happy for him to take this task off of my hands.2. The toilet doors do not open out the way so I struggle to see how this is even realistic?I would just like to preface this by saying we had been to a couple of establishments nearby and had a great time without any issues whatsoever. We went to Polo and seemed to have no issues until I had to use the restroom. The stall I was using did not have any toilet paper so I had went out to let the attendant know. I was a bit thrown when the gentlemen proceeded to give me a lanyard with keys and a full toilet roll and asked me to go and change the dispenser for him. When I went back to the stall there was another person just coming out of it and I said to him that I was just changing over the toilet paper because it was empty. For whatever reason that I do not understand this boy became extremely rude and proceeded to try and take the keys and roll out of my hands whilst I was changing it over (I will just add for clarity, this boy had already used the stall and was leaving so the stall was just newly vacant when I was going to change it over). A brief exchange of words was had and at that point I gave the boy the keys and toilet roll to let him change it seeing as he was hell-bent on doing so.I then proceeded to wash my hands and buy some aftershave from the attendant when I was approached by bouncer asking me if he can speak to me outside about the incident that happened (the other boy had went out and complained to the bouncer about my attitude which led to me being confronted which I can honestly say he has some nerve considering all I had being doing was helping the attendant). Before we left to go upstairs I asked the bouncer to get the toilet attendants point of view, to which he backed up my recollection of events. I then proceeded to comply with the bouncer and headed upstairs, albeit feeling very aggrieved that I had to try and prove my innocence for doing a task that the toilet attendant should have being doing himself.I was asked to stand outside whilst another female bouncer went and got a revised statement from the toilet attendant in my absence (you know where this is going) and came to the conclusion that it was me who had been aggressive and that’s all she could tell me.I reiterated the fact that it wasn’t in my interest to be changing the toilet rolls over when I am on a night out so what makes them think that I would want to get myself involved in an altercation with strangers about it?The male bouncer all of a sudden adapted an “it is what it is” attitude, despite him seeing first hand that the toilet attendants initial statement matched up with mine.All I can say is that out of all the establishments I have visited in Glasgow, I have never known a place to have as much of a shocking write-up about it’s door staff (it is literally spoken about by everyone). I have previously witnessed the door staff being extremely heavy-handed with people and to be quite frank it is very unnecessary most times.The bouncers hold themselves on a high status which unfortunately has led to a bit of a bully culture on many occasions and it’s a real shame because the venue is actually brilliant otherwise.For my own safety I will not be setting foot in this place again and neither will my friends. The club would really benefit from spending some time with their door staff in understanding where it always seems to go wrong. Unfortunately it appears quite evident from any review response from the owner that they are never very forthcoming in taking any responsibility and will always use their advantage of sobriety to dismiss any concerns about the clubs operation.
evi bali
23:39 15 Jul 23
Great place!!! So unique place. Great atmosphere and very polite staff. I was on a Friday they had live music and it was amazing!! Nice surprise the price of drinks (cheaper than many other places in glasgow).
Cameron Drummond
23:25 30 Jun 23
Polo Club in Glasgow is a dazzling oasis of inclusion and celebration. The vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and diverse events make it a must-visit for an unforgettable night out. Embrace the power of love and individuality at Polo Club!
Samantha Medio
14:04 01 Jun 23
Need to hire new bouncers who can actually treat people with respect or at least train them better. Went there last night and they were letting other people in who were stumbling over and slurring their speech. Then my group was told we were too drunk to get in, I had literally not had a single drop of alcohol, my friend had a glass of wine, and we were not acting intoxicated in any way. Then they proceeded to be incredibly rude to us when we were confused as to why we were being turned away. Been to polo several times and the actual club staff are amazing, and its always the first choice. However, the security team have always been problematic and rude, and are known for not being inclusive.
