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Scotland's Premier LGBTQ Nightclub. Set over 2 Floors, we have 4 Rooms, including: Polo Lounge, Riding Room, Polo Club and Club X. Open 7 nights.

Polo Lounge is Scotland’s premier LGBTQ+ nightclub & cocktail bar.
Located in the Merchant City, Polo has an enviable reputation of offering outstanding entertainment. Polo really does offer attitude free clubbing and after years of success, Polo Lounge is established as the leading Glasgow club for camp pop fun.

We are also Proud Gold Winners in the Glasgow Best Bar None Award Scheme!



Polo Lounge
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06:28 02 Dec 22
Thomas at the Polo Lounge was extremely helpful to me. I had left my bag in the venue after a night out and Thomas helped me to courier it back to my address in Manchester. Can't thank him enough.The lounge singer was great and there is a bouncing dance area downstairs. Would recommend!
Craig Roberts
01:05 29 Oct 22
Having been to Polo many times in the past, refused entry because we gave the wrong vibe. Firstly as a gay guy I find that horrific being told "I look too straight" and secondly having a friend who is new to the gay scene and was a bit scared of his first night being told not tonight as he gave the door staff a vibe. Whilst I absolutely accept we need to protect safe spaces the door staff need to be aware that not everyone "looks" gay (what ever that means) and secondly what a way to scare people new to the community. Shameful. Would expect this from door staff of other venues but not a well know and previous well respected LGBTQ bar.
Daniel Mandujano uc
23:14 15 Aug 22
Me and my friends had a very bad treatment as soon as we approached the door. The security guy along with other beings standing over there told us we can’t enter even though there was no one inside. He didn’t explain his reasons so we just turned back without any explanation. Too bad cause this was our first night here and we were so excited to experience night life in Glasgow but luckily Katy’s hosts were so welcoming and warm-hearted that we gave it a chance and had the best time there.
Chloe Mitchell
22:41 10 Aug 22
I really hate to be that person to complain, I totally respect that these clubs and bouncers have the right to refuse entry- although the female bouncer working the door was just really dismissive and rude, we spoke to so many bouncers after, went to 3 different clubs and every single person let us in, and each said that polo had a reputation for not letting people in… I know that they already get a lot of business and this probably won’t affect anything, although the bouncer round the back was lovely, did communicate with me and my friend saying she had no idea why and she would’ve let us in which does raise questions around the decision making of denying entry to us: but as I said, that’s not necessarily the problem, just the dismissive and kind of rude way we were spoken to wasn’t nice, never been before and I’m not sure I’d want to again, but I’ve heard good things elsewhere and I’m sure all other staff are lovely.Update: Having spoke to the team at polo (who seemed fairly nice) I wasn’t really updated on the complaint I had previously put through and how/if it was dealt with, probably not going back but everyone seems to have different experiences both good and bad with this club.
Akshay Sehgal
22:46 29 Jul 22
Enjoyed dancing here on a Saturday night with good selection of music. Overall, the crowd is decent and most people are out there to break a leg and have fun. Staff is quite courteous and we didn’t have any issues with the bouncers in contrast to some other reviews which I read. Would recommend a visit here to experience clubbing in Glasgow!
Stacey Coulthard
21:16 27 Jul 22
Usually my favourite place to go. Never had any issues getting in. Went there sober Saturday and was told "not tonight" before I had even reached the door. Was only 2 of us and the person I was with doesn't even drink. We were just wanting a good dance. Ended up in AXM instead which going by the reviews I'm not the only one who had to go there instead. Bad for business.
Craig Wilson
18:50 17 Jul 22
I don’t know who your Club X DJ thinks she is but when I went up to ask her a question, (it’s not as if I wasn’t even requesting a song) and she shoved her hand in my face. Serious attitude problem and obviously thinks she’s a cut above the rest. There’s no need to act like that to someone who was trying to be nice. Some of the bar staff could do with adjusting their attitude as well. If you don’t like the job then leave.