Ella Hawthorne
12:03 01 Jun 23
Very disappointed with the treatment from the bouncers at Polo when me and my friend planned to go last night. We were both excited as it was my last night in Glasgow, and I’d previously had excellent time at Polo. However, when asked by a male bouncer how much we had had to drink, we replied we had each had a glass of wine at home.To this he abruptly said “not tonight, you’ll have to try somewhere else” even though we were not even remotely tipsy? When we were visibly confused since we were not even given a reason, we were rudely told by the female bouncer to step aside.Once the queue died down, we asked why we had been refused entry, and were told “it was my impression when I spoke to you that you had too much to drink”. I have a speech impediment and am unsure whether this made me sound intoxicated, but me and my friend were sober.Very disheartening to experience during my last night in this lovely city, we ended up going to Box on sauchiehall street and had a great time.
Patrycja Kieltyka
08:39 26 May 23
I wish I read these reviews before going, the door staff are so condescending and clearly on a power trip. I completely understand that they have the right to refuse entry, however it really cost nothing to be kind. We weren't being rude or rowdy and were met with nothing but disdain - it might be a shout to put your door staff on a training course about manners? I also wouldn't bother with the generic reply as going by the other reviews this behaviour is the norm. We went to AXM instead and had an absolute ball.
Ella W.
19:16 24 May 23
Group of 5- LGBT+, 4 poc's and one white. Refused entry after being told we were "too drunk" (We had a drink at a pre's before and then ran to get there for...
Sydney R.
16:33 15 May 23
Wish I could give zero. This place rejected my sober friends and I said we were "too drunk." They were being. Incredibly racist and homophonic for a gay bar...
Tfxdark Knight
18:54 10 May 23
It was mine and my boyfriends first time in Glasgow 9/05/23 and we were initially greeted at this bar by a kind gentleman bouncer, who was very informative and really polite! The atmosphere was amazing, made some amazing friends. The female bouncer who was on later at night (around 2am) was really helpful and supportive, as a random guy walking the streets outside the bar approached us and wouldn't leave us alone. She stayed with us outside and gave us a phone number for a taxi. We felt really safe at Polo Lounge and we will be coming back the next time we visit Glasgow
Nicky Vo
13:28 22 Apr 23
Best to finish the night after your fantasy wedding ceremony. Staffs were really helpful and caring. Love Polo. Will always come back 🥰
Edvinas Grikstas
22:59 07 Apr 23
I had a terrible time at this nightclub. Me and my partner were excited to go out and have a good time, but they wouldn't let us in for no good reason. We asked why, but all they said was 'not today'. It was so frustrating and honestly felt pretty unfair. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who wants to be treated with respect and fairness. The worst nightclub in Glasgow
julie lafontaine
03:07 03 Mar 23
Came to Polo Lounge on a Thursday night for the first time. I walked up with my four girl friends, hoping to have a nice night in an LGTBQ+ environment and club. The bouncer with a shaved undercut immediately said “not tonight ladies.” We had no idea why, and when we asked why we got rejected, it was followed up with a “no is a no,” etc. No explanation or anything. Of the five of us, we were all only 1-2 drinks in and not even tipsy. Very disappointed after having good expectations. Although I see now it’s very common to get rejected…
Will Boothby
02:15 18 Feb 23
I see from other reviews the same particular rude female bouncer working here between 2100-2300 on 17/02/23 with shave sides continues to deny people at her leisure. She denied me and two friends entry for no apparent reason. After being recommended from friend’s in Speakeasy to visit Polo lounge; we were looking forward to enjoy ourselves in an LGBT safe environment only to turned away. We felt disregarded from our own community. This is not an inclusive venue and should be ashamed.
06:28 02 Dec 22
Thomas at the Polo Lounge was extremely helpful to me. I had left my bag in the venue after a night out and Thomas helped me to courier it back to my address in Manchester. Can't thank him enough.The lounge singer was great and there is a bouncing dance area downstairs. Would recommend!
Craig Roberts
01:05 29 Oct 22
Having been to Polo many times in the past, refused entry because we gave the wrong vibe. Firstly as a gay guy I find that horrific being told "I look too straight" and secondly having a friend who is new to the gay scene and was a bit scared of his first night being told not tonight as he gave the door staff a vibe. Whilst I absolutely accept we need to protect safe spaces the door staff need to be aware that not everyone "looks" gay (what ever that means) and secondly what a way to scare people new to the community. Shameful. Would expect this from door staff of other venues but not a well know and previous well respected LGBTQ bar.
Morgan moments Photography
10:23 11 Oct 22
The review is based on my visit to document polo. I neither went in or spoke to any employees. But the building is beautifully lit up
Daniel Mandujano uc
23:14 15 Aug 22
Me and my friends had a very bad treatment as soon as we approached the door. The security guy along with other beings standing over there told us we can’t enter even though there was no one inside. He didn’t explain his reasons so we just turned back without any explanation. Too bad cause this was our first night here and we were so excited to experience night life in Glasgow but luckily Katy’s hosts were so welcoming and warm-hearted that we gave it a chance and had the best time there.
Chloe Mitchell
22:41 10 Aug 22
I really hate to be that person to complain, I totally respect that these clubs and bouncers have the right to refuse entry- although the female bouncer working the door was just really dismissive and rude, we spoke to so many bouncers after, went to 3 different clubs and every single person let us in, and each said that polo had a reputation for not letting people in… I know that they already get a lot of business and this probably won’t affect anything, although the bouncer round the back was lovely, did communicate with me and my friend saying she had no idea why and she would’ve let us in which does raise questions around the decision making of denying entry to us: but as I said, that’s not necessarily the problem, just the dismissive and kind of rude way we were spoken to wasn’t nice, never been before and I’m not sure I’d want to again, but I’ve heard good things elsewhere and I’m sure all other staff are lovely.Update: Having spoke to the team at polo (who seemed fairly nice) I wasn’t really updated on the complaint I had previously put through and how/if it was dealt with, probably not going back but everyone seems to have different experiences both good and bad with this club.
Akshay Sehgal
22:46 29 Jul 22
Enjoyed dancing here on a Saturday night with good selection of music. Overall, the crowd is decent and most people are out there to break a leg and have fun. Staff is quite courteous and we didn’t have any issues with the bouncers in contrast to some other reviews which I read. Would recommend a visit here to experience clubbing in Glasgow!
Stacey Coulthard
21:16 27 Jul 22
Usually my favourite place to go. Never had any issues getting in. Went there sober Saturday and was told "not tonight" before I had even reached the door. Was only 2 of us and the person I was with doesn't even drink. We were just wanting a good dance. Ended up in AXM instead which going by the reviews I'm not the only one who had to go there instead. Bad for business.
Craig Wilson
18:50 17 Jul 22
I don’t know who your Club X DJ thinks she is but when I went up to ask her a question, (it’s not as if I wasn’t even requesting a song) and she shoved her hand in my face. Serious attitude problem and obviously thinks she’s a cut above the rest. There’s no need to act like that to someone who was trying to be nice. Some of the bar staff could do with adjusting their attitude as well. If you don’t like the job then leave.
Frankie Glasgow
09:46 03 Jul 22
Normally love the polo lounge however last night, my first round I was £26 for 2 drinks and 4 of the “cheapest” shots. Questioned this with bar staff to be told that’s the price. Was nothing fancy - pint of cider and jack d with coke and 4 of the cheapest shots. Went up for a second round (exact same drinks) to then be charged £14. Paid with my card so have the proof. Won’t be back.
adam cowan
11:18 30 Jun 22
My group already knew polo have a bad reputation for knocking back people with no justification, but until last night I hadn't had a problem getting in. We all only had a couple drinks, were very sober, and it was quite early. The female bouncer with the shaved haircut was rude, gave no reasons at first and when I asked her more directly she was just telling us to go away, and insinuating we'd drank too much. I work in a role where I regularly have to refuse overly drunk people, and know that there was absolutely nothing wrong with our group. You say the door policy is tight but I think from the amount of shared experiences it is just discriminatory and making a safe space inaccessible to the people it is meant to be for.