Frankie Glasgow
09:46 03 Jul 22
Normally love the polo lounge however last night, my first round I was £26 for 2 drinks and 4 of the “cheapest” shots. Questioned this with bar staff to be told that’s the price. Was nothing fancy - pint of cider and jack d with coke and 4 of the cheapest shots. Went up for a second round (exact same drinks) to then be charged £14. Paid with my card so have the proof. Won’t be back.
adam cowan
11:18 30 Jun 22
My group already knew polo have a bad reputation for knocking back people with no justification, but until last night I hadn't had a problem getting in. We all only had a couple drinks, were very sober, and it was quite early. The female bouncer with the shaved haircut was rude, gave no reasons at first and when I asked her more directly she was just telling us to go away, and insinuating we'd drank too much. I work in a role where I regularly have to refuse overly drunk people, and know that there was absolutely nothing wrong with our group. You say the door policy is tight but I think from the amount of shared experiences it is just discriminatory and making a safe space inaccessible to the people it is meant to be for.
Atina P
10:58 12 Jun 22
I have been to Polo many times, and always had a great night. Last night I was celebrating my birthday with a friend. We got lost and could not find each other at one point. I was certainly drunk. I decided to wait outside the cloakroom as my friend had the tickets for our belongings. I was quite distressed as I was looking for my friend for a while and could not see him. My purse &, phone were with him. All staff was helpful but one bouncer "manhandled" me by literally, physically pushing me out on the staircase. I fell on my bum and he kept pushing me out. I started crying as I was humiliated and did not understand what was happening. Despite asking that bouncer to let go off of me, he kept pushing me. Out the door, I asked the female bouncer what happened (I was tearful). She advised me she was told I was "unruly"... I was so upset as I could not find my friend, and rather than being helped and comforted (I wouldn't expect that from the staff in the club anymore), I was physically removed from the premises despite causing no issues. I will not be back there myself. My lawyer will.
Olivia Allen
15:38 09 Jun 22
supported this club for months and was aware of their reputation to turn people away without any valid reasoning. Experienced this whilst with my also gay friend especially during pride month was extremely disappointing. A place that prides itself on being a safe space for the community seems hypocritical when you refuse entry for members of said community. Don’t think I’ll be back again to support.
Isabel Muñoz
11:19 09 Jun 22
I'm sorry, I loved this place, the music is amazing and the prices are very good but I WILL NOT BE GOING AGAIN E V E RLast night I went with two friends and while I was upstairs asking for a drink (which I paid for and couldn't even start), suddenly one of the bouncers (Girl with a ponytail) came out of the entrance and made me follow her to the exit, all this without saying anything to me. Once outside I asked her what was going on and demanded an explanation to which he accused me of having done something I did not do and without proof. I asked for a refund of my drink and was denied. She looked at me haughtily while the rest of the bouncers looked away in embarrassment.What they did to me last night IS completely illegal and from what I have heard from acquaintances and from the reviews it is clear to me that it is a DISGUSTING place with DISGUSTING staff. DO NOT GO!
Cristiano Oliveira
17:21 03 Jun 22
Shameful treatment. After one night at the club and after spending a considerable amount of money on overpriced drinks ( inc. champagne) I was kicked out by a rude and incompetent bouncer just for sitting on one of their sofas. He grabbed my arm and threw me out like I was a garbage bag. It's important to note that while a bit drunk, as might be expected, I was perfectly fine and never did any harm, treated anyone, or behaved in an anti-social manner. I just sat down for a while. I will not come back. And I recommend everyone reading this to spend their money elsewhere. They don't deserve it.Also, their smaller dance floor smells awful.. Disgusting
Ajp J.
14:50 02 Jun 22
Only attempted to get in once and got turned away immediately by rude bouncers. They asked how many drinks we had, which we genuinely replied one or two,...
01:54 18 May 22
After a work conference I persuaded some of my colleagues to go to the polo lounge as this is where I used to party when I lived in Glasgow. As soon as we arrived at the door, the bouncer girl glanced at us and told us we were to drunk to gain entry, I actually laughed as I thought she was joking, most of us at this point only had one drink, she wasn’t I was horrified to watch this woman turning multiple people away for no reason. Looking at the multiple reviews this is a recurring issue . Who is the owner of this place and why are they so comfortable to have someone working there turning so much money away? As business owner I know I wouldn’t be!
Chloe Mitchell
10:13 07 May 22
I really hate to be that person to complain, I totally respect that these clubs and bouncers have the right to refuse entry- although the female bouncer working the door was just really dismissive and rude, we spoke to so many bouncers after, went to 3 different clubs and every single person let us in, and each said that polo had a reputation for not letting people in… I know that they already get a lot of business and this probably won’t affect anything, although the bouncer round the back was lovely, did communicate with me and my friend saying she had no idea why and she would’ve let us in which does raise questions around the decision making of denying entry to us: but as I said, that’s not necessarily the problem, just the dismissive and kind of rude way we were spoken to wasn’t nice, never been before and I’m not sure I’d want to again, but I’ve heard good things elsewhere and I’m sure all other staff are lovely.
17:04 03 May 22
Again, as per the previous negative reviews. If the guy on the door doesn't like your face they won't let you in. Zero drinks but "too drunk". First time I've been back to polo in 4 years. Certainly won't even attempt to go back. Think it's time to get new guys on the door which don't keep repeating "not tonight". Don't bother with your generic rubbish reply on here trying to justify their actions as per previous reviews. "Polo certainly doesn't love everyone" so time for a new catchphrase. Try along the lines of "Prejudice Polo", that would suit this place to a tee.
Fabiano R.
16:00 27 Apr 22
Ridiculous. As the only bar open we went there after 3 beers and the bouncer asked us if we drank. I said yes, only because i'm a nice guy and a honest...
Chris van de Konijnenburg
15:03 25 Apr 22
First visit and loved the energy of this place. Judging by the other reviews they may be strict with their door policy but it's obviously working well as everyone was having a good time. 🙂
Andy Gibson
08:56 10 Apr 22
Probably one of the least friendly queer venues I’ve visited anywhere in the world. It’s also pretty vanilla as a queer space, it could be made so much more interesting/nuanced given the amount of real estate they have at their disposal. Honestly just one to avoid if you’re visiting Glasgow.
Giomaria Murgia
23:01 30 Mar 22
For a place that promotes itself as a safe space for the lgbtq+ community, I believe the entry policies to be extremely discriminatory. In particular, a party of 8 was refused entry for apparently no reason, given we were all sober and everyone behaved appropriately. Safe to say we won't be coming back
Curb Your Comment
22:57 30 Mar 22
Polo is a great night out for the LGBT community if you can get in. 4/5 times for the average person, you will be knocked back as the bouncers (particularly the woman with a top bun) are extremely judgemental. Insufficient reasons for refusing entry are regularly given such as having had ‘too much to drink’ despite being almost entirely sober, being in a group of more than 4 and appearing too straight (though this is not admitted by the staff).
22:12 30 Mar 22
Me and three friends, who are all part of the LGBTQ+ community, were rejected today for no reason. We were all sober and were asked where we had been and we told the truth - we had been nowhere. We were met with the bouncer on the door saying ‘have a nice night’ and waving his hand at us to leave. I would understand if we had been given a reason as to why we had been turned away but we were not given one. I think it’s safe to say we will be taking our business elsewhere in the future.
23:49 23 Mar 22
Horrible experience! Female staff at the door was unbelievably rude. Me and a couple friends went early and got denied entry and she refused to give us a reason when we asked politely.No member of the group even had a single drink as it was so early. Would NOT recommend which is a shame as I’ve heard inside it’s a good environment.
Sam Brown
17:56 21 Mar 22
bouncers refused my friend straight away even though she was practically sober and is gay. Don’t bother or waste your time trying to get in. AXM is just around the corner you are more likely to get in, bouncers are friendlier and a better night out anyway ✌️
Paul Pennie
20:05 11 Mar 22
Amazing venue!Staff are so nice and welcoming and the cocktail staff are very knowledgeable and helped my mum chose a cocktail that wasn’t too strong (which she loves)Really recommend the placeEspecially on a Friday evening
Sol Berend
07:35 06 Mar 22
same as most people on here, me and two other friends who were absolutely not too drunk as we barely had anything to drink got refused by the female bouncer in the most rude manner last weekend. if the bar is at full capacity it would be absolutely understandable and just needs to be said, it makes no sense to simply turn people away by giving other (wrong/insulting) reasons. they aren’t the only bar to have ever existed, bouncers dont have to be this rude to be safe and effective, also not this many people would be complaining if this wasn’t this unreasonable.