Atina P
10:58 12 Jun 22
I have been to Polo many times, and always had a great night. Last night I was celebrating my birthday with a friend. We got lost and could not find each other at one point. I was certainly drunk. I decided to wait outside the cloakroom as my friend had the tickets for our belongings. I was quite distressed as I was looking for my friend for a while and could not see him. My purse &, phone were with him. All staff was helpful but one bouncer "manhandled" me by literally, physically pushing me out on the staircase. I fell on my bum and he kept pushing me out. I started crying as I was humiliated and did not understand what was happening. Despite asking that bouncer to let go off of me, he kept pushing me. Out the door, I asked the female bouncer what happened (I was tearful). She advised me she was told I was "unruly"... I was so upset as I could not find my friend, and rather than being helped and comforted (I wouldn't expect that from the staff in the club anymore), I was physically removed from the premises despite causing no issues. I will not be back there myself. My lawyer will.
Olivia Allen
15:38 09 Jun 22
supported this club for months and was aware of their reputation to turn people away without any valid reasoning. Experienced this whilst with my also gay friend especially during pride month was extremely disappointing. A place that prides itself on being a safe space for the community seems hypocritical when you refuse entry for members of said community. Don’t think I’ll be back again to support.
Isabel Muñoz
11:19 09 Jun 22
I'm sorry, I loved this place, the music is amazing and the prices are very good but I WILL NOT BE GOING AGAIN E V E RLast night I went with two friends and while I was upstairs asking for a drink (which I paid for and couldn't even start), suddenly one of the bouncers (Girl with a ponytail) came out of the entrance and made me follow her to the exit, all this without saying anything to me. Once outside I asked her what was going on and demanded an explanation to which he accused me of having done something I did not do and without proof. I asked for a refund of my drink and was denied. She looked at me haughtily while the rest of the bouncers looked away in embarrassment.What they did to me last night IS completely illegal and from what I have heard from acquaintances and from the reviews it is clear to me that it is a DISGUSTING place with DISGUSTING staff. DO NOT GO!
Cristiano Oliveira
17:21 03 Jun 22
Shameful treatment. After one night at the club and after spending a considerable amount of money on overpriced drinks ( inc. champagne) I was kicked out by a rude and incompetent bouncer just for sitting on one of their sofas. He grabbed my arm and threw me out like I was a garbage bag. It's important to note that while a bit drunk, as might be expected, I was perfectly fine and never did any harm, treated anyone, or behaved in an anti-social manner. I just sat down for a while. I will not come back. And I recommend everyone reading this to spend their money elsewhere. They don't deserve it.Also, their smaller dance floor smells awful.. Disgusting
Ajp J.
14:50 02 Jun 22
Only attempted to get in once and got turned away immediately by rude bouncers. They asked how many drinks we had, which we genuinely replied one or two,...
01:54 18 May 22
After a work conference I persuaded some of my colleagues to go to the polo lounge as this is where I used to party when I lived in Glasgow. As soon as we arrived at the door, the bouncer girl glanced at us and told us we were to drunk to gain entry, I actually laughed as I thought she was joking, most of us at this point only had one drink, she wasn’t I was horrified to watch this woman turning multiple people away for no reason. Looking at the multiple reviews this is a recurring issue . Who is the owner of this place and why are they so comfortable to have someone working there turning so much money away? As business owner I know I wouldn’t be!
Chloe Mitchell
10:13 07 May 22
I really hate to be that person to complain, I totally respect that these clubs and bouncers have the right to refuse entry- although the female bouncer working the door was just really dismissive and rude, we spoke to so many bouncers after, went to 3 different clubs and every single person let us in, and each said that polo had a reputation for not letting people in… I know that they already get a lot of business and this probably won’t affect anything, although the bouncer round the back was lovely, did communicate with me and my friend saying she had no idea why and she would’ve let us in which does raise questions around the decision making of denying entry to us: but as I said, that’s not necessarily the problem, just the dismissive and kind of rude way we were spoken to wasn’t nice, never been before and I’m not sure I’d want to again, but I’ve heard good things elsewhere and I’m sure all other staff are lovely.
17:04 03 May 22
Again, as per the previous negative reviews. If the guy on the door doesn't like your face they won't let you in. Zero drinks but "too drunk". First time I've been back to polo in 4 years. Certainly won't even attempt to go back. Think it's time to get new guys on the door which don't keep repeating "not tonight". Don't bother with your generic rubbish reply on here trying to justify their actions as per previous reviews. "Polo certainly doesn't love everyone" so time for a new catchphrase. Try along the lines of "Prejudice Polo", that would suit this place to a tee.
Fabiano R.
16:00 27 Apr 22
Ridiculous. As the only bar open we went there after 3 beers and the bouncer asked us if we drank. I said yes, only because i'm a nice guy and a honest...
Chris van de Konijnenburg
15:03 25 Apr 22
First visit and loved the energy of this place. Judging by the other reviews they may be strict with their door policy but it's obviously working well as everyone was having a good time. 🙂
Andy Gibson
08:56 10 Apr 22
Probably one of the least friendly queer venues I’ve visited anywhere in the world. It’s also pretty vanilla as a queer space, it could be made so much more interesting/nuanced given the amount of real estate they have at their disposal. Honestly just one to avoid if you’re visiting Glasgow.
Giomaria Murgia
23:01 30 Mar 22
For a place that promotes itself as a safe space for the lgbtq+ community, I believe the entry policies to be extremely discriminatory. In particular, a party of 8 was refused entry for apparently no reason, given we were all sober and everyone behaved appropriately. Safe to say we won't be coming back
Curb Your Comment
22:57 30 Mar 22
Polo is a great night out for the LGBT community if you can get in. 4/5 times for the average person, you will be knocked back as the bouncers (particularly the woman with a top bun) are extremely judgemental. Insufficient reasons for refusing entry are regularly given such as having had ‘too much to drink’ despite being almost entirely sober, being in a group of more than 4 and appearing too straight (though this is not admitted by the staff).
22:12 30 Mar 22
Me and three friends, who are all part of the LGBTQ+ community, were rejected today for no reason. We were all sober and were asked where we had been and we told the truth - we had been nowhere. We were met with the bouncer on the door saying ‘have a nice night’ and waving his hand at us to leave. I would understand if we had been given a reason as to why we had been turned away but we were not given one. I think it’s safe to say we will be taking our business elsewhere in the future.
23:49 23 Mar 22
Horrible experience! Female staff at the door was unbelievably rude. Me and a couple friends went early and got denied entry and she refused to give us a reason when we asked politely.No member of the group even had a single drink as it was so early. Would NOT recommend which is a shame as I’ve heard inside it’s a good environment.
Sam Brown
17:56 21 Mar 22
bouncers refused my friend straight away even though she was practically sober and is gay. Don’t bother or waste your time trying to get in. AXM is just around the corner you are more likely to get in, bouncers are friendlier and a better night out anyway ✌️
Paul Pennie
20:05 11 Mar 22
Amazing venue!Staff are so nice and welcoming and the cocktail staff are very knowledgeable and helped my mum chose a cocktail that wasn’t too strong (which she loves)Really recommend the placeEspecially on a Friday evening
Sol Berend
07:35 06 Mar 22
same as most people on here, me and two other friends who were absolutely not too drunk as we barely had anything to drink got refused by the female bouncer in the most rude manner last weekend. if the bar is at full capacity it would be absolutely understandable and just needs to be said, it makes no sense to simply turn people away by giving other (wrong/insulting) reasons. they aren’t the only bar to have ever existed, bouncers dont have to be this rude to be safe and effective, also not this many people would be complaining if this wasn’t this unreasonable.