Rochelle Coyle
10:43 04 Mar 22
Didn’t even make it to the door took one look at us to be told “not tonight” stood round the corner for 30 minutes after to bump into maybe 20 other folk between this time that all got refused. All stone cold sober. Some reason they refused a girl for being “too casual”. You’d think they leave the queens jewels in the back with how strict they are. Thank u next
David Skipp
14:05 14 Feb 22
Most unprofessional place you will ever go too Door Staff think they are old school Bouncers especially the Women on the door black hair shaven at the sides pure Aggressive with Attitude and Rude for no reason. I thought that long gone was the Days of this type of Staff.Very sad the see a company paying no attention to this issue Polo Lounge I've found out since has a very bad reputation in both the Straight and Gay community I can only Imagine the amount of lost business and revenue the door staff have cost the venue.Bar staff are very friendly and accommodating good 👍 👌 work to them.
kalina swiatek
02:22 12 Feb 22
Do not go there. Got refused at the door without even getting our IDs checked, go to AXM instead. Went up to the door, got asked if we were there before, said no, and got told “not tonight then”. absolutely horrible bouncers.
chloe camp
11:44 10 Feb 22
Me and a friend tried to get in here last night, we were both totally fine on arrival, even had a small talk with the female bouncer and as we were getting ID out of our bags we were told not to actually bother as we weren’t getting in anyways, and got told to leave? Girls that were in front of us had the same issue, very strange behaviour but after reading the other reviews seems like a repeating issue, decided to go to Katie’s and AXM with no issue( which is just round the corner) and had a great time!
Mollie Bullock
00:55 05 Feb 22
Got rejected for no reason, some of our group was tailing behind, before they’d even showed up we got told to go try somewhere else. No valid reason given I’d asked respectfully and got told “I don’t need to give you a reason, yous aren’t getting in tonight”. Just walked about half an hour for nothing, appalling behaviour from the bouncers.
Abby Gourlay
01:11 30 Jan 22
Had a table booked and arrived later than the rest of the party, to be told by unprofessional and unreasonable bouncer woman that we were too drunk to enter when each of my party was practically completely sober. This is not how the gay scene should be represented in Glasgow and i’m deeply disappointed. The female bouncer was completely rude, girls in front of us were also refused entry for no valid reason, if this is her attitude towards potential customers then she should not be employed somewhere of the sort.
Billy Ford
01:01 29 Jan 22
Overpriced.The most tragic thing is the security, if they're not cracking on to you then you have Lauren... This place is her life and she thinks she is God. To be 50 years old and a tinpot Hitler on the door of a premises that a pandemic has brought to its knees. Wow.
Martin Robb
12:31 28 Jan 22
I can now understand the reputation regarding the bouncers. After having a nice dinner with my two friends (having one glass of wine each) we decided to go to polo as we had never been. We walked up and waited. Female bouncer told us all to get id ready. There was a group in front of us that clearly could not stand and got in. Two mintues later a male bouncer looks at us all and says "not tonight you have drank too much" to my confusion I asked him to repeat it. We walked away and go into AXM without any issue. I find it very confusing as to how you can say we drank too much, without even speaking to any of us. Yet you let in a group that clearly had. Shame as we were all looking forward to it.
Irena Smith
17:22 26 Jan 22
Super discriminatory. Female bouncer did not want to accept my friend's E.U. id as a valid one and then told her she'll be out of here (U.K.) soon anyhow with Brexit happening.
Claudio Casti
11:50 25 Jan 22
Worst experience ever had with staff members (bouncers at entrance). Never been treated in such a disrespectful way from anyone as happened in this place.
Curtis O'Neill
01:08 22 Dec 21
I misplaced my phone on a night out and the security staff were excellent help to locate my phone. Brilliant support 5, star's.
Ryan Spears
22:59 17 Dec 21
Unprofessional, uneducated Mafia like security team who refuse entry with no valid reason, such a shame that a pretty looking club has such a cheap trashy security team who often discriminate and think they are above the law, no wonder many gay Scots leave Glasgow with such disgusting treatment.I hope the venue looks into this, awful experience of discrimination I have ever received by female individual guarding the entrance.