Rochelle Coyle
10:43 04 Mar 22
Didn’t even make it to the door took one look at us to be told “not tonight” stood round the corner for 30 minutes after to bump into maybe 20 other folk between this time that all got refused. All stone cold sober. Some reason they refused a girl for being “too casual”. You’d think they leave the queens jewels in the back with how strict they are. Thank u next
David Skipp
14:05 14 Feb 22
Most unprofessional place you will ever go too Door Staff think they are old school Bouncers especially the Women on the door black hair shaven at the sides pure Aggressive with Attitude and Rude for no reason. I thought that long gone was the Days of this type of Staff.Very sad the see a company paying no attention to this issue Polo Lounge I've found out since has a very bad reputation in both the Straight and Gay community I can only Imagine the amount of lost business and revenue the door staff have cost the venue.Bar staff are very friendly and accommodating good 👍 👌 work to them.
kalina swiatek
02:22 12 Feb 22
Do not go there. Got refused at the door without even getting our IDs checked, go to AXM instead. Went up to the door, got asked if we were there before, said no, and got told “not tonight then”. absolutely horrible bouncers.
chloe camp
11:44 10 Feb 22
Me and a friend tried to get in here last night, we were both totally fine on arrival, even had a small talk with the female bouncer and as we were getting ID out of our bags we were told not to actually bother as we weren’t getting in anyways, and got told to leave? Girls that were in front of us had the same issue, very strange behaviour but after reading the other reviews seems like a repeating issue, decided to go to Katie’s and AXM with no issue( which is just round the corner) and had a great time!
Mollie Bullock
00:55 05 Feb 22
Got rejected for no reason, some of our group was tailing behind, before they’d even showed up we got told to go try somewhere else. No valid reason given I’d asked respectfully and got told “I don’t need to give you a reason, yous aren’t getting in tonight”. Just walked about half an hour for nothing, appalling behaviour from the bouncers.
Abby Gourlay
01:11 30 Jan 22
Had a table booked and arrived later than the rest of the party, to be told by unprofessional and unreasonable bouncer woman that we were too drunk to enter when each of my party was practically completely sober. This is not how the gay scene should be represented in Glasgow and i’m deeply disappointed. The female bouncer was completely rude, girls in front of us were also refused entry for no valid reason, if this is her attitude towards potential customers then she should not be employed somewhere of the sort.
Billy Ford
01:01 29 Jan 22
Overpriced.The most tragic thing is the security, if they're not cracking on to you then you have Lauren... This place is her life and she thinks she is God. To be 50 years old and a tinpot Hitler on the door of a premises that a pandemic has brought to its knees. Wow.
Martin Robb
12:31 28 Jan 22
I can now understand the reputation regarding the bouncers. After having a nice dinner with my two friends (having one glass of wine each) we decided to go to polo as we had never been. We walked up and waited. Female bouncer told us all to get id ready. There was a group in front of us that clearly could not stand and got in. Two mintues later a male bouncer looks at us all and says "not tonight you have drank too much" to my confusion I asked him to repeat it. We walked away and go into AXM without any issue. I find it very confusing as to how you can say we drank too much, without even speaking to any of us. Yet you let in a group that clearly had. Shame as we were all looking forward to it.
Irena Smith
17:22 26 Jan 22
Super discriminatory. Female bouncer did not want to accept my friend's E.U. id as a valid one and then told her she'll be out of here (U.K.) soon anyhow with Brexit happening.
Claudio Casti
11:50 25 Jan 22
Worst experience ever had with staff members (bouncers at entrance). Never been treated in such a disrespectful way from anyone as happened in this place.
Curtis O'Neill
01:08 22 Dec 21
I misplaced my phone on a night out and the security staff were excellent help to locate my phone. Brilliant support 5, star's.
Ryan Spears
22:59 17 Dec 21
Unprofessional, uneducated Mafia like security team who refuse entry with no valid reason, such a shame that a pretty looking club has such a cheap trashy security team who often discriminate and think they are above the law, no wonder many gay Scots leave Glasgow with such disgusting treatment.I hope the venue looks into this, awful experience of discrimination I have ever received by female individual guarding the entrance.
23:54 22 Nov 21
I want to know is there any requirements to enter now? Like the time you open and the entrance fees or should we have to show the vaccinate passport? Thanks!
Natasha Moroney
13:28 19 Nov 21
Wonderful friendly club! Bar staff fast and attentive. Young patrons on a Thurs night all up for a fun time on the dance floor. Would recommend ❤
Yoan Pasqualini
17:28 18 Nov 21
I went to the Polo Lounge nightclub in Glasgow last Saturday. I was dancing with my friends quietly, when the security guard suddenly grabbed my arm and forced me to order a drink or else he would fire me... it's unacceptable to do this kind of action from an ethical point of view for a commercial establishment... but also, in relation to the drug problem that happens in British nightclubs. My friends and I still don't understand why I had to force myself to drink alcohol to satisfy a bouncer ... it's shameful !!
Carmen Aguilera
11:38 19 Oct 21
¡My best nights happened in this club! I would recommend everyone to come, good music and good company.
22:17 11 Oct 21
good place if your wanting to have a boogie
Dale Godwin
23:56 06 Oct 21
Wow. Never seen such a poor show of attention and knowledge from the security staff especially the lady who in my eyes feeds and excels on confrontation, seriously lacks the ability to do her job professionally.
18:08 26 Sep 21
Great place for a wee drink!
Evelyn Coll
20:03 16 Sep 21
Awful staff, avoid at all costs
Leanna Kelly
14:35 09 Sep 21
Had a fun time but there was a bartender called Iona who was amazing she was so lovely and had the best vibes 10/10 thank u Iona for being a nice person and radiating good energy 🙂
Suzanne Mcwhannell
18:24 21 Aug 21
Was kicked out without given a reason and a bottle of alcohol was missing from my birthday gift bag that I checked into the cloakroom
craig woods
17:08 16 Aug 21
Went one night for a friends birthday and got refused to buy anything at the bar. Would have been my first ever alcoholic drink However the cheeky bar man decided to refuse me any sort of beverage from the bar. I asked why, he said "because management said so"... I'd never been before and had just arrived. He wouldn't let me speak to a manager or supervisor so I went to the bouncers.Even the bouncers that night couldn't give me a reason why I might have been refused when others (out their face drunk) were being given drinks willy nilly.After sitting in a booth not being able to drink anything and receiving daggers for the bar man we decided to leave.Shambles of a club. If I could give it no stars I would.
02:09 15 Aug 21
Got kicked out for no reason and I asked to go and get my jacket back and was not allowed to go back in. The staff were incredibly unhelpful and disgustingly rude.
Margaret Ausland
22:19 08 Mar 20
Good variety of rooms and music. Really cheap drinks during the week, staff are warm and welcoming. Certainly one of my favourite venues in Glasgow 😊
Khutch Hutch
04:50 24 Dec 19
Another lovely night out with my friends! If you’ve never been it’s worth going!! Exceptional staff and always a friendly atmosphere! The entertainment is marvellous and such a hoot too!Thanking you millions polo! Merry Christmas! :))
Graeme Emslie
00:04 18 Nov 19
Always a great night at the polo lounge. Music to suit all tastes. A warm welcome from the door staff is always guaranteed. Well done
Kainoa M.
18:25 17 Mar 19
This place has rejected me and my friends multiple times. They asked me how much I have drank and I honestly responded either 1 or 2 drinks (depending on...
Ashley S.
08:17 21 Jan 18
Red Flag!November 2017 went to the Polo Lounge with a group of friends and while waiting in line quickly noticed a pattern. Whites Only. No asians, no...
Lauren C.
03:38 14 Oct 13
I'll be honest, Polo isn't my first choice for a night out, but it does the job.My main gripe with the place is the bouncers. The bar staff are generally...
Lauren G.
16:16 02 Jan 13
I am a Polo convert. I'm the kind of girl who likes indie rock n roll music, that glamourises drug taking and alcohol consumption. I am not the kind of girl...
Darryl R.
15:32 05 Sep 09
A club set in the Merchant City, it's in a beautiful old building, that's been totally redesigned inside to have a more "club" like feel, and although I may...

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