23:54 22 Nov 21
I want to know is there any requirements to enter now? Like the time you open and the entrance fees or should we have to show the vaccinate passport? Thanks!
Natasha Moroney
13:28 19 Nov 21
Wonderful friendly club! Bar staff fast and attentive. Young patrons on a Thurs night all up for a fun time on the dance floor. Would recommend ❤
Yoan Pasqualini
17:28 18 Nov 21
I went to the Polo Lounge nightclub in Glasgow last Saturday. I was dancing with my friends quietly, when the security guard suddenly grabbed my arm and forced me to order a drink or else he would fire me... it's unacceptable to do this kind of action from an ethical point of view for a commercial establishment... but also, in relation to the drug problem that happens in British nightclubs. My friends and I still don't understand why I had to force myself to drink alcohol to satisfy a bouncer ... it's shameful !!
Carmen Aguilera
11:38 19 Oct 21
¡My best nights happened in this club! I would recommend everyone to come, good music and good company.
22:17 11 Oct 21
good place if your wanting to have a boogie
Dale Godwin
23:56 06 Oct 21
Wow. Never seen such a poor show of attention and knowledge from the security staff especially the lady who in my eyes feeds and excels on confrontation, seriously lacks the ability to do her job professionally.
18:08 26 Sep 21
Great place for a wee drink!
Evelyn Coll
20:03 16 Sep 21
Awful staff, avoid at all costs
Leanna Kelly
14:35 09 Sep 21
Had a fun time but there was a bartender called Iona who was amazing she was so lovely and had the best vibes 10/10 thank u Iona for being a nice person and radiating good energy 🙂
Suzanne Mcwhannell
18:24 21 Aug 21
Was kicked out without given a reason and a bottle of alcohol was missing from my birthday gift bag that I checked into the cloakroom
craig woods
17:08 16 Aug 21
Went one night for a friends birthday and got refused to buy anything at the bar. Would have been my first ever alcoholic drink However the cheeky bar man decided to refuse me any sort of beverage from the bar. I asked why, he said "because management said so"... I'd never been before and had just arrived. He wouldn't let me speak to a manager or supervisor so I went to the bouncers.Even the bouncers that night couldn't give me a reason why I might have been refused when others (out their face drunk) were being given drinks willy nilly.After sitting in a booth not being able to drink anything and receiving daggers for the bar man we decided to leave.Shambles of a club. If I could give it no stars I would.
02:09 15 Aug 21
Got kicked out for no reason and I asked to go and get my jacket back and was not allowed to go back in. The staff were incredibly unhelpful and disgustingly rude.
Margaret Ausland
22:19 08 Mar 20
Good variety of rooms and music. Really cheap drinks during the week, staff are warm and welcoming. Certainly one of my favourite venues in Glasgow 😊
Khutch Hutch
04:50 24 Dec 19
Another lovely night out with my friends! If you’ve never been it’s worth going!! Exceptional staff and always a friendly atmosphere! The entertainment is marvellous and such a hoot too!Thanking you millions polo! Merry Christmas! :))
Graeme Emslie
00:04 18 Nov 19
Always a great night at the polo lounge. Music to suit all tastes. A warm welcome from the door staff is always guaranteed. Well done
Kainoa M.
18:25 17 Mar 19
This place has rejected me and my friends multiple times. They asked me how much I have drank and I honestly responded either 1 or 2 drinks (depending on...
Ashley S.
08:17 21 Jan 18
Red Flag!November 2017 went to the Polo Lounge with a group of friends and while waiting in line quickly noticed a pattern. Whites Only. No asians, no...
Lauren C.
03:38 14 Oct 13
I'll be honest, Polo isn't my first choice for a night out, but it does the job.My main gripe with the place is the bouncers. The bar staff are generally...
Lauren G.
16:16 02 Jan 13
I am a Polo convert. I'm the kind of girl who likes indie rock n roll music, that glamourises drug taking and alcohol consumption. I am not the kind of girl...
Darryl R.
15:32 05 Sep 09
A club set in the Merchant City, it's in a beautiful old building, that's been totally redesigned inside to have a more "club" like feel, and although I may...

